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She Blinded Me With Science

According to the NYT/IHT which ate the story (and its’ mercantile motives, no doubt) up without questioning it, the garden variety wino should be able to run a marathon.

An ordinary laboratory mouse will run one kilometer on a treadmill before collapsing from exhaustion. But mice given resveratrol, a minor component of red wine and other foods, run twice as far. They also have energy-charged muscles and a reduced heart rate, just as trained athletes do, according to an article published online in Cell by Johan Auwerx and colleagues at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology in Illkirch, France.

"Resveratrol makes you look like a trained athlete without the training," Dr. Auwerx (pronounced OH-wer-ix) said in an interview.
M’yeah whatever, pal. Thunderbird and protein power both come in containers of one kind or another, so it must be true.

Now go take a nice little nap, Doc.

Devolution and Control

If capitalism and democracy espouse one another, driving in the reverse on the right to do what you will with ones’ property and earnings itself can erase freedoms. Hugo Chavez is beginning to impose a military style “scrip” economy on civil society, making currency into a kind of neighborhood food-stamp that expire, and useless outside of your own ghetto. What this accomplishes is to make financial self-improvement impossible through savings anything. Your future is dependant entirely on the state, and all outcome is the same, even if the effort people put in is not. What it certainly does is create an entire society which is dependant on the specific constructs and ideology of an absolutist Marxist inspired regime.

Its’ only purpose is to control people by controlling anything that they can accomplish independent of the state. It is as bad as China’s cultural revolution, in that it guarantees that individual potential is limited, individual ingenuity is made irrelevant, and that all people are eventually made equally poor, their lives are all made equally harsh for no reason whatsoever.

The lack of development in the USSR and Eastern Europe under the decades of communism compared to that of Western Europe and North America are proof that it also guarantees to eventually make the poor worse off, distract people about the causes, and have no real way to exit the hardships of poverty.

Fausta has MUCH more on this, from Daniel in Venezuela.

It has to be assumed that Chavez knows full well what he’s doing to Venezuelans. If they want to become a militaristic antagonist with the United States in its’ sights, it’s hard to say that this doesn’t make Chavez’ reduce Venezuela into an irrelevant byproduct of an evil ideology, but it does what the American idea detests more than anything else – it willfully limits human freedom, constructs poverty and hardship, and reduces people to a dictator’s cattle.

There’s no need for anyone feeling threatened by Chavez to send them back to the dark ages, el Jefe will carry millions of people there on his own. Is George Soros paying attention? Your tacit support for this man looks like you’d like to see the only self-made men in the future to be another “charismatic” dictator covered in fake medals.

Low tech, high concept

Bienvenue au capitalisme américain. Disponible dès lundi des Editions Underbahn : 1984 de George Orwell, traduit en langue vietnamienne par Dang Phu'o'ng-Nghi, préfacé en français par Bertrand Latour (l'auteur de Les yeux plus gros que l'Amérique à paraître chez Flammarion le 12 janvier 2007).

EU membership: it's just like a Polish joke without the punchline

Poland finds out what European values are all about and that EU membership gets them dick.

Meanwhile, EU funded Palestinian research has concentrated on perfecting belts that provide self-targeted, very late-term abortions

$17 a barrel oil and bionic hornets. More Jew plots meant to destroy Arab economies.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Général franchouille avec son chapeau de gonzesse

FINUL Finocchio Brigade.

”I have a theory.”

The Atlantic Review calls our attention to a piece by Jeff Gedmin, who, surrounded, finds himself wondering about the happiness Europeans have at the results of the US midterm elections. He tells is through his experiences, or rather episodes of witnessing the random and irreverent indignation that we’re all used to.

Several years ago, I helped convene a conference in Prague in parallel to a NATO summit going on at the same time. On the last evening of the summit, Czech president Václav Havel kindly invited our conference participants to attend a state dinner at Prague Castle. Chirac, Blair, Schröder, all the leaders from NATO countries were there. So was President Bush. One of our participants was a Gore adviser, who went up to the president at dinner and introduced himself. The president recognized this fellow, greeted him warmly and, turning on a dime, said to the French president standing nearby, "Hey, Jacques, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine." The president then took a short walk with this Democratic adviser, asking along the way about advice for new exercise equipment for the White House. In the end, my Democratic colleague was charmed by the warmth and down-to-earth quality of his encounter with the commander in chief.

