Saturday, May 19, 2007

Only 716 Years Off

Euro-liga bigmouths cum terrorists are having a hard time with the choice some of those they presumed to have shared in their sputtering hatred to share common cause, specifically detesting the US, violence, an unhealthy fear of civic pluralism, and the like.

"As you have chosen the crusader and Zionist Sarkozy as a leader ... we in the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades warn you that the coming days will see a bloody jihadist campaign ... in the capital of Sarkozy," the group's "Europe division" said in an Internet statement addressed to the French people.
It’s quite fascinating how much these would be mass murderers sound so much like the trolls found in the comments on this blog, what with all the accusations of Crusaderism, Zionism, and meta-ontological-neo-atmospheric-crusado-zionism or whatnot.

Plus, it’s always a pleasure to push their buttons.

The new face of French diplomacy

A portrait of Bernard Kouchner.

"He's motivated by an anti-totalitarian drive whether he sees injustice from the left or the right," Holbrooke said. "It will be very positive for U.S.-French relations because he does not come with a visceral anger towards the American 'hyperpower.' "


Sarkozy opposed the American-led war in Iraq. Kouchner was one of the few in France's political elite to justify military intervention against Saddam Hussein - on humanitarian grounds, not because Iraq might have been seeking weapons of mass destruction.

"It was a question of overthrowing an evil dictator, and it was right to intervene," Kouchner said in 2004.

The Rape Victim Must Have Been Guilty

Willem, from: “Merci Ben Laden” / “Thank you Bin Laden”

He cultivated the myth that “if you really want to, you can”

This from the implausibly named “Political Affairs,” which seems more interested in shutting down anyone elected by a majority who doesn’t agree with them. The derangement syndrome with reality continues:

The lengthy economic and social crisis that France has been up against for several decades has led to a damaging breakdown in confidence in the fundamental principles of redistribution, social solidarity and the fight against inequality. A confidence breakdown which Nicolas Sarkozy skilfully manipulated to promote his society of homeowners, of each to his own, based on the “merit, work, effort” three-pronged slogan. Based on a deceitful dramatization, to the say the least, of the UMP leader’s own life-story, the Sarkozist slogan “if you really want to, you can”, was echoed in a society where the search for individual solutions has slowly taken the upper hand over collective ones. Refusal of “assistance”; the idea that one should “work more to earn more”; the aspiration to pay less tax and contribute for oneself, not for others; promotion of personal property instead of public property and services...
Indeed. How can ANYONE be permitted to think that?!?

A Very Gaucho Christmas

“and still no trace of Bin Laden”

- Willem’s cartoon from 19 December 2001

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Images, the Allies, and the Spirit that the Media Has Overlooked

(Tak til Valerie)

French take the hype, Mumia will take the hypodermic

Mumia is in the news again. While Notre Dame de Paris, Mayor Delanoë, names Mumia an honorary citizen of Paris, and the shithole 9-3 suburb of Saint-Denis names a street after him, one author has bucked the system and provided balanced commentary about the scandal of the French preSS' treatment of the affair in his book, France Intox.

France Intox : Pourquoi la preSSe française aime autant les tueurs de flics ?

Flanby cries treason

Weak kneed Socialists are not included.

Kouchner and Levitte to Weigh on France's Foreign Policy

As François Fillon takes over Matignon from Dominique de Villepin, Natalie Nougayrède notes the change in foreign policy with the expected arrival of Jean-David Levitte and Bernard Kouchner

Votez pour le Parti de la Vérité

Choisissez l'outsider. Gilles président !

Ep. 13 – Le Meeting (3/3)

Ajouter à mon profil. | Plus de vidéos

Ep. 10 – 100 Questions (2/2)

Ajouter à mon profil. | Plus de vidéos

¡No Pasarán!

Free Speech Signing Off

Maybe these idiots can explain what’s good about this:

For years defenders of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have harped on what they described as the domination of the country’s independent media by his opponents — proof, it was said, that Chavez was no dictator. That argument soon will lose all credibility. Radio Caracas Television, or RCTV, Venezuela’s most popular television network, almost certainly will go off the air — on Chavez’s personal order.
Gee – I guess it’s just like all those fantasy neo-coms who never lived under communism think: it’s all about the people person.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"He says the dollar is down"

Capitalism (and Coca-Cola) come to Iraq (shookhran to Valerie).

