Thursday, November 07, 2019

Présidentielle américaine de 2020 : Donald Trump peut-il être réélu ?

On the RT France channel on Wednesday, two men leaning respectively Republican and Democrat held a heated debate about the 2020 presidential elections and about whether Donald Trump could be reelected to the White House. "On s'est bien amusé!" said Erik Svane — "It was a lot of fun!"

Présidentielle américaine de 2020 : Donald Trump peut-il être réélu ?

Christophe Mesno, avocat, et Erik Svane, membre des Republicans in France, échangent au sujet de la présidentielle américaine à un an du scrutin et alors qu’une procédure d’impeachment pourrait empêcher Donald Trump d’être candidat.

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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

The Democrats have decided not so much that Trump committed a crime as that he is a crime; his very existence is criminal

The Democrats (and NeverTrump Republicans) have decided not so much that Trump committed a crime as that he is a crime
writes John Zmirak in a Stream piece entitled The Democrats Punish America for Voting Wrong. Bad Proles, BAD! (Update: thanks for the Instalink)
 … His very existence is criminal, but especially his success in politics.

 … The constitutional system that let absurd people in red baseball caps in flyover country decide to overrule their betters.

Let Them Eat Fentanyl

Elites are actually shocked that such voters themselves really exist, like some crazy aunt locked in the attic or a beaten dog chained in the yard. Let them eat Fentanyl, let them choke to death on lumps of their climate-poisoning coal. (If you don’t believe we face here genuine hatred, remember the lynch mob that gathered so quickly around the innocent teen Nicholas Sandmann.)

What provoked all this was simple. In the minds of our ruling classes, when Barack Obama got elected, that overturned everything. It was meant to be a permanent regime change in America, like the one the Democrats imposed on Libya.

 … Recall how Obama promised that his job was “fundamentally transforming” the country? He wasn’t kidding, and his promise set expectations high. Remember the messianic fervor among the mainstream media and academia that greeted his win? And the prolonged, irrational hysteria that greeted Trump’s? Those two phenomena go together.

Our bi-coastal elites, many schooled in the same post-colonial theory that formed his worldview in college, treated Obama’s defeat of lackluster neocon John McCain as if it were the first election in a post-colonial country.

And we all know how those mostly go: One man, one vote, one time. Had Obama declared himself king, or “President for Life,” and set up a throne surrounded by peacock feathers in the White House, Ivy League political scientists would have stepped up and defended it. Those who cited the Constitution they’d slap down for relying on that “piece of paper written by white male slaveowners.”

The Deep State and its Secret Police

Thankfully, Obama didn’t go quite that far. He did the next best thing, though, ordering surveillance of all opposition candidates by the FBI, which obeyed like a troop of Stasi officers. The crooked FISA warrants and the entire Russia hoax were the result. Trump got no honeymoon, no first 100 Days. Instead, he met “the Resistance,” and learned that it extended all through media, academia, and the Deep State over which he supposedly presided.

The left “resisted” in America the same way it did in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, by burrowing into institutions and using their levers to cling to power by any means necessary. …

Pavlovian Condition for the Subhuman Voters in Red States

What’s happening here isn’t politics. It’s vicious, old-fashioned dog training of the cruelest kind. Americans didn’t vote right, and now they will be punished. They refused to accept the regime change imposed on them. So now the Democrats will destroy the country’s government, so as to save it. They will obstruct every initiative, refuse any compromise, gin up every remotely plausible charge that can last for a few news cycles.

 … Every false charge refuted will give way to another. And then another. We’ll never have normal government or an end to this cold civil war, until we have learned our lesson.

Like Foreign Saboteurs

Our country’s establishment, both Democrat and NeverTrump GOP, will do to America what we see British elites doing to the United Kingdom, whose people disobeyed direct orders in voting for Brexit. That is, they’ll sabotage it and wreck everything in sight. They’ll behave like foreign saboteurs instead of fellow citizens. Not because they’re certain of winning in the short run. No, for a much darker reason they might not even admit to themselves.

They want to cause American voters pain, and make them associate that pain with having Trump, or anyone like him, in office. They don’t hope to convince us. That implies too much respect. These people want to condition us, like lab rats, to link conservatives and populists with stagnation and chaos. To flinch like mistreated pets, at the very sight of a newspaper, lest it smack us, HARD, on the nose. If we keep it up, they’re willing to beat us, lock us out, starve us.

What our elites won’t endure is being ruled by us, even when we outvote them. That indignity they will fight with every last milligram of malice in their cankered pagan souls.