Saturday, November 12, 2005

Selective Memory

Observing Hermann, (written by a very funny chap) based in Berlin has this to stay about living down the old immorality:

« In a long-term, multi-generational study (, social psychologist Herald Welzer has examined how "family recollections" of the nazi era have been passed down in the native culture. To his astonishment, over two thirds of the randomly questioned test participants reported that their family members were either victims of the regime or actively participated in resistance against it.»
How, then, is it that every German I meet always seems to remember the same moronic boilerplate about the American Indians being awful victims of those big meanies like Tcheorge Poosch? Or big words like Echelon Project, or some screwy thing about fluoride in the water?

You’ll find me linking Hermann who is watching Hermann.

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