(Life was so much better and Iraqis were so much happier
under the socialist Ba'ath party…)

Le Président de la République

In an Élysée ceremony, Nicolas Sarkozy has succeeded Jacques Chirac as President of France, becoming the sixth head of state of the 5th Republic and the 23rd president overall.

(Before the afternoon was over, le Président de la Republique had already taken his first trip abroad, flying to Berlin to meet with Angela Merkel.)

The more left leaning, the less self loathing

The only thing about this article is that no explanation is given. As I was very unfortunately born in Pétainistan, let me to give you my opinion regarding this.
A Frenchman with lots of insight named RV puts the French-Hate-Themselves-More-Than-Americans-Do poll into perspective. For one thing, the poll in no way means that the French — no matter how much they supposedly hate themselves — don't always feel superior to (and scornful of) Americans. RV has more:
Actually I've been feeling that self loathing since I'm very young. We are told from school to television that the Pétainistanis are basically not left-wing enough: too capitalist (not communist enough), not repentant enough about the past, not collectivist enough (not sacrificing enough for the sake of the common good), not enough capable of getting rid of the bourgeoisie and bourgeois traditions, not enough to get rid of the alledged racist White supremacist power leading politics, media and economy. Etc, etc. I guess this is widespread in the whole West, and of course in America: one just has to take a look at the average Liberal fool to find almost the same roots. But in Pétainistan it's incredibly strong. For example, patriotism is equated to Fascism, which is not the case in most of the other countries.

This kind of loathe is widely expressed in music, I'm thinking of old songs from the old, crappy Commie booser named Renaud -- not to talk about rap "music". I'm thinking about the 2002 elections, when millions of bobos invaded the streets shouting "I'm ashamed to be French". There are loads of such examples.

Two other points I'd like to make:
- This self loathe is currently fainting, at least since Shiraq's policy towards America, and its active support of Arab regimes: the more left leaning, the less self loathing.
- This is incredibly relative: almost nobody plays with the guilt regarding the Rwandan genocide -- probably because it's a deed of a Socialist government. Once more, the more left leaning, the less self loathing.

But it's not because self loathing is high that left leaning is weak, on the contrary: it's because the leaning is not left enough.



Strategic yogurt production

Danone takes 70% of Chilean dairy producer Vialat.

A good choice, if things shake out that way

French chattering classes are increasingly agitated by the possibility of Bernard Kouchner being named Minister of Foreign Affairs because of his reputation of being the architect of the policy known as le droit d'ingérance (which is really just a way of saying "pre-emptive strike" with alot of fancy "human rights" notions thrown in so the UN will swallow it) and his early support of the war in Iraq. Oh, and he's a longtime Socialist and 1968er and he's getting ready to jump ship.

Hey, show a little respect! You can't talk like that to a Cannes Film Festival winner!

Funny Thing About These Zombie Apparachik Mouthpieces

Journo: Please, m’lord, tell me what I can write!

Hm. Towing the party line didn’t seem to bother Plantu since 1981. It seems curious that in that oppressive state of Bus$ChimpyHitlerMcBurton-esque dissent crushing that he finds himself in, that he seems to be able to parrot nonsense three times a week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Dreamers of the world, Unite!


The "Che Mickey" (also known as "MiChe") logo in our masthead was designed by the Dissident Frogman and is used with the permission of his agent Gorilla Guerilla Inc. which owns the exclusive rights to the design.
Le logo "Che Mickey" (également dénommé "MiChe") dans notre bannière d'en-tête a été conçu par the Dissident Frogman et est exploité ici avec l'autorisation de son agent Gorilla Guerilla Inc. qui en détient les droits exclusifs.

Anna one, anna two

Hilarious. French Socialists talking about reality. Other than the reality of the dysfunctional "open" relationship between François Hollande and Ségolène Royal (and their tag along batch of bastard children) -- French Socialists lost all touch with reality around 1968 or so.

A scientific study confirms what we already knew

French workers are the biggest complainers in the world.

"This place is hardcore"

Smell Ya Later

Desperate Witch Hunt Continues

And all to avoid reform

Note to ad hoc group: the footnote and text of the draft report erroneously state the edits were prepared by Mr. Wolfowitz; these edits are in Mr. [Xavier] Coll's handwriting.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Cartoonists Gone Wild: Spring Break in Sarcelles

Scimitar carrying, penis nosed object of Cartoonist’s adolescent leftist hate:
Your papers!
“Slave”: And drag this ball and chain around for 5 years!?!

