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When it’s Negative, they Anglicise It

No Life is Safe from the Collateral Damage in the Left’s Culture War

Fred Chichin (his real name, by the way), half of the pair known as the Rita Mitsouko died of cancer on 28 November. The ever-repugnant Marianne gives them “the treatment” in spite of a number of readers who are reasonable in their comments:

The Rita Mitsouko [Mysterious Rita] are no more, at least as it was known. They were loved and the duo, and long the most creative of French rock since their formation in 1979. An aggressive cancer overtook Frédéric Chichin, called Fred - guitarist, sometime dandy, and always excellent musician. His cancer had already been present for a few months and probably has not helped to alleviate the health problems of Catherine Ringer, the exuberant singer, and at first glance the more communicative of the pair. So, despite the welcome criticism of their latest effort “Variety”, Les Rita were not doing well. For some until recently in columns of Marianne, they were even very badly worn down politically. It seems, the "counterculture" no longer adored the two fifty-something formerly revered icons who became fair game in a progressive vulgate wrapped up in the a moment in the here-and-now.

Conversations (which in varying degrees met with the happiness of some) were deemed heretical by many others for two "rockers" eternally condemned to bear the burden of a shocked left. We therefore considered it tasteless to look askance at their concern with Nicolas Sarkozy or their friendship with the writer Maurice Dantec, the "sick man" of French Letters who is obsessed with the decline [of France] and assumes that there is an irreversible Islamization of Old Europe.
Les Rita admitted their lack of esteem for the French rap scene. That was enough, it seems, to disqualify the few judged worth in their artistic and moral judgment.
Supposedly out of fear, the polemic that harmed their recent tour had Fred and Catherine refusing to explain to the press their recent and highly controversial beliefs. The nearness of death is assurance that there was still time to use this way for those who convicted in advance.
As if they need to forced to explain anything. Dead only two days, and they have to work him over for no reason other than his personal views not jibing with Marianne’s politics, at it’s least vulgar it’s being done in a seemingly apologetic way. In other words – you can never be dead enough to draw the hateful accusatory tone of the most ideologically obsessed on the left.

Marianne editorialists should have enough of a clue to not say this. More stylized than “countercultural” to begin with, the beating they got for countercultural opinions is what put them out of favor with the vulgar bobos attempting to “manage” a cultural milieu to begin with.

You would think that the style of presence he greatly shared with musical partner Catherine Ringer vibrant presence to the media (her having done some porn in the 70s and 80s) would have given him that “cultural exception” that they dole out for their cultural compatriots, but it hasn’t. It just isn’t enough. Libération, on the other hand did not share their taste for Mao style re-education - the one so arrogant as to believe that it has to even imprint itself on the passing thoughts of the deceased when the normal modality in that media bubble is to display and induce as much fake public weeping as possible when any figure in “the culture” dies. Instead they give the guy an obituary send-off that so underhanded, that their fingertip should be bleeding.

François-Xavier Ajavon has more on some of Marianne’s “cultural” criticism of a man’s death which looks like yet another lame attempt to imprint a critic’s world view on anything it the criti’s path:
Nevertheless, Mme Marteau [tr. Ms. Hammer], Marianne, to investigate an authentic inquisitorial trial. We would like to meet with her in this beautiful little real bride ideal Bernardo Gui. We would like to hear him sing something on stage ... She repeats throughout the article that Rita Mitsouko have the "hatred" to spit (inevitable reference to their earlier, angrier years), They are racist, intolerant, aggressive, fake, crazy, dangerous, and so on. Part-time sociologist for hire that she is, Mme Marteau believes that the path people take is strictly with their political commitments. She believes that we are all determined by the environment in which we grew up and by parents who have done: "In the eyes of all, group emblematic of the Mitterrand years which could have only identified them on the left.”
So a reputation must be trashed, and a life is disposed of in for the sake of “the cause” – whatever it is today probably doesn’t matter. The ideological witch hunt must go on for the likes of these people who prove daily their inability to really live intellectually in a pluralistic society.

Shame on them.

Fofana Fan Club President gets 1 month prison sentence

Tribu Ka honcho intends to appeal and run for public office in the great city of Sarcelles.

"Sur son site Internet, le leader de la Tribu Ka, âgé de 25 ans, estimait que les institutions internationales comme la Banque mondiale, le FMI ou l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) étaient "tenues par les sionistes qui imposent à l'Afrique et à sa diaspora des conditions de vie tellement excrémentielles que le camp de concentration d'Auschwitz peut paraître comme un paradis sur terre"."

