Thursday, October 04, 2018

Arguments: The Svane Law

I have thought about this for the past several years — time and time again it has been proven correct — and, speaking of time, it is time to define it formally once and for all:

Here is the Svane Law:

If your only argument, or if your main argument, is that your adversary's position is outdated (or unfashionable, or antiquated, or passé, or retrogade, or an anachronism, or medieval, or so 13th century, etc, etc…) — notably in passive voices alleging objectivity and neutrality such as "Norms since those times have changed" — you have de facto lost the debate for the simple reason that you are wrong.

Monday, October 01, 2018

The idea that Kavanaugh can’t be a Supreme Court justice because he wasn’t dispassionate in the face of multiple bogus allegations that he’s a rapist is grotesquely dumb

The best thing I have read about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings comes from Trump-disliker Jonah Goldberg:
This wasn’t a brouhaha about Trump or any of the usual stuff. The issue here was that the Democrats and their abettors in the media simply behaved atrociously.

For example, on Thursday, nearly every conservative and Republican was respectful towards Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, finding her testimony moving and credible. But when Brett Kavanaugh spoke, also movingly and credibly, the instantaneous response from much of the liberal and Democratic chorus was “Ermahgod! Raaaaaapist!” or “How dare he be angry!” or “You can’t have a partisan madman like this on the Court!”

Look, I actually agree that Kavanaugh’s anger towards Democrats in the hearing — though morally and emotionally justified — isn’t a good thing over the long run if he were to make it on the Court. But this idea that he can’t be a Supreme Court justice because he wasn’t dispassionate in the face of multiple bogus allegations that he’s a rapist is both grotesque and grotesquely dumb.

First of all, is there any doubt in your mind that, if Kavanaugh had been coldly dispassionate, dismissive, and reserved, the Jen Rubins of the world would be screaming,
“See! He’s an emotionless monster! He doesn’t even have the basic human decency to take offense at being called a rapist!”?
Second, contrary to the tsunami of smug sorrowful opining, judges are not expected to be cold and dispassionate in the face of charges about themselves. That’s [precisely the reason] why they recuse themselves from cases in which they have personal interests. Here’s an idea for you: The next time you’re in a court of law, shout at the judge that he’s biased because he’s an alcoholic rapist perv. See what happens.

Dianne Feinstein — who is more to blame for this three-ring-fecal-festival than any other actor — began her questioning of Kavanaugh by raising an allegation that he ran a rape gang. He responded angrily. And now she’s offended by the partisanship? Please. Judicial nominees aren’t supposed to be like the guards at Buckingham Palace:
“Let’s see how many absolutely horrible things we can say to his face before he loses his temper — and then when he does, let’s berate him for not doing his job.”