Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Radio Courtoisie : Evelyne Joslain sur le contraste Trump/Biden et la CPAC

Erik and Grizzly Joe share the "same" face mask
  Le 10 mars 2021, Evelyne Joslain reçoit :

  • Erik Svane, membre du groupe des Républicains à Paris
  • Marc Amblard, avocat international, universitaire

Thème : « Le contraste Trump/Biden ; La CPAC »

Ce matin-là, deux-trois heures plus tôt, Erik atterrissait à l'aéroport Charles de Gaulle, de retour du tout premier CPAC en Floride… Cliquez sur le lien pour entendre l'émission d'une heure et demie… 

Patron d'émission du Libre journal du Nouveau Monde à Radio Courtoisie, Evelyne Joslain est l'auteur d'une poignée de livres sur les États-Unis.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Donald Trump Brings Massive Crowds of MAGA Supporters to Front of CPAC's Orlando Hotel (VIDEOS)

Welcome to America Uncanceled—with Errol Webber
Is Orlando's Hyatt Regency
larger than the Vatican?
Wearing the most original face mask
at the event was Rayla Campbell

Donald Trump Jr & Kimberley Guilfoyle
interviewed by Gina Loudon
Hearty talk with PJMedia's Roger Simon
Jim Jordan, the man with no fear
MyPillow's Mike Lindell

The hotel's sour-faced employees were giving
CPAC attendees so much hassle regarding
face masks — without even the benefit of
an apologetic smile or a "Shucks, y'know,
those are (unfortunately) the rules, we all
have to follow them" — that on the third day
I pulled out my World War II gas mask and
started wearing it inside as well as outside;
I pointed it out to two of the worst ayatollahs
or so, expecting at least a (half-hearted?) chuckle,
but none of the uptight Karens (male as well
as female) even made a pretense of thinking
it was funny
Liberty Hangout's Kaitlin Bennett
(thanks to an NP reader)
MAGA's Lance Johnston

When Donald Trump to give his speech on the last day at CPAC, thousands of supporters turned out to line the streets in front of the Orlando Hyatt Regency

Earlier that Sunday, I was interviewed by Mediaite, the left-leaning outlet which proceeded to cut 99% of my words. Ten days later or so, after my return to Paris, I was interviewed by Radio Courtoisie.