The Reason You Don’t Get the Continental Humor is Because it isn’t Funny

Eeyore, the taciturn worrywart of the Winnie the Pooh stories whose always in need of a little confidence. The character isn’t just cute, but a tender personality that lets a child understand their own feelings in moments when they lack self-confidence.

On Thursday night TF1 showed a skit which presumed to be funny, blowing up a stuffed Eeyore at 7:30 in the evening.

One feature that jumps right out in the “lucid” culture of EUtopia is that there isn’t much of (or such) at thing called self deprecating humor. It tends to have a lot more to do with deprecating others, and it gets big laughs.

The same selfishness about expunging family life from the culture – the signifying of kids quite frequently as either a victim or a burden is a sign of the horrible cynicism that people see when they look at mainstream European culture, and here it is wrapped up in a bow – channeling itself by stuffing a firecracker in the ass of a beloved children’s character on state-owned TV early in the evening.

With so few people having real and complete families the notion of nurturing innocence is surely more frequently thought of having little importance, or is actually a conscious attack on a subconscious demon for people with empty little souls, and generic little lives. Talk in circles about philosophy, take all the trips to Thailand, and go to vapid art-installations all you like: this doesn’t do anything for the emptiness of being rationalized every day in the gleaming new train stations and polished glass follies.

Ah, but you see... everyone else is a pitiful and tacky prude!

Friday, November 30, 2007

What Europeans Do Not Go Into Hysterics Over

Nor do they make "documentaries" à la Michael Moore that they export the world over…
Il y a eu six fusillades dans les écoles allemandes depuis 1999, ce qui place l'Allemagne au troisième rang après les Etats-Unis et le Canada en matière de fréquence de ces attaques
How many people (including Americans) — even Germans? — know that there have been six shootings in German schools over the past eight years? No, Europeans (Germans included) are far more busy going into hysterics over the latest scandal on the other side of the Atlantic. What Cécile Calla writes in Le Monde only confirms what was written in La Bannière étalée :
“L’Allemagne n’a balbutié qu’un seul mot : «stupéfaction»” commence l’article dans Le Monde sur le drame du Lycée Johann Gutenberg, stupéfaction que partagent visiblement le quotidien français, ses lecteurs, et leurs concitoyens. “«Je suis stupéfait», a dit le chancelier Schröder ... Tout comme les responsables politiques. «Stupéfaits», les chefs de partis ; «stupéfait», le ministre-président de Thuringe, Bernhard Vogel ; «stupéfait», le président de la République, Johannes Rau. Tous incrédules devant le bilan de la tuerie ... perpétrée par un tueur fou”.

Pourquoi stupéfaction ? Parce qu’en Europe, c’est incompréhensible : chez les cow-boys américains (irresponsables et irréfléchis), qui ne fournissent pas de cadre protecteur, un fou qui cause de telles violences est normal, le produit logique d’un système inhumain, froid, et monstrueux ; parce que les citoyens ne sont pas encadrés, le fou a été indirectement formé par le système et quelque part, donc, il est innocent et doit avoir, fût-ce inconsciemment, de bonnes raisons pour agir ainsi (“il faut le comprendre”). Le reste du peuple américain devrait apprendre comment améliorer sa société (sinon, “ils l’ont mérité”).

Mais chez les Européens dotés d’une générosité sans égal et qui fournissent un cadre protecteur à tous, ainsi qu’une société ô combien humaniste, il n’y a aucune leçon à tirer d’un tel évènement (si ce n’est qu’il faut œuvrer pour que leur système marche encore mieux) : la présence d’un tel fou n’est rien d’autre que stupéfiant. (Point de “on l’a bien mérité” ou de “il faut le comprendre” ici, si ce n’est du point de vue de la seule folie stupéfiante.) Car elle est extérieure au système d’un continent de braves individus épris de justice et de solidarité et d’amour pour leur prochain, d’idéologues qui ont visiblement dépassé ce stade primitif auquel se trouvent manifestement encore les USA. Quoi de plus logique, alors, que de mettre la faute, directement ou indirectement, sur le dos des Américains !

Will philosophise for food

French culture is dead.

