Saturday, September 23, 2006

Poetry for the War

The RainLa Pluie
... I understand, to the extent a man can
Grasp the world’s currents and conditions,
That we are despised by others:
A religion and cultural banner that
Advocates destruction. What strange creatures,
To strive for death, for the sake of death,
And to ensure their own destruction.
... Je comprends, pour autant qu’un homme puisse
Saisir le flux et le refl ux du monde,
Que nous soyons haïs par d’autres :
Une religion et une culture en étendard
Qui prônent la destruction. Quelles étranges créatures,
S’évertuer à mourir, pour l’amour de la mort,
Et s’assurer de sa propre destruction.

-- September 11 Wall Street Sonnets and Other New York City Poems, Eugene Schlanger, Editions Underbahn

Yes, Virginia, there are uneducated, uncultured Europeans

A latté Leftist who adores Zeropeans, gets his bubble burst.

"Fascism is always descending on the United States, but somehow it keeps landing in Europe" -- Tom Wolfe

At Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine, trying to increase circulation among the imaginary Bac + 5 set in France's suburbs, celebrates the imaginary triumph of the very real Islamo-Fascist Nasrallah with a huge bragging headline. Over at Libération PropagandaStaffel, before going bankrupt, they go ballistic. "The United States is legalizing torture" reads today's headline.

Get ready for yet one more marathon of preaching and lesson giving about losing one's soul or some such snooty European drivel.

Examples abound of Europeans using the same strongarm tactics (or even stronger) as the United States of America in a post-Geneva Convention world. The French regularly used such techniques in Algeria and one French practitioner from that time, far from being disgraced and driven from respectable society, made it to the second round of the last French Presidential election. He might very well perform just as good next May.

As recently as the mid-90s, during the wave of terrorist bombings that rocked Paris, the French undertook coercive interrogation tactics to prevent further attacks and protect their citizens. Certain European countries (some with long-down-their-nose-at-you Socialist Governments in place, such as Sweden at the time) have reportedly actively participated in helping the United States with extraordinary rendition efforts. In fact, in seems that the French recently gave a helping hand but the whole incident was shoved down the memory hole by the politically correct goose-stepping French preSS.

Europeans are not upset about the actual implementation of such a policy. They have proven by their actions that they understand the necessity to do as much. What gets them upset is that the United States of America doesn't practice the same lying hypocrisy that is now central to European lifestyle and worldview. Western Europeans (expecially the soft underbelly and festering sore that is France-Belgium) kowtow to the relics and vestiges of a bygone era stretching from their own long dimmed Enlightenment to the signature of the Geneva Convention, a piece of paper which was drafted largely as a result of Europe's advanced experimentation with fascism. Europeans call on the United States of America to pay lip service to an outdated and dead Geneva Convention just as they call for the United States of America to ratify an outdated and dead Kyoto Treaty which they gleefully ignore by overshooting all agreed-to limits on emissions, or to support a United Nations which has more to do with worldwide graft, corruption, and pedophilia than world peace.

Ignore weak kneed European bleating. Ignore hypocritical French whining.

Take it for what it's worth

According to the regional newspaper L'Est républicain, OBL died at the end of August after a typhoid fever attack which started on August 23. The newspaper gained access to a classified memo from France's military intelligence arm, the DGSE, which also stated that Saudi authorities are waiting to confirm the location of the burial site before officially announcing the news. The memo was transmitted to Jacques Chiraq, Villepin, Sarko, and Michèle Alliot-Marie.

Where the news broke: L'Est républicain.

Boris and Natasha making beeg trouble for crazy Moose and Squirrel

Communism is theft.

- with thanks to Rocky Val the flying Squirrel

Friday, September 22, 2006

Where she belongs

On Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

Neither is she pessimistic about the West. It has, she says, "the drive to innovate.'' But Europe, she thinks, is invertebrate. After two generations without war, Europeans "have no idea what an enemy is.'' And they think, she says, that leadership is an antiquated notion because they believe that caring governments can socialize everyone to behave well, thereby erasing personal accountability and responsibility. "I can't even tell it without laughing,'' she says, laughing softly. Clearly she is where she belongs, at last.

