Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is not true

This can not be true! Don't you remember?! Islamic terrorist activities against Spain was only directed against Madrid because of Aznar's assistance in Bush's war-mongering and "to avenge the presence of Spanish troops in Iraq"?! And because Zapatero's socialists would remove Spain's troops from that country, the calculus was simple: the election of Bambi (three days after the Madrid bombings) would put an end to such activities…

So, there you have it: It simply… cannot… be true!

Court Official in France Declares Sovereignty Unlawful

Being subjects and not citizens, your votes don’t count anyway:

The Immigration Act put into law on November 20 could be rendered unenforceable by the courts. Several of its’ provisions infringe EU directives and international conventions to which Australia was a party, and were discriminatory in nature declared the High Authority against Discrimination and for Equality in a debate before the Government on Tuesday 15 January.

How to Succeed in Europe without Really Trying, Part 2

Further to the practice of guilt-tripping, legalizing, and free-riding, the makers of the Opera web browser is piling it on to Microsoft when the uptake of Opera’s own product is roughly one 12th that of Firefox which is also given away for free, and is just as compatible with websites generated for Windows Internet Explorer as anything else.

This falls under the simple heading of “If you don’t play along, I’ll sue”. Oh, and sour grapes too.

Friday, January 18, 2008

All your Derangement Syndromes Are Belong To Us

Plantu loses his last marble.

The New Aryan Science

All your history are belong to us

He also said the symbol of Genk Municipality was a double headed eagle, and added as his conclusive proof, “In the Selçuk tribe, the same symbol was used. One head symbolized Interior Oğuz while the other Exterior Oğuz.”
Apparently, no Russian, Greeks, Etheopians, nor even Lucy were available for comment.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The death of French culture

He's gone and there's no way (Thank God) that you can bring him back.

Royal Family Travesty

The new UK franchise.

The shithole is boiling over

European laxism will be the death of us all.

Panic in Needle Park

Has France become a narco State?

How to Succeed in Europe without Really Trying, Part 1

“We must invent new methods of intervention… we need protection, to defend national and European products in the face of foreign competition… It is time for a real European economic patriotism to be born.”

- Dominique de Villepin, French Prime Minister, in his book “European Man”

Though it has a disturbingly air reminiscent of National Socialism, it’s stood to reason what this amount to: no change in methods, no adaptation to the ways of the world that don’t involve keeping the poorest of the world aid dependant and unable to trade, and hypocritically criticizing the US’s 5% tariffing with:

The EU runs two sets of protectionist policies that could be almost designed to wreck the trading chances of those of the poorest countries that have comparative advantages in food and textiles.

First, there are the trade restrictions. Though the EU has a low industrial tariff of five per cent, its agricultural tariffs are far higher. These average 20 per cent, but rise to a peak of 250 per cent on certain products. For example, the tariff on Bolivian chickens is 46 per cent, and on Bolivian orange juice 34 per cent.
As with everything else. Which brings us to the comparatively inconsequential nature of a suit harassing an American software company. What’s even more repellant is that they see no difference between a potential rigging up of a trade restriction against a struggling farmer as they do with Microsoft. What it appears to show is that they have no passion for the concept of legality, of the possibility that there might be a bump in the road that comes with the freedom to innovate, and that that igniting an hypocritical argument over trade is a perfectly acceptable instrument to protect the secondary members of the political cartel – Europe’s industries.

Who can read this as anything other than a court demanding a bribe or tribute in the manner of a petty dictator who believes in laws only being useful toward their ends?
"'It would have been preferable if these issues could have been resolved amicably with Microsoft,' said Jonathan Todd, a spokesman for the European competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes. 'But that has not proved to be the case. Therefore we have opened these formal investigations. That does not prove there is a violation. We will only be able to come to a conclusion after investigations.' The legal battle that ended last year involved the bundling of a media player with Windows and the availability of information required to make rival software operate smoothly with Microsoft products. In September, the Court of First Instance, Europe's highest after the European Court of Justice, endorsed the commission's 2004 decision to impose record fines on Microsoft."
THEY state yet Spectrum as a organizational shambles created by nation-state contract manipulation, but still underestimated the over-runs by nearly one-half.
LOSER: Geopositioning

GOAL:To create a 30-satellite geopositioning -system to provide greater accuracy than GPS or GLONASS, generating income from premium services that rely on encoded signals.