An Interesting Phenomenon

Call it learned helplessness or what you will. I find it rather quizzical that some European journalist on one hand have no difficulty abetting a lie, but elsewhere are afraid to report at all, lest their press credentials come under threat.

the EU summit, the Portuguese Union, CGTP-Intersindical, organised the biggest demonstration in Lisbon in 20 years.

Under the slogan "For a social Europe – Employment with rights" up to 200,000 people gathered to oppose what they believe to be a "neo-liberal" EU reform treaty, which more or less equals the rejected EU constitution.

The funny - or alarming - thing is the fact, that these 200,000 people managed to demonstrate almost unnoticed without being mentioned by the media.
...and a rather dim media at that. While falling over themselves to see a soldier shot in Afghanistan, in their own venal and corrupt environment, they sit around hoping for a press release that carefully crafted enough to sound “juicy”.
To be fair, we have to consider the question that the event might have not been communicated properly by its organisers. But there were hundreds of journalist sitting in the EU summit's press centre.

Normally this means "sit and wait". Waiting for the press conferences of the presidency and the national briefings, waiting for some insider information from a high ranking civil servant floating down from Olympus to enlighten the masses.
Maybe they never thought to go outside and find their own news instead of sitting around the press pen bitching about the filter coffee.

CRS gives the Grenoble Campus a High Colonic

Beggars can’t be choosers, so don’t forget to flush.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

In Its News Reports, Le Monde Turns More and More to a Scornful Term for "American"

Ever since a reader noted that Le Monde is leaning more and more to the left, the daily has more and more articles that replace at least one occurrence of the word Américain with Etats-Unien (equivalent to United-Statese(r) or United-Statish(er) instead of (the noun and adjective) American).

Although its proponents protest with feigned innocence that the term is "only" supposed to be more precise, I point out on Le Monde Watch that the term is invariably used with smugness, arrogance, and/or scorn.

One of the most maddening things that you will ever attempt to do

Trying to debate with a liberal is probably one of the most maddening things that you will ever attempt to do
says Benjamin Duffy.
Their modus operandi is to cut off the conversation as quickly as possible, usually by declaring your argument "out of bounds," according to their debate rule book.

Neglected in the Name of Po-Mo "Compassion"

Actu: Nous sommes désolés mais nous n'avons pas trouvé d'information récente au sujet de Anne-Lorraine Schmitt.
A 23 year old woman is murdered on the RER D line, and the only place one can find the news is in the blogosphere. It hasn’t even risen to the level that the regional papers (other than La Croix’s website) find worthy enough to pick up the Reuters wire story.
A few hours after the death of Mouhsin and Lakamy, Anne-Lorraine, a 23-year old journalism student, was attacked in a suburban train. Her body was discovered in an empty carriage when the train entered its terminus at Creil, also in the Val d’Oise province. The girl was covered in blood and had over thirty stab wounds in the chest and face. She was still alive but died shortly afterwards.
Brussels Journal’s Thomas Landon also notes the emotional impoverishment of the priorities of the press:
The news of the deaths of Mouhsin and Lakamy became world news, dominating today’s media in France and abroad. Anne-Lorraine’s death is a mere footnote, a “faits divers” in France, a non-event abroad.
Galliawatch translates Bernard Antony (an observer of Catholic culture,) who says quite directly:
The racist scum of this civil war shows no emotion over the murder of Anne-Lorraine.

Anne-Lorraine, a young Frenchwoman, a young Christian woman, was murdered while heroically resisting the monster who was attempting to rape her. This murder did not trigger a single riot. And yet, at the very least, the early release of criminals ought to result in demonstrations in front of the Ministry of Justice.
After all, the bien pensent have already used the ubiquitously taught notion of class struggle theory to pre-identify who may or may not fall into the hierarchy of victimhood. The only way this woman could be publicly wept over with the crocodile tears of the blab-orati would be if she was a victim of a “aboriginal” Frenchman without a criminal record or a psychiatric problem. More primitively still, In the context of who is the perp and who is the victim, the actual consequences of the harm are dusted under the rug by these “lucid” adherents to “social dialogue”.
"Les marches silencieuses ne suffisent pas"
If one is stupud enough to believe that anti-social rioters and rapists would attend candlelight vigils or be moved by them, you might also wonder why these thugs’ past is “inescapable” and their neighborhoods are trashed. Owning up to ones’ flaws requires a capacity and strength to have some moral judgment and IS the means of escape. Just keep pretending that right-and-wrong are too simple an element to figure into this sort of behavior if you want to chain them to their flaws and misery.