If I tell a group of Americans this story, they tend to be impressed. Love him or hate him, the story suggests that Bush is a real mensch. If I tell this story to Europeans, and I've done so several times, they either look disgusted (as in--"how unsophisticated, how unstatesmanlike!") or their faces go blank because they don't quite understand the anecdote. And so my simple theory: Bush's greatest sin in the eyes of Europeans is that he is too American.
I can confirm that there is a widespread arrogance, completely unaware of itself that thinks it reasonable to expect an American to do his best to not be American. It goes unquestioned, and would never be expected of Mugabe or a Belrusian in love with his own despotism.

The usual overraught Euro-anger gives way to the perfunctory pointless end-zone dance, a shot in the foot, and adulation at the diminishment of people acting in their general interest.
I recall a friendly dinner party in Bonn while Ronald Reagan was president. As usual, I was on the defensive. The other guests were piling on--"Reagan is a cowboy, a warmonger, an idiot-actor"--when suddenly a German guest decided he had heard enough. "Hey, let's not get carried away," he said "and condemn all Americans just because of this cretin in the White House." I'd like to say these over-the-top opinions reflected only the company I was keeping, but these sentiments were pretty mainstream at the time. So I had to laugh when the German media later eulogized Reagan as the man who helped bring down the Berlin Wall.
The ire shows often to be about the idealism.
George W. Bush is the full package of everything that makes Europe squirm. He is undiluted Americanism. He is anti-elitism. He's religion and piety. He's morality and muscle. He's patriotism and self-confidence. He is rather like that dreaded American animal, the "neoconservative."
An Austrian editor once explained to me that transatlantic tensions often resulted from the fact that the United States has double standards, "while we," he added, "have none."
It’s always about the idealism. I don’t think Gedmin goes far enough. I remember the same conversations taking place about another US president – a man with a boy’s name. Jimmy Carter.

The very lack of idealism is repeatedly projected by them on the rest of the world. Just to let you know, from virtually everywhere it looks a lot more like a widespread personal problem, and not a theory of any kind. It’s more worthy of counseling than self-administered amphetamines.

Were It Not For One Man, We May Well Be Far Less Free To Choose

There are some public figures whose obituaries can be written years in advance. Milton Friedman was not one of them.

Arguably the greatest economist of the 20th century, he won his Nobel Prize 30 years ago. His classic "Capitalism and Freedom" was published 44 years ago. He died yesterday at the age of 94, but as the op-ed running nearby attests, he was active in writing about, thinking about and explaining how economics affects our world until the end.

The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times quoted the president in his obituary today that Friedman:

"He has used a brilliant mind to advance a moral vision -- the vision of a society where men and women are free, free to choose, but where government is not as free to override their decisions," President Bush said in 2002. "That vision has changed America, and it is changing the world."
But they neglected to mention his most meaning work – the turning of the tide away from a failed Keynsian economic model, and his proving quite plainly that a military draft was completely unnecessary.

As the United States went, so did much of the western world after the proof presented itself.

In every way, his life work was the advancement of human freedom. He noted that there indeed IS a strong relationship between capitalism and freedom, saying quite plainly that
If this seems facile to some, remember that in the world of academia, one still has to struggle with explaining the most basic things from square one to advocate ideas. Quite plainly that means having to incessantly fun a gauntlet of basic questions peppering every moment’s work shot out by advocates of obviously failed economic ideas such as advocates of Keynes, miscellaneous Marxists, and those generally distrustful of people doing what they want with their own lives.

Keynes believed that government intervention could avert depressions. Friedman, quite rightly, was a sceptic. One can easily see countless examples of government intervention not only not being able to avert or end depressions though intervention, but that intervention can cause them as we see with protectionism, and extend them, such as was the case with the Great Depression of the 1930’s in the United States.

He noted quite frequently that the relationship between freedom and capitalism was proving itself out on a steady course for the better for all of humanity. Over the course of the past 50 years, the number of people living under command political systems and command economies was dwindling as free economy spread. Regardless of the occasional aberration where a free economy was allowed to function in an environment where political freedom was limited, (such as was the case of Yugoslavia under Communism, and today with the likes of Burma, China, and shortly with Libya, Syria, and countless others) that an evolution toward political freedom took place, almost always without bloodshed.