Do-it-yourself post-modern leftist dialectics

Select one phrase from each column of the table and impress your friends and comrades down at the Uni! In a few remaining feverish locales it might even get you elected to office!

Have fun kids, and don’t get to “reactionary,” if you know whit I mean! Wink, wink...

1One might saythe struggle of
the worker
must utilize and
be functionally
interwoven with
the nuanced solution
2Ontologically speakingthe introduction of
the class struggle
maximizes the real
probability of
unregulated thought for
the anticipated
degree of human
3On the other handthe legal handling
of criticism
add specific critical
path events
the acuteness of the
conflict gradient
4Based upon
employing the
political utility
of the masses
necessitates that urgent
concideration be
made of
the weakness of
5With a show
of interest in
human rights
the by-product of
unregulated ideas
requires no rational
analysis to conclude
the final output of
message control
6Indubitablythe unspoken angeris further compounded
by linking the idea that
the evolution
toward a command
7Beyond plebian comfort
the meaninglessness of
the individual's desires
presents extremely
synergistic challenges
the destruction of
the acceptability of
8Beyond the horizon of
human intellect
the regulation of
cultures by our
requires the critical
necessity to undermine
the study of expelling
9Socially thinkingthe dynamic of post-
modern analysis
imposes smothering
constraints on
the creation of a
politically useful class
10In the final
the remandering of
the power through
adds overriding
constraints to
the final solution

4-6-8-7! Oh man, stop it! You’re killing me!


Plantu seizes on a ridiculous legal stunt in goofy California.

Besides, he forgets: [Shhhh... That human parking lot they call Europe accomplished next to nothing with the energy they waste]

As for Plantu’s slam, argument and reason are swept out of the way – after all, he has a job to do: avoid any criticism or controversy with his readers by pandering to them. Call it "wrapping oneself in the flag", if you will.

Adoration of the Moonbats

Adloyada presents further proof of the thoughtless ubiquity of Commie-mass-murdering chic – from a curtain maker’s shop, of all places:

I needn't have worried. We went to visit the shop and were quoted £55 ($100) a square metre for these fabrics of revolutionary fervour.
Should I be thankful for this stuff being made less serious by taking it out of any meaningful thematic context? Should I gag at the degree of free advertising given to that psycho beach party I used to have to live in called Communism? Should I not be surprised at the zombie-like attraction Stalinist predilections still hold in the UK? Or wonder at the size of that particular fever swamp?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The French put the fisting in pacifist

Look what sprung up around Paris while the French were declaring themselves to be a radical pacifist society. Fears of new unrest for the French. Hey faggots, where is that résistance bullshit that you pluck out of thin air and declare to be real every time it suits you?

Pancho is an illiterate cow

If he only knew what the Geneva Conventions really say what the press is alleging and selling as received wisdom. Under them the al Queda scum are ununiformed irregulars who target civilians. They can be shot on sight under the protocols. Call them "troops" and they can be locked up for the duration of a conflict.

Still want that thar' Geneva Convention in place, pally? Or just some statute you can vainly hold up that you're convinced makes terrorists just innocent, misunderstood naïfs?

Brown hankie right

Chavez flees NYC : Je savais qu'il était un sale pédé.

Better dead than red read

Break her cherry.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cargo cult

Waiting for Enver Hoxja’s utopia.

Or something.
the fuse is lit!

The Pope, W., Maurice G. Dantec, Clint, and Buk

Five reasons why the West is the Best. And there's more where that came from.

