Saturday, February 27, 2021

How to Reply If You Are Being Badgered by Leftists Insisting that You Accept the 2020 Outcome as Fair'n'Square

If you are being harassed by leftists asserting that the 2020 election was totally on the level, here is what you say.

FYI, the following post is based on Why Do the Election’s Defenders Require My Agreement? by Michael Anton (thanks to Ed Driscoll, read Mike's whole piece) with comments by Neo (thanks to Sarah Hoyt), who cuts to the chase:

The question they’re really asking is: how far gone are you? Have you lost your mind? Do you not see what’s obvious to every thinking and decent person who hasn’t been taken over by QAnon fantasies: that Joe Biden won fair and square and everything else is a baldfaced and pernicious lie?

Again, here is how you respond:

• No no, I think it's insane to believe that any kind of cheating was involved, and I think everybody should agree once and for all on who the victor is.

— Oh, good! 

• Yes. Enough with this nonsense!

— Wonderful! So, you accept Joe Biden as our president?

• Joe Biden as president? No, no. I wasn't talking about the White House at all.

— Huh?! What were you talking about?!

• About the Tour de France. I fully accept that Lance Armstrong is the winner of the Tour de France (not just once but seven times), and that anybody questioning his victory is a crank, a seditionist, and a conspiracy theorist, as well as a jealous sourpuss.

— The Tour de — wait a minute! Those events have nothing to do with each other!

• True, a sports event has little to do with a (with any) nation's election, but the reaction is similar: the politicians and media outlets all over the country were claiming that the election was fair and square the within half a dozen days! They — as well as just about everybody else — did the same for Lance Armstrong's (record seven) victories for a dozen years — yes, exactly 12 years (!) — before we all discovered that fraud was involved. 

So tell me: Who made the leftists of 2020 all-knowing? Who made 'em God? 

Update: Welcome, Instapundit readers. Note: A number of IP commenters have quipped "Why reply or argue with them at all?" and/or better to spit out "GFYS" which "is simpler and to the point." But the point is not just your interlocutor(s), but third parties listening in or, if you are being interviewed, the media audience. 

These listeners/viewers, a number of them independents or borderline Democrats — who are currently being force-fed Trump's "Big Lie", his "kooks" believing in "conspiracy theories", and the "domestic terrorists'" active attempts at "sedition" and at fostering a "coup d'état" against "Our Democracy™" — need to get a strong and unequivocal example of why the skeptics are in fact on the mark while the Joe Biden believers are the true gullible parties (if not outright participants in the voter fraud).
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• FYI, the current post is based on Americans Anonymous, one of my first (tongue-in-cheek) publications on the internet 18 years or so ago…

 …/… The most common frequently-asked question [asked] is: How do I respond to a group of smug [leftists] submitting me to a barrage of irony-laden questions, asinine comments, and demented accusations …/… ? Our main precept is this: Do your homework (i.e., know your facts, this being something you obviously prepare beforehand), and… agree with them. Agree with them wholeheartedly! …/… Then go "above and beyond the call of duty" …/…