Just as importantly when you look at the social and political motivations of postwar Europe, poverty declined rapidly. In some cases, eventually getting it wrong by overtaxation and intervention, and others like Switzerland, South Korea and Japan getting is as right as one could. There too, as monetarism advocated the use of currency supply as an instrument to do this – as the United States went, so did much of the world, and with it an exit from global poverty the likes of which have never been seen.

It is one of the only cases of a theory alleviating human poverty. It accomplished with no pain what Communism couldn’t accomplish through 6 decades of force, dispossession, and violence.

His life’s work, the endeavor to construct an environment of liberty was a great success for which humanity should be grateful. He is clearly on par with Burke, Jefferson, and others who saw the instinct for authority and control for what it is: little more than a disease of a few individuals’ minds who are driven by fear of what people could become, and not what they have shown that they do.

Moreover he was a public figure who was without the narcissism found with many advocates who present their ardency for change as a matter of themselves. He was a true man in full beginning his career in a time of tyrannies such as Marxism, which would find themselves rendered to the dustbin of history aided there by the work of a man a mere 5 foot 2.

Red Malice

To fantasizing Communists it always about assigning blame to others.

"...Global warming: whose fault is it?..."

Likewise with the fake outrage they have for their beloved cop-killer:

C'est tout de même ironique que le symbole de la lutte contre la peine de mort soit quelqu'un qui ne soit même pas condamné à mort ! Bref, il est clair que la Mummia-philie est d'abord de l'Américano-phobie de la part de la gauche européenne.

Celle-ci trouve d'ailleurs beaucoup d'arguments quand il s'agit de justifier la peine de mort exercée par l'Autorité Palestinienne sur ses malheureux administrés soupçonnés d'avoir des relations avec Israël...


It's ironic that the symbol of the fight against the death penalty is somebody who isn't even condemned to death! In short, it is clear that fixation with Mumia is just a product of the America-phobia of the European left.

Otherwise they’ll make any argument they can to justifying the Palestinian Authority’s use of the death penalty on any Palestinian suspected of dealing with Israel.
- a comment by ¡No Pasarán! reader Arcturus
The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Share the Goods, Comrade!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Baghdad's “Highway of Death” is essentially both a name and a myth perpetuated by reporters demonstrating faux bravado

The number of embeds in Iraq is so small it’s grotesque
writes Michael Fumento.
During the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003, more than 600 reporters, TV crews and photographers were embedded with Coalition Forces, according to the Associated Press. Last year, during the vote to ratify a new constitution, there were 114. At the end of September, there only 11 and one of them was me.

Striking their way right back down the food chain

Someone seems has found the perfect way to build a sustainable, carbon neutral economy. Or not.

Dawn of the Dim

While lefties outside France are peeing themselves at the prospect of a Mme Présidente ROYAL, they decline to check a few facts. This from the Toronto Globe and Mail, which may be the paper that does the worst job of pandering to the political fickleness of their readers than any other paper in North America: the correspondent acting no differently than the rest of the press cattle are pretending that Ségolène Royal has already taken the cake before she’s even been voted on in her own party.

If this were a contest of mood and style alone, Ms. Royal would hold the crown, and not just because she is the first woman to reach this level in one of the Western World's most male-dominated political systems.
Except for the exceedingly corrupt former Prime Minister and poster-child of Mitterand’s magic with factions and lefty tokenism, Edith Cresson.

Which can only be true in an alternate universe where Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, and Indira Ghandi is assumed to have never have existed. I suppose the UK, Israel, and India were somehow through the magic of induced liberal guilt, less male dominated than l’hexagon.
As a teenager, Ms. Royal sued her estranged father, demanding that he support his family. As both a mother and a politician, and as the partner of Socialist Party head François Hollande, she seems to be an equal combination of feminist rebel and disciplinarian, an enormously popular combination in France.
You might touch that with a bargepole, but I won’t. Let’s just say that this doesn’t speak well for the social temperament.
If she becomes Socialist leader this week, next year will almost certainly bring a showdown between her and Nicolas Sarkozy, the firebrand of the right who is offering a combination of law-and-order policies with U.S.-style economic measures.

In other words, two visions of France that have never been seen before, one male and one unambiguously female.
Cresson and Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie are ambiguous in their gender? Who knew? I certainly hope they know, because otherwise it only speaks to the Globe and Mail’s Doug Saunders’ confusion.

Nonetheless the misattributions can always get worse: on air, the BBC World Service for several “top of the hour” news reports declined to mention that she was running for the party’s candidacy. An outsider with little memory or interest (which is to say the average middle-minded lefty) would easily have assumed that this poll is for the presidency.

