Saturday, February 02, 2008

Only if we can Carpet-Bomb Your Cities Twice

After months of glorifying Obama, European media have tried to portray his losses to New York Senator Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Nevada as part of an elaborate conspiracy to keep a black man from becoming the 44th president of the United States.
Brussels Journal has a Obamarama Euro-press roundup which proves again how naïve the scribblers of the continent really are, thinking that they can somehow wish an American candidate into office, even if they don’t know why.

The way Americans conduct their elections is still none of the business of Europeans, no matted how much they rationalize to the contrary. The very notion that they even suggest this to themselves tells you just how unfamiliar they are with the concept of national sovereignty and what makes a society’s pluralism legitimate.

The Obamarama is also looking a little Obamaphobic, considering what the lazy speed-bumps of the European press which is so reflexively critical of any event that happens in the US, even if they previously seemed to want it. Most of all, they would temporarily (for maybe a week or two) lose the fig leaf behind which they would hide their irrational hatred, as:
The [European] Left, which likes to attribute to the United States an imperialist foreign policy and discrimination against blacks and Hispanics, is not as happy about the rise of Obama as one would expect. On sending the message that they are ready to elect an African American, a part of American society is exhibiting an attitude much less prejudiced than is commonly attributed to this country.
In other words, they REALLY need someone to hate for fear of noticing their own prejudice, weakness, their patronizing concept of race as a personality feature, and frankly, the only reason they really have to think that their deluded world view even matters.

What do you expect from people who want to internationalize courts for no clear reason, and undermine a law body’s legitimacy as a feature of something that a society agrees to put on itself? After all, why would they objected to Serbs wanting to try Milosevic under Serbian law? To “Internationalize” the joy of frying him under laws decoupled from those he harmed in the nation that he harmed them in?

In the mean time, the doochie continues to be passed by the left hand side:
In an 800-word rant titled ‘American Primary System Fails to Impress Europeans’, Deutsche Welle implies that if Germans cannot help Americans vote Obama into office, then the US political system itself must be flawed. DW asserts that American democracy is “atavistic. It’s outdated. It doesn’t really reflect democracy in a modern sense.” The story goes on to say that America would be better off if it adopted a parliamentary system, just like the one in (surprise, surprise) Germany.
One which like the EU involves forming a nation without the concent of the population, and an unelected EU "President"... That is when they aren't dusting pluralism and democracy under the rug with such a promising and inspiring start.

Plowing Berlin’s History Under

Berlin’s Tempelhof airport, a facility relevant to the history of the city, the 2nd World War, and the Berlin airlift is imperiled by the wrecking ball. If you can sign the petition, I urge you do so.

Ironically, I will help save an artifact meaningful not just to German history, to Berlin’s past, and to the cold war, but to American history as well.

Most importantly the Airport is a reminder of a contentious phase in the struggle for freedom from tyranny in the 20th century and asks one to reflect on a time when former enemies became friends. “Operation Vittles” as it was known, sustained the still war-ravaged population of over 2 million west Berliners that was surrounded and threatened by the Red Army by flying in everything from food and clothing to medical support and heating fuel. Oddly enough, in the years since postwar reconstruction, very little has physically changed in the immediate neighborhood around Tempelhof, preserving on a large scale the look and the feel of alt-Berlin. That of the style of street layout, the courtyard apartments, even the simplicity of form that the nearby U-bahn stations had about them, and still do.

Observing Herrman has more.

- Note too that when in Berlin a visit
to the recently established Allied Museum (in the
former Army, US MWR movie theater) is worth every moment.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Bent over by Brussels

It looks like the EUvian love-parade is starting out by visit the member-states
paper mills.

The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) said the trading scheme will take £750m out of the European paper industry, effectively wiping out its annual profits.
Next thing you know, the cadres will be hanging banners saying “Property Is Theft”.

I Have a Study That I did Proving that I’m an Umbrella

Really. Never mind the pretense of good intentions, and look at how the spin is spun. It starts with this:

The US Trails Behind on Humanitarian Aid
Scary, hunh? Sure sounds that way. It was the derived conclusion found in a study of what’s called the “Humanitarian Response Index” done by an outfit called “Development Assistance Research Associates” which places the US at number 16.

It turns out that DARA is a Spanish government spin-off that gets its’ funds from the same “look at me, I giving this poor waif a cracker” operations doing something contractual and functional for them like management and working up studies. They are: The Spanish Government, The EU, The UN.

Now, take a look at what that “Humanitarian Response Index” registers. One would think that it has something to do directly with feeding, clothing, protecting, providing medical care... think again:
The established categories and their respective weights in the Index are as follows:
1. Responding to humanitarian needs (30%)
2. Integrating relief and development (20%)
3. Working with humanitarian partners (20%)
4. Implementing international guiding principles (15%)
5. Promoting learning and accountability (15%)
They gage MANAGEMENT, not AID. If they did, they would have to innumerate the heartlessness of most the people listed in their hall ‘o fame.

