Saturday, March 11, 2006

That's entertainment indoctrination

The front page of today's Washington Post fluffy and journalistically irresponsible Style section (above the fold) features a teenage transsexual online gamer who started a ‘guild’, and "Big Love", HBO's soap opera about nearly non-existent polygamy. Note to the authors – online, a sexual identity is largely meaningless unless your life is driven by talking about yourself.

To the leftist media, the interest at most, of 10 000 people in the country has to capture the attention of a population pf nearly 300 million people to the exclusion of their own lives.

The idea seems to be for those nearly 300 million people to see their own lives through someone else's prism.

Like the lack of attention and confusion generated by the unveiling of the sculpture of Churchill-in-a-straightjacket had or didn't have, the never-ending breaking of taboos and "awareness raising" stunts no longer have a frame of reference to have any enlightening effect.

Since nearly no-one cares they had to start working on the subconscious mind. It's the only party left that could be forced to listen to them.

And it comes with the leather bucket seat and onboard torture chamber options.

With a some bank from an old friend Castro a new Presidential Dictatorial jet has finally come through. Mercifully selected was the jet manufacturer with the worst crash record out there.

«But security is paramount too: the plane comes with armoured cockpit doors and a system for making bombs safe.»
Armored against WHO, I wonder. El Jefe himself, or it it just the CIA dementia drugs talking?

At the moment it's being used for the rendition of workers to and from Caracas who happen to be prisoners of a detention camp on the well managed island of Cuba – called Cuba.

Des français qui ont oublié d'être cons

French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, after having published the original Danish cartoons lampooning Mohamet along with many others of their own creation, just published a manifesto against Islamofascism which is starting to pop up elsewhere. Charlie Hebdo's offices are under police protection and its editor-in-chief, Philippe Val, currently has round the clock police guard. Merci à Balagan.

I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire

EUrine Peeins get ready to surrender.

And that means the French

Slobodan Milosevic's Red to Brown skid that is becoming all too familiar in Fwance.
"The Nazis and Communists both knew they were cut from the same hideous human mold. They both share a disdain for liberalism and a disregard for human life. They are also permanently anti-American. Hitler called the US cowboys– remember that next time you hear the US 'cowboy' disparaged. You can see these traits displayed by the Stalinists still among us.

N'est pas soixante-huitard qui veut

Radical students only managed to occupy the Sorbonne for a few hours last night before being evacuated by riot police. Seems like apart from walking around yelling slogans and carrying banners, French students no longer have the same punch. Get a job, losers. Ô Fwance, que sont devenus vos soixante-huitards d'antan ?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Asleep at the leftist switch

...when she could be writing law from the bench.

Since it cast the gender-norming old bat in a bad light the mainstream media would not report it.

“Absolute Moral Authority”

When Mo Dowd crowned Cindy Sheehan Mizz “Absolute Moral Authority,” not only did she show little to no understanding of all three words. If it IS absolute, well, then she has to extend it to this mother who lost her son as well. No? She hasn’t mentioned it? It must be because only certain dead people are politically useful to Dowd. Others are easier for Dowd and her ilk to ignore, I guess.

Fearless Spanish satirist lampoons US foreign policy while getting boned by Al Qaida militant

It is not satire to say that the present Spanish government was Al Qaida elected. The Spanish try to do satire without offending those short fuse types that strap on a bomb belt at the drop of a hat.

Bad Americans, Bad Bad Bad

While Umberto Eco takes on Silvio Berlusconi, Gérard Gachet shakes his head at the latest manifestations of anti-Americanism, from French media outlets' anguish over the fate of Zacarias Moussaoui's mother to a TV presenter's getting the audience to boo Americans for having had the affrontery to change the soundtrack of the Penguin flick for the American audience (before proceeding to reward the documenatery with an Academy Award) (thanks to Janina). Regarding Jason McElwain, rien. Nada. Zilch.

This is what really stinks about the European world view

You could probably guess what the religious and political disposition of the individuals mentioned in the story with a url like might be.

Or in Bagneux

It could just as easily have been held in Sarcelles.