With the concluding round of liberal guilt-tripping done, other more unctuous reds are left in the wake rather desperately with no ready anti-establishment imagery of their own to flog on the way to a greater position of authority. Imagine the abuse and the tirades of “feministing” anyone who beats Royal will get.
Fabius repeated his denial of the quotation on Tuesday. "Those who know me know that I am not a chauvinist," he said.
Funny. It sounds like he’s being forced to say “I am not a crook.”

Own Headline Heartily Ignored

Please to diagram phrase from the slavishly Brussels-based EU Observer:

MEPs and the sheik of Qatar voiced heavy criticism of Israel in the European Parliament on Wednesday (15 November), but Tel Aviv remained unmoved as Palestinian rockets hit Israeli towns.
Hm... Whyever would they be unmoved?

The Long View

Maurice G. Dantec:

There is no strict definition of France, France is what it becomes. It had origins: the Roman-Celtic-Germanic hybrid civilization, thanks to the operative “disjunction” of Christianity. It had a destiny: the creation of Holy Imperial Europe. It had a history: the treason against its own holy mission, its poor wretch demolished vis-a-vis the English power (without mentioning being routed by Nazi panzers), the invention of nationalism/ liberalism/ socialism, its’ many collaborations with the totalitarianism of the moment.

It has one definition at present: its imminent dissolution in the euro-Islamic bathtub, and a “future”: that is to say an unprecedented crisis of social policy which one can only politely call “civil war”.

Is that the Future?!
The Fuse is Lit! (No Pasaran)

It’s All About Oil (Part 127)

Zappo sees something special in SOME dictators:

Following a "working meeting" with Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to kick off a three-day visit, Obiang Nguema responded to his host's demand for "important gestures" by offering to release political prisoners, Spanish government sources said.

Political parties and human rights associations had earlier joined exiled regime opponents to blast the red-carpet welcome for Obiang Nguema, whose tiny country is Africa's third-biggest oil producer after Nigeria and Angola following the discovery of large offshore oil deposits in the early 1990s.
Equatorial Guinea is led by Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo who deposed his own uncle in a violent coup d'état in 1979, using 600 mercenaries sent by Morrocan King Hassan II.

A funny thing for a man who’s building a racist apartheid wall of humiliation to do.The Fuse is Lit! (No Pasaran!)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006



The Fuse is Lit! (No Pasaran)

Mumia and Paris: Why don’t those two just get a room?!?

But don’t you dare complain. They’re playing at some crass political populism at the expense of justice.

A delegation from Philadelphia will go to Paris in a fortnight to complain formally to Paris’ City government over the honoring of cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal by making him an honorary citizen of the city. Said Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë (Socialist Party) that the honor was only the second in the city. The only other honoree was the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso in 1971. The city granted this distinction to denounce “the cruelty of the death penalty.”

“This act symbolized our rejection of capital punishment” on behalf of the Parisian municipality and meant “that the fight to free him will continue”, said Laurent Fary, the Mayor’s spokesman.
Last April, the municipality of Saint-Denis had also named a street after Abu-Jamal (born Wesley Cook) who his defenders regard as a political prisoner, and whose cause made him a symbol in the fight against the death penalty.

Adjutant Yves Contassot, (Green Party) added that “it is apart from the question of lowering our guard in the fight against the death penalty”. “It also has nothing to do with the City of Paris interfering in the internal problems in the City of Philadelphia.”

Except for the fact that they clearly are: “Legal petitions requesting a pardon were sent Thursday to the courts of Paris and Bobigny”, said the Marseilles lawyer, confirming a report in France-Soir.

Of course the dumbshit Marxists at L'Humanité have this thorough, complex, and gramatically sound analysis:
Mumia condamné
parce que subversif
Mumia has been sentenced to death because [he's a] subversive. Makes one scratch chin. [And] think [such] expansive, ancient, and non-linear-non-western-superior wisdom... No?The Fuse is Lit! (No Pasaran)

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Partners and Flunkies

Thank a leftist:

The pedants at the Independant laud Blair’s new ‘partnerships’ with Syria and Iran. The Telegraph notes that Iran might be grooming a successor flunky to pick up where bin Laden (who is probably near death) has dropped off. This time though, he really does become Iran’s bitch.

With a network of suicidal zombies around the world, one can only hope that the splody-dopes don’t become Iran’s long range nuclear delivery system, or that they need to prop up asnd renew a potentially useful tool which is ailing.

