Saturday, May 30, 2009


As a public-service to NP readers as well as the entirety of the humanity, links to most any web browser you the user choose to download and use .... for free. There is no big brother standing over your shoulder insisting you must choose only their product (we leave that uni-directional approach to governmental types):

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The cost of this post does not even come close to the 2bn siphoned from the productive class by the governmental class here in Bruxelles. The fun sleight of governmental hand being, as always, that consumers are the ones who have had the 2bn siphoned out of their wallets. Microsoft only writes the cheque to the EU, you are the one actually providing the funds.


Maybe it's Krugman's Idea of Family Values

Makes you wonder, who’s really in the crowbar hotel here?

Jailed Islamic extremists want women prison officers banned from guarding them during Friday prayers - claiming it's against their human rights. Terrorists at Wakefield jail say having them there while they pray is an "insult to their religion".

The group at the West Yorks jail - led by convicted terrorist Kamel Bourgass who killed a cop during an anti-terrorism raid - told jail governor Jacqui Tilley of their anger.

Female and male prison guards oversee prayers from a glassed office.

Services are held in the prison's gym after the 60-strong group refused to pray in the jail's multi-faith chapel because it was used by "non-believers".
You can smell the cultural sensitivity and cooperative interchange, can’t you? To begin with, having seen all sorts of muslims immigrants improvise with all manner of properties, even disused churches, I don’t buy any of this “used by non-believers” crap. It’s just something for them to cause hostility over. You’re supposed to pray 5 times a day wherever you are. My mechanic does it, and apologizes un-necessarily for making me wait 3 minutes when he comes back from his storage room. Unlike these assho*es in the UK, he actually believes in something.

Were they to get prosecuted for crimes of the same magnitude among their “fellow believers” they would likely not be alive to whine like little girls crying over spilt pork. In fact they’re lucky they aren’t in Yemen of a time not that far back when capital punishment took the form of impalement.

They thought this civilized, because, as torturously painful as anything one could imagine, it became the strongest deterrent they could find. Would any of their lefty “civil liberty” supporters have understood that? Or would they just get all moist over using it on their own political opponents?

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Cultural Exception for an Exceptional Culture

This is how the young and vibrant Rock the Casbah:

A pensioner was killed by an urban joy-rider. Inhabitants of Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole are terrorized by the "friends" of a Murderer.

22/05/2009 - 12h00

SAINT-CYR L'ECOLE (NOVOpress) - Yvette, a retired 69 year old died from her injuries on Tuesday night at the Beaujon Hospital (Hauts-de-Seine). Tuesday afternoon, while walking down the sidewalk in Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole (Yvelines) this woman was struck by a motorcycle. Its’ driver, Youssof, was doing a wheelie on an unregistered motorcycle.

As part of the police investigation, several witnesses saw Youssof strike Yvette. Youssef was found to regularly do this type of urban rodeo. In 2006, he had struck and injured a child under the same circumstances. Youssof is also well known to the court for drug trafficking and for driving without a license. But a "support committee" was organized for Youssof ... "In the dense area of the city, the tension is rising a notch. Fear has gripped residents who dare not comment on the event for fear of reprisals," said Constant Julien in Le Parisien on 21 May.
Here’s that cultural exception that they’re always crowing about:
In this multicultural society, the French can die violently, but preferably in silence ...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Papered Over in the Middle of the Night

The “Anti-Zionist” party list posters reported here yesterday have been papered over with blanks, which makes me believe that since there is no counter-message and no public display of covering them over, that it was done by the municipality.

Nonetheless, the posters and the covering over of them are telling. Like people distracted and carried away with BDSM, it’s part of a general continental cultural inability to get past simple moral matters presented by history.

Another Bunch of Reason Why You can’t take them Seriously

To begin with, I can’t tell if these two women are running for office, or selling toothpaste. On the other hand, I realize that one of them is running on a platform of labeling foods that contain peanuts because her kid is allergic. Yup. That’s her platform. That’s it. MEP for three words: “May contains nuts.” In any civilized society, a polite letter to the company headquarters is sufficient.

Despite fitting right in to the Brussels scene, what with all of that serious agenda stuff, one wonders where that famous northern suicidal tendency went to. Basically, if this is why you have elected officials, then why bother. One can’t help but ask: Who is getting in the way of the labeling of packaged foods? For goodness’ sake, why are you wasting oxygen, lady? The other candidate we showcase, calls herself a ‘passionate centrist’, assuring a banal future dealing with Mrs. Peanut and all manner of empty platitudes.

Again, if these are the only things you can find out there that matter to run on, your doctor need to adjust your Lexapro. I don’t care how put together you think you are.

On the other side of this vacuity is Euro-casualness of this kind of thing: there are people in a small northern town of this sophisticated and complex culture, so full of depth and thoughtfulness, who scare off hