Saturday, June 03, 2006

Profiling would be just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Arrested and charged with offences under the Criminal Code of Canada are:

Fahim Ahmad, 21, Toronto, Ontario
Zakaria Amara, 20, Mississauga, Ontario
Asad Ansari, 21, Mississauga, Ontario
Shareef Abdelhaleen, 30, Mississauga, Ontario
Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, Mississauga, Ontario
Mohammed Dirie, 22, Kingston, Ontario
Yasim Abdi Mohamed, 24, Kingston, Ontario
Jahmaal James, 23, Toronto, Ontario
Amin Mohamed Durrani, 19, Toronto, Ontario
Steven Vikash Chand alias Abdul Shakur, 25, Toronto, Ontario
Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, 21, Mississauga, Ontario
Saad Khalid, 19, Mississauga, Ontario

The fuse is lit!

Robert Fisk - Still concussed?

SO hoping for human misery that he’s practically pissing his pants with vainglory - (paid link to the Independent newspaper omitted):

Could Haditha be just the tip of the mass grave? The corpses we have glimpsed, the grainy footage of the cadavers and the dead children; could these be just a few of many? Does the handiwork of America's army of the slums go further?
It’s sad for me to see that this man living in my native Beirut hasn’t noted the inherent cruelty of world view which the United States is fighting. It’s the very same world view death cult that he and his bafoonish fellow travelers are trying to fan the flames of.

Where it not that he had a chance to call it an “Army of the slums” he would excoriate the U.S. military for not policing it, or being easy on the miscreants who kill Iraqi civilians. Oops – SORRY. He doesn’t seem to mention just WHO it is who has killed so many Iraqis, does he?

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We get all sorts here.

Some of our readers leave comments. Occasionally we get a real winner who seems to be getting his news from another source - one so true, so ineffably pure, that blood-drinking Jewish financiers in top hats have been trying to buy them out and shut them down, just like the magical Tesla death-ray, and those pyramids the cunning devils “sold” the Pharoahs.

Just as the poor will always be with us, those who buy into conspiracy theories will too. The common thread?

Conspiracy theories insult the intelligence of the reasoning mind, and flatters that of idiots.

When someone imagines a class of people forming a "cabal", they start to think that people are after them, and then the addiction to victimhood sinks in. There is a kind of solace and comfort in being able to explain away ones’ personal failings, lost loves, inability to digest the way of the world, etc. Just as some look for clues in their daily horoscope, others nurse a tumor of irrational hatred of something they see as powerful, undaunting, and after them – as if they mattered enough that mega-state or mega-corp would care.

It really is rather cute, except that some never grow out of it.

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Can they bear the good news?

CBC, The Globe and Mail, and the BBC did not mention names or orgins of the 17 people arrested Friday. Only on Saturday mid-morning did the CBC mention that some of the detainees may have not been Canadian citizens.
The pattern of reporting, (or of not reporting) reeks of the pedantic instinct for PC.

The fact that they were assembling ammonium nitrate IEDs seemed to give the
CBC license to repeat Timothy McVeigh's name several times. Repeat it
though they may, you can't spin a story by concealing any possible motives. As much as they would regret talk of their precious 'militants' and not corn-fed patriarchal brownshirts that
they'd prefer to see.

The Toronto Sun looking at past history and the same set of information
quite comfortably calls it a possible al Qaida attack.

BBC gave the same early reporting treatment on the air, but not in print to a chemical weapons bust in the UK as the Globe and Mail until it was unavoidable: they eventually mentioned that the 2 suspected arrested in
connection with the affair were "inspired" by al Qaida.

Next step: buy the French post office and fire Besancenot

Money talks, and bullshit walks.

Investigation clears GIs

... but for radical pacifist Leftists, the GIs are damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Ist das nicht zum kotzen?

« Enfin, l’extrême-gauche tire son épingle du jeu : Olivier Besancenot gagne un point à 24%, Arlette Laguillier deux, avec 23% d’opinions favorables. »
The very fact that 23 percent of the population thinks favorable of these two nutty Trots is enough to split ones’ sides with laughter at the lunacy of communism that they entertain.

Poverty for all! Let’s not forget that these are folks who are happiest when they dream of fulfilling their violent revenge against the vulgar existence of a human success story.

The fuse is lit!

L'ennui profond d'une Europe sans rêves

Or l'Europe n'a ni mythes ni rites fédérateurs capables de la constituer en corps politique homogène. C'est pourtant maintenant qu'elle en aurait besoin. Où donc voit-on le pouvoir européen ? Nulle part. Qui sort du lot pour l'incarner avec charisme (osons le mot), et s'élever au niveau de l'Histoire, par-delà le très abstrait «Conseil» et les bureaucratiques commissions ? Personne. Quelle célébration sanctuarise l'Europe à l'échelle du continent ? Aucune. Quel acte fondateur constitue pour tous le «soc de Romulus» de notre maison commune ? Joker.

Zéropa, donc.

Stay the course

So what are the radical pacifists complaining about anyway? Isn't this exactly what they've wanted for so long?

Terry Nelson & C Company

Once upon a time there was a little boy who wanted to grow up
And be a soldier and serve his country in whatever way he could
He would parade around the house with a sauce pan on his head
For a helmet, a wooden sword in one hand and the American flag in the other
As he grew up, he put away the things of a child but he never let go of the flag

My name is William Calley, I'm a soldier of this land
I've tried to do my duty and to gain the upper hand
But they've made me out a villain they have stamped me with a brand
As we go marching on

I'm just another soldier from the shores of U.S.A.
Forgotten on a battle field then thousand miles away
While life goes on as usual from New York to Santa Fe
As we go marching on

I've seen my buddies ambushed on the left and on the right
And their youthful bodies riddled by the bullets of the night
Where all the rules are broken and the only law is might
As we go marching on

While we're fighting in the jungles they were marching in the street
While we're dying in the rice fields they were helping our defeat
While we're facing V.C. bullets they were sounding a retreat
As we go marching on

With our sweat we took the bunkers, with our tears we took the plain
With our blood we took the mountains and they gave it back again
Still all of us are soldiers, we're too busy to complain
As we go marching on

When I reach my final campground in that land beyond the sun
And the great commander asks me, "Did you fight or did you run?"
I'll stand both straight and tall stripped of medals, rank and gun
And this is what I'll say:

Sir, I followed all my orders and I did the best I could
It's hard to judge the enemy and hard to tell the good
Yet there's not a man among us would not have understood

We took the jungle village exactly like they said
We responded to their rifle fire with everything we had
And when the smoke had cleared away a hundred souls lay dead

Sir, the soldier that's alive is the only once can fight
There's no other way to wage a war when the only one in sight
That you're sure is not a VC is your buddy on your right

When all the wars are over and the battle's finally won
Count me only as a soldier who never left his gun
With the right to serve my country as the only prize I've won
As we go marching on
Glory, glory hallelujah glory, glory hallelujah

Lefty ideology creates a hostile work environment

As well as a hostile living environment, according to Michael Phillips – oracle of The Gods of Commerce.

The Lefties have banned chain stores in North Beach and much of the city. There is no logic behind it, their arguments fail after one sentence replies, but they don’t think or learn. (Lefty two-digit-IQ ideology: ‘Starbucks kills local coffee shops’…obvious rebuttal: ’Since Starbucks came to San Francisco the number of coffee shops has increased five fold.’)
But you can’t say that because it doesn’t fit the extremely narrow frame of reference that this generation about which Phillips says:
I often describe San Francisco as a 92 year old once beautiful woman who spends two hours a day putting on her make-up. When she was young she was a commie and has never paid any attention to the world. She hates children and learns everything she knows from her hair dresser and manicurist.

The fuse is lit!

Dysfunctional Zeropa

America's debate on immigration may be painful, but Europe's is dysfunctional.

