Saturday, November 06, 2004

Fudgepackers take a licking Saga Africa, Ambiance soukouss
French take a beating in the Ivory Coast. Have a look at the core of the future Zeropean army. What a laugh!
Les franchouilles prennent une râclée en Cote d'Ivoire. Voici le noyau de la future armée zéropéenne. Elle est bien bonne, celle-là!

Friday, November 05, 2004

Thanks, you bunch of jerkoffs Merci, bande de nazes
George Bush asked Zek to write his thank you message in French. I had proposed my services but Bush told me I was too vulgar.
George Bush s'est adressé à Zek pour rédiger ses remerciements en langue française. J'avais proposé de le faire mais Bush m'a dit que j'étais trop grossier.

Animal fangs for Bush Des crocs de prédateur sauvage pour Bush

1-900-Towelhead-Ramrod 0800-Mille-et-un-Braquemarts
As long as Chiraq kept sniffing at the ass-cracks of Hamas and Hezbollah (a dose of crack like any other) he could keep hoping for a slumber party with Kerry, but that's all over now. Chiraq will have to explain his cruising in the Middle East's backrooms. In the meantime, a bit of necrophilia with Arafat will have to do. Divorce from France? No kidding. Do you know where her mouth has been? Wrapped around Hamas and Hezbollah's tube steak.
Tant que Chirak reniflait les rondelles des Hamas et Hezbollah (une façon comme une autre d'offrir son piètre croupion), il pourrait espérer faire des câlins 'entre filles' avec Kerry, mais tout ça est tombé à plat. A Chirak de s'expliquer au sujet de ses tournées dans les backrooms moyen-orientaux. En attendant, un zest de nécrophilie avec Arafat fera l'affaire. Divorce avec la Fwance? Sans blaque. Et sa bouche a traîné par où exactement? Sur les zobs de Hamas et Hezbollah.

American Black Box
Maurice G. Dantec is having a good laugh at the expense of the French Intelligentsia following Bush's election win.
Maurice G. Dantec se fend la gueule au dépens de l'intelligentsia franchouille suite à la victoire électorale de Bush.

They're not hiding it anymore Le masque tombe
Hatred of all things American (its people, its values) by the French continues. In yesterday's Libération PropagandaStaffel, French demography specialist Emmanuel Todd expresses his hatred of Americans and their electoral process. A few morsels that were let loose by Todd's raging sphincter:"... the problem is not Bush, it's the whole United States and the evolution of its people, ravaged by a regressive, aggressive ideology." "the whole of American society exists as a predator for the rest of the world ..." "... the American system has transformed the working class into a plebeian who lives at the expense of the rest of the world." Americans, you are hated here. More than ever. Keep cancelling those trips to France.
La haine, par les franchouilles, de tout ce qui vient de l'Amérique (son peuple, ses valeurs) suit son cours. Hier dans Libé PropagandaStaffel, démographe Emmanuel Todd exprime sa haine des américains et leur processus électoral. Quelques perles lâchées par le sphincter de Todd:"... le problème n'est pas Bush, ce sont les Etats-Unis dans leur ensemble et l'évolution du peuple américain, ravagé par une idéologie régressive et agressive." "l'ensemble de la société américaine vit dans un rapport de prédation au monde ..." "... le système américain parvient à transformer le monde ouvrier en une plèbe qui, elle aussi, vit aux crochets du monde." Les américains, vous êtes détestés ici, plus que jamais. Continuez à annuler vos voyages vers la France.

Us and Them Nous et Eux
A light bulb goes off in the heads of those MSM types. Maybe, just maybe, they aren't talking the same language as the US electorate. Of course, if they weren't so busy making believe they were French, they might pick up on this as others already have.
Il y a comme une étincelle qui traverse le vide entre les deux oreilles de ces baudruches qui bossent pour les médias grand public. Peut-être, il y a une possibilité, qu'ils parlent pas le même langage que l'électorat américain. Certes, s'ils ne passaient pas leur temps à vouloir se comporter comme les franchouilles, ils auraient compris ça depuis belle luerette, comme d'autres ont déjà compris bien avant eux.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The last thing he will have seen is a Bush victory La dernière chose qu'il aura vue ici-bas sera la victoire de Bush
Hopefully he'll drop dead soon. Wouldn't want to spend any more of my tax money on his bloodthirsty carcass. French hospitals are like roach motels. You check in but you can't check out.
Avec un peu de chance il va clamser sous peu. Je ne voudrais pas dépenser un sou de plus sur cette vieille merde assoiffée de sang. Les hôpitaux franchouilles sont comme les pièges à cafards. On y entre mais on n'en sort jamais.