As for the Indy, their headline really SHOULD read "Our OLD friends in the Middle East."
President Bashar al-Assad, flush with success of Syria's proxy militia in Lebanon, holds the key to success in Iraq and Middle East peace. Courted by Bush and Blair, whom he upbraided at their last meeting. Syria harbours a leader of the radical Palestinian Hamas movement, and is a supplier of Hizbollah. Assad will play hardball on the UN's case against Syrian officials accused of assassinating former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.
Aside from the glee that they seem to have at the death of Hariri, the war they engineered using Hizballah, and the rest of it, you can almost picture their nipples exploding with delight as they wrote that. Bashar Assad is willing to fight to the last Lebanese civilian, and judging by the temprement of Mr. Fisk's cohorts, so is the Indy.

“Next, the UN abolished the medieval warm period”

They did, however miscarry the science for what they felt was a higher, more noble, and entirely wrong cause. Why? To feel good about doing something in the fashion that they were trained to believe, easily summarized as the broad but rarely explained concept called “Solidarity”. What it amounts to is no different in application as it was when it was flogged hither and fro by the Communists: it is the making of all people the same in sentiment. It is not finding a way for people of differing views to amicably arrive at the best course of action, it is smily-face put on the supression of free speech with the goal of letting all "false conciousness" suffocate.

To accomplish this solidarity, basically you have to lie to people at first, and once you have them, you have to cut off their freedom to disagree with you. As far as the greenies are concerned, we are still somewhere at the last stage of the first phase. Christopher Monckton writing in The Telegraph sums it up:

So to the scare. First, the UN implies that carbon dioxide ended the last four ice ages. It displays two 450,000-year graphs: a sawtooth curve of temperature and a sawtooth of airborne CO2 that's scaled to look similar. Usually, similar curves are superimposed for comparison. The UN didn't do that. If it had, the truth would have shown: the changes in temperature preceded the changes in CO2 levels.

Next, the UN abolished the medieval warm period (the global warming at the end of the First Millennium AD). In 1995, David Deming, a geoscientist at the University of Oklahoma, had written an article reconstructing 150 years of North American temperatures from borehole data. He later wrote: "With the publication of the article in Science, I gained significant credibility in the community of scientists working on climate change. They thought I was one of them, someone who would pervert science in the service of social and political causes. One of them let his guard down. A major person working in the area of climate change and global warming sent me an astonishing email that said: 'We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.' "

So they did. The UN's second assessment report, in 1996, showed a 1,000-year graph demonstrating that temperature in the Middle Ages was warmer than today. But the 2001 report contained a new graph showing no medieval warm period. It wrongly concluded that the 20th century was the warmest for 1,000 years.
So they did indeed. The non-science went into overdrive for what was presumed to be for a cause immutable to criticism because it is impirically drawn – possibly the first time leftist could believe that they were involved in a cutting-edge matter of hard science. Their method: flog it as a cause – have a concert, start another exploitable political faction, do anything... anything at all except look at the data. And when you need some supporting data, then invent it to do what science has sought through time to avoid: create maximum emotional reaction in order to banish any question, any depth or detail as just what it is we should do, and forbid any genuine doubt.
Here's how they did it:

• They gave one technique for reconstructing pre-thermometer temperature 390 times more weight than any other (but didn't say so).
• The technique they overweighted was one which the UN's 1996 report had said was unsafe: measurement of tree-rings from bristlecone pines. Tree-rings are wider in warmer years, but pine-rings are also wider when there's more carbon dioxide in the air: it's plant food. This carbon dioxide fertilisation distorts the calculations.
• They said they had included 24 data sets going back to 1400. Without saying so, they left out the set showing the medieval warm period, tucking it into a folder marked "Censored Data".
• They used a computer model to draw the graph from the data, but scientists later found that the model almost always drew hockey-sticks even if they fed in random, electronic "red noise".
It all has the air of Pol Pot insisting that irrigation canals flow uphill. That we should all be coerced into a grand endeavor and course of action based on this sort of manipulation of real data stains all science with the reputation of the witchcraft they find so immediately critical to their attempt to tell us that these narrow-minded green are here to “save us from ourselves”.