Europe is a hopeless mess. You can't even talk openly about everyday problems. ... and these European scumbags like to give us lessons about McCarthy.

Sick, racist Europe: "The result is that in America political debate centres on illegal immigration, and there is no sense that legal immigrants impose burdens on others. In Europe things are different. There, even legal immigrants are often seen as spongeing on others through welfare receipts; and the fact that some have taken jobs which would not otherwise be done so cheaply is forgotten. In Europe, says Danny Sriskandarajah of Britain's Institute for Public Policy Research, it is harder to talk about immigration as an economic issue. Instead, all migrants are caught in a web of suspicion."

Ultra-libéralisme et capitalisme triomphants

I'm lovin' it © ™ ®.

Séance de dédicaces

The authors of General Leonardo will be signing their graphic novel near Bastille on Saturday afernoon.

Erik Svane et Dan Greenberg dédicaceront leur nouvel album à la librarie BDNet (26 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris) samedi 3 juin à partir de 15 h.

Lire le résumé et voir un extrait de l'album

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Boycott this, NATFHE Spanky

With thanks Simply Jews for the graphics, and of course to the anti-semitic trolls to our comment section who amuse us with their bursting blood vessels.

The fuse is lit!

Swift and decisive action

Either that or it finally dawned on someone in the Foreign Ministry that puckering up to “insurgents” might not amount to anything. It’s not as if they really want to be liked anyway.

So Mr. History Wiz made it official: after 1559 days they can finally call the kidnapping of a citizen a crisis for the state, and possibly even the victim.

Now they’ll start a desperate search for the fossilized remains of 400 000 year old SUVs

How many seconds will it take for the ugly green mob to make this scientist into an apostate of the weather cult? As it is, the article title gives it a start:

Studies Portray Tropical Arctic in Distant Past
as opposed to:
“Evidence appears of Tropical Arctic Predating Man
I give ‘em 3 days of pretending the article doesn’t exist, and then some curious rationalizations:

"Something extra happens when you push the world into a warmer world, and we just don't understand what it is," said one lead author, Henk Brinkhuis, an expert on ancient Arctic ecology at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

The studies draw on the work of a pioneering 2004 expedition that defied the Arctic Ocean ice and pulled the first significant samples from the ancient layered seabed 150 miles from the North Pole: 1,400 feet of slender shafts of muck, fossils of ancient organisms and rock representing a climate history that dates back 56 million years.

While there is ample fossil evidence around the edges of the Arctic Ocean showing great past swings in climate, until now the sediment samples from the undersea depths had gone back less than 400,000 years.
If scientist just don’t know what happens when the climate changes, how can greenies be so precise when it comes to the ever changing causes and effects they scare the public with every day?

The fuse is lit!

Such Reactions Are Only Understandable When You Don't Respect a Religion and When the Members of Said Faith Feel Humiliated

Bondy Blog Broad

Looks like we've found a Socialist cunt who will use her mouth anyway she can to get elected.

C'est ce qui arrive quand les pédérastes pubards mènent le bateau

Pedophile Europe chastises New Europe.

The NSA Is Watching You

Eric Leser and Corine Lesnes have articles about America's National Security Agency. Needless to say, they are alarmist, liking America to George Orwell's Big Brother in his novel, 1984. Note to Leser: Had you asked Orwell — who also, it should perhaps be remembered, wrote Animal Farm — he would have replied that before making alarmist statements about democracies, you would do better to look at some of the other régimes that exist on this planet.

Perhaps they’re trying to piss someone off?

This current issue of the Hamas weekly has a cartoon of a Palestinian child urinating on the Statue of Liberty, which is holding a book labelled "Democracy". This expression of utter disdain for the US and its democracy follows other recent slurs in the PA media. For example, the West was condemned in March at a Palestinian rally:
"for many years of trying to penetrate Islamic youth with dubious things such as the ideas of democracy."
[Al Hayat Al Jadida, March 4, 2006]

So by all means. Commence rioting, habibi.

the fuse is lit!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tax Declaration

The BAF hands in its tax declaration

French hit bottom, and dig

36% of French foresee a Presidential election second round run-off with Jean-Marie Le Pen for 2007.