Faut les foutre dans un coin avec une caisse pour leurs besoins

Jeunes fwançais, banlieusards, chères têtes blondes de Bagneux, enfants de Dieudo, quoi.
"... pour les jeunes Noirs [français] speedés à l’antisémitisme, il [Youssouf Fofana] est d’ores et déjà un héros, une icône.

She reads the riot act to Al-Jazeera viewers

Wafa Sultan, psychologue américano-arabe, interviewée par la chaîne Al-Jazira. Du jamais vu. Merci à Guy Millière.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

No minor detail too grim

Note how on the BBC, the obscure minor detail always makes it to the top of the manure heap when it can prop up a favorite delusion.

Reality notwithstanding, of course.

First, the French Sneer at the "Childish" Americans; Then They Bewail the Fact That the Yanks Won't Show "Understanding" for French Viewpoints

Putting the Americans and the Iranians scornfully in the same basket, Dominique Dhombres sniffs that the "serious matter" is one
which represents a true danger for the other inhabitants of the larger world.
This, of course, is only something that the more-lucid-than-thou French would understand. The Le Monde writer (whom we have met before) proceeds to damn "this puerile game", to compare the conflict variously to a "school playground" and to a "saloon" fistfight (bring out the cowboy caricature anytime you're at a loss for scornful imagery), to tch-tch "this worrisome childishness", and to state that the hostilities were opened by none other than the
American vice-president, Dick Cheney.
This brings us to a book review of a book by George W Bush's ambassador to the European Union between 2001 and 2005. What Thomas Ferenczi finds deplorable in Rockwell A Schnabel's Europe-United States: A Common Future is that (drum roll): "incomprehension remains."
One could have imagined that in the name of appeasement of the quarrels between Europe and the United States … Mr Schnabel would have taken a step towards the "Euro-Gaullist" theses and tried at least to understand the motivations. No, he remains firmly entrenched in his position.
How about this, Monsieur Ferenczi (and Monsieur Dhombres): How about trying a little understanding for Uncle Sam's motivations, de temps en temps? Hm? How about, in the name of appeasing quarrels, taking a step towards les positions américaines? Instead of always skewering, caricaturing, and pooh-poohing them beyond recognition?

Hoping to Weaken the Influence of the United States

Preparations are already being made by certain South American countries to form a coalition against the United States at the coming conference at Rio de Janeiro. Argentine is said to be the head of the movement and will have the support of Colombia and Venezuela at least. … The movement is based on jealousy growing out of the influence of the United States and hostility to [the president's amended policy]. It is alleged that this movement is fomented by European Powers in the hope of weakening the United States' influence and induce a revolt against [the president's] interpretation of the American Doctrine and particularly to prevent the formation of a Pan-American alliance.
Read also about a warning to Russia against further meddling in the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan and about being served beer by the brother-in-law of one of Germany's former leaders.

One more European politician requires special escort

French politician (and European MP) gets special protection since he spoke out against France's slide towards Islamisation.

"Harm and Pain"

Pardon me, If I cant stop laughing. This from The Scotsman:

«Iran has threatened the United States with "harm and pain" for its role in possibly hauling Tehran before the UN Security Council over its nuclear programme.

America in return warned that Tehran had enough nuclear material to make up to 10 atomic bombs, adding it was "time for the Security Council to act".»
See the link? In a complete dissociation between what they think is a thought crime on the part of the US, and taking the matter to a talking shop, words are met with physical threat. If rhetoric really did matter as much as journalist always seem to think, this could only point to one outcome.
For your viewing pleasure, please to observe the test below. Its existence can make Irans threat as hollow as the bunker which that MOAB is trained on:

Have a nice day.

Deterrence is still a useful mechanism, but requires an occasional description of where one actually stands on a certain matter. This is something the EU3 have failed to do with Iran on ANY level.

French Civil War watch

An incredulous interviewer for Libération PropagandaStaffel, Catherine Coroller, thinks that CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions) President Roger Cukierman is too alarmist in his latest press release when he refers to "a threat to national unity" and "extremely dangerous situation which might give rise to uncontrolable reactions of self-defense". Hard to tell if her head is firmly planted in the sand or up her ass.

