Saturday, July 17, 2010

Social Justice for Unsucessful Criminals! Now!

Guess which tense, developing nation, riddled with barbaric secterianism this took place in, and get a Chinese knock-off kewpie doll.
Rioters burned cars, attacked a tramway and shot at police in the xxxxxx city of xxxxxxxx overnight in protest at the death of a local Muslim man, identified as 27-year- old Karim Boudouda, fleeing police after allegedly holding up the city's casino.
In the screwed up world of post-rational European nihilism, scratching your chin and opining about this stuff is considered sociologically interesting, and a good use of a social thinker's time.

Anyone thinking clearly, without the intervention of political conditioning about "social sensitivities" will see it cultural backwardness imported from a failed, third world society.
Police said they intervened after local residents stopped a tramway by setting a fire on the rails and stoned it. At least 50 cars were burned and police said they were shot at once and returned fire.

Oh, but to Channel the Gauche Caviar

What ho!

You know, I rather think I agree with those poet-and-philosopher Johnnies who insist that a fellow ought to be devilish pleased if he has a bit of trouble.

All that stuff about being refined by suffering, you know. Suffering does give a chap a sort of broader and more sympathetic outlook. It helps you to understand other people's misfortunes if you've been through the same thing yourself. As I stood in my lonely bedroom at the hotel, trying to tie my white tie myself, it struck me for the first time that there must be whole squads of chappies in the world who had to get along without a man to look after them. I'd always thought of Jeeves as a kind of natural phenomenon; but, by Jove! of course, when you come to think of it, there must be quite a lot of fellows who have to press their own clothes themselves and haven't got anybody to bring them tea in the morning, and so on. It was rather a solemn thought, don't you know. I mean to say, ever since then I've been able to appreciate the frightful privations the poor have to stick.

- P. G. Wodehouse, “My Man Jeeves”

Friday, July 16, 2010

Top Obama Adviser Admits to the French that the July 2011 Withdrawal Date From Afghanistan Is Not to Be Taken Seriously, Being Purely Symbolic

In an interview with Le Monde's Sylvie Kauffmann and Gilles Paris during the National Security Advisor's brief stay in Paris, James Jones stated, rather unequivocally, that "the month of July 2011 will not signal the big departure of our forces" from Afghanistan (emphasis mine), adding, again rather unequivocally, that it is only a symbolic date (symbolic à la "positiveness", à la "new direction", à la "hope 'n' change", etc): "July 2011, that is a date to give us hope, that of being able to pull back some troops — the exact number is not predetermined — to show the Afghans as well as our own citizens, a new direction, a positive one, so that one day the responsibility for Afghanistan will revert to Afghan citizens."
Peut-on dire à la fois "nous allons gagner en Afghanistan" et "nous allons partir" ?

Vous avez oublié un mot : nous allons partir éventuellement. Ce qu'il faut bien comprendre, c'est que le mois de juillet 2011 ne marquera pas le grand départ de nos forces. C'est la période où nous pensons que nous pourrons transférer plus de responsabilités aux autorités afghanes. Il est raisonnable d'espérer qu'après dix ans de présence les Afghans puissent prendre en main leur destin. Il est impossible de se résigner à rester en Afghanistan une vingtaine d'années. Juillet 2011, ça nous donne un espoir, celui de pouvoir retirer quelques forces — le chiffre n'est pas prédéterminé —, pour montrer aux Afghans et à nos propres citoyens une nouvelle direction, positive, pour qu'un jour la responsabilité de l'Afghanistan revienne aux citoyens afghans.

Sylvie Kauffmann and Gilles Paris: Can one say both "We will win in Afghanistan" and "we will leave" at the same time?

James Jones: You forgot one word: we will leave eventually. What you need to understand is the month of July 2011 will not mark the great departure of our forces. This is the period when we believe we will be able to transfer more responsibility to Afghan authorities. It is reasonable to expect, after ten years of presence in the country, that Afghans can take control of their destiny. It is inconceivable to resign yourself to stay in Afghanistan for twenty years or so. July 2011, that is a date that gives us hope, that of withdrawing some forces — the exact figure is not predetermined — to show the Afghans and our own citizens a new direction, one of a positive kind, that one day the responsibility for Afghanistan will revert to Afghan citizens.

See also an interview with a French general: McChrystal Ripple: French General Also Is Summoned by Authorities to Cease Criticism of Obama's Strategy and of the "American" War

The government calls it "sealed management."

