Sunday, November 06, 2005

The American media is struggling with the narrowness of its’ bias

iTele (TV news) had footage of overnight outbreaks of mob violence in Lille and Toulouse. In the mean time the US MSM is still dusting the whole story under the rug, except for Newsweek which is playing the race card and seeing it through the prism of an obsession that they can’s escape. They’re tacitly presenting the idea of civil order as a no-win-scenario: law and order will just make (more) Jihadists that they wouldn’t otherwise suggest are forming in France anyway. How convenient.

In large part the US MSM was so geared up to cover the organized protests against the existence of George Bush in Argentina, that they have downplayed large scale lawlessness and unrest in France. I suspect that left-wing American news editors either fear comparisons, or can’t bear the idea of running bad news on what they see as their leftist Shangri-la without also making its’ internal enemies seem any less wrong. They’re so confused that the best they can do is drag out very tired old logic which is specific to no place or people.

The booby prize, though, goes to Spain’s El Pais that ran a whole section on Saturday on the US (dwelling on the idea that the Free Trade of the Americas is American imperialism, even though the EU isn’t), but only ran ONE SHORT ARTICLE which read like a wire story about the unrest in France after EIGHT DAYS of ongoing lawlessness.

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