Saturday, September 08, 2012

Appearance on the M6 Evening News

I was interviewed for 20 minutes by the M6 evening news program regarding the US presidential election (11:18-13:22), but I only appear for a dozen seconds. (If you are wondering about "1945", it refers to 19:45, i.e., the 7:45 pm show.)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Welcome to Belgistan — The most common baby name in Brussels for 4 years has been Mohammed

A showdown over sharia is coming in Belgium because the high Muslim birth rate is changing the political landscape
writes CBN (shookhran to Fausta) in its 5- to 6-minute video report
The most common baby name in Brussels for four years running has been Mohammed … Muslims are still a minority in Belgium but in the capital of Brussels they are already the largest religious group — one quarter of the city's population — and are expected to be the majority less than 20 years

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Third Democratic Official Reportedly Likens Republicans to Nazis

Third Democratic official reportedly likens Republicans to Nazis

Update: Mitt Hitler and Double Standards:
Godwin's Law Applies to Thee, But Not to Me

Le Monde Cartoon Emblematic of Contrast in MSM Approach to Obama and to Romney

Serguei's cartoon is emblematic of the contrast in the treatment given the idolized Barack Obama and that given the caricatured Mitt Romney.

Guerre d'images par Serguei

French MSM on "Guaranteed Success" and "the Obama Magic": Obama's Values the Same As "Numerous Americans"

By contrast with their stereotypical treatment of Mitt Romney, the French media's approach to Barack Obama is stellar, as proven in the Le Monde article of the Democrat convention's openining, replete with the expressions "the Obama magic", "guaranteed success", "Michelle Obama's 'home run' ", "her husband's values and convictions", and said Obama values being the same "as very numerous Americans" — not to mention a batch of smiling photos in comparison with what what Radegunda calls "the most angry-looking pic they could find" of Mitt.

Le "home run" de Michelle Obama devant la convention démocrate

La première dame des États-Unis a fait l'éloge d'un président qui, a-t-elle dit, partage les valeurs de très nombreux Américains : travail, éducation, honnêteté, intégrité. Succès garanti.

Update: Check out Le Monde's cartoon

Monday, September 03, 2012

Mitt Romney, the New American Hawk Who Is Worse Than Even Bush Junior

As can be seen in Alain Frachon's article in Le Monde, the French are preempting Mitt Romney's November victory by in caricaturing him in the strongest way possible while branding him as a hawk — in The New American Hawk — one who is a combination of Ronald Reagan, and "even more, of Bush Junior (W)".

Indeed, the (contempt-filled) comments are already starting to brand Mitt as worse than Dubya!
Ce qui trouble le plus, c'est une posture en politique étrangère qui paraît avoir été arrêtée il y a dix, vingt ou trente ans. Le discours ici a des allures de vieille recette, qui consiste à affirmer haut et fort la primauté des Etats-Unis, d'abord grâce à sa puissance armée.

Cela rappelle étrangement celui de Bush junior, au lendemain des attentats de 2001, cette combinaison d'ultranationalisme et d'idéalisme botté.
Update: Compare with the treatment of Barack Obama

Update 2: Check out Le Monde's cartoon