WHY IT’S A LOSER: Galileo is way behind schedule and over budget; meanwhile, GPS and GLONASS are -improving, so Galileo will never obtain the competitive edge that would have made it profitable. Also, its organizational structure is too complex. To succeed, it would need a single authority with wide operating latitude.

PLAYERS: The 27-state European Union and the 15-state (not perfectly overlapping) European Space Agency

STAFF: Too numerous and too dispersed to count

BUDGET: €5.4 billion (about US $8 billion) and counting; originally €4 billion
From billions to yet more millions...
According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, industry experts together with EU finance gurus have told their superiors that the current estimated cost of €3.4 billion may be radically exceeded. The final price will be at least €5 billion ($7.4 billion) and could climb to as high as €10 billion, according to the information. SPIEGEL also writes that an expert report produced for the German government likewise claims that even in a "best-case-scenario," the Galileo project will swallow up €1.5 billion ($2.2 billion) more than planned.

Experts say that the cost explosion is the result of a compromise, hammered out in November and December, securing EU-wide funding and dividing responsibilities. The agreement was hailed as the final hurdle still standing in front of the project's final completion, but one Galileo specialist told SPIEGEL that there are still many technical challenges awaiting the project.
Those “technical challenges” include, technically, having a project at all, even if it is 4 times over budget and 6 years late.

In spite of the fact that the system is supposed to benefit THOSE nation-states, and even THOSE INDUSTRIES ginning up the delay and over-runs, they still engage in a feeding frenzy no different than the one banishing farmers in the developing world to a mediocrity they can’t evade. Galileo is for THEM, and they can’t even set aside their vulgar habits.

So when the same extraordinary nagging is used in they notion of what’s acceptable in an assymetrical trade war, so to with the bleating, nagging, and hand-wringing that goes on over the predatory nature of trying to capture hearts and minds not for their own sake, but to take it away from others, and in particular against the United States, ginning up a state of false righteous indignation over extraordinary renditions that they oppose but want for their own protection, to overbearing criticisms of anything else done on the behalf of the stability of the western world of which they are a parasitic and populous free-rider. Using law and emotion as a fig leaf does nothing for the making of a good society, and just further convinces the population that their cynicism, and the lack of the patriotism necessary to develop a social contract that comes with it, is well founded.

In other words, if they don’t believe in the humanity of your decision making, why believe in anyone else’s? Sound like business as usual for something they’re trying to sex up as a brave-new-whatever of “ever closer union.”

Another Great Outpouring of Peace and Love

It might be time to tot up the old FranceUnibodyCount... New Year’s Eve, it seems was more of a Smart Car Frittata than the police were willing to admit.

Quelque 878 véhicules ont été brûlés au cours de la nuit du 31 décembre 2007 au 1er janvier 2008, selon un bilan actualisé à la hausse par le ministère de l'Intérieur après la révélation de nouveaux chiffres par Europe 1 : après son propre comptage ce matin, la radio avançait que "au moins 746 véhicules" avaient été incendiés au cours de cette nuit de la Saint-Sylvestre.

Selon le ministère, le bilan est en "baisse de 9,7%" par rapport à l'année précédente, contrairement à ce qu'indique la radio, qui évoque une hausse de 10%.
Which is to say:
Some 878 vehicles were burned during the night between December 31, 2007 to January 1, 2008, according to an update by the Interior Ministry after the revelation of new figures by Europe 1 [the media outlet]: According to his own count this morning, the radio station argued that "at least 746 vehicles" had been burned on New Years’ Eve.

According to the ministry, the record is showed "a 9.7% decline compared to the previous year, contradicting Europe 1’s statement indicating an increase of 10%.
Which night-for-night is higher that the Fracifada. I mean, where are the damn truthers when there’s a coverup to look into?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pity the Humorless, for they Want it in Triplicate

In Canada, apparently this isn't hate speech:
Ezra Levant is a piece of shit JEW.
Piece of shit jews and my right to say it.
A recent quote from this fag...

My name is Exra Levant. Before the Government interrogation begins, I will make a statement.
But this is. I guess it’s the lack of homophobia, or however it is that they’ve redefined reason this week, that tipped the scale in favor of a liberalism that coddles Islamists AND hates gays.