The French media: sticking up for their own filthy ilk

TF1 news goes over the top in its total support of French terrorist Moussaoui: "during a long exchange, Moussaoui was sharp and clever, and succeeded several times in damaging the witnesses credibility, cross-examining like the most experienced of lawyers." French media coverage has been largely sympathetic to Moussaoui, even though the French media can never admit outright that the guy is 100% French (they always make sure that they get in a mention of his Moroccan roots). Coverage mostly consists of showing his crying mother, who recently stated that her son appeared to be drugged by his American captors, and by repeating incessantly that this poor French citizen is fighting for his life in face of the barbaric American death penalty.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Unable to dissemble

Amusement for the very violent:

« KHARTOUM, March 8 (Reuters) - Shouting "Down, Down USA," thousands of Sudanese protested in Khartoum on Wednesday against any deployment of U.N. troops to the western Darfur region.»
A small flaw was found in their logic. They were protesting the UN, and by inference the AU. That degree of worldliness can only be found in one grand and peaceful movement:
«The pro-government al-Intibaha newspaper has announced the formation of two new Islamist movements threatening to target foreign interests in Darfur, called the Darfur Jihad Organisation and the Blood Brigades.

And on Wednesday the defence minister rallied troops against intervention at a military demonstration in Khartoum.

"Jihad, victory, martyrdom," the soldiers chanted. "Our martyrs are in heaven, and we are ready," said Defence Minister Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein
Featured as always is the further abuse of the term ‘martyr’ which Jihadists have redefined to mean ‘a good kind of murderer’ as opposed to referring to someone who dies as a result of refusing recant their beliefs. Expect St. Peter to be more accurately called ‘St. Peter the Jihadist’ any year now.

An Outpost of Progress

Un avant-poste français tourné vers l'Amérique.

Dessine-moi un lâche

Pascal Bruckner commente sur le lamentable comportement des zéropéens et leur manque de solidarité avec les danois.

Translation of article linked from “Dessine-moi un lâche”

From ¡No Pasarán!: Dessine-moi un lâche we linked the following in Libération:

Two blasphemies

Pascal Bruckner

The extremists appear to have won. From Jakarta to Teheran, and not to forget Gaza, Beirut, Damascus furious crowds were ready to kill, express their anger, and vandalize any symbols of the west comparable to the mass riots of the 1930s. In London, demonstrators wanting to display the tolerance of Islam, held up signs saying: "to hell with freedom" , "Prepare for the real Holocaust" , "Exterminate anyone who insults Islam" , and "Europe, your 11 September is coming" . In Strasbourg, Mohammed Latrèche showed an allegiance with all terrorists, and integrated islamists. In Bangkok, an Imam interviewed on CNN made death threats to the caricaturist, or failing that the amputation of their hands as the only condition of a possible apology. In Pakistan, a religious brotherhood proposed a million dollars plus a car as a bounty to anyone who would kill one of the accused cartoonists.

One then expected Europe’s usual minimum of dignity - a graceful gesture: she sends out her ambassadors, temporarily suspends aid to the Palestinians who threatened to kill our diplomats, and expel the Imams which provoked much the outrage by propagating the drawings everywhere. Europe then made a solemn sounding warning to the governments which allowed the defacing and destruction of the Danish and Norwegian missions. Europe chose to sit it out: having seen little support of any kind, the Danes had to make painful excuses. Our leaders played Pontius Pilate. The churches condemned the sacrilege, and French supermarket companies in the Middle East put up small posters saying "We are not Danish." Javier Solana, which once boldly faced off with the Serbs changed his tone with the Arab governments like an apologetic messenger. The jittery holy alliance made notice of this. Curiously, except for a few Europeans press outlets, the only people with any bravery came mainly from North Africa or Southeast Asia. Among them were Jordanians, Yemenis, Malasian, and Algerian journalists who were thrown in prison for having the audacity to publish the 12 caricatures. Hamadi Redissi, a professor at the university of Tunis urged them: "You should not give up the freedom to criticize. If you yield, it will be be gone."

