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Economic growth comes to those as do wait


French economic growth has found its source. A Lyon café owner has decided to "enter the resistance" against France's new anti-smoking law. He has already been fined (after a police raid during which 20, count 'em, 20 cops showed up in his café) but is encouraging his customers to keep right on smoking. He is taking "artsy photos" of the butt filled ashtrays and plans to sell the photos on the Internet to pay his fines. Whatever is left over will be profit. Good luck with that, bud.

Café 203, Lyon

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Over 60 years later, France's new "Zone Libre"

That Lisbon Strategy thing is going to kick in real soon now, I'm sure

Not so long ago, France still officially had a 5 Year Plan. Now, Sarkozy is boasting that he's going to go and find economic growth. Perhaps there is a government plan to crank up strategic yogurt production.

As if they had the disposable income to shop more often

Shop 'til you drop? Not if EUtopian business police can help it.

Just One Little Window in Their New “Kristallnacht”

New York Defender est un nouveau venu dans le monde des jeux Flash à thème sérieux.

[ ... ]

Le jeu lui même est sans envergure, mais il suscite néanmoins un débat intéressant.”
Note the shallowness of “seriousness” with which it’s taken. Just one of their precious little possible « débats » that they’ll imagine they’re enlightening the world with. If Americans really wanted to reciprocate, they would have to advocate the destruction of European cities on Arab satellite TV channels.  That's how far that goes:
Remembered as one of the worst days in American history, countless millions believe Sept. 11, 2001, should never be duplicated, not even in a video game. 

Apparently, a group of French Internet video game makers never got the message, and now families of victims from that horrid day are enraged with the notion that children get to replay the tragedy over and over again.

"It's horrible what happened. People shouldn't see it again and kids should not be playing games like that. It's just not funny," said Lauren Zaifart, a Battery Park resident.
So when lefty asks “why do they hate us?”, they need look no further than the fantasies of Europeans that have been exported to the third world fever-swamps that their own colonization and resource wars created.

Those complaining about this are not overreacting. The game was designed to demonstrate from abroad an argument to Americans about their own actions, not those of the terrorists. The French game designer told the Denver Post in 2002 that there is no way to win the game.
The sole purpose is to illustrate the ultimate impossibility of fighting terrorism – a fight the United States is still waging in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere throughout the world.
Odd, isn't it that nowhere in that clown's world view is there room for making the same "brave statement" to al Qaida.

Is it safer to walk around in Baghdad than it is in Caracas? Hugo Chávez's socialist "sea of happiness" resembles a war zone.

…which nation shows average civilian deaths at 33 a day in the last third of 2007?
asks Investor's Business Daily.
Now name the one where civilian deaths average 19 a day? If you guessed Iraq and Venezuela, you'd have it backward.

…This is Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, the place wildly praised by Hollywood eminentos like Oliver Stone and Sean Penn, and its crime is so bad it tops that seen in actual warfare.

People like Stone and Penn frequently criticize the Iraq war effort and its progress toward peace. But not once have we seen any of them express outrage at the slaughter brought to the streets of Venezuela courtesy of Hugo Chavez, a supposed champion of the poor.

Warm Fuzzy Blackmail

How goes the verse? Green skies at night, capitalist take flight...

EU environment ministers meeting in Brussels on Thursday (20 December) agreed that restrictions should be put on carbon dioxide emissions from air planes from 2012.

Under the proposal, all airlines coming to and leaving the EU bloc of 27 member states, as well as intra-EU flights - will be included in an emission trading scheme, something that has already been applied to other polluting sectors in the Union.

Airlines would be able to meet pollution-reduction quotas either by reducing their own emissions or buying credits from other industries.
European Industries, or more precisely the racketeers trading in the credits. (It will only work if you BELIEVE. Just BELIEVE!)

Of course the whole thing involves forcing private enterprise, much of it non-EUvian, to “do something” has only one purpose. So Eurocrats like pre-cambrian Marxist coocoo Tony Benn can say:
"This is a bold step by Europe ...”
Which, of course, it really isn’t. It’s a bold step for someone in Brussels who never learned to touch-type, and what he was really trying to say was bend over, or else”. It’s a subsidy – not for the Airline industry as the Greenie crackheads cited in the article say it is – but one for the “carbon credit” racket. And those credits are allotted by EU governments, not those imaginary hordes of “Eco-enterpreneurs”.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Only if we can Carpet-Bomb Your Cities

Brussels Journal cites some of that predictable and amusing nuttiness that we've come to know and love: ”Liberal Europeans Demand Right to Vote in U.S. Elections

