Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tout ça car Ali Bou Baba de Clichy-sous-Bois n'arrive pas à trouver un djob

The Bureau International du Travail (International Labour Office) claims that job hiring discrimination is widespread and systematic in France.

Violent America vs.

Peaceful, Wonderful France, of course:

On February 13, 2007, French anchor Patrick Poivre d'Arvor - kind of the French Dan Rather - introduced the news of the shootings in Philadelphia, PA and Salt Lake City, UT,
The argument is even easier to make when you magically triple a bad statistic.
The conclusion: 4 dead. 4 victims among the 33 000 people who die every year in the United States, killed by a firearm.
The actual figure is 8 259. The firearm death, and not the murder rate was approaching 33 000, which included suicides and manslaughters had its’ peak under the “Clinton Junta.” I guess they couln't stop thinking about tomorrow.

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Maybe after the elections around the same time that pigs start flying

The European Commission's Eurostat seems to think that France's INSEE (French State Goskomstat-like body) is gaming the system and should be more independant.

Why Chain the Poor to their Roots?

...and environmentalists would do this for their moral vanity and their own pocketbooks. Where for they got off sailing through life on the backs of the genuinely productive.

Brough to you by the Moving Picture Institute that has some very entertaining projects on the way.

Along those lines, Scott Burgess asks: Do you have a flair for telling other people how to live? Visit the Daily Ablution daily, and tell ‘em ¡No Pasarán! sent you.

America’s thankless job

This simply means that, the US is not exactly a nightmarish country with devilish imperialist policies as Hugo Chavez, the demagogue president of Venezuela and others are portraying her to be. For if the US was reduced to only the negative things that sadly even some Americans and in chief, the Democrats are always claiming, people the world over will not be thronging to her, as it is currently the case. Even the hordes of Latin Americans who are now demonstrating on the George W. Bush tour of the region and are shamelessly and stupidly comparing him to Adolf Hitler, are in their numbers wanting to go the US.
writes Elie B. Smith at the AfricaPath journal, who finds little depth and a great deal of transparency in the venom directed at the notion of the United States, calling her an “indispensable World helper,” not deserving of the treatment it’s given.
When the US went to Afghanistan to flush out the medieval government of the Taliban there were some who cried, but now America wants to reduce her troops and have asked others to take up larger share of the responsibility, but there is an out cry. More France is even withdrawing her troops in Afghanistan. The lead vocalists against America are those so-called Peace activists who are in reality merchants of illusions who privately appreciate America but publicly decry and tarnishes her noble job around the world.

Tell a Shiite or Kurdish Iraqi or even a southern Sudanese to accept those audacious and odious statements peddle around against America, he/she will have the one uttering such statements for supper, for they know and appreciates the true loving America, that is ignored and ridiculed by some Liberals (US Democrats included) and Islamists today. America is a great country and it must be made known without any fear or shame.
Read on. He cites some excellent examples of how elites have constructed and exploited that anger while benefiting from the largess of American private and governmental generosity. It should come as no surprise that after decades of apparent invective, that many Americans find such aid which comes at the expense of helping far needier people who don’t have the same emotional difficulties with the US rather naïve.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Is this far back enough?

Paris plans its retreat.

Borloo Fan Club

After another anti-property law hits the books (thanks to employment minister Jean-Louis Borloo), members of the Borloo Fan Club try to celebrate both at a popular NGO and at the housing ministry (where the BAF cameraman is blocked inside the security doors and scolded by a functionary to the tune of the message, "you should be ashamed of yourself for making pranks while the minister is working for the French people").

Europe's growing infidelophobia crisis

Inverted French values spreading through Old Europe.

Old Europe... it ain't what it used to be...

Alors, comme ça les supporteurs de José persistent mais ne signent pas ?

José Bové©® menace le PS d'un démontage du côté de Solférino.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


"Je pense en conscience que Ségolène Royal ne doit pas devenir présidente de la République. Je ne le souhaite pas pour mon pays. Je le redoute pour mes enfants."
-- Eric Besson, l'ancien secrétaire national à l'économie du PS.

Inverted French Jungle Fever

Utrecht neighborhood closed off to non-residents as Dutch youths continue rioting.

'... une authenticité qui n'appartient qu'à ceux qui naissent dans un bunker.' -Suprême NTM

Pay as you exit

Guess who is going to try to sneak out the back door of the Elysée Palace?

Jungle Boogie Redux Sauerkraut Special: German youths on the rampage!

Violence and anti-German racism by German youths are featured in Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine. Anti-German racism by German youths? Sounds very much like the Anti-French racism by French youths which very quickly became a taboo topic in these parts and is now banned from the pages of Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine.

