Saturday, March 10, 2007

Good News Buried

White Euro-sclerosis has unemployment at twice that figure, the NYT buries the news. If the left were in charge, and if they’re smart enough not to impose any of their “economic theories” on it to destroy it, the New York Times would call it the end of another successful 5 year plan.

- thanks to some guy in Baghdad.

Nobody is paying attention

"THE eyes of the world will be on the European Union's summit in Brussels this week. So claims the European Commission's president, José Manuel Barroso, anyway. He may just be wrong; powerbrokers in Washington, Beijing and Delhi probably have better things to do with their time."

Not a bug, a feature

Because it's a structural, built-in part of the French economy. French unemployment is largely underestimated.

Rising to the Level of Meaninglessness

One of the aspects of a cult is that it tries to intrude on every area possible sphere of people’s lives. Call it the drip, drip, drip of meme affirmation.

You've heard of green cars, green tourism and green weddings. Now Canadians should ready themselves for green sex.
All those things sound so damned green, don’t they?

Friday, March 09, 2007

BanPerish the Thought

And perish thinking about it! Eurovision Song Contest organizers might ban the Israeli entry, Teapacks' Push the Button, because of its’ political message threatens the public’s ignorance about the potential nuclear threat from Iran.
Another one of EUtopia’s countless “central committees” speak:

It's absolutely clear that this kind of message is not appropriate for the competition," said Kjell Ekholm, an organizer of the contest. "We'll have all the delegation leaders here in Helsinki next week, and I'm sure we'll talk about this case within the EBU [European Broadcasting Union] group."

French National Pasttime

Like Babe Ruth, Raymond Barre calls his shot and hits one out of the park.

“The People” are Just too Dumb for Socialism

We failed, therefore the world and all of the vulgar shlubs living in it in it must be big fat idiots...

Andrew, I spent many years with you (idealogically at least) but life on the front line of socialism, both campaigning and administrating at local authority level, taught me one overarching truth. The people are simply not up to Socialism. It's too difficult, it's too hard and it's too 'intellectual' for the people. The people have shown themselves, the world over, to be fundamentally lazy, greedy, selfish and myopic.

Did you watch the wall come down? The glee with which the people pulled down those bricks and threw themselves and their families headlong into unemployment, shabby education, poor health and CocaCola showed more clearly than anything else that the people are just too dumb for Socialism.

Socialism is indeed a better way to run things than capitalism, but first we have to find ourselves another 'people'.

Move on mate. You'll only cause yourself heartache.
Don’t you just love the distinct lack of mortal, fiancial, or personal risk of his efforts “on the front lines”? Having lived behind the iron curtain, I don't think the comment's author realizes how meaningless people's work was, just how shabby the education and housing really was, or even how bad the knock-off "coca cola", or any other available goods were.

- Vielen Dank, Georg

Want Good News?

Just make it up. Start cherry-picking in 2007 for a good-looking trend in data for 2004 to 2005!

According to the Commission's Joint Employment Report, published on 19 February 2007, "unemployment in the EU-25 fell from 9.1% in 2004 to 8.8% in 2005 and employment rose by 0.8% in 2005 - the largest increase since 2001.
Indeed. The Lisbonian magic is clearly at work. By 2010, the hard-working elves of the EU were scheduled (through the miracle of saying so,) to have the worlds leading economy. Instead a recent report warned that by some measures they were 22 years behind the US (where supposedly people live in cardboard boxes and eat cat-food.)
In two years’ since 2005, the gap EU-US has widened for all economic indicators:

- Income (GDP per capita). The current EU level for income was achieved by the US in 1985. Since the first edition of the study, the time gap has increased by 3 years;

- Employment and R&D. Both the current EU levels for employment and R&D investment per capita were reached by the US in 1978. (+3 years and +5 years respectively);

- Productivity (GDP per employed). The current EU productivity level was achieved by the US in 1989 (+3 years).