Their own riotous behavior IS the problem, not the symptom. That “social thinkers” desperately defending the ideology of the Modèle Social urge the civilized to reward violent behavior with special programs and subsidies doesn’t seems to ring any bells about why after decades of trying, it just doesn’t work.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

French Intifada 2.0

Yo, €

It’s the Euro, Stupid.

While the European press talk in circles about a falling dollar, in fact dwelling all of their near term fears for mass unemployment (what with all of those burly men with lunchpails and cloth caps that they’re picturing) and such in that narrative they’re missing the obvious. People can’t buy their overpriced rubbish because of the dollar. People won’t travel to EUtopia because of the dollar, etc., etc., etc.

Looking in isolation at any major currency against the Euro, this dyspeptic twaddle speaks to a more basic issue: the Euro currency is just reflecting the low productivity of the economies in the Euro-harem. Labor and materials cost more, the stoppages are greater, and the cost of greenwashing their every act undermines the efficiency of making or moving anything. As a consequence it places these goods and services further out of reach of the blessed poor whom they allegedly care more about than J. H. Christ and everyone else on earth.

One fake intellect even links tangentially the weak dollar to (you guessed it) both Iraq and the Vietnam War.

You ain’t seen nothing like the mighty €

¥ aside, here’s the holy and divine € against the £ and $

And In $£ aggregate against the €

Except for the dependably prescient, they won’t discuss the over-valuation of the Euro, of course, and how it’s killing their middle income earners. Now bow before the €, and don’t accuse them of understanding capitalism, and don’t get in the way of EUvians badgering the rest of civilization about their crass, inequitable, bourgeois mercantile , and counterrevolutionary avarice...

¡ Feedburners Unite !

¡No Pasarán! Now available in an array of colors and .

Suitable for framing

Still Pimping their Favorite Murderer

It should come as no surprise that while the most over-published image around (probably because it’s copyright can’t be enforced) can be found on every cut-rate junk stand in Paris, that the stone age L’Humanité tries to render their favorite stiff to resemble an image of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

No doubt they will find a few chumps to buy their “special edition” even if they find themselves repeating the same nonsense that others have been giving away for free for 4 decades.

I still find myself asking, what makes L’Humanité any different than a non German speaking vender at the base of the abandoned seeming decrepit concrete hulk of the former-east-German Fernsehturm? In short, nothing. Like the DDR itself, memories of which were always in poorest of color images, the adoration of the Ché today has the same inapplicability. In an inability to admit to any flaw or find anything else that’s substantive, a few idiots keep hanging on to an ideology that has killed up to 100 million people as if they were some far-flung chapter of the flat-earth society.

Which brings us to L’Humanité’s outrageous stretch of the day. The only article they have posted so far on the periodic cultural inflammation emerging this time from F.C. Villiers-le-Bel is that it’s just another “embarrassment” - presumably to “their cause”.
Anyway, the news of the tragedy spread like wildfire in this neighborhood which is deemed "sensitive". Pendant près de six heures, les échauffourées se sont multipliées dimanche soir entre plusieurs dizaines de jeunes et les forces de l’ordre, mobilisées en nombre. For nearly six hours on Sunday evening the skirmishes spread between several dozen youths and the police mobilized in numbers. Abribus fracassés, voitures incendiées et retournées sur le dos, caillassages, tirs de pistolet à grenaille… Un policier local n’en revient toujours pas : « C’était Beyrouth, plus chaud encore qu’en 2005. » Le poste de police de Villiers-le-Bel, fermé la nuit, sera incendié, et celui d’Arnouville, une commune limitrophe, saccagé et pillé. Bus shelters destroyed, cars burned and flipped over, vandalism, gun shots fired… A local policeman said: "It was Beirut, even hotter than 2005." The police station in Villiers-le-Bel closed at night, was lit as was that of an adjacent municipality, Arnouville, which was ransacked and looted.
Indeed, on “Hudna-days” these places slightly resemble Beirut if you can ignore the fact that Beirut never saw this penchance for mugging, fighting, or personal crime, that the Lebanese are friendlier, and are twice as likely to actually have a job as the residents of these edge cities whose creation were once thought of a great victory of the Stalin emulating left when Architecture tried to sell itself as a therapeutic delivery system for a Government’s “love” of the “proletariat”.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cherès têtes blondes franchouilles mettent à sac une bibliothèque

Peut-être ils cherchaient ceci parmi les décombres ?

