Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WWII: Disney, and Donald, and Mickey to the Front

During World War II, Walt Disney sent characters from his menagerie to
take part in home front and front line activities. Donald Duck, as a marine, symbolizes that the pen is now equal to the sword, while other characters represent a variety of wartime roles: Thrifty Pig symbolizes the might of industry, Minnie Mouse is a Red Cross volunteer, Dopey the dwarf purchases war bonds, Flower the skunk is a member of the chemical warfare service, and Thumper the rabbit is in the army signal corps. The insignia characters for the Flying Tigers and the PT boat Mosquito Squadron in the sky represent two of more than 1,200 designs created at the Disney studio.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hooded, hanged, and left in agony for hours on end: Shame on the U.S. Army and on — wait, it's worse, it's the dastardly Israelis! What is it you say? The Palestinians? Oh right, who cares, then…

Awful news from the shameful American army — Suspects have been tormented and tortured in what is supposedly a civilized nation! Shame! Shame! Shame on America! The entire nation, the entire world must learn about the —

Oh wait, hold on a minute. Wazzat? Worse? Worse?! The news are worse! It turns out that the torture is the doing of Israel! The shameful Israelis! Wait until world opinion hears about those dirty, oppressive sons-a-bi—

Oh, wait — what is it we learn from The Daily Mail's David Rose?

The what? Oh, it's the Palestinians? Uh — okay… Oh well, then — who cares about the event then?… Le'ss jus' ignore it…