Mais non ! Sa haine contre les USA est née le jour il a perdu sa concession 'Roi du couscous' à Eurodisney

He grew angry at the USA when he lost his job as a Ron Jeremy body double.

Inverted European Jungle Boogie

Inverted Paris style riots in the Netherlands. France's new intra-European export. Quel rayonnement !

‘Lullabies from the Axis of Evil’

Call it a killer sales gimmick:

The story was repeated in dozens of Scandinavian newspapers: Bush bans CD featuring Swede Eva Dahlgren.

[ ... ]

The only problem with this story: it was entirely false.
Her fans, (both of you know who you are...) are sure to be disillusioned.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

That's the Way to Do It!…

Meet Lisa Benson

Caption contest


Behold a “blog” that does a poor job as a news aggregator, and writes not one phrase of its’ own lists these as a set of principals:

To encourage a world, where globalization is not only about homogeneity and standardization, but also about diversity and cooperation.

To cover local events that are ignored or poorly covered by the corporate media.

To provide edited print stories, audio and video of the above on the Internet for independent media contacts, thought leaders, and the general public

To favor a strict separation between state and religion.

To oppose all radical religious movements and violence associated with these movements.

To support democratically elected governments

To oppose war as a solution for solving conflicts

To facilitate the networking and coordination of like minded individuals for the coverage of local events as well as the gathering of information about events to be covered

To provide links to a broad spectrum of news resources, including the alternative media, activist, and research groups

To seek out and provide coverage on the global reason's for social, economic, and environmental problems, as seen from the perspective of those that are most affected by these problems

To encourage, facilitate, and support the creation of a global system of independent newsgathering organizations
It’s said that in blogging that there are linkers and thinkers. Most people fall somewhere in between. Not only are they not in the category of thinkers, their blog does absolutely nothing they sat out to do. All of their stuff comes off of the wires, and they don’t even write titles or introductory lead-ins to state their favoring “a strict separation between state and religion”, “cover local events” (which is pointless task for a continental-minded outfit to even attempt,) or “encourage a world, where globalization is not only about homogeneity and standardization, but also about diversity and cooperation.”

If a transnational socialistic superstate is about anything, it is about creating homogeneity in law, society, and everything else. That a blog about it is as disengaged and has the air of never having been touched by a human hand should come as no surprise.

All the news that’s fit to link? When it comes to “truthiness”, it’s hard to beat:
The only problem is that France doesn't have a "happy-slapping" issue.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Unsurprisingly, an imaginary universe has a lot of appeal to them.

Joining a business that sells sex toys,

The European Union is looking into entering the virtual world and opening up an office in Second Life - an increasingly popular internet-based virtual world - which the Swedish government and the French presidential candidates have already entered.
Why there’s even some imaginary political strife to give them something to pretend to believe in and even a way to amuse themselves too. It’s all so very continental.

The amusing part is that the story isn't quite dead yet.

Les escrocs ne sont plus mariés


From Bowling Green to the Green Zone

Eugene Schlanger's September 11 Wall Street Sonnets and Other New York City Poems from Editions Underbahn is now available from The Wall Street Journal's bookstore. ... and more pics have come in from Baghdad's Green Zone.

French poverty is a USA conspiracy

French talking heads, pundits and pédébloggeurs are in extasy every time some Nobel Peace Prize winner blurts out conspiratorial bullshit or other hysterical attacks directed at the US. When Nobel Economics winners tell the French to get off their duffs and start creating some value, they are ignored.

Partying Like It’s 1939

This is what socialism gets you: October 2005

I hope you can get past the use of an excellent Freddy Mercury song.

- found by Hervé who is one
seriously shrewd bastard.

Hey, You

Yeah, you in the panda costume dressing your kids up like butterflies... There’s no fine-tuning knob on the sun.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Finally Noticing the World Outside

That hideous social reality... they made bally cry.

A flyweight punching above his weight

Kind of like his shitty little country.

It was all fake

L'imposture de Chirak.

De préférence la gueule ouverte dans sa propre merde

The French preSS is surprised that in the USA nobody gives a shit about Chiraq hitting the bricks.

It would be wrong to suggest that this crisis is only an economic one; the Islamist war is now seething on French soil. But we have no doubt that the way forward for France has much to do with the economic principles that have been proven in America in the Age of Reagan. It was tragic for Mr. Chirac that he failed to see this, but these ideas of liberty are — as President Bush might point out — universal and await whoever in France will have the courage to seize them.

De préférence la gueule ouverte

"Il me manque déjà" dit de Villepin au sujet de Chirak. Moi, je dis "Qu'il crève !"