BEIJING – The government calls it "sealed management." China's capital has started gating and locking some of its lower-income neighborhoods overnight, with police or security checking identification papers around the clock, in a throwback to an older style of control.
Erm... NOT. It’s more of that “colonialism of the mind” crap imported from Europastani internment camps. You’ll note that Eye-talians found themselves doing the same thing.
The gated villages are the latest indignity for China's migrant workers, who already face limited access to schooling and government services and are routinely blamed by city folk for rising crime. Used to the hardship of the farm and the lack of privilege, migrants seem to be taking the new controls in their stride.
Which, as I understand it, is even worse than the Arizona of the left’s imaginary dystopia. I wonder, does the fact that they are avec-papiers and citizens make it okay, lefty?
"Sealed management" looks like this: Gates are placed at the street and alley entrances to the villages, which are collections of walled compounds sprinkled with shops and outdoor vendors. The gates are locked between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., except for one main entrance manned by security guards or police, there to check identification papers. Security guards roam the villages by day.
That, friends, is the China that the European Reducto ad Hitlerium Anti-American types won’t tell you about, or will imagine to be some sort of “social cohesion” paradise on earth. They seem to love every other kind of womb-like social incarceration otherwise, so why not this.

Maybe it says something about THEIR notion of the paradise on earth that they want for the “collectivist mass” (from which the generous and munificent intellectual may always get an equality-based, authority-granted exception from). After all you have that Isra-NaziApartheidSecurity”Separation”Wall to recreationally throw stones at.

Don’t get all sentimental about it, already.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

France Says It Has the Planet's Second Diplomatic Network Behind That of the United States

Nous restons, et resterons, le deuxième réseau du monde derrière les Etats-Unis
Foreign minister Bernard Kouchner answers a Le Monde op-ed by two former ministres des affaires étrangères (Alain Juppé and Hubert Védrine), criticizing the current state of affairs of the Quai d'Orsay, with his own op-ed in which he states, among other things, that "we remain, and we will remain, the second [diplomatic] network [on the planet] behind the United States".

Des Chinoiseries Arabe

Deep in the Eutopian ethno-bunker of Belleville, a sort of Bobo-land cum ‘hood, friction in the district of Paris, (inside the Périferique) is growing more familiar. The latest comes in the form of the Algerian proletariat sticking it to Chinese immigrants, who up until recently were more interested in getting ahead than competing in the race to achieve maximum victimhood, and thus handouts

”Regular Tension”

The tense scene is almost a regular event in the first Chinatown in the Arab world, where disputes are regular. "I never go out without my knife," reflects Chu Jung, a bricklayer, who arrived in Algeria three years ago.

"The Algerians are racists, but my business is looking great! Too bad the violence turned a small paradise for business into hell.”

A few months ago, clashes in the city, where buildings have sprouted like mushrooms, have nearly ended in a pitched battle. The Chinese Embassy has responded quickly and asked the Algerian authorities to ensure the security and oversight of this large village with over 300 Chinese families.
Not quite: there are more like 10 000 overseas Chinese in the area, and they are demanding, quite simply, that les flics do something about crime. Even non-residents have felt the heat:
Cases of Chinese tourists being robbed in Paris have happened time and time again, with even the vice-chairperson Uyunqimg of China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee having also been previously robbed during a visit to Paris.
So what do police do to “maintain the peace”? Fire tear gas at the Chinese immigrant protesters. After all, they know which klan runs Belleville.

Sort of a “Clash of Civilizations” thing which cannot be mocked for its’ foolish simplistic-ness, because of its rather real clash of civilizations, foolish simplistic nature and all.
Quiet at first, the demonstration degenerated and turned into an outright witchhunt for thugs.

Without the mobile police units, we would have had serious ethnic clashes in Paris. Believe me, I was there. Here is what we will not tell you in the national press.


...the bobos go about their business. No solidarity with fellow Chinese immigrants?
Very few whites in the demo. No blacks, no Arabs.


First incident. The guys on the right just busted the young Chinese guys’ face. He is the oriental type.
His assailants took flight. Suddenly, to my right, a band of thugs did not lose a second to get in on it. It will be a difficult day to live together.

The cops arrive and surround the victim. I try to learn more. A bobo journalist looks at the scene angrily. She tells the guy "Don’t add in the provocation, you have caused some too. "

A older Arab approached me:
"Why did they do that? Five against one, wow."
"Who did it, sir?"
"The Chinese. They did it."
And so on, and so forth. They really can’t all just get along, especially in that haven of diversity. The festivities continued with trash can fires, overturned cars, broken windows, and CS gas.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Titanic Piano

Obama's Falling Poll Numbers: The Logical Conclusion of the Leftists' Talking Points

Are you ready to accept your share of the blame for Obama's collapsing poll numbers? If only "spoiled Americans" would stop nitpicking his amazingly successful run as president, our country would be less child-like, or something like that.

