Monday, November 07, 2005

It's a Muslim theocracy!

A very productive night for the new French powers-that-be. 1408 torched vehicles, 395 arrests, and one fatwa.

A social club was burned down in Aulnay-sous-Bois and a pharmaceutical warehouse was torched in Suresnes. A 3000m2 producton studio on the banks of the Seine was partially burned in Asnières-sur-Seine.

Other regions of France suffered increased attacks : Le Havre, à Rouen, Nantes, Blois, Tours, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colmar were particularly affected. 2 churches were torched; Saint-Edouard in Lens and one in Sète. Schools in Nantes, Strasbourg, Lille, and two in Saint-Etienne were targeted by arson attacks. A police stations in Clermont Ferrand was totally destroyed and another one was smashed by a vehicle in Moulin-à-Vent.

Early in the evening a sick and weak looking Jack Chiraq made some empty French party line declarations about the law (whatever that is) having the last word in this country (sic). Just looking at him, one has to wonder if Chiraq is all there. Vilepine then announced an umpteenth increase in police presence and said that on Monday he would announce measures to encourage equal rights.

More importantly, and to the point, the Union of Islamic Organisations of France issued a fatwa ordering young Muslims to calm themselves and to meditate. The Union also included a statement which squarely places the responsibility of the riots on failed French policies regarding immigration and minorities.

So we see where Vilepine got the order to draw up his new measures.

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