The mobs we managed using an air of panic, and a hovering sense of terror. After all, it’s now known that the outrage was entirely fabricated. The rage is only the symptom of something obvious and intolerable: even the killers want to hide behind a mask of virtue. This business has been truly revealing because the caricatures in question, far from being poor, got to the root of the matter. There are two kinds of blasphemy: one is an indirect homage to the faith which one claims to trample, the other a salutary damage. "To live the divine dream in one’s actions" (Sade), to insult the name of God in the way one shows one’s love for him, "to curse strong in the intoxication of the pleasure" , like the Austrian Oskar Panizza, in “The Council of Love” (1894) represented the pope and the cardinals as being lost in an orgies and fornication, still shows a form of worship that revolts, even if it comes at the price of its freedom, its life, or its’ mental health. The profaning is a recognition of the negative nature of the masses. It is another form of impiety which shocks and raises disturbing questions.

The only thing which one can see in these drawings is not their bad taste, but their truth. They are not so much caricatures than they are portraits of a prophet who was also a warlord, whipping and killing without scruple in the name of the true faith. In their brutality, these sketches insist on the ambiguity of the message of the Koran and present a paradox: up to which point does have one the right of objectify a religion to put it at the service of a policy of violence, murder, and extermination? If all Muslims are not terrorists, a majority of terrorists claim Islam and ruin the reputation of their co-religionists, drag their religion through the mud, blood, massacres and bring terrible confusion. The "blasphemy", in fact, in its brutality, obliges the faithful them to set aside their piety of the impure vision of fanaticism and to reinterpret the canon itself. A taboo was broken. The offence was not useless. God bless the kingdom of Denmark and Charlie Hebdo!

Dealing with these drawings by calling for the respect of religion doesn’t have a point. Why is it that in Europe, there is the right to criticize Judeo-Christianity (it’s even become a national sport in France), to make fun of Buddhism, even of the hinduism, but never of Islam under the penalty of being called a racist? Why the double standard? Why does only one religion escape examination, pluralism, irony, sarcasm, and the anti-clericalism which characterizes our nation? Christianity did not have anything sizeable when, in the name of the love and of the Lord Jesus, it hung, burned, tortured, and destroyed heretics, witches, pagans, Indians, and Muslims. It took centuries of engagements, including inside the Churches, and the council of the Vatican II to make it conform with the message of the Gospel and regains its’ nobility. Islam, to find itself again must be reformed, purged of its’ verses against Jews, Christians, and homosexuals. It must proscribe the cruel habit of stoning, repudiation, and polygamy. It’s a tabula rasa that relates to all of humanity: that, of many intellectuals and enlightened Moslem clerics know it and proclaim it. But these men and these women of all professions, all nationalities, are a minority: insulated, worried, even condemned to death like the Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen or the Dutchwoman of Somali origin Hayaan Hirsi Ali. They need our help just as the dissidents of Eastern Europe did at the time of the Soviet empire.

It is urgent to form a network of assistance to all the rebels of the Arab-Muslim world: the moderates, non-believers, libertines, atheists, apostates, the indifferent, and the schismatic. If Europe wants to build secular Islam inside its’ borders, it should encourage these divergent voices, and bring its talents, its financial, moral, and political support to them. There is no more noble or serious a cause, one which must be engaged for the harmony of the future generations. But with a suicidal lack or self-awareness our continent kneels in front of the insane ones of God and muzzles or ignores the free-thinkers. How long will it take the spirit of penitence to strangle the spirit of resistance here at home?
End of text.

A Moving Portrait of Zacarias Moussaoui's Mother, a Damning Portrait of America's Iranian Policies

In the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, Eric Leser notes that France is opposing the death penalty in a short article that basically castigates America's human rights record.

Meanwhile, Piotr Smolar paints a moving portrait of the wannabe terrorist's mother (and therefore, indirectly, of himself), a smallish woman whose daily life, we learn, amounts to "serving a lifetime sentence". Unlike the Americans, it is suggested, the woman whose back is hurting, whose head is aching, who is not eating well, who knows what death is, at least is trying "to understand." "It is not only he [Zacarias] who risks soon being sentenced to life", Aïcha El Wafi warns.