Hey, at least Americans have guts Les ricains, au moins ils ont quelques chose dans leurs tripes, eux
Hatred of all things American (its people, its values) continued today. In today's Libération PropagandaStaffel, the anti-semite Willem uses racial caricatures (shared by the simple minded French population) to express his hatred of Americans and their electoral process. Americans, you are hated here. More than ever.
La haine de tout ce qui vient de l'Amérique (son peuple, ses valeurs) a redémarré de plus belle aujourd'hui. Ce matin dans Libé PropagandaStaffel, l'antisémite Willem manipule la caricature raciale (caricature largement partagée par la populace franchouille) pour exprimer sa haine des américains et leur processus électoral. Les américains, vous êtes détestés ici, plus que jamais.

America went and voted with its gut feeling.

Petits ballons de foot verts
LGF gets a nod from Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine! Little Green Footballs, a conservative blog, relishes the thought of the faces of Chirac and Kerry when they will hear about Bush's victory and they'll realize that "their morally devalued post-modern ideologies have been rejected by Americans".
LGF est cité dans Le Monde Al-Jazira sur Seine! Little Green Footballs, un blog conservateur, se réjouit à l'avance de la tête que Chirac et Kerry feront lorsqu'ils apprendront la victoire de Bush et qu'ils réaliseront que "leurs idéologies post-modernes, moralement dévaluées ont été rejetées par les Américains".

All that because of the state of my yoyo. Plantu, who obviously is in dire need of his 8 weeks of vacation makes a play of words with the French pronunciation of 'Ohio'.

Zeropean panty-waists need not apply Pédaloïdes zéropéens s'abstenir
American electorate to Old Zeropa: the US's way or the highway. Barnier can get fucked.
L'électorat américain répond à la Vieille Zéropa: ce sera fait comme au Texas et si vous n'êtes pas d'accord c'est pareil. Barnier peut aller se faire mettre.

W redux W bis

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The shot heard from Jenin to Falluja to Tehran by way of Sarcelles Le coup de feu entendu de Jénine à Fallouja à Téhéran via Sarcelles
French TV announcers have that stupid dumbstruck look on their stinking French mugs. Kill faster. Total war.
Les présentateurs de la télé fwançaise ont tous cet air hébété collé sur leurs tronches puantes de franchouillards. Tuer plus vite. Guerre totale.

Now accepting inscriptions for 'Hillary 2008 Meet Up'

Undecided? Indécis?
Not anymore. Americans demand 4 more years.
Plus maintenant. Les américains exigent 4 années de plus.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"France’s propaganda machine is working to undermine U.S. interests"

Kenneth R. Timmerman:

Every American who still has illusions that a Kerry administration would succeed in convincing "Old Europe" to help us in Iraq should spend a few days reading and listening to the French media as they report on the U.S. elections.

The French, of course, believe that they will elect the next U.S. president. (In fact, they believe they already have.) The center-right daily Le Figaro published the results of a poll it commissioned on Friday, Oct. 29, showing that 71 percent of Frenchmen support Senator Kerry while 82 percent believe President Bush has made the world a more dangerous place.

Daniel Mermet of French state-run radio is just one of many well-known French journalists who have abandoned all pretense of reporting the elections. Instead, he and others of his ilk present blatant campaign commercials that would make even Mike McCurry and George Stephanopoulos blush.

"French politicians running for president in 2007 can take heart from the U.S. elections," Mermet began a recent screed from West Virginia. "The U.S. election shows you can run on a catastrophic record — that's the case for Bush — and succeed completely. It shows you can be in the pay of the big oil companies, you can pass a totally unfair tax cut, you can devastate the poor, gut social security, ravage the health care system and throw 600,000 people out of work, but that's ok."

I can add a personal experience to the mix. State-run France-3 television recently invited me to participate in a panel discussion on the U.S. elections. While I had few expectations of fairness, the extent of the lies and distortions I encountered was astonishing even by French standards. …

Read about the 52-minute pseudo-documentary and
the sophisticated and agreeable French couple
whose views were "all so reasonable,
all so normal and matter of fact"

(Thanks to Gregory Schreiber)

Monday, November 01, 2004

What Iraqis Think of the French Government

Omar of Iraq the Model:
[Read] some of the comments made by Iraqis who signed an appeal to the UN to stop France’s attempts to hinder the democratic process in Iraq.

