Thursday, November 10, 2005

They stayed home to watch soccer last nght

394 vehicles burned, 169 arrests, and 5 French departments making use of a curfew.

The government has refused to allow a peace march on the Champs-Elysées this Friday. What the TF1 article linked to above fails to mention is the this march, far from anything peaceful, is the brainchild of the General Union of Palestinian Students and was meant to coincide with the first anniversary of Arafat's death from AIDS (putain, on n'arrête pas de nous faire chier avec ces histoires de sidaïque). Would they have worn bomb belts?

Interior Minister Sarkozy has requested the expulsion of all foreigners convicted of violent acts during the rioting. Moonbat human rights groups have seized upon this proposed measure and are squealing like stuck pigs even though the measure would be more symbolic than anything else. The French simply cannot admit that these rioting scum are not foreigners but their own children, French born and raised.

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