Saturday, April 14, 2007

Flashback 2003

“Shoving democracy down people’s throats”

Oh! The horror of regime change!

So much for that France-led post-national citizen-of-the-world multicultural hyper-relativist avant-garde anti-America-driven foreign policy thing

Begging for their lives. I thought that de Villepin's UN speech and Chiraq's hyper-evolved foreign policy were supposed to shield the French from things like this. Guess not.

"I've Thought of That"

Snow won't dampen global-warming rallies
The weather forecast for Saturday's global warming rallies in Grand Rapids and Holland calls for snow and cold rain and temperatures in the 40s [degrees F] -- about 10 degrees below normal.

For some, this might make global warming a tough sell.
Really? Not wanting to be the object of ridicule, the spokes-bot said:
"I've thought of that,"
But apparently not for long enough to realize that man had nothing to do with the cold snap.

Les chances pour la France

One French policeman out of luck.

Walking Down the Corridor is Not an Option

One wonders, who’s holding back vital information which could undermine people’s liberties? AmeriKKKa again? No. MEP’s want to know what their own negotiators are up to, so they have to go somewhere where dissent isn’t stifled!

MEPs are hoping that a meeting with members of the US Congress in Washington, DC, next week (17 April) will reveal details of how negotiations are progressing on the transfer of European citizens’ data for counter-terrorism purposes.

“I hope the trip will be useful in helping get some overview. We might get information on what is happening on the EU-US dialogue. Our [US] counterparts might be better informed,”
Elsewhere with all the detachment of a small, compartmented mind, Europol is proving a dictum without anyone’s help:
Brussels is keen to extend the agency's mandate to criminal issues that are not strictly related to organised crime and give the organisation greater access to various data on people under investigation, prompting concerns that privacy protection laws could be violated.

"These proposals give Europol a carte blanche to collect whatever information it wants, regardless of its relevance," said UK conservative MEP Syed Kammal in a statement.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Chuck Barris said as much to NBC

What Imus should have said to NBC.

Johnny Cash sings Gordon Lightfoot

But, of course, we are so much better entertained in shithole France by no-talent hacks like Cali, Benabar, and Corneille. If you could read my mind. Donc, voici mon message pour la galerie de franchouilles qui passent par ici de temps en temps (pas la peine de lire dans mes pensées bande de nazes : Que ce foutu pays de merde soit déclaré infréquentable et implose entre les deux tours ! Qui vous savez, vite ! En attendant, on peut toujours passer le temps agréablement.

France's new surrender

Detailed by the New York Sun.

This is happening in a climate of ambient anti-Semitism and political correctness that permits attacks against Jews to be carried out with more frequency than any nation that collaborated with the Nazis and claims to have atoned for it. There was the brutal torture and murder last year of Ilan Halimi, a young Parisian singled out because he was Jewish. He was reburied earlier this year in Israel. On March 31, another Jewish cemetery was desecrated, this time in the northern city of Lille. Neither event — the Halimi reburial or cemetery attack — was covered on France 24, in any language. How do I know that? I work there. The Web site,, receives so many anti-Semitic hate mails that the editors have considered eliminating user reactions to news items altogether.

José Bové couldn't find 3 globophobic hacks to do the job

Clear Channel does the work that no French want to do.

Check out Ségolène Royal as Morticia Addams ...

Anti-American explained rationally

at the BBC of all places.

And Paris. Paris? Yes Paris - where it all began.

Anti-Americanism was born in France. And here's a fascinating fact: it was born well before the United States existed. It was not caused by Coca-Cola, or McDonald's, or Hollywood or George W Bush.

The prevailing view among French academics throughout the 18th Century was that the New World was ghastly. It stank, it was too humid for life to prosper. And, as one European biologist put it: "Everything found there is degenerate or monstrous."

In their heart of hearts, many French people still believe that to be true.

Yes, that's exactly the way they think.

Dedicated to the boyz in the Nine-Three and la filière du XIXè

Coming Soon: a Novelty Called “the Telephone!”

Fake peasant alert

Zéro: « José, si tu es élu, ça sera qui, ta politique internationale ?

Bové: « En tous cas, ça ne sera sûrement pas un politique d’alignement sur les Etats-Unis. Pour moi, la France, elle doit d’abord faire respecter le droit des peoples.

