Thursday, November 10, 2005

Not what they were hoping for, I’m sure

Bravo! Les “premiers répondeurs.”

The BBC was interviewing a spokesman for Synergie, the police officers’ union in France on Monday morning, and I couldn’t help but notice this little exchange regarding the history of disturbances in the suburban slums. After some discussion the following exchange came up:

Beebster: So do you think that the French are racist?
Spokesman: No, definitely not. These are serious social problems.

[ . . . ]

Race is not the only thing. The Americans understand this.

(said it in a tone which almost sounded like he wanted to say: you simpleton, race isn’t everything. Cut it out, will ya?...)

Bravo. Their leadership doesn’t look like they are sure what to do, the population is generally so bizarre, all they can do is think of them as les poulets, rioting gang are shooting at them and pelting them with Molotov cocktails... Sheesh.

They know well enough what the lefty organized-labor and media blackmail operations will make of the first paper cut that seems out of order - It’ll turn into a festival of infantile Police-bashing.

The Beebster spoke with the same lack of imagination as a CNN anchor (I'm told by a reader) who around 22h New York time, referred to the two guys who were electrocuted as "african-americans."

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