Bull. They’re using humiliation (how DARE you eat that!) to construct a form of widespread guilt which will place them on a mural above the alter in the church of the unquestioning intellect.
Sami Solanki, a solar physicist, says that in the past half-century the sun has been warmer, for longer, than at any time in at least the past 11,400 years, contributing a base forcing equivalent to a quarter of the past century's warming. That's before adding climate feedbacks.

The UN expresses its heat-energy forcings in watts per square metre per second. It estimates that the sun caused just 0.3 watts of forcing since 1750. Begin in 1900 to match the temperature start-date, and the base solar forcing more than doubles to 0.7 watts. Multiply by 2.7, which the Royal Society suggests is the UN's current factor for climate feedbacks, and you get 1.9 watts – more than six times the UN's figure.

The entire 20th-century warming from all sources was below 2 watts. The sun could have caused just about all of it.

Next, the UN slashed the natural greenhouse effect by 40 per cent from 33C in the climate-physics textbooks to 20C, making the man-made additions appear bigger.
So, as ever with that sort, don’t mention the war...

- H/T to Kevin, and a cast
of thousands. Thanks, Ace.

Actor Jumps Onto Sinking Ship

Laurent Joffrin, an actor, writer, and whaky agitator whose name was once Laurent Mouchard liberates Libération. Among his other, other lives was as the editor of the Nouvel Observateur and as a consistent anti-globalization trouser snake.

The artist formerly known as Mouchard will shortly start referring to himself in the third person.

In other news, there will be a new trade barrier tax. Don’t look all surprised, will ‘ya?

Signal sent

Jihadists receive message. Subversives in Europe also emboldened.

The European press’s reiteration of the themes of “catastrophe” and “humiliation” in its reporting of the war in Iraq may interest American voters, who may have been impatient but might not have realized they were voting to legitimize the humiliation of the US military. No doubt it will fascinate American soldiers even more, many of whom may not even be aware that they have been humiliated.
He goes on to imply what it could portend – that the Euro-press he watches may start to believe that policy will come out of the press' claims, and not necessarily those of the part of the electorate that brought the Democrats to a majority on the legislature.
The media-mantras of “catastrophe,” “humiliation” and “rising violence” can easily take hold among those who quite rightly feel that 3000 American lives is a huge sacrifice — but forget that 3000 lives were lost in just the first 3½ hours of the first day of the Battle of the Somme during the first World War. In covering Israel’s recent campaign in Lebanon, European journalists demanded “proportionality” in the Israelis’ response to terrorists’ rocket attacks. They might make do with a little of the stuff themselves when it comes to measuring the “catastrophe,” the “humiliation” and the “rising violence” in Iraq.
Let’s remember how often the public in the Near East gets it cues and its’ affirmation from the “aging children” of the West. The irony of that “victory” is the signal it sends. Melanie Philips:
the most likely outcome of these mid-term elections is another major terror attack on America. Whatever the smart analysis of the likely shape of domestic American politics over the next two years, America has now signalled a faltering of resolve; and that’s the cue for a redoubled Islamist attack.
Don’t forget to thank a leftist, especially the isolationist types so wrapped up in their own issues, that they don’t think anyone on earth is watching. They will shortly make this out to be a “gift” and a “sacrifice”, and look to their 6 years without absolute power as a sort of dieing for our sins.The Fuse is Lit! (No Pasaran)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Commie Arteeeste Alert

“Music and Arts of the World”

Actually only part of the world. The part that fuels the delusions of people stupid enough to equate Marxism with compassion.

On the other hand kids watching an after-sKuL movie on M6 this afternoon might have enjoyed this bit of wholesome programming that Comrades Maman et Papa would likely consider propaganda:

Not agitating for mass murder or glorifying a freedom-hating revolutionaries. Trash, truly. Decadence! Bad for Punkin's head! But HEY, what do I know!?!

- Hat-tippage to Viktor and a big 'ol Yeehaw!
to comrade Val. Long leev beeg revolution!

First You Kick the Victim

When is self-defense NOT self-defense? Wherever leftists dominate the legal system. Then if become an affront to the dignity of the thugs that invade your home and attack you and your spouse.


On October 27, at 9:00 A.M. René Dahan, a businessman from Nogent-sur-Marne, was attacked by three hooded criminals as he was getting ready to leave his home. Threatened with a magnum 357, he was struck on the head before managing to wrest the weapon from one of the intruders, who was attempting to strangle him, while his companions were tying up Mrs. Dahan. After firing one bullet that hit the ceiling, Dahan fired three more times, hitting the burglar who stumbled and fell out the window. He died shortly thereafter.