Unless you haven't understood Le Monde's prejudices, the independent daily follows with an editorial on the Iran situation that, while condemning Tehran's attitude, is filled to the brim with expressions proving Uncle Sam's duplicity and shady dealings — "a smokescreen", "George W. Bush's real preoccupations", "Washington… had other priorities", "George W. Bush and his friends have an objective in Iran", "they are using all the means at their disposal", "it's no accident if the United States never participated directly in the negotiations", "John Bolton … uncovers [in the Mullahs' régime] the source of all evil", and my favorite, "the Americans are slowly uncovering their true intentions", coupled with "the Europeans would be wrong to look away from the other stake in this bout of arm-wrestling."

In other words, as terrible as the threat from Iran's nuclear bomb may be (and in spite of Maryam Radjavi's warning), the newspaper of reference is telling us, let no member of the nation of homosexual crusaders (merci à S Stevens) forget that the real danger comes from the Yankee bogeyman.

Villepin's Political Path Under Threat by France's Students

Le Monde's Martine Laronche has an article about Bruno Julliard, the 25-year-old law student who heads the Union Nationale des Etudiants de France, which has been leading the demonstrations against the Dominique Villepin government's attempts to fight unemployment and low production by revitalizing the country's hiring laws for those entering the workforce for the first time.

Click on Dominique Villepin or on his photo to read how he planned his political career after (even before, rather) Chirac's second election victory in May 2002.

T-shirt detante not expected any time soon

You could try and dig all the groovy socialism, and anarchy, and other stuff from the comfort of the life capitalism made available to you. Or you can start a revolution.

Here’s the source. Get a load of all the crappy ‘franglais’.

What is Kinko?

Mr. Annan, it's what your organisation's staff members do with poor Third World kids.

Bagneux est pas peu fier d'être champion franchouille de l'antisémitisme fwançais

Guy Millière has written a comprehensive English language text on the kidnap and murder of Ilan Halimi by the sadly notorious anti-Semitic Barbarians gang in Paris' suburbs, and how the crime fits into a larger scheme of French capitulation before radical Islam.

Slow news day – trot out an old saw

Ergo: Al Manar sur Seine’s Pancho tosses the lamebrains a little more pointless, narrative-less, source-less tripe.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How to engineer a new Sparta nation of morons

Chavez arms “the cadres” and wants to send half –a-million bodega revolutionaries to a re-education camp to maintain his grip. More reasoned still, is the conclusion that the guy is a freak, and is more of a danger to Venezuelans and whatever livestock that happen to be nearby than he is to the US or any other petroleum importer:

«Despite Chavez’s public hatred for the U.S., despite his claim that President Bush is about to invade Venezuela, despite his threats to stop exporting oil to the United States, some analysts claim the Venezuela situation isn’t really a problem at all. As long as Venezuelan oil continues to pump, they reason, the United States has everything it needs from Caracas. In turn, Venezuela needs U.S. dollars for its oil, a situation it cannot change. As long as that status quo remains—or so the logic goes—Washington is happy to ignore the anti-U.S. raving of Hugo Chavez.

The analysis is right—but also very wrong.

Venezuela’s heavy, highly sulfurous crude oil requires special refineries, which could act as a deterrent to other buyers; Chavez does rely on the United States as an oil purchaser. Also, the U.S. is relatively close to Venezuela—five days by tanker—which keeps the price of oil manageable. In contrast, the cost of doing business with energy-hungry China would be much greater because of its distance from Venezuela.»
One need only have a intellectual dead pool such as European leftism to create an audience for this budding poop-stain on history. While he’s indulged by six-figure earning dimwits who imagine themselves proletarian revolutionaries, he continues to centralize civil institutions for no reason other than to maintain his own power.

Needing such a praetorian guard says only one thing: he feels threatened by the ballot box. He feels threatened by a population that might speak freely against him. As a ‘lider’ he certainly is a socialist ideal.

Guerre civile larvée

You'll find it in Sarcelles, not in Baghdad.
UPDATE: et hop là, rebelote -- after Sarcelles, more anti-Semitic violence occurs in Lyon.

Are the French stuck with an increasingly incapacitated state, whose role has been elevated to that of an empty religion?

Probably the most striking departure of [Italy's election] campaign comes on its margins
writes John Vinocur in the International Herald Tribune.
It involves Marcello Pera, president of the Italian Senate, who is trying to inject the issue of a disappearing Italian and European identity into voters' concerns.