American presidential elections are not “home affairs.” American decisions have repercussions all over the globe. The American mortgage crisis affects banks in Europe. The insatiable American demand for oil makes the Arabian sheiks rich.
Actually Europe gets most of its oil from the Arab world and is propping up a charming little ex-KGB station chief in Moscow. The U.S. is addicted to domestic, Nigerian, and Venezuelan oil.
The American refusal to care for the environment causes the North Pole ice to melt and coastal areas in Asia to flood. A weakened dollar and an immense budget deficit affect the global economy.
Sounds more like their nocturnal emissions... Let me see if I can understand this one – the EU’s carbon emission grow at more than twice the rate of the US’, and they persist in trotting out this stale old saw. Quick question: have you ever SEEM anyone use those pretty little multi-compartment recycling dust-bins in blessed out EUtopia? Have you ever wondered why by comparison, a photo from outer space of the US makes the EU look like a parking lot? Probably not.
Hence, the world should be given the right to vote. Because the current situation is a blatant case of taxation without representation, against which the Americans rebelled in 1776. But of course the world will not be allowed to vote. The best we can hope for is that the Americans choose a leader who is deeply aware of the U.S.’s responsibility, as a superpower, for the rest of mankind.
And they think themselves capable of actually being responsible for anything positive in the world after spending 5 centuries screwing it up, of course. Sure. They were going to get to that next week. Right after they realized that Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, and Mao Tse Tung leaned all about their “healing, inclusive philosophy” at the Sorbonne.

It’s all part of the old “internationalism” schtick. They make themselves the sort of entrepot of these alphabet soup talking shop operations, find a few people who don’t look like Europeans to play the part of the shepard in the nativity play they scripted for themselves, and go to town. Ever heard them criticize Russian or Chinese capital punishment? Of course not.

This silliness has gotten to the point that they’re trying to form a nation which can count itself 25 times over in all of these international babble-fests, and try to call that a sort of “internationalism”. Why they love pluralism so much that they see the UN as a governing entity when all it really is, is a forum to speed up their own loony pronouncements for the rest of the world.

The answer in short is NO. You can’t vote here, so stay in your little playpen. You don’t understand democracy, individual responsibility, or even the basic notion of government by the people, let alone the difference between being a subject and a citizen, or being ruled rather than being governed.

Earth to Europe: go pound sand. Just because the US actually fights what you happy to just fear, doesn’t mean that we have to listen to your Borderline Personality Disorder talking to us.

Gee Pancho, You’re Such a, like, "Rebel”

Euro-reasoning 101: cultish hatred can be useful to create your own “facts on the ground”.

... Yeah, but at this moment, I’m still the most popular Republican of the 21st century ...

In other words, even if Bush has been chosen as America’s most admired man, Pancho’s notion of “news” is to simply smear the object of his ire with a polar opposite. This cartoon was titled “The Primaries have started!”... as if they would ever otherwise care. Bush can’t run again, but since this “Euro-übermensch” needs to periodically fondle his little plushie toy of hatred to keep the threads of his tender ego together, he trots out his best Georges Boosh.

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Well, you know, quiet for France.

Cradle to Grave EUDistopia

Europeans start to wonder about the numerous nanny state laws that they have woken up to in 2008.

One Big Mac IV coming up

José Bové©® and cohorts scheduled to start hunger strike to protest GMOs.

Russian Politics Finally Matures to the Continent’s High Standards

Putin mutates into Vladimir Zhirinovsky to find the sort of political dramatus personae Europeans will actually pay notice of . Some recently elected to Russia’s electoral body are young, firm, and fully packed with that form of intellect and idealism reserved for political environments where nothing they do could possibly matter:

ALINA KABAYEVA , A rhythmic gymnast known for her extreme flexibility.

The 24-year-old said: “People often asked me if I got offers to be pictured in erotic magazines such as Playboy. Yes, it did happen but I answered no each time. I know about ethical issues.
“I first of all consider a woman’s beauty from an aesthetic point of view.”
I can sense your relief at that great ethical stand. If that doesn’t give Euro-politicking a stiffie, I don’t know what will.

Paying Others to Bravely Fly in the Face of Adversity

Weeks and weeks later: unwilling to free up 10 helicopters out of a fleet of 2400 to support the UN/AU cum UN/AU/EU operation in Darfour, grotty Gordo proposed checkbook diplomacy:

Mr Mitchell called for tough sanctions to be imposed on the Sudanese government and said that Britain should offer to pay countries like India or China for the use of vital helicopters in support of the UN-AU force.
Let me see if I understand this: Blackwater bad, paying India good. The Corporatist continent sees contract security as mercenary, but bribing governments to do the same thing as not. It’s almost charming in its’ naïvité:
"The UN and EU should now set clear benchmarks and a clear deadline for the imposition of sanctions, unless the UN-AU force is allowed to deploy in full. The sanctions should include asset freezes and travel bans on key figures in the Government of Sudan and on rebel leaders who impede the deployment of the force."
Which are the very travel bans that Germany opposed, the sanctions that various figures in the EU called inhumane, and the force was one lefties kept chiding the US was required in 2001 in lieu of the one that deposed the Taliban. In other words ANYTHING but what’s needed WHEN it’s needed.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Harmless Fun "like Scouts or Cadets"

The UK: stranger than fiction:

An Electrician accused of being a Muslim holy warrior claimed he was hunting Nessie during an alleged jihad training course.

- Thx to EUdada


Mad Magazine, 1977: a.k.a. Europe, 2008

Fini, les clopes au bec

French smoking ban starts today.

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