- The current EU level of Internet users per capita was reached by the US in 2002.
Obviously, there hasn’t been enough ranting about predatory capitalism this winter to keep the good burgers of Outer-Lisbonium warm and dry long enough for them to enjoy the way high taxation and low wealth-creation is breaking their knees.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sophisticated French show thuggish Americans the correct way to treat the ladies

It's happening in the notorious 9-3 (faut dire "neuf-trois") and the French preSS, while expressing astonishment at the levels of violence indicated by the results, is not even beginning to connect the dots leading to the 800 pound gorilla in the room. In a study of 1600 women between the ages of 18-21 in the Seine Saint-Denis 30% have been victim of physical violence during the last year (16 girls claimed that someone had attempted to kill them). Those conducting the study were particularly surprised by the levels of violence and sexual abuse committed by family members. Rather than confronting the reality of what is going on in these suburbs, look for the French establishment to put all this down to social problems arising from unbridled America-instigated globalisation.

PS - Too bad those 9-3 girls don't live in Tennessee.

Stop the presses!

Vagrants and loiterers told by the French police to "hit the bricks".

Make mine a double Jameson, neat, no ice

Election Possibly Rising to the Level of Ebay

Owing to the usual democratic-sounding un-democratic ideas, French Presidential elections require that 500 Mayors sign a petition to get a candidate on the ballot. One mayor of a town in Calvados (Noron-la-Poterie,) is giving his vote to the highest bidder. Any punters?

Funnier still is the dim starethat the news elicits. The story's been up all day without a single comment at Libération.

It’s Good to be the King

Remember, Chavs is people too.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mesrine says ...

... let's blow this joint. Il ne voulait pas finir en "gueule triste" comme ses compatriotes.

Break out the café lattés ...

Because we is celebrating Zeropean muzak at its best, and with regards to Zeropean muzak and you can't get any better than this. An Italian singer (Sabrina Salerno) warbling on a German TV show. Imagine the impact ...

When Going Too Far is Never Enough

Funny how we come across some people: author and apologist for Syrian dictators Jürgen Cain Külbel seems mad at Medienkritik’s Ray, and oddly enough mad at the US, Israel, and even mad at most of Lebanon too. He’s even nearly expressing genuine emotions in his desperate comparison of the US’ dealings with the eastern Mediterranean as a “puppet play”, and implying that the Siniora government is a puppet of the US. The poodle meme dragged out one more painfully boring time.

How did we find this guy? He’s got his panties in a bunch over the fact that David’s Medienkritik organized a public demonstration in Mainz last year in support of President Bush and the war on transnational terror – something the Syrians have done more for through direct arming and tacitly allowing advanced terrorist training and technique development in the Be’kaa Vally of Lebanon for more than a decade. Using an accusation as a defense of his hatefulness, he accuses Ray of “working for the CIA”. Among idiots, this might actually seem novel. Evidently a handful of people practicing their right to free speech is a problem for this guy. He can’t wrap his brain around where the pluralism that permits him to trash others comes from or how to preserve it. It isn’t a matter of him disagreeing with anyone else’s VIEWS, he seemed apoplectic that they were allowed to be there at all.

What drew my attention to him was his blatant mendacity when it comes to the Lebanese which I'll get to later. But to get an idea of what passes for "advocacy journalism" these days, and what passes for intelligent discourse in the adolescent anti-western camp, you need to look at their actions and habits.

Forget free will, anyone who chooses anything other that his favorite repressive ideologues is “a puppet” – as if he isn’t. Talking straight through his teeth, he all but admitted to certainty that the Syrians killed Rafik Hariri while accusing the US and Israel of the deed, and seems a lot more concerned with constructing houses of cards to be fawned over in places which have no free press than making any informed or useful theses.