In other words, the services that DARA offers under contract using nebulous immeasurable indexes like “promoting” something and “partnering”. Stupider still they list among donating nations transnational bodies like the European Commission that aggregate member states’ activities which are also listed. It’s part of the same old gang-bang: Europeans may list themselves individually to pad it with names, and as the EC or EU to pad the scale. It’s no different that the occasional comparison of the population and economy of California to that of France, except in one way: we do it for fun. Americans don’t build news stories and statistical benchmarks that are supposed to be taken seriously. In fact most frequently, the references are used in the context of light entertainment and comedy. Would any EU member state care to compare itself to a US state, knowing that it only represents PART of a nation that they terminally fixated on? Not likely.

Then they dress it us as actually being the aid that they make a living off of managing. Nice trick. Better still the goal in any event is to win a beauty contest of apparent compassion, not with those needing aid, but the public and the repugnant elite at home that think that this sort of index reflects on their own generosity as a society.

But if you want to take the actual rankings seriously, one finds that the greatest difference is still WITHIN the Euro-pantheon of eternal goodness tells you a great deal more about what’s going on. In any event, there is a 18% difference in the indexed score of the 5 low-population European states with everyone below them. The difference between the large states are far more telling. Averaging the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy who in aggregate have a larger population that the US, and also represent the overwhelming majority of the scale of Europe’s people places them greatly below the US. But somehow you still get:
The US Trails Behind on Humanitarian Aid
Yes. Yes. Of course. Tossed in among the other items studied with the same depth in the newspaper... Look here Karl-Heinz, a sale at karstadt!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hurry! While Supplies Last!

Thank you very much for the prompt and efficient delivery of my stunning new clock. It is a wonder in plastic. Not only is it deafeningly loud but completely fails to colour co-ordinate with anything in my bedroom. Marvellous!
I would still beware the ticking.

Historically Speaking, It’s Par for the Course

It must be something in the water. On the most basic level, very few European politicos are aware of their false modesty, their unsubstantiated claims of having some sort of superlative humanism, and their hypocritical criticism of any other culture’s notion of having rights or the state of their political freedom.

I have come to expect hypersensitivity to criticism, flouting of rules, intolerance of dissent, authoritarianism. But nothing had prepared me for such blatancy.

Hans-Gert openly admitted that the behaviour of his Euro-sceptic opponents was within the rules. And he wasn’t asking to change those rules – a procedure that would take time. No, he simply wanted permission to disregard them. Permission was duly granted, by 20 committee votes to 3.
Never mind what they say, watch what they do. Their impulse is toward despotism. Next thing you’ll know, they’ll get nostalgic for a pogrom.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Layoff the SocGen

Moochers of the World, Unite!

It seems that South American Marxists are beating off so much to their own anti-American chants, that the thrill is lost in all their confusion:

Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua, joined Chávez in his criticism of U.S.-style capitalism, saying "the dictatorship" of global capitalism "has lost control." Three days earlier, Ortega had shouted "Long live the U.S. government" as he inaugurated an American-financed section of highway in his country.

- And the hat tip goes to Mister Happy,
who like Daniel Ortega can be bought.

We Shiver Before Gaia

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Let’s say you’re Europe. Let’s say you want to intervene in Darfur. Let’s say that even after dithering for 4 years, you’re mad that the Sudanese government is not inviting you in. Let’s say you don’t have the temerity to invade, in spite of death or walking through the desert being the only way out. How do you get them to act? Here’s a hint: not like this.

They’ve got Fruits and Nuts. You May NOT Take Your Pick.

Further the theme of truly eliminating bio-diversity, there are some humanoids out there looking to thin the herd. The human herd, that is – and they have it in for a Bishop.

After being asked "what is your opinion of homosexuality," by the Spanish newspaper La Opinion de Tenerife, the Bishop stated that people who had the condition for "physiological" reasons were deserving of respect, but went on to say that "it is another question if homosexuality is or isn't a virtue."
That, apparently, is enough to get you sued. Using the court as an instrument, non-authorities can play thought police – which is funny when you think about how these people who seem to hate authority so much seem to use it rather brutally.
The FELGT's complaint follows another similar complaint the group made recently against a protestant minister in the province of Galicia.  Marcos Zapata is accused of having given a talk on how to encourage heterosexual development in children.  The organization has threatened to sue Zapata and has asked the government of Galicia to investigate him because he conducts anti-drug and anti-violence programs in government schools.
It could well be that this Marcos Zapata has rubbed some “NGO” type the wrong way, especially if anti-drug and anti-violence programs crampt their style, as far as how they get a date.

Monday, January 28, 2008