Zéro: “José, if you’re elected, what will be your international policy.”

Bové: “In any event it won’t involve a political agreement with the United States. To me France must above all respect the rights of the peoples.”
People are largely immune to noticing the same stale anachronistic trash the rest of the world moved on from 50 years ago, not knowing the difference between the individual (the person) and a politically manipulable lumpenproletariat these crackpots are fond of calling “peoples” and the “the people.” Wow. There’s a winning concept to dealing with complex issues and affairs: parade your feelings around for the empathy and votes of equally naïve luddites.

And that pretty much sums it up. While the other candidates simply made a platform statement (with variable degrees of interest,) Bové’s involved a overexposed TV comedian (who as a kind of nagging political fishwife,) and interviews with a bunch of old hippies and people the viewer are supposed to think look like the unemployed, if you can get over the fact that they can afford better clothes than the average voter.

Others still, have yet to enter the 20th century.
Dead enders in every way.

Of course peace and love also means the usual tacit violent threats of fist-pumping too, which the Marxists and Trotksyites who couldn’t agree to come up with one candidate and ended up with six will be forgiven for having forgotten.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

He talks the talk, but he won't walk the walk

The Economist calls Sarkozy France's best hope.

This election matters. France is the euro zone's second-biggest member and home to ten of Europe's 50 biggest companies. But it is deeply troubled. It has the slowest-growing large economy in Europe, a state that soaks up half of GDP, the fastest-rising public debt in western Europe over the past ten years and, above all, entrenched high unemployment. Over the past 25 years French GDP per person has declined from seventh-highest in the world to 17th. The smouldering mood of the suburbs (banlieues), home to many jobless youths from ethnic minorities, blazed into riots in 2005 and lay behind new trouble that flared recently at a Paris railway station. The disenchantment of voters is reflected not only in opinion polls but also in their rejection of the European Union constitution in 2005. Tellingly, they have not re-elected an incumbent government for a quarter-century.

L’Europe est en plein effondrement moral

Guy Millière rentre dans le lard avec cet article incisif sur le relativisme zéropéen.

Enfin quelques paroles censées

Courte intervention mardi soir par Guy Millière lors de l'assemblée générale (et cérémonie du meilleur livre libéral) de l'ALEPS.

The Land that Time Forgot

Welcome to the lad where it’s always 1923:

the field of 12 presidential hopefuls contains six candidates to the left of the Socialist Royal, including “three Trotskyists [and] a Communist.” You know a country is serious about Marxism when there are so many Marxist candidates that the Trotskyists are listed separately from the garden-variety Communists.

But these fine distinctions are apparently still taken seriously on the far left. The World Socialist Web Site, for example, published a broadside against Olivier Besancenot, the presidential candidate of the Revolutionary Communist League. Accusing him of denying Marxism by publicly disassociating himself from Trotsky, the website quoted Besancenot as voicing tolerance for different strands of communism “such as libertarianism and syndicalism.”

It’s certainly touching to see that French presidential candidates are so inclusive, embracing everything from communist libertarianism to communist syndicalism. Amazingly, that’s not even the full extent of the anti-capitalist choices on the French ballot. Voters can also choose Jose Bove, a sheep farmer and anti-globalization crusader. Candidate Bove preaches ''an electoral insurrection against economic liberalism'' and ''a social, feminist, democratic, anti-racist and ecological revolution'' -- a program rarely advocated outside American university classrooms.
But the most puzzling anachronism about the pre-cambrian European left is the absolute lack of attention to their own world view. For example, it’s perfectly okay to refer to a female candidate in the most condescending sounding and entirely maternal terms:
Royal's bedside manner leaves the French voters cold

A word here, a handshake there, a smile everywhere. This is what Mme Royal is supposed to be good at: retail politics; bringing the aloof, ruling classes of France closer to real people and real issues.

That is the theory. In truth, Mme Royal is not particularly good at it. She is not a natural, I-feel-your-pain, bear-hug politician like a Jacques Chirac or a Bill Clinton. There is something stiff about her, something almost haughty, like an old-fashioned hospital matron doing her rounds.