… He calls Britain's attempt at multicultural integration an obvious failure, and explains the French approach to its Muslim community as "nationalist and secularist." The notion here is that the French are stuck with an increasingly incapacitated state, whose role had been elevated to that of an empty religion.

… extrapolating from an idea belonging to André Glucksmann, the French political theorist, I credit Pera with underlining the argument, perhaps for the first time in a national election campaign, that defending Europe's identity is an existential matter that must not be left for nihilists to mock or fascists to seize.

How soft are they?

These Zeropean good cops are so soft, that they need a hard cop's billy club just to stick it in.

Kome Meet Frau Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan ischt to Churmany komink do schpread her meschatch of redreat und deveat. Vhile der Churman metia vawns und trools ofer die Yankee Frau as zhe shets ub anoder Kamp Kasey right oudsite Ramschtein Airpase, seferal kroups are orkanishing a gounder-brodest. Iv you vant do kome, der kounder-brodest ischt zet vor noon on Shadurtay Martsch 11. Pe zhere or pe schqvare.

Schpeaging off Chermany, to not vorket do vizhit dee Karnifal off Cherman-Amerigan Relazhions

Monday, March 06, 2006

Lecturing America from Behind a Very Thin Veneer








Bernard-Henri Lévy on US public radio

BHL appeared on “What Do You Know”, an American radio show where he didn’t receive the sort of abuse Garrison Keillor would hand him, and then refuse to debate Lévy on the air. They discussed whatever’s good about Political Correctness, the lunacy of some of it, the fact that bigotry is combated in the US in a way that few Europeans would know. The subject was “America: good and bad,” and was handled quite honestly.

On John Kerry, he said:

«He had so many reason to lose.»
He also had some reasonable social criticisms of the US. On the whole it was a good and entertaining exchange and was a good antidote to the US as the fixation of a European “blabogentsia”.

Interview begins at 00:05:53.

Who Was Predicting Terrorism with WMD in the 1990s?

Who was it (merci à Bertrand Latour) who, years before 9-11, said (in almost almost 12 hours of audio tapes) that
Terrorism is coming… with the Americans, two years ago, not a long while ago, with the English I believe, there was a campaign [unintelligible] with one of them, that in the future there would be terrorism with weapons of mass destruction.
Separately, Larry Elder interviews Georges Sada.

Spinning a fake hero

What would the Ministry For Promotion Of Virtue And Prevention Of Vice say?

Mapping evil

The Bloody Borders Project

The Gates of Vienna bloggers have just completed a major undertaking called “The Bloody Borders Project”, which draws together data from and makes maps of all the Islamic terror incidents since September 11th. Included also are flash animation of the incidents revealing trends in chronological order displaying one frame per week.

The project took more than two months for the pair to complete.

Good work. Take a break.

Brokeback public

In a bid to socially engineer civilization in the interest of 1% of the population, a completely oversold movie about bisexual sheep herders cheating on a spouse does less than 1/4th the business as a movie about universal virtues. All I can think about is a phrase in today's column by William Safire On Language:

«The trick to assertive deflection is in the ducking of a question that sounds forthright.»

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Under the Veneer of Culture…

Uncultured Americans will be happy to learn that the fight to preserve French culture includes instrumentalizing the cultural agency in charge of la francophonie for other goals, notably political considerations and statist objectives.

In other news, the AFP reports that

The US Library of Congress and the French National Library have joined forces to launch a bilingual website exploring the history of the French presence in North America from the 16th to early 19th centuries.
If you go to their Chronologie et bibliographie page and click on 1763-1804, you will see that under the 1770s entries, American rebels are referred to as the "insurgents" (with the Iraqi term in quotation marks to make sure it stands out).

Translating clearly

Drinking from Home finds the next European who will likely be marked for death by displaying Islamo-fascist wankers for who they are:
«The footage in I, Muslim shows a reporter pretending to be someone interested in converting to Islam.

One Muslim in the documentary compares Islamic terrorists to Jan Palach, the Czech student who committed suicide by setting himself on fire in protest of the 1968 Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Another says Islamic law should be implemented in the Czech Republic, including the death penalty for adultery, Ovecka says.»