Doing What They Do Best

Behold a perfect metaphor for their International Policy. Two performance artists come from France to “express themselves” in Rapid City, South Dakota:

After stripping off their grubby clothes, the pair gobbled potato chips and spit them on the crowd, vomited into a filthy commode and threw around fake feces and urine before being shut down about a half hour into what was to be a 45-minute performance.

Costes, a French performance art duo consisting of one 50-something man, Jean-Louis Costes, and a 20-something woman, Lisou Prout, were the fourth act of five scheduled to perform Wednesday at the Dahl.
Naturally, there had to be a “concept” – one which, as usual, leads to the wise übermenschen of the continent treating others like they’re a different, lesser species.
It was all in French, but people who saw it said it was basically a depiction of American life from birth to death, portrayed in the most extreme way possible.
Michelle Malkin has more.

A Religious War Against a Contrived Enemy

To quote one of our more unselfconscious trolls:

Our latest nuclear submarines can dispatch 90 million Americans million from the East coast off to paradise.

I offer this example based on the question Michel Druker of French TV posed to the [French] chief of subsurface naval warfare “so that the missiles reach the USA?” It was not China, Iran, or Russia, but clearly the USA.
In other words a nation suspected of possibly going to war over resources to keep its’ massive population occupied, a economically defunct theocracy that supports terrorist sleeper cells in Europe’s cities, and a nation ritually making thinly veiled threats to Europe’s energy supplies in winter. No. The fantasies are of nuking the nation that acts as their bodyguard guaranteeing their safety, precluding them from the need to engage in the ugliest tasks of geopolitics, making the sea-lanes safe, and the financial environment stable enough for them to peddle their overpriced rubbish all over the third world, and have the luxury of imagining themselves dueling with windmills.

I'm sure Freud had a name for it.

Drucker is among those uniquely European media phenomena – one of those variety/talk show hosts who is equally unqualified to do a serious interview as they are to have a conversation based on cringing flattery with a third rate bubble-gum band or B actor.

The « Sandalista’s » Dillema

The love of their old squinting and mumbling hero of their violent youthful fantasies has brought the arthritic left a conundrum: Daniel Ortega made abortion illegal, and the EU has threatened to cut off aid to the leftists’ erstwhile holy land of Nicaragua in retaliation.

Can someone say sovereignty? Or perhaps call it ham-fisted “social justice” action?

It’s odd, really. During the Iraq war, Euro-sophists kept telling us that it was not for the US to impose its values on the world and that it was up to Iraqis to decide their own future. Fair enough. So why is it that, when it comes to hectoring Africans about the death penalty, or ordering South Americans to form a supra-national bloc in mimicry of the EU, or insisting that abortion be made easier, Brussels suddenly comes over all colonialist?

If abortion is a fundamental human right, why isn’t parliamentary democracy? If the EU can demand the former in Nicaragua, why can’t the US demand the latter in Cuba?

Perhaps the answer is that Brussels has never been all that keen on democracy.

- Kudos to a good friend
of this blog, Stavn

Sunday, March 11, 2007

It’s become a daily event

While getting intensely worked up about transatlantic passenger data, Europeans persist in monitoring ISPs, telephone calls, and emails for no clear reason. When they impose even more sever measures with less oversight, there is a refusal to admit to the outrage they reserved for American authorities monitoring the communications of people with hostile intent to Europeans and Americans alike.

It makes no difference – the goal is to find an authority figure to hate. Since Europeans feel foolish doing this with other Europeans, the US comes in quite handy. It’s petty and hateful, and causes many to persistently raise the meaningless to the level of “news”:

(Reuters) - Mayan leaders will spiritually "cleanse" ancient ruins in Guatemala after a visit by U.S. President George W. Bush, unpopular here because of foreign policies going back to Central America's civil wars.

The leaders said they would hold a spiritual ceremony to restore "peace and harmony" at the Mayan ruins of Iximche after Bush tours the site on Monday.

"No, Mr. Bush, you cannot trample and degrade the memory of our ancestors," said indigenous leader Rodolfo Pocop during a press conference. "This is not your ranch in Texas."
How his memories of his ancestors is degraded is unclear. Despite the fact that they were decimated by Spaniards, some flunky panders to the ideologically predictable world press, and the press can’t but wait to dish it up to an eager European public to eat it up.

Reuters also seems to forget how the word “new” figures into the word “news”:
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, Washington's principal antagonist in Latin America, has called Bush "the devil" and at a United Nations debate last year said the U.S. leader left a smell of sulfur lingering in the room behind him.
But it doesn’t matter. It’s reporting without purpose, but does a nice job of tacitly describing the real story: people whining about America need to get over themselves, stop dwelling on an imaginary enemy they’ve created, and get out of the tight little shells they built around themselves.