"I tried to talk to her but she just smiled and walked on," said Louise, 43, a nursing assistant."I do like her, or I want to like her, but I just don't know. I am just not quite sure who she really is."
Ruling classes? Are they kidding? Never. They’ve been using the same barbaric terms for a century, and in the hothouse free from reality will continue to.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Feminists talk ad nauseum about the “glass ceiling” w/o acknowledging the men tied to the “glass cellar”

Demosthenes has some remarks for "the myrmidonic horde of feminists":
Anecdotal experiences WRT women & the military:
-Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in the MILITARY: privately criticize the “double standards” applied to FEMALE personnel in front of the wrong person & you career will end that day
- While in country in HAITI I had to evacuate “98 lbs wet” FEMALE O-1 right out of OCS out of harm’s way because I thought she was going to be snatched & assaulted by the natives. Her presence compromised the mission.
-At the Academy, underclass females routinely engaged in affairs w/ upperclass “ALPHA” males- nothing ever happened to them.
-When one of the female underclassman under my purvey was warned repeatedly to stop harassing a male underclassman to point where she physically assaulted him- the gutless Administration refused to press charges and court-martial said female. Why? Because the military, like society, doesn’t hold women accountable for their actions, e.g., US Naval Academy-educated USN CAPT Lisa Nowak
-I graduated w/ a BS in Electrical Engineering - 95% of all EEs in my class were MEN (Big Surprise)
-I dated a USNR nurse who told that married USNR enlisted females in her unit routinely had affairs w/ their male counterparts during drill weekends. One female in particular had committed paternity fraud on two separate occasions. It was an open secret and no one did anything about it.
-I had an academy classmate who committed adultery with an E-8 and then attempted to commit paternity fraud on her husband. What eventually happened? Nothing: Academy-educated women don’t exploit their authority & engage in group relations w/ subordinates. She later divorced her husband (got the house, kids etc. after making unsubstantiated “domestic violence” charges.) CAPT Nowak is hardly the exception to the rule.
-At my current reserve unit, an EMAIL has been promulgated by all the militant females and their chivalrous male enablers: The obituary of recent outstanding West Point graduate killed in Irag by an IED. Why? Because she was a minority female and the implication is that her life is more valuable than the lives of her minimally-franchised white male classmates.

Feminism verses reality:
“First Wave” Feminism was ostensibly sold as “equality of opportunity.” When that didn’t produce enough engineers & scientist to suit the feminists, “Second wave” Feminism became all about allowing upper-middle class women the luxury of “equality in outcome” (e.g., Affirmative Action, quotas, Title IX set asides and other forms of Fascism) in the world of men while retaining their domestic power-base. Gender is course a social construct when it applies to the traditional world of men, but women should have the privilege of maintaining their traditional “matriarchal” power monopoly because they have an innate “nurturing” nature endemic to a uniquely “esoteric” female insight into reality in general. “Third wave” feminism is all about “female-chauvinism” in the guise of gender neo-marxism:
+ “pregnancy should be seen as a super ability” that should be compensated/subsidized by society rather than a disability,
+ “comparable worth”: Nurses (female dominated profession) should be paid the same as Engineers (male dominated profession) , etc.
But, speaking as member of the “disposable” gender, I’m all in favor of an ERA (“Equal Responsibility Amendment”) which should contain the following items:

(a) Women are legally held accountable for their actions (e.g., CAPT Nowak, Mary Winkler, Andrea Yates, Debra LaFave, etc.) like their male counterparts;
(b) Current paternal court system is overhauled to be gender-neutral WRT divorce, alimony, child custody & child support
(c) The law mandates automatic paternity tests for all children born in the U.S. (NOW will fight this tooth & nail)
(d) Women accept the consequences of engaging relations w/ men with whom they really don’t want to have children rather than using abortion as de facto birth control (apparently 20% of U.S. children conceived are currently aborted- pretty pathetic behavior on the part of the “morally superior” gender);
(d) Women are prosecuted for committing the most despicable form of domestic abuse: PATERNITY FRAUD (we will need to build more prisons because this will apply to at least 10% of the female population)
(d) The U.S. government spends as much $ financing male specific disease research as it does female specific research (e.g., prostrate vice breast cancer research) which includes the average life-span disparity (men on average lived longer that women prior to the 20th century)
(d) Women comprise 50% of mining, construction & other work-related deaths (not likely since the lives of women are more valuable than men), e.g., “poor” women should be taken off the welfare rolls IOT be given the opportunity to die along side poor men since gender is a social construct;
(e) Women work 50% of all overtime;
(f) Women pay 59% of all income taxes (59 cents on every dollar collected by the federal government goes to pay for entitlements that almost solely benefit WOMEN)
(g) Men are accorded the opportunity to stay at home to raise their children without being subjected to the usual misandrist “shaming language”, nor losing their home & children
(h) The Social Security Retirement age for women should be extended to 72 IOT compensate for their artificially enhanced life spans;
(i) “Chivalry” (i.e., Pro-female sexism) will be treated as a felony; and
(h) Women do 50% of all standard dirty/analytically-challenging male domestic chores: e.g., replace/re-wire dishwasher, move 8 tons of river rock around the pool area, repair sprinkler piping, inspect crawl space, rip out & replace crawl space door, administer home WLAN, etc.