In the face of ominous poll data splashed on the front page of today's Washington Post, libtalkers were in a tough position today. But only ultra-partisan Democratic Party crony Bill Press could manage to blame voters for Obama's failure to thrive.
If Bill Press's opinions (thanks to Instapundit) are (or if his meltdown is) taken to their/to its logical conclusion…

…then Americans should go through some sort of reeducation centers (or re-education camps) to be made to understand the good they are being bestowed, and to be made to refrain from criticizing (at least, not too much) the Spiritual Guide who is benevolently bestowing them upon us;

…then democracy should be curtailed and elections banned (polls as well, probably), at least temporarily, so that the benevolent Great Helmsman can implement his (benevolent) policies in the absence of obstacles from clueless idiots — be they common citizens or the unpatriotic naysayers in the opposition;

…in fact, then Barack Obama should be allowed to dictate his (benevolent) policies to the nation (the nation of clueless clods who are preventing him from carrying those dashing avant-garde ideas of his through to completion).

Of course, Bill Press is not saying this — he might even deny, quite sincerely, saying anything to that effect if he were told so in those exact words; still, this is inescapably the end result if his "viewpoints" are taken to their logical conclusion…

(And liberals, leftists, and statists wonder why, and think we are exaggerating when, some of us issue warnings about socialism and when we warn about it being a path to tyranny?!)

Update: thanks to Instapundit (again)…

Related: The Only Good Woman Is a Leftist Woman

Thoughts for Bastile Day


There's no point for a nation to celebrate freedom when they've largely abandoned any modicum of love they have for it a long time ago.

As EU Implements a Diplomatic Service, Eastern European Diplomats Are Snubbed for Not Agreeing on a Rosy View of Russia

« La frustration est particulièrement forte en matière de relations extérieures, constate un responsable polonais, le recrutement de nos ressortissants a été bloqué par crainte de leur russophobie présumée. »

As the European Union starts implementing a union-wide diplomatic service, writes Philippe Ricard in Le Monde, with 6,000 positions to fill, diplomats from Eastern and Central Europe feel left out. With the singular exception of Poland's Jerzy Buzek, elected head of the European Parliament in July 2009, only an infinitely small number of Eastern and Central Europeans have been nominated to fill one of the 136 European delegations throughout the world.

And the reason for the stiffing, it is believed, is because the alleged Russophobia of the former Warsaw Pact countries prevents them from seeing their Russian neighbor in a rosy enough light…

Allons Enfants

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

U.S. History Lesson for Minorities

American heroes you may not have heard of — and why not…

That Inconvenient Truth

Just call him Mr. Natural:

"There are, besides, eternal truths, such as Freedom, Justice, etc. that are common to all states of society. But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience."

- The Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Almost as Good as “Confusius Say”...

...and also largely true of the EU’s behavior when it comes to trying to match up to their ambitions to be a big, barking bow-wow on the world stage™©®

Cunning and treachery are the offspring of incapacity.

- François duc de La Rochefoucauld, Sentences and Moral Maxims

Then again, you can always try starting with lowering people’s expectations of what “superpower” means.

From dictating the size of Coke bottles to dissuading Iran from pursuing its nuclear ambitions, the EU has arrived as a force to be reckoned with in the world.
Ooh! Can you feel the Pow-ah!
In reflection, it really is rather funny, and rather consistent with Rochefoucauld’s understanding of incapacity being the mother of mendacity.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Confusion in the Grand Confederation of Ethno-Statelets

Where saying that you’re really neo-nationalistic and post-gravitational remains a fashionable intellectual palliative.

Union fails most vital test of a democracy

There is no overlap between the space in which people believe they have something to say (which, like it or not, is and will remain the space of nation-states) and the space in which more and more decisions are being made, decisions that are increasingly unpopular.
says José Manuel Fernandes.
The European Union is failing the most vital test of a democracy: it doesn’t know how to replace its own government by peaceful means. The European Parliament can, of course, dismiss the Commission, but it can’t dismiss the Council, nor does anyone think about who will be the next president of the Commission whilst voting for members of the European Parliament.
If you use history (mostly unimaginably bloody,) this is perfectly normal for the continent.