Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Science Is Settled — The MSM Is Always the Place to Go To For Valid, Trustworthy Information

The science is settled, or so we're told: conservative media is always wrong, ridiculous, and off the charts.

You have to turn to the liberal mainstream media, such as the New York Times, to get a correct view of the world…

Or… Really?!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The “no money for abortion” pledge was just another empty promise that Obama made to get Obamacare passed

Obamacare is an intentionally vague piece of legislation that grants enormous power to bureaucrats to make policy
writes Benny Huang in a post about free speech in Ohio,
particularly to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
For example, nothing in the ACA specifically stipulates that employer-purchased health plans must include twenty methods of birth control. Why then did Hobby Lobby have to fight for its right not to provide four of them? Because former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius added that requirement after Obamacare had been signed into law using the authority it granted her.

Pro-lifers recognized that Obamacare allowed bureaucrats so much latitude in policy-making that it could be construed to mean virtually anything, including taxpayer-funded abortion. Considering the track record of then-HHS Secretary Sebelius, the darling of the baby-killing industry, it seemed likely that taxpayer-funded abortion would be allowed if not expressly prohibited.

Some of those pro-lifers even supported Obamacare as long as it closed the door to taxpayer-funded abortion coverage. One such supporter was Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) who proposed an amendment to the bill which would have stipulated in no uncertain terms that Obamacare funds were not to be spent on abortion. Abortion supporters balked. While still contending that the bill would not fund abortion, they refused to include the Stupak Amendment. It certainly appeared that they were leaving themselves a loophole that could be exploited at a later date by simply having Kathleen Sebelius dictate the policy they wanted.
 … Four years have passed and the pro-lifers have been vindicated. The “no money for abortion” pledge was just another empty promise that President Obama made to get this piece of garbage legislation passed. In 2012, Planned Parenthood’s best friend, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, predictably decreed that taxpayer-subsidized plans would have the option of including abortion services, which means that taxpayers will not have the option of footing the bill. SBA List was correct yet the Ohio Election Commission didn’t see it that way in 2010.

Monday, October 27, 2014

No one in Obama’s federal government seems to be doing what they’re supposed to do

The president must believe that the military is flush with cash and extra bodies or else he wouldn’t be committing our troops to a war against Ebola 
writes Benny Huang.
A senior official told Fox News that General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at a recent meeting that combatting Ebola is the Pentagon’s “number one priority.” And I thought its highest priority was getting chicks on submarines and shaming soldiers who smoke cigarettes!

If the Ebola crisis is the Pentagon’s number one priority then everything else must come second, right? That’s what “number one priority” means. The Taliban in Afghanistan and ISIS in Iraq can rest easy tonight knowing that they simply don’t rank anymore. We’ll get around to them later if at all.
Disordered priorities are the hallmark of this administration. Like no other chief executive before him, President Obama appears to misunderstand the mission statements of the various agencies, bureaus, and departments he has the privilege of overseeing.

 … No one in Obama’s federal government seems to be doing what they’re supposed to [do]. The military is so busy containing disease that actual warfighting is placed on the back burner. The VA prioritizes Obamacare applications over veterans’ healthcare. NASA doesn’t send men into space anymore but it does stroke Muslims’ egos. The IRS is in the business of making you buy health insurance, very likely a policy you don’t want at a price you can’t afford. When it isn’t doing that, it’s harassing conservatives with frivolous audits. The DOJ doesn’t enforce the law. In fact, if you encounter a member of the New Black Panther Party armed with a billyclub on the way to vote this November, you can rest assured that the DOJ will not help you. They will however, make your life hell if you don’t want to hire a felon.

Anarchy reigns in Washington and will continue to reign as long as the Obama philosophy dominates.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Latest PC Stunt in Paris: Smoking to be banned in children’s playgrounds in public parks

  … Paris has apparently decided that children need protection
quips Stephen Clarke as the British expatriate gets ready to tell us about the latest PC stunt to emerge from the French capital's town hall.
In a new one-year experiment, smoking is to be banned in children’s playgrounds in public parks. Personally I have always been against cigarettes for toddlers, but this ban apparently includes parents, too.

So far, there will be no fines for offenders, just warnings from park keepers, which probably means that smoking will go on unabated. After that, if fines are introduced, the scenes we see outside office buildings all over Europe will be repeated in parks – gaggles of parents and babysitters standing just outside the playground, getting their hit of nicotine before heading back into the exclusion zone. They’ll probably have to start communicating with their distant kids by phone, or by shouting. Time to buy shares in toddler-friendly telephones and cough pastilles.

It will almost certainly become more common to see Parisian parents smoking while pushing buggies, too, taking advantage of the journey to and from the playground. Another business opportunity – clip-on ashtrays for prams.