Feminists, like children, see rights without the associated responsibilities. They see a “Patriarchy” w/o acknowledging the power of the traditional domestic “matriarchy.” They see the female as “Goddess” but not likewise as the “Devil.” They talk ad nauseum about the “glass ceiling” w/o acknowledging the men tied to the “glass cellar”, e.g., men still dominate the 20 most dangerous, low-paying professions & suffer 95% of all workplace-related deaths & injuries. There are pathetic, petulant, pedantic women-children & if they aren’t careful, the ADULTS with get tired of doing all the heavy lifting and allow the Bogymen to come in and put all of the women of this country in Burkas.

Ladies, don’t bother to consider the merits of anything I have stated. Merely brand me a “woman hater” & start to attack my manhood. Let the “invalidation games” begin…

You can not be both a scientist and a global warming crusader at the same time

"…we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts we might have."
Benjamin Duffy takes on global warming.
Dr. Robert Giegengack of the University of Pennsylvania has firsthand knowledge of what it means to be working among scientists who double as advocates. When the Ivy League professor suggested that other sources (not simply carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases) were responsible for the slight warming of recent years, he was shunned by some colleagues. "People would come to me and say: 'Stop talking like this. You're hurting the cause.'" In case you were wondering, the "cause" was not the unbiased pursuit of the truth, as you might expect from scientists. The "cause" was making the theory of manmade global warming as commonly accepted as gravity.

These advocate-scientists already know what they want the science to reveal. The evidence is then fitted to the theory, not vice-versa.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pointless. Newsless. Meaningless.

And contextually nonsensical. But it doesn’t matter.

Published in Al-Jazeera Sur Seine nonetheless.

Mahmood’s “Gift”

And the only way you can use the word “gift” is in the original German. To put into context what “shnuggums” is up to, I leave you to the brutally honest characterization of Ahmedinejad’s treatment by the peaceniks and the press by the charming and talented Ex-Blond:

Have a nice day.

French youths send message to Sarkozy ...

... and it's in a bodybag.

15 French youths start fighting while taking a spin on an amusement park attraction. When a policeman tries to put a stop to the violence, he is pushed in the way of one of the attraction's moving parts and is wacked. A second policeman just barely escaped when he was pulled out by the ride operator.

Sounds like an ambush by angelic French youth.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Let them eat yellow cake

Mycle Schneider, the Paris-based nuclear consultant who wrote the report for the MEPs, was shocked by what he discovered. "The continuous deep involvement of Iran in the world's largest multinational uranium enrichment plant in France is the perfect illustration of the stunning level of hypocrisy that has governed the non-proliferation treaty," he said.

You and what army?

Europeans, as usual, wait for someone with balls to do the dirty work.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hard Power = "Let's Roll"

Soft Power = "Let's Roll Over"
UPDATE: Cream Puff Power = "Let's Roll Over All The Way To The Bank"

For the Corporate Dead

Eugene Schlanger, the Wall Street Poet, will be reading poems from "September 11 Wall Street Sonnets and Other New York City Poems" at the Cornelia Street Café, 29 Cornelia Street, New York on April 9 at 6PM.

From Bowling Green to Baghdad

Le Pen welcomed by the French youth

The French preSS still refuses to believe that Le Pen will score big in France's suburban shitholes.