By way of German bloggers we learn that he's currently writing a book about Osama bin Laden entitled "Osama bin Laden -World Theater with a Corpse." In an interview he did with "Muslim Markt", he explains that his book will talk about how "USAma bin Laden" was already dead by the time of the 9/11 attacks, implying that he is a fiction created by the US to justify its' actions therafter. I suppose anyone with time-penetrating precience is sure to be capable of that sort of conspiracy! What's sad is that even in German the "corpse thing" is dated and tasteless, and if countless other attempts to make this same silly argument haven't grown stale yet, here he is trying to make it again. Too bad it only works once or twice with the same gullible audience, but by indulging the Syrians to find flattery in having a European writing it while focusing on their pet peeves, that a new field of interest might open up.

Like any bad propagandist, he also seems to have himself convinced of his own nonsense, and can’t seem to recognize that the majority of Lebanese detest the Hizballah, but like anyone with any serious criticism of the Ba'athists in Syria, are too scared by them to speak out. The fact that the far more serious problem that Hizballah, once a puppet, is now a barely controllable possessed puppet of Iran and Syria registers no-where in his work. One can hardly call that due dilligence.

Maybe this guy is grabbing his ankles for money, ideology, readership among fevered single-issue simpletons in the German-speaking geographic pocket, or simply doing it to get access to senior figures in Damascus. What seems particularly un-natural for any kind of writer is that he seems to be making quite an effort on their behalf of a state long obsessed with a neighboring state that has an actual free press.

Take look at his incredibly ignorant choice of images:

Puppets in blackface.

What century is he living in?

Apart from he seeming obsession with anti-capitalism (Syria is still a command economy), and manipulating the timeline and causes of Siniora’s appointment, here’s a sample of his rubbish:
Siniora obviously still believes in the US-American neoconservative idiocy of „nation building“ and to the spreading of western style democracy in the entire elbow from Morocco to Indonesia. And it obviously recognizes from Bush and cohorts would only install „democratic“ revolutions so long as only valid ones were established...

„L’état c’est moi”, is what Siniora thinks, because he’s following on a November 2006 opinion poll that didn’t take place in Lebanon, but mainly among the exiled Lebanese living prosperously in California, Ohio, and elsewhere under the star-spangled banner along with a few Parisians, the Israeli Prime Minister, and the former East German girl-scout leader who are behind him.
He goes on to question the motives of the protesters who wanted Syria-supporting President Emile Lahoud to step down, and also calls the Lebanese Prime Minister a “Guerrilla fighter for US democracy” and the first “Democratic Dictator” in Beirut.

There is absolutely no evidence that Siniora thinks any of this, or theorizes anything whatsoever about democratizing “ze elbow from Morocco to Indonesia.” It is far more likely that he has managed to see the same thing any humanist would: in democracies, ethnic and religious minorities aren’t singled out and slaughtered by unelected thugs. That this would have some appeal to the many religions and political views that very notion of The Lebanon was founded to protect should not shock this little man. But apparently it does.

And yes, Siniora does seem to believe in nation-building, just as Hariri did, he believed in the need to build back into existence from the dark days of Syrian “protection” that seemed to get a lot of people killed, a nation. His own nation. What WAS the Taïf accord if not just that?

As for taking potshots at Merkel, I can’t help but laugh at how much of a political slut this man is. Does he really believe that German foreign policy could have “made” anyone?, much less made a difference to anyone in the near east when they aren’t just disengaged from it, but aren’t even among the parties who have been historically entrenched in it? In Lebanon, German engagement is less than that of Canada's, and is limited almost entirely to selling them costly German goods inflated even more by an overvalued Euro. That lack of magnitude notwithstanding, he’s as blinkered as Michael Moore on 9/12 who stupidly believed that jihadists cared enough about the same issues he did to be shocked that they would attack states that voted for the Democrats.