Hail to the Dweebs

Softening the ground minds in preparation for forcing a new paradigm on people, or rather shoving it down their throats, American TV attempted to make President Hillary Rodham a foregone conclusion by staging a drama series about a democrat female president, something they wouldn't have dreamt to do with, say, Elizabeth Dole. France2 copies the notion obviously hoping that men will see Mme la Presidente as a fine young thang whose hobby is playing the meat whistle, and who digs a dumpy, bushy-haired, jederman who appears to have bounced off the turnip truck. Hey, why not make her a single mother with a ex who won't go away for good measure to sign on in the 35-50 female couch-potato demographic with a "pity laced with empowerment" narrative too? I mean, you like NEVER see that, do ya?!?

Fresh faces in office? Yeah, right!

In a country where most people have seen the same politicians kicking around for most of their adult lifetimes, what kind of sell is THAT going to have?!? The only thing that makes 2007 unique is that the likely contenders have been well known national figures for only a decade or two.

”State of Grace” as if government actually dispensed grace anyway.

Pathetic as that is, on another front we find a new movie about a candidate of some description is on the way too. One would guess that it’s a knockoff of the Bob Roberts scam showing the same, or even less originality. Since the colors are not Green or Red, it’s not hard to guess the likely successor who they’re gunning for by identifying the antagonist with political and presidential blue, and allude to a rocky marriage.

There’s even a fake and frighteningly typical sounding political blog on the bill: banality and hope, support for non-"progressive" thoughts, and trying to display a negative air of ugly "presidential reality" bound up with the right, but never with the left.

Will this kind of ridicule influence an election? Michael Moore couldn't manage it by being hamfisted, so perhaps the backup plan for the methodology is to attempt it with concealed, implied humiliation and someting they try to call humor. There's even a civil crisis involving violent subrubanites providing a platform to appear strong and a vague thing called "September 20th" that he's shown to be exploiting fear of. (It also happens to be a date where they release another video "teaser".) One wonders who COULD this be possibly be a parody of.

As facile and condescending as that is, the only question remaining is: to what pack of wolves are they throwing all this hatred and red meat?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What to Say About 9-11's Life-Saving Marine Other Than The Hero Is "Some Sort of Fundamentalist"?

C'est un personnage un peu inquiétant. Une sorte de fondamentaliste.
In Jean-François Rauger's interview of Oliver Stone accompanying Le Monde's film review of World Trade Center, let's pass on the director's inanities, much of which is criticism of America, Bush, and the Iraq war.

The reporter himself finds nothing to say about the marine who found the firefighters, saving their lives (Dave Karns would not cooperate during Stone's writing the script) other than that he "is a somewhat troubling character. Some sort of fundamentalist."

(A somewhat unrelated weblink,
one in somewhat bad taste (thanks to Pat))

Can Internet criticism of Mideast news footage be slander?

Answer: Yes, if you are stupid enough to publish it on a web server located in Ripoublika Franska. C'mon, you think free speech exists in this shithole?

Qu'ils crèvent tous la gueule ouverte

Sartrean coprolite hits the fan. Libération PropagandaStaffel going under.

McCarthy rocks

Libération PropagandaStaffel covers an exhibit of Disney's art (Galeries nationales du Grand Palais) with a fine smear job in today's edition. Besides asking why Disney's right wing politics and support for McCarthy are not on display, the newspaper brushes aside the expo, calling Disney an imperialist entreprise that simply "colored in" a pre-existing shared cultural and mythological consciousness -- and then gets in a cheap shot at EuroDisneyland. The French have still not recovered from the fact that EuroDisney is now the largest tourist draw in France Europe. The hack that wrote the article has won a free copy of Erik Svane's La Bannière Etalée from Editions Underbahn.

Communists Party!

Three months after Lutte Ouvrière held their leftist party, France's communist party held their Fête de l'Humanité bonanza at Le Bourget, full of charming people (who still can't spell Malcolm after 30 years), charming couples, charming messages, and charming nostalgia (notice the — courageously anonymous — 1950s songs about Truman and Yanks belonging at home).

