Monday, January 29, 2024

When the transnational left regurgitates that Trump threatens “democracy,” they are not speaking of true democracy, but of “their own democracy”, i.e., their dictatorship

Germany’s Der Spiegel is a shameful example of European leftism

writes Evelyne Joslain at the American Thinker (thanks for the Instalink, Sarah).

As early as February 2017, after Trump had just been inaugurated, the magazine’s editorial team published an infamous cover showing the Republican brandishing the severed head of the Statue of Liberty, dripping with blood, to make it clear that Trump was going to guillotine the US democracy, no less.

On January 20, 2024, the rag was at it again! Trump has not yet been re-elected, but the narrative of the transnational left is that the head of the MAGA movement is going to be a dictator. On the cover, there’s a photograph of a martial, presidential Trump, who is respectfully saluting the troops (a magnificent Trump, actually). On the lower left, though, is this enormous wart for a title: “DIKTATOR TRUMP! Ein Szenario” (“Dictator Trump! A Scenario”).

 … When the transnational left, running the whole gamut from the extremely wealthy elites with undue powers down to pathetic journalists in search of fame, regurgitates to us ad nauseam that Trump threatens “democracy,” as do all those who dare to have a skeptical opinion of the imposed narrative, we must understand that they are not speaking of true democracy, where the most diverse opinions can be expressed, but of “their own democracy.” That is to say, they fear the very opposite; namely, preserving their own interests through dictatorship. It’s just that they lack the courage to name the goals for what they are while having the nerve to accuse their opponents of their sins.
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