René Dahan was arrested for voluntary homicide and placed in the detention center at Fleury-Mérogis.
Pacifying the innocent, preparing the sheep for the slaughter, emboldening criminals’ motives, making the world safe for crime: it’s a social scientist’s veritable utopia.
Pascal Clement, the Minister of Justice (known as the Keeper of the Seals), indicated that the "deeds attributed to René Dahan do not seem to conform to the notion of self-defense."
Mr. Dahan was being held, but has since been released after the intervention of Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy.

Reports from: Le Figaro (the court is trying to undermine his defense), France 2, etal.

It could be that the blind justice of a lefty judge is only for certain folk who don’t have certain types of personal “baggage” which is incompatible with the world view of the grand and glorious dawning age of Marxism. Mr. Dahan is a middle aged white business man who resisted armed criminals without the aid of a cop, well known to be around when you need one.

Now, Leaving is Bad.

Pancho: all personal abuse, all the time. What a deep intellect he has.

... Hey Blair, how do ditch the party without thanking the host? ...

Remember, Pancho isn’t just wiser, more humanistic, more lucid, but his opinions also make him a better person than you are.

Somewhere, Far From Their Borders Lies the Truth

The clue to find these liars is to see how they persistently accuse anyone they don’t agree with by calling them « Ultra » this or that.

When they aren’t accusing candidates of the sin of economic realism, they accuse them of being anti-globalization protectionist, no different than the fantasy fuelled mumbo-jumbo of Bové.

L'un Est Pire Que L'autre (redux)

...Hey! You got chocolate in my peanut butter!...

Dieudonné crashes a National Front party conference.
“I said myself that if he comes, it’s to express his good wishes”, declared Jean-Marie Le Pen after his brief meeting with the former Presidential candidate who said that he came [Ed.: said with some sarcasm?] “to turn his way”, as he had also gone to the festival of Humanity in Courneuve. “I’m for national reconciliation, which is necessary to alleviate Community tension”, he told the press.
The dimwitted stunt hardly even up to the standards of the late Alan Funt, There appears to be no detectable irony, which neither of them don't quite seem capable of to begin with.

But if there were any two people who deserve each other any more, it’s these two thoroughly uninspired wildly un-entertaining characters who’re both enamored with a race-based fascism à la Old Europe.

The Fuse is Lit! (No Pasaran)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

If anything, they thought they killed off a Cincinnatus

John Rosenthal looks back on Donald Rumsfeld’s past 6 years as Defense Secretary. More to the point he looks back at him as the surrogate receiving the years of fabricated outrage directed at the United States.

"We have, above all, to prevent terrorist from getting access to weapons of mass destruction. We have to concentrate on those states that are trying to acquire such weapons and that could provide them to terrorist organizations." These two sentences contain the simple, straightforward justification for the Iraq War that has been thoroughly obscured by years of "Bush Lied!", conspiracy-mongering hysteria in the dominant European and American media.
”Old Europe” was touchy even before he uttered those two words JUST ONCE.

It really was quite revealing. A minority in Europe, the French and German official act was passive-aggressive obstruction. Twenty-two nations with more to lose by opposing the Franco-German inability to understand history though quite differently.

As for their fans on the left, there’s nearly no point in trying to understand what drives them. The range and variety of names returned by this search tells one quite a bit about their hyperventilating nature. Who just is that “Architect” then? Why do they imagine it’s one person today, another tomorrow, and a whole cabal last week? Very simply because they HAVE to go to great lengths to use rage because no rational person will buy their line. It started with kicking the victims of 9-11 to imagining the Bush Administration CAUSED the 9-11 attacks, and went further to try to use said invention to say that he planned to invade Iraq from his first day of graduate school.

Their victim is none other than objective truth.

They are the people that Orwell warned you about.

By All Means, Don’t Connect the Dots

the fuse is lit!

And the runner-up is ...

... a French broad. Chard, who is a French woman (Françoise Pichard), came up second place in the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon contest. $4000, a trophy, and a Honorable Mention were awarded for the second prize. Chard's work is commonly found in Présent and Rivarol. Chard's work is right in line with the broader French PreSS and blood-libel peddling alter-bobo-pédéblogosphère.

Some of Chard's other work can bee seen here.

Bill Gate's, Israel, and Africa

For each French Jew that comes to Israel, I'll send 4 Palestinians to France