Intruding on the party were a pair of super-capitalists from La Baf, with cameras and bedecked in appropriate T-shirts (see videos at La Baf).

And what might the final word on all this be?…

Le Monde's journalmalist was probably mugged in the RER

In a stunning admission, Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine says that Paris' 9-3 suburb is worse than ever: "Rising crime, discouraged police force, Islamists mobilised". The article goes on to contradict the State Party Line which has been force fed to the French public since last November's riots: that there is no problem with Islam in French suburbs.

Poodles, BDS, irrational expectations of the U.N.

Plantu is off his meds again.

...Will he appear again in 2007?...
...If he does, Ill use my Veto...
obviously SOME kind of reference to his protagonist's adoration of Marianne and the U.N., but you have to read your own peevish BDS into it for it to make sense to you.

Again, people, get a grip. He. isn't. American. Stop calling him "the American". Like the entire French political class, all of its' critics, and hangers on, he wouldn't cut the mustard in Washington anyway.

The fruits of Communism

Erik versus the strung-out commie: seen at this weekend’s Festival of Irrelevant Anachronisms in Paris.

Forget it, Sparky. Let New Yorkais Dan Meth show you how it’s done, freak.
(warning: equally tasteless)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Look for a job, and get a nice white jumper that ties in the back.

On Sunday, Swedes voted out of power the Social Democrats who have ruled longer than Castro – 67 of the last 74 years. Long considered some sort of Socialist Shangri-La, the state has been in steep decline: the real cost of labor has multiplied fivefold since WW2, and youth unemployment stands at nearly 25%. So it’s no surprise that the party that pulls this kind of stunt finally gets deposed in spite of rigging everything up in its’ favor:

That's the message 25-year-old Swedish citizen Jessica Pettersson got from the state unemployment office. Pettersson has a high school degree in economics and has worked in a post office and in a grocery store, among other jobs. After being out of work for a while, her supervisor at the unemployment agency told her that she ought to meet with a work-psychologist since "it is so hard to be without a job".


The unemployment agency explained that it was simply a matter of changing a code in her status as unemployed. If she agreed to be classified as mentally disabled she would be entitled to a range of government subsidies and programs. In fact, she could begin working at "Samhall" - a government project aimed at providing employment for the disabled. There she could get a job cleaning and building wheelchairs.


Petterson finally managed to convince the unemployment agency that she would never agree to become classified as mentally disabled. She told
Expressen that her family, her friends and her boyfriend have reacted strongly to this notion.

Alarmingly, what happened to Petterson is not an isolated incident in Sweden. The state unemployment agency is constantly attempting to force people to "admit" to being disabled. Today 19.3 percent of those seeking jobs at the unemployment office are being classified as disabled.
Only in a Socialist echo-chamber of social micro-management would you end up with most people accepting the inference that you’d have to be mentally ill to want a proper job, and not manipulate social categories and programs to work things out. Worst of all is the mendacity: having to tell yourself that this is the only way.

That Should Do the Trick

Looks like comrade is learning to be a good Soviet.

From Sunday’s Commie-palooza: Red dawn Slug

...”The world is a wonderful place which is worth fighting for”...
I really like the way this guy is fighting - don't you?
Like, so wasted. Sobriety is THEFT, man!

The US of A at the center of French domestic politics

... as usual. Chiraq says that Sarkozy's Atlantist pro-US outburts are "pitiful". Philippe Douste-Blazy (en voilà en qui aurait dû rester sur le billard) states that only Chiraq can speak for La Fwance. Laurent Fabius, who would rather poison his fellow French citizens than purchase top-of-the-line American blood testing equipment, declares that Sarko is Bush's future poodle. Henri Emmanuelli, who has a criminal record stemming from his political shenagigans and assorted scams, hi-jinx, and other criminal activity, says that Sarkozy is like a "puppy dog laying down in front of his master". Marie George Buffet, who heads up the French Communist Party, says that Sarkozy is "a little French Bush" [Ed. - we should be so lucky].