Go figure. Interesting too is Ezra Levant’s recent hearing with a Provincial “Human Rights Agent” which quite improbably contained this:
That's the point I was making. And after I made it, Officer McGovern said "you're entitled to your opinions, that's for sure."

Well, actually, I'm not, am I? That's the reason I was sitting there. I don't have the right to my opinions, unless she says I do.
I wouldn’t so much call her an agent per se, as much as I’d call her a “Human Rights Broker” in that she’s trying to figure out who is entitled to speech rights and who isn’t.

Mark Steyn is going through the same thing, even though HIS ‘hate speech’ was basically made up of quotes drawn from the people he’s criticizing. Right-o. Hate speech if Steyn says it, artful expression of man’s inhumanity to man if the fan club of murderous, drooling, intolerant fascists who wants to kill you because you aren’t a fundamentalist Muslim says it. To sum it up:
Who can doubt it? Jihadists promise to "Behead The Enemies Of Islam" and demand the Pope be executed and threaten to rain down a second 9/11 on Europe and call Britain's Tube bombers "the Fantastic Four" - and no-one ever suggests restraining their free speech. On the contrary, in London the guys calling for the beheading of infidels are flanked by constables of the Metropolitan Police so zealous in their defence of jihadist free-speech rights they threaten to arrest any members of the public who get too near.

What's at issue here is the non-jihadists' right to free speech.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Throw the book at 'em

Standing up to the Bolsheviks.

Organ Döner Kebap

Biased BBC touches on a story that’s been kicking around (in the form of an unaknowleded ‘season’) on the BBC: the matter of taking organs from terminally ill patients without them having ever signed up as döners, erm, doners.

"The Spanish organ donor system is a remarkable story of human generosity in the face of grief."
It’s a story ignoring the fact that a patient may not be an organ doner, and it’s floated out there to prop up a proposal by Gordon Brown to do the same.

Behold how taking a patient’s organs without their consent is now being called “Generosity”, much in the way government aid is renamed “charity”, and taxes renamed “contribution” in a fashion intended to impress upon the listener the illusion that there was free will involved.

On Radio 4 there was some awful panel discussion centered around the fact that the patient might change their mind if they knew how dead-like they were, might have neglected to place the organ doner card in their wallet, and so forth. The subject that was willfully and completely ignored was the will of the patient.

There isn’t any free will involved at all. Of course there isn’t. For heaven’s sake this is Europe we’re talking about. The only stories deemed “remarkable in their humanity” anymore involve a apparachik forcing people to do things by compulsion. Perhaps it’s based on the passivity trained into the population by virtue of a century of statist policy and general self-centeredness. Maybe there isn’t any other way to get people who are so distracted by their lauding of their own humanity to give of themselves.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Subculture’s Motives Might Not Be Openly Stated, But They’re Quite Clear

Daniel Ellsberg, Mr. Pentagon Papers himself is so widely used by those carrying around the trope of ‘questioning reality’ (any answers yet?) that he’s pandering to truthers:

“There is no question in my mind, that there is enough evidence to justify a very comprehensive and hard hitting investigation of the kind we have not seen, with subpoenas, general questioning of people, releasing a lot of documents,” said Daniel Ellsberg, PhD, in a 2006 interview with Jack Blood.
Either that or they’re getting mendacious again.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Corrupt cowardly pedophiles

Bow down before their purple helmets of peace.

The pot calling the kettle black

French freelance journalmalist doesn't want Americans taking part in cherished French pasttime. L'Afrique, ce n'est pas le pré-carré de la Fwance ?

Embarrassing Western Civilization Since 1971

After a decade of mass evacuation the brainiac whiz kids are finally beginning to realize why Netherlands has gone from being merely dreary and pedantic to something teetering between depressing and chilling when this counts as good news:

The politically-correct elite in the Netherlands is no longer able to neutralise dissident views, according to Ayaan Hirsi Ai. "A chasm between the elite and the people has really emerged," she said yesterday in an interview with De Volkskrant.
The fact that they tried to control the at all is enough of a reason to run away, never mind even that the assumption is that Americans are the ones on a cabal-regulated drip feed of truthy news “wisdom”.