From the continent that brought you „Ihre Ausweis, Bitte”

Some background:
The agreement also calls for U.S. carriers to share information about their passengers with European Union countries.

Under the terms of the deal, U.S. airlines would pass along information about each passenger such as name, date of birth, address and phone number to the European country of destination.

The agreement contains no changes from one that was brokered last December [2003]
Just what array of Euro-agencies and states received the information is not clear, but there are likely (as usual) a bunch of them, making the data provided by the US to be at much greater risk than the other way around. Of course to even get to the point where they would share any information, the usual interminable kabuki had to take place - Two years of negotiation with an equally random collection of national governments and Euro-agencies, quangos, and what-nots.

It has the usual stench of the petty emperor, a border guard seeking a bribe, an little display of strength by a weakling... The sudden ruling shows a selective use of the stellar rapidity that they’re known for.

Lance is cleared

Tell it to that prick, Jean-Marie Leblanc, who shills for a real dope fiend named Virenque while making dark threats to a clean rider like Lance. Goddamn french.

Hitch on the Angry Elf

Christopher Hitchens is asked about his favoriteRespect!’ MP.
From the Grauniad’s podcast of 26-MAY. Amusant!


The fuse is lit!

Only during the full moon and Jewish Passover

Just as Tariq Ramadan asked the question, "should the stoning of women be banned?", the French ask the question, "should Tribu Ka be banned?"

Germans play stupid during interview with Iranian Prez

It's true, it's true.

The Fuhrer's Face

French Slam Poetry

Kémi Saba, head of antisemitic vigilante group Tribu Ka, stated (before the capture of Youssouf Fofana, the torturer and murderer of Ilan Halimi -- that Jew cellphone salesman -- according to Tribu Ka's own propaganda), "... if you touch just one hair on our brother's head, rather than allow him to have a fair trial, we will go to work on the curly braids of your rabbis".

Just sumthin' I wanna get off my chest ...

Green Day are a bunch of faggots ...

Thanks for clearing that up, Marc

Libération PropagandaStaffel expresses surprise at the disappearance of Tribu Ka's web site. Marc Robert, presidential campaign manager for French comic Dieudonné, declares that Dieudonné no longer rubs elbows with the Tribu Ka (even if Tribu Ka's first regular gathering place was Dieudonné's theatre "Le Théâtre de la Main d'Or") but that Tribu Ka vigilante raids into the Jewish neighborhoods of Paris are "the result of the government's complicity with neo-nazi groups like Betar and the Jewish Defense League". Meanwhile, the French authorities wonder if the Tribu Ka, which is already an unregistered, undeclared group, should be banned. Maybe if the feckless French pass a law, all of this nastiness will just disappear in a puff of Gauloises smoke.

Out philosophizin' the French

The Independent interviews Ted Nugent. On the subject of deer hunting:

Q : "What do these deer think when they see you coming?" I ask him. "Here comes the nice guy who puts out our dinner? Or, there's the man that shot my brother?"

A : "They're only interested in three things: the best place to eat, having sex and how quickly they can run away. Much like the French."

The French close their eyes and chant, "Please make it stop"

Second night of rioting in Seine Saint Denis (the infamous 9-3). The French preSS is carefully talking about several incidents and putting the whole thing down to unsolved social issues (left over from the previous round of burning and looting). Last night's action saw a police station attacked by a mob. The night before a mayor's home was attacked. Last night's official toll: 4 police injured, 5 arrests.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another sound policy proposal from the land of the enlightened

Nature: ignored, civilization: ending.

Meet the Charity, Freedom, and Diversity Party.

Met dankzij Allahpundit

The fuse is lit!

A village is missing its’ idiot.

Wanna guess why the old butcher was too mean and unpleasant to marry and have little “Le Roys”?