That Donkey Is Echoing Plenty of "Lucid" Europeans, Too…

Religion ? Les franchouilles l'auront trouvée quand il faudra l'imprimatur du Recteur de la Mosquée de Paris pour ouvrir un blog

Never mind Muslim rage against the Pope saying something that makes sense. Never mind Sarkozy's trip to the USA where he met with Bush, while back in Fwance, sinister remarks about Sarko sucking up to the Jewish lobby were uttered. The French have found their religion and it is anti-Americanism. Pierre Lellouche, French MP, reads his fellow countrymen the riot act in today's Libé.

What would a Dole administration have done differently? How about a Gore administration?

All films much engage in some measure of "theatrics" or they would be utterly unwatchable. There has never been a single, noteworthy historical painting, or film, that is the exact equivalent of an academic reference text.

For instance, the film "Patton" is riddled with inaccuracies, and some are quite historically misleading.
Expat Yank compares "The Path to 9/11" to "Patton", to Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11", to… Shakespeare, and to… Emmanuel Leutze's "General George Washington Crossing the Delaware". Besides that, Robert Tumminello does the logical (something hand-wringers so often fail to do); he considers the alternatives…
The main issue apparently irritating many is that they feel "Path's" inaccuracies stem from mostly one side: Clinton's. Actually, it just seems that way. For since most of the film covered a time frame in parallel with the 1993-2001 Clinton administration, it is therefore unavoidable that the Clinton people got much more "air time", and therefore, by default, their "actions" or "inactions" appeared to loom much larger in the scheme of things. (Hey, Clinton won the re-election he wanted in 1996, so his people have to take the hits. What would a Dole administration have done? We can't know. But probably little all that different.)

And the film doesn't exactly portray the (in office not even 9 months, as of September 11) Bush people as all that sharp either. … However, consider this: if Gore had been elected in 2000, and everything else had happened exactly the same way, could anyone have made a partisan case about the film's faults? It's hard to see how.

Proof? Hm? Where is it, Spanky? you got a hearing problem, there son?

Published on the 13th, this truther conspiracy theory (blame-theory, actually since they know what they want their "truth" to be...) is plainly stated in Al-Jazeera sur Seine. This cartoonist is true Eurowanker material.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


The committee then almost nearly agreed to form a committee

Wow. They’re trying to adopt text. in Europe’s maximal yet confused kangaroo court. They must really mean business!

Some Krazy Kat cites Tony Blair’s “I am not a Euroweenie” declaration, even as the EU copies the Council of Europe’s hyperventilation (peace be upon them) – on detention houses (called “secret CIA Prison/torture/mass murder camps”) which once had 14 hardcore terrorists in them.

Dig this impressive display of certainlty and trust of their member states:

The statement comes one week after US president George W. Bush admitted that the CIA had run covert prisons for terror suspects, but did not say where.

A Finnish presidency contact said the press line "has no official status," with one EU diplomat adding that two member states in particular – the UK and the Czech Republic – still disliked the wording.

Mr Bot told reporters "I had preferred to see a declaration but this was not acceptable to all 25 member states."
even though it IS acceptable to some of them – namely the ones having these “little Bergen-Belsens” in them. Would these same tossers wail if they see taped footage from these sooper-dooper secret locations of bin Laden and Zawahiri having their tonsils examined by a kindly Army doctor? A fine question well worth avoiding by one last rendition flight for the dastardly duo: where they can be released into the wild of lower Manhattan.

See how may blocks they can make it. Ladies and gentlemen: please, no wagering.

Please, to note, good reader: the photo from the leader to the EUObserver article of the Gitmo “über-worse-than-Kampuchea-death-camp” slant: it shows only 3 prisoners less than the CIA detention system had in it to begin with.

Keep that possible, future non-plenery debate over potential future text adoption coming!