Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Muslim Urban Guerilla Tuesday night results

Tuesday night action saw 573 vehicules burned and 204 arrests. No police injures have been reported as of this morning.

Now that a State of Emergency has been declared (those words were never uttered by Vilepine when he addressed the nation, as they implicitly recognize that France has been brought to her knees by a hord of rioting Muslims) several municipalities have announced plans for curfews.

Nine buses were torched in a garage in Dole. 80 residents were evacuated from an adjacent bulding.

In Grasse, the offices of the Nice-Matin newspaper suffered important damage after being targeted by arsonists. 4 rioters were seen fleeing the scene.

In Arras, 2 large stores were looted and burned (But and St Maclou). Over 10,000 square meters were lost to the flames.

In Lyon, Russian journalists were attacked by rioters and their vehicle was damaged. All Lyon subway traffic was halted Tuesday evening when a fire bomb was discovered next to a train.

In Bassens (a Bordeaux suburb), a bus was stoned, set alight, and exploded.

In Nice, a 53 year old man walking through the Moulins neighborhood was hit on the head by a dumbbell thrown from the 15th floor of a building. He is in critical condition (I can only imagine the grief and humiliaton that would cause a young French muslim to do such a thing and I sympathise with the perpetrator).

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