La putain de la Répoublika Franska

Ségolène Royal, commenting on the renewed rioting in Paris' suburbs, stated "We must stop the increasing violence. We, French citizens, must refuse that French neighborhoods resemble American ones where shootings with live ammunition are the norm". Don't worry Ségolène. Americans will leave the Muslim riots to you and your filthy ilk.

"Il faut stopper cette escalade de la violence. Nous devons tous refuser, citoyens de France, que nos quartiers ressemblent aux quartiers des Etats-Unis où les tirs à balles réelles sont fréquents"

French youths and their shotguns.

It Should Fit Right In

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya has flummoxed presidential protocol service with a request that a Bedouin tent be erected in central Paris where he can entertain guests during a visit to France next month.

Libyan officials have told their French counterparts that he wants the tent put up in the grounds of the Hôtel Marigny, the 19th-century Parisian state residence used to house important foreign visitors.

Yet Another Hideous American Military Provocation

USS Essex and the USS Kearsarge were underway before the winds settled down. In the meantime at least 1200 European helicopters are still on station protecting Luxembourg from alien invasion.

The American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) pledged to make available more than $10 million of Food for Peace assistance for the relief and immediate recovery efforts for the Cyclone Sidr response in Bangladesh.
Of course beneath the Katrina-esque concerned silence, the BBC managed to discount the immediate U.S. funding to $2 million, but so be it. At least they managed to blame Climate Change before it even made landfall, and we all know what a tremendous service repeating that one more time is to all those people clinging to trees.

Apparently, the right kind of military provocation was found. Two days after Essex and Kearsarge were dispatched:
EU pledges 6.5 million euros in aid to Bangladesh cyclone victims
And if their green sensibilities will permit them to be seen getting some aid there themselves, they would be in business.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Question: How do you say disposable income in French? Answer: Gagner au Loto !

The French will, of course, snicker at this and put it down to Americans obsessed by consumerism. The fact is that the French, with their nickel-and-dime labor market, can only dream about the disposable income necessary to pull something like this off.

Tous droits réservés

The lowdown on France's proposed digital content legislation.

Une immense fabrique de responsables, qui transforme les jeunes en militants intelligents, aptes à agir … on y entre un gamin, on en sort un homme

As I have said before, no further proof of anti-Americanism is necessary than continuous, unfailing, and inevitable double standards.

As part of the evidence, go no further than a summer issue of Courrier International. Although the pro-Putin Nachi movement has been described as a latter-day Young Communists organisation or even a modern-day Hitler Jugend, how did Courrier International approach the subject, except to… reproduce Victor Zbrouev's fawning article in the Moscow weekly Profil?
…un grand rassemblement festif, qui marque la renaissance des traditions soviétiques du Komsomol et des Pionniers … le président lui-même [a] rendu visite à cette jeunesse militante, discuté avec elle, échangé des idées …services rendus par ces politiciens en herbe … C'est devenu une immense fabrique de responsables, qui transforme les jeunes en militants intelligents, aptes à agir … on y entre un gamin, on en sort un homme … assurer un déroulement sans fraude du scrutin … L'audace et la créativité des membres de Jeune Russie [Rossia Molodaïa] font peur à leurs adversaires … Le réseau de mouvements favorables au pouvoir ne se limite pas à Moscou … Bref, l'échiquier politique de la jeunesse est solidement occupé par des mouvements patriotiques qui soutiennent sans défaillance le président Poutine. Leur loyauté est totale envers une politique qui leur semble absolument indispensable pour la Russie…
This is language that few Americans (certainly not journalists) would ever hold about their leader, their country, and their youth, but even if that were the case, can you imagine a European media outlet (or even an American?!) republishing those words uncritically, or at the very least without an opposing comment on another page? No: they wouldn't even reproduce those words in the first place.

But with another country — and potentially an American adversary, at that — that's a different story!

As you can see, European journalists always manage to provide perfect understanding of the world, be it America or any other country!

Disco Inferno

Don't call them Muslim riots or you'll really get the <Thought/> police after you.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ramble Ramble Ramble

In his incomparable wisdom and lucidité, Régis Debray mixes everybody up in Le Monde: Zoé's Arch do-gooders, Islamists, and neo-cons — who are compared to… "grown-up" Trotskyists!…

Ne me Taise pas mon frère !

French boys and their toys.