Combining a fake populism by trying to throw red-meat to a potential audience and a racist's condescention of "who people are," Külbel is an example of the logical outcome of a societally trained incapacity to judge right from wrong. One that falls for the sort of relativism that gives ciphers and idiots way to think themselves intelligent and “fair”. It isn’t. It leads one from a lack of intellectual depth to making an entirely repugnant choice when they do finally think they know what they believe in. It also finds itself leading ultimately to supporting an unelected dictatorship that keeps political prisoners out of sight for decades in a callous bid to preserve its’ inner circle. It apologizes for the actions of tyrants, and does it to the cost of mankind's humanity.

Gôche caviar

Ségolène Royal and her faggoty effeminate buffoon of a partner (who has stated that he doesn't like the rich) have been caught understating the total value of their very significant wealth.

After all, La Fwance is a cultural desert

Le Louvre opens a subsidiary in Abu Dabai.

Le Louvre is not the first to délocaliser French culture:

It Seems That They Can’t Just All Get Along

From the “rights of man” to the flight to ban:

The French Constitutional Council has approved a law that criminalizes the filming or broadcasting of acts of violence by people other than professional journalists. The law could lead to the imprisonment of eyewitnesses who film acts of police violence, or operators of Web sites publishing the images, one French civil liberties group warned on Tuesday.
What began as a good natured attempt to suppress whistle-blowing by abusive care-givers in old age homes, as well as propagation of mobile-phone videos by “happy slappers”, finds itself fitting in perfectly with the continental predilection to suppress any telling but illuminating showing of their warts - without which there is no improvement or change.
The council chose an unfortunate anniversary to publish its decision approving the law, which came exactly 16 years after Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King were filmed by amateur videographer George Holliday on the night of March 3, 1991.
Basically, this tries to make it illegal to report bad news to anyone other than the Police, unless you’re a “professional” journalist – which means, of course, you’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated into believing in the preciousness of the social status quo by having fear of one thing or another drummed into you.

- With thanks to Strummin’ Joe

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Civilian killed by French military in Ivory Coast

Not to worry though. French soldiers aimed for his vehicle in accordance with the legal procedures regarding the use of their weapons.

Enfin une bonne nouvelle : Les nanas du 9-3 ont trouvé du boulot

After entering into a treaty agreement with the EU looking to attract more bankers, managers, and academics, Switzerland simply wound up with an influx of hookers.

Stone them back to the bomb age

José Bové does an excellent job of explaining exactly what he wants the French to aspire to (hint: $1600 monthly salary and compost toilets) as he proudly shows off the medieval style living conditions of his home and farm to gullible French journalists.

I always knew he was a faggot

French Presidential candidate François Bayrou read and appreciated Cindy Sheehan's "Peace Mom". Il en a parlé sur le plateau de Anal Plus.

Spanking their Monkeys

The way you do a poll that sees air in Europe is to flatter and indulge the reader, and in effect, rigging up the outcome. A “world” public opinion poll excluded Americans from answering questions about the US, but asked Europeans questions about Europe.

A majority of people polled for the BBC World Service across 27 countries believe Israel and Iran have a mainly negative influence in the world with almost as many saying the same about North Korea and the United States.
The outcome is obvious, and the BBC will flog it on the air for a good solid week without revealing the fact that it was ginned-up.
Canada, Japan, the European Union, and France were judged most positively. Britain, China, and India received more positive than negative evaluations while Russia was viewed slightly more negatively than positively.
Of course they’ll flog the results on the World Service for 3 days, and try to keep the story alive tomorrow a few days after that by doing a story about their own poll.
Opinions about Venezuela were evenly divided.
Of course they were, all things, ALWAYS being equivalent equal... but it isn’t very hard to explain:
They met, fell in love and had four children. But their story has horrified Germany. They are brother and sister, separated at birth and reunited years later.
The writer goes on to explain in the money quote:
And their story is astonishingly common.

- H/T to Georges

It might sound like the rant of an anti-American foaming at the mouth,

except for the fact that it’s not about America, and that it’s true:

In five decades of France-Africa summits, France has offered continued material and military aid to prop up unelected leaders, some of whom have been around for decades thanks to elections that have largely become a mockery of democracy.