The petition was organized by a group of Iraqi civil society organization and was directed to the UN and addressed “To any person support democracy in Iraq”. …

I know that many people would probably say that such actions are ineffective, and they have a point. Still I see it as a wonderful development that Iraqis are starting to organize such group activities making use of the Internet as the fastest way to achieve contact with the largest possible number of Iraqis. In addition to that, such appeals and the one organized by “Arab Liberals” send a message to the terrorists and those who support them and who claim to help Iraqi people that Iraqis do not support their actions and moreover condemn them. It’s helpful in exposing these people and also discouraging these terrorists whom many of them are being sent to Iraq and told that Iraqis need their help to be “liberated”. …

Here’s the translation for the appeal as provided on line:

Your Excellency, Mr. Kofi Annan,
Secretary General of the United Nations

We extend our best greetings and highest appreciation,

We, the undersigned, Iraqi civil society organizations as well as a group of Iraqi and Arab intellectuals are gravely concerned at the continuing attempts of certain governments to undermine the democratic process in Iraq. In the vanguard of these governments stands the French government. Since the start, this government has opposed the endeavours of the international community to help the Iraqi people end the despotic rule of Saddam Hussein, a rule that posed a threat to international peace and security, under the pretext of protecting the integrity of the Iraqi people. It threatened to resort to the veto in the UN Security Council to thwart any resolution which could help the Iraqi people rid themselves of the dictatorial regime.

After the liberation of Iraq under United States leadership and supported by many countries in the world, the French government called for the participation of the Baath party in the transitional government in spite of that party’s totalitarian thought, nationalistic fanaticism and sanguinary past. …We believe that the purpose which the French government seeks through all of the above is to accord international legitimacy to terrorist groups in Iraq, delay elections sought by the Iraqi people and press for the withdrawal of the multinational forces before stability is established and before security and democracy are realized in Iraq.

Read the rest of the appeal to Kofi Annan

Rug sellers for Chiraq Vendeurs de tapis pour Chirak
It's the least they could do after his support for Hamas and Hezbollah. Thanks to Gregory.
C'est bien la moindre des choses suite à son soutien à Hamas et Hezbollah. A quand l'effigie de Chirak sur les bandes de gaze? Merci à Gregory.

Bill Clinton Told Jack Lang that John Kerry "Is a Man of the Left"

So says Jack Lang in The "Anyone But Bush" Attitude Dominates on the Left As on the Right , a Le Monde article on whom political bigwigs in France would vote for in the Tuesday election if they could.

The former culture minister admits he does "not know John Kerry personally", but Bill Clinton, whom he met in July, certified that he (Kerry) was "un homme de gauche", a man of the left.

Not quite the choice of words the Dems would use Stateside, eh?

Le Monde's Iraq Coverage

We continue our 60th anniversary special on Le Monde with a special devoted to the independent newspaper's coverage of the war in Iraq.

"The United States Are Losing Control Over Iraq", "The spiral of violence is intensifying", "the war is sinking into barbarism"…

Read the entire article

The 60th Anniversary Celebration of Le Monde

"France must revise its policies towards Iraq"

The AFP:
Iraq's Prime Minister Iyad Allawi warned France against appeasing insurgents in order to secure the release of two of its nationals held hostage in the country as he prepared to travel to Brussels.

"France is bogged down by the past," said Allawi responding to a question by reporters on France's support for a conference by Iraqi civil society groups to be held in parallel to an official meeting on Iraqi elections scheduled for the end of the month in Egypt.

"France must revise its policies towards Iraq because its actions and statements are driven by the fact two Frenchmen are hold hostage in Iraq." …

"The government is successfully building an international consensus to help Iraq face its difficulties," he said.

"This is why terrorists are targeting foreigners and trying to persuade some foreign governments to recognise them as legitimate political actors."

Following a botched attempt by a French member of parliament to save the hostages in September, France has said that it was supportive of the idea that some elements of the insurgency would attend the Egypt conference.

"Iraq's political forces will decide who attends the conference," Allawi said.

(Thanks to Gregory Schreiber)

Meanwhile, here is more on the Saddam WMD's Syrian connection
(although it does seem to be months old and I cannot vouch for the origin)

"If Bush Remains … This Will Immediately Impact Our Internal Politics"

Jennifer Joan Lee in the International Herald Tribune:
"He has the ability to provoke incredible animosity," said Alain Frachon, a senior editor at Le Monde, one of several French newspapers running extensive coverage of the American campaign. "And this gives us even more incentive to be interested in the U.S. election, because Bush is probably the least liked of all U.S. presidents since World War II."

… "If Bush remains, American troops may stay longer in Iraq and this will immediately impact our internal politics," said Jean-Gabriel Fredet, an editor at Le Nouvel Observateur, a French weekly that recently carried on its cover, "Why We Must Beat Bush." …

Some European pundits, meanwhile, even as they condemn Bush, predict that his re-election would be good for Europe, casting the region's intense dislike of him as the one unifying factor that could bring harmony back to the European Union after the friction around the Iraq war. Many others believe a Kerry victory could help repair trans-Atlantic relations. That is the hope of some in Spain, whose new government's decision to withdraw troops from Iraq created tensions with Washington.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Today's Birthday Child

Today is the birthday of Dan Rather, the television anchorman (1931- ) who said:

(…Oh, never mind…)