- a reference to the Presidential term of office.

Lovely. Ignoring the fact that the new President is himself the son of immigrants, and that those in most need of protective security are in fact the older residents of suburbs who are more likely to be immigrants themselves than anywhere else.

One wonders what he’s implying. Something vague about deportation is in the air when these great über-brains, in their “sophistication” think of non-whites (rather uniformly.) Impending deportation being the case, why worry about 5 years of hypothetical “enslavement” ?

No wonder the morally repugnant elite that Plantu typifies keep whining even though the stereotype of ignorant, hateful petulance acted out for it’s own sake keeps proving itself true. Their only real support comes from largely white brick chucking, firebombing, rioting punks who have their parasitic existences subsidized by the state.

Once again, reality can take a vacation when the fantasists of the left get to write the news agenda.

A Dispassionate Discussion with the Members of the Band

E-nough has photos from the May 1st gathering at La Bastille in support of Ségolène Royal, during which a Brazilian band played.

I used to play in that batucada band! Every Sunday afternoon we'd play at the Cité de la Musique (they still do, probably). That was four years ago, and apart form the odd participation in a pro-ecology march, politics was, needless to say, rarely if ever involved. Then I was invited to dinner at one (French) drummer's apartment with half a dozen other people (most members of the band were/are French), and he and his wife told us of their magnificent vacation to Cuba, and they started praising the island. I made a comment, a rather innocent one actually, and suddenly everybody else was all over me. They'd been there, they said angrily, and didn't I realize that that country had no poverty?! They'd been to Havana, and not seen one single poor person in the streets!! C'est alors que j'ai commencé à prendre mes distances…

Expo et dédicace Thibault de Chastenet (BD Jazz)

Suite à l'ouverture de l'expo de Thibault de Chastenet le jeudi 7 juin dans son atelier-galerie (28 rue La Bruyère, 75009 Paris), l'illustrateur/artiste-peintre dédicacera son dernier livre, Johnny Hodges, un album dans la collection BD Jazz avec 2 CDs, à partir de 18h30.

Much Better…

After toying with the (atrocious) idea of Hubert Védrine in the foreign minister's seat (hopefully only as a political ploy to show an opening to the left), Sarkozy now seems to be considering Bernard Kouchner at the Quai d'Orsay…

As I mention in my book, La Bannière Étalée, the former Doctors Without Borders founder has consistently been the most popular member of the Socialist Party in polls throughout the country. Why, then, did the party not even consider choosing Kouchner as a candidate in the presidential election (in which he would in all probability have given Nicolas Sarkozy a run for his money)?

Because Kouchner — who has direct knowledge of "Saddam Hussein's bombs and mass graves since 1974" — supported the effort to topple Iraq's dictator. For the effrontery of doing something as despicable as siding with George W Bush, Kouchner — who knows slightly more about "chaos", "tragedies", and "massacres" than the self-proclaimed (stay-at-home) experts in human rights — was sidelined and marginalized.

All Bunched Up in a Knot

This is what they like to tell themselves is “analysis.” Behold the press – worked up about the press (Poland’s TVP and US’ Fox News) having the temerity to cover news not flattering to the French left’s image: lefties rioting against election results. A psychologist, and who could do without one of those on France 5, smartly made a point of saying that it was, in fact, news.

Hoo-doggie. The khutspuh on those guys. Reporting news! All in the interest of the making of the new man, of course.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

This is what happens when you expose yourself to art

Some art student filmed the Bastille riots in black and white and then put a tearful soundtrack on it. The film is topped off with a quote by Thomas Jefferson.

Have No Fear!

…Marianne is here!

Like a mother standing up bravely to the forces of darkness in order to protect her children (in the middle of a terrifying nightmare?), a leftist weekly (sporting a jet-black cover) takes its readers by the hand…

From the Miscreants Who Think They’re Everyone’s Betters

While the merchants of hate were busy tut-tuting that weapons weren’t banned on VT’s campuses, they failed to mention... that weapons are banned on VT’s campuses. Of course it happened just in time for someone to trot out a canned article on gun ownership.