FRENCH COMPANIES are equally guilty. For instance, Elf Aquitaine has been closely related to the enduring system of Franco-African relations, “Francafrique.”

Beyond the formal institutions, “Francafrique” worked through a system of international clientelism, combining corruption and force, economic, political and social exchanges, and public and private relations.
and right after their latest lecture promoting their faux euro-humanism to the rest of the world, they’ll be heading back down to the plantation to see what the Pinkertons of their state-run industries can wring out of those people getting “too many concessions.”

Monday, March 05, 2007

Le rayonnement de la Fwance

Terrorist dry runs emanating from Paris.

Chiraq and his Jagged Little Pill

After Chiraq boasting that France would be showing off a Viagra-like "rock-hard firmness" with regards to WTO talks, Dominique de Villepin today declared that France had no intention of blocking negotiations but intended to "re-establish some common sense".

100% hyper-marrant

50% Djian, 50% Rabelais. La France a grand besoin d'écrivains décomplexés comme Le Chaffeur de Limousine.


The Presidential campaign of the globally reknowned globophobe, vandal, and McDonald's demolition expert, José Bové©®, is not making much of an impression back home.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Only 45% of the French want to work more to earn more.

As if that’s all bad. But for some bad is never bad enough. Le Monde publishes the result of a survey not so much on an attitude towards work, by on philosophizing about the concept of thinking about work... or something:

A majority of the French (53%) want to have “their current working hours guaranteed by law” rather than “to be able to work more to earn more” (45%), as proposed by UMP presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, according to a LH2 survey for [the magazine] 20 minutes and [talk radio operation] RMC published on Friday March 2nd.

Asked about their definition of work, 78% of the people surveyed saw it as “a way to earn a living”, ahead of being “an important value to pass on to your children” (63%), “a source of wealth” (42%), “the way to being useful to your employer” (28%), “a source of pride” (21%).

[work is] “A PLACE OF INJUSTICE” to 5% of those surveyed.

Only a minority of the French regards work as “a source of inequality” (9%), “serious constraint” (5%) and “a place of injustice” (5%). The total of the percentages is higher than 100 because multiple responses were possible with question about work.
I’ll leave the heavy editorializing to your imaginations, dear reader, but consider the spin: 45% is still a lot of people, particularly in a society that has talked itself in circles and has had two generations of Socialist bunkum sold to them as an essential morality to the exclusion of all others.

Imagine a place for a moment where the society tells you what to do with a basic matter of personal choice like whether or not you want to work hard of your own free will.

EU policy hostage to French radical anti-Americanism

The EU looks more and more like an unmanned drone.

Is it because French elections are for the birds?

... ou plutôt parce que les fwançais sont des pigeons ? Danish artist "Lord B" enters his parrot in the French Presidential election.

They’re in Their Happy Place

It looks like the EU finally found the place to drone on about their imaginary problems.

The European Union is looking into entering the virtual world and opening up an office in Second Life - an increasingly popular internet-based virtual world - which the Swedish government and the French presidential candidates have already entered.

"It is certainly an idea we are looking into," commission spokesman Mikolaj Dowgielewicz told EUobserver.

"But we do not have enough people dealing with the internet - we could but they are bogged down with other work such as for the EU's 50th birthday,"
It gets even more ridiculous. Far from “experimenting” with alternate universes, it turns out people are being as stupefyingly predictable in Second Life as they are in meat-space:
the socialist Segolene Royal, centre-right Nicolas Sarkozy and far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen - have all opened election headquarters in Second Life sharing out free pizza slices and t-shirts while promoting their campaign.

However, the presence of Le Pen's anti-immigration, ultra-nationalist National Front has proved particularly divisive among virtual users, some of whom protested outside the party's first headquarters until it moved.