Monday, September 07, 2020

The Individuals Who Feel It Necessary to Come Up with a Question

by Scott Adams

Also: public speeches.

A guy gives a speech, then asks if there are any questions; but the speech was so brilliant and complete that no questions are forthcoming, i.e., none are necessary. However: the silence feels nerve-wracking, and so finally somebody, just to be polite (virtue signalling?), stands to ask a question, which invariably is on a completely marginal subject, which leads others to ask more inane questions. Leaving the rest of the audience to groan internally.

Instead, after the first few seconds of hearing no queries, the speaker should be happy to finish the speech on a note of triumph. And since no answers are immediately forthcoming, offer to answer any further questions on a personal basis, after the presentation is over (which is now, as the question time has proven useless) and the clapping has subsided…

Sunday, September 06, 2020

The Dark Secret About Black Lives Matter; In Fact, the Outfit's Name Ought to Be BSD or BAD

There is a tightly guarded secret that you may not know about the Black Lives Matter group, but here it is:
The real name of BLM is not BLM.

The real name of BLM is BSD or BAD.

I used to say that the real name was SBLM (Some Black Lives Matter) or OSBLM (Only Some Black Lives Matter), but I now realize that even that sounds far too positive:

The name should be BSD (Burn Society Down) or BAD (Burn America Down).

"Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization," the president [told Fox News' Laura Ingraham]. "You remember [them chanting] 'Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon' [in 2015].

Yes, that's right: another more accurate name for BLM would be PIB or FTLB (Pigs In a Blanket or Fry Them Like Bacon).

Imagine sports characters, instead of sporting "Black Lives Matter" on their jerseys, being asked to wear clothes with the words "Destroy the Country", "Death to America," or "Burn Down Western Civilization." There would be a whole lot less enthusiasm for the idea.

The soft-sounding, common-sensical official name belies the fact that BLM is less a humanitarian organization than a cult, a far-left mob, and a Mafia gang.

We should all of us stop calling BLM by its official name and start referring to them as "the Burn Society Down outfit."

While leaving the White House on the final evening of the RSC, guests were harassed by protesters. Although Rand Paul got most of the attention, Brian Mast's experience was much more interesting. A seemingly deranged woman kept asking the Florida Representative, "What do you think about police killing black people in this country?" "How do you feel about police murdering black people in this country?" — dementedly repeating "Answer the question!" 

The fallacy about the question is that "police" do not kill or murder "black people" in this country, nor white people, for that matter. An individual policemen (whatever the color of his skin) may have killed a black person here or there, just as an individual policeman (whatever the color of his skin) may have killed a white person here or there. Let that individual be punished — including by the death penalty — if so convicted by a jury of his peers…

But, in any case, the retort — had there been room for thought and tranquility and (yes) debate — should have been linked to David Dorn, Chris Beaty, Secoriea Williams, and a dozen or two other blacks whose lives definitely do not matter one iota to BLM and Antifa:

"How do YOU feel about protesters killing black people?! In fact, how do YOU feel about BLM and Antifa protesters burning black people's homes, looting black people's stores, and killing black people?! Answer the question! ANSWER THE QUESTION!"