Thursday, November 10, 2005

It’s must be the rehab talking

Former drug-addled footballer and leftist idiot Diego Maradona is doing the least challenging, least mentally taxing thing and trying to out do all those Hollywood types by being a thoughtless leftist with Bush Derangement syndrome. Corbusier has an excellent summary of this playground chavista idiot and admirer of an old repressive murderer.

But to really be thoughtless you have to be like this quasi-radical mall punk to admire Maradona for his thoughtless hatreds and hypocracy. He calls himself “a bulldog” but admires an anti-globalization twit because he wore a “Stop Bush” T-shirt. Now there’s a brave and surprising cause. What's amazing is that Maradona gets $10 million per year in endorsements, and somehow rationalizes a hatred of these multi-nationals.

He clearly didn’t read ¡No Pasaràn! or even seem to even notice our masthead when he wrote to us wanting to exchange links.

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