« A small village in France has been split by the will left by its late butcher, who bequeathed his house and land to the local council on condition that they were used to help to plan the communist revolution.

Albert Le Roy, a hardline Marxist who died two months ago at the age of 80, amazed his native Goudelin, in Brittany, with a handwritten will discovered in a drawer at his home that said he was leaving his property, valued at €140,000 (£96,000), to the village council “to prepare for communism”.

M Le Roy read L’Humanité, the French communist daily, and drove a Soviet-made Moscovitch car in the 1970s. He joined leftwing friends for a glass of red wine in the café opposite the village church every day. »
I suppose one good sign is that this is what being a Communist butcher has come to.

As if they’d even want him

A scribbler for the Marxist rag “Marianne” says on TV that he would never willingly 'become American' but was perfectly ready to 'become Chinese', or at least what they romanticize the Chinese into.

The basic flaw in his thinking is that the Chinese who, as they entertain freedoms, seem to prefer the connections they have with the US anyway. There are millions of Americans of Chinese origin, and more come every year, as well as a century and a half long tradition of immigration. But that’s not really what this guy is on about.

He thinks it’s about the Chinese wanting to be French. This bit of cultural self-aggrandizement revolves around wine, saying that the Chinese were one day going to start making really good wines that would compete with French wines, implying that there were no serious competition out there right now.

Someone else on the panel asked him why he thought that, considering
that the US and Australia, for instance, were both countries with just as
much potential as China when it came to wine-making... why would the
Chinese wines be any different from what the US and Australia were

The idiot answered that the Chinese would not make wine with marketing
in mind like the Americans and Australians do. He said that the Chinese
winemakers come to France to learn about wine and French not
be aggressive competitors in the wine market.

This guy actually thinks that Chinese companies aren’t aggressive marketers of their goods. And he’s pretending to know anything about China?

In other words, he thinks that what’s left of their blind Maoism, free of personal initiative will lead a billion Chinese to see some virtue in France, regardless of the fact that most people you meet are so bigoted that they refer to my American-Korean friends as Chinese, and frequently surprised to find out that they’re actually American.

It’s the height of cultural sophistication, I tell ya...

The fuse is lit!

Play it again, Sami

Sami Nacéri, animal enragé et bête immonde who threatened to kill Salman Rushdie on French State TV (the exchange was blacked out by French State Dhimmi TV), is in trouble again which is why he wasn't in Cannes with his fellow actors gang members for the Best Actor award for the film "Indigènes". Jamel Le Bouseu stated that Nacéri wasn't present for technical reasons. Raisons techniques, style il cherchait sa dose.

I love the small of steak tartare in the morning

Est-ce qu'elle a mis des câpres au moins ?

France burns anew

Long, hot summer coming up.

Monday, May 29, 2006

A Bad Omen for Europe

Last year Hirsi Ali was elected “European of the Year.” It is a bad omen for Europe when the “European of the Year” leaves for America.

Brussels Journal (dank u voor Tom Pechinski)

Jew hunting (bis)

Mena News confirms a bit of news that has been circulating via e-mail. Tribu Ka has undertaken another bout of Jew hunting in central Paris. Thirty or so Tribu Ka members armed with baseball bats and other weapons swept the rue des Rosiers (Orthodox Jewish street) area late yesterday afternoon challenging Jews to come out and fight. The beasts at Tribu Ka provide their own report on yesterday's events.

UPDATE : Looks like the Tribu Ka site has been taken down. Other info can be found here.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

How dare they!

Okay Ill admit it

I give. These people are right. Capitalism just doesnt work. It must be that NaziZionistApartheidFenceAgainstThePeople.

There is no lifting people out of poverty, I guess.
It also takes an especially intelligent population to agree with you politically only when you bribe them.

Taking stock in Europe

Literally. The Europeans won't can't do it so the big money boyz have to step in.

The new face of French collectivism communism

Dreaming is free 50% of your income

Quelle bande de pigeons.