Wednesday, November 09, 2005

France 3 refusing to publicize Car-beque figures

From France 3: “Violences urbaines : vers l'accalmie ?

Rioting: tending toward a lull?

Cases of vehicle arson were definitely fewer overnight on Tuesday

In four of the five departments of the Nord/Pas-de-Calais Area and Picardy, the number of cased of arson on cars and buildings were definitely fewer. According to firefighting official, only the department of Pas-de-Calais was struck slightly more than the previous nights.

To discourage more violence, France 3 will no longer publish or present any more the figures on vehicle arson.

In Pas-de-Calais ,two area making up approximately 6500 m², (Saint-Maclou and Goal) were burned in the area of Arras. Incendiary bombs were found in the basement of the one of the stores. About thirty employees are disrupted with the damage. There were no arrests. In Outreau, a hundred people were evacuated last night because several cars were set ablaze in an underground garage.

In Amiens, there was a curfew for minors from 22h00 to 6h00 not accompanied by an adult. The curfew was imposed in Amiens because 80% of the rioters challenged by Police there were minors according to the prosecutor of Amiens. In the city, the sale of gasoline in containers to minors was banned in certain hot districts of northern Amiens. Nearby businesses and buildings had to be closed during the curfew hours as well. The prefecture commented that the results were positive, and that the curfew was respected strictly. Only two minors were taken back in their parents.

In Oise, the night was found to be calmer in spite of vehicle fires. A mother from Senlis was placed in police custody overnight Monday at the police station in Creil, and was picked up by police for failure to cooperate because her son had been under investigation for attempted vandalism. In Aisne, cars fires have practically ceased.

There was general progress also in the North, but 25 people was detained nonetheless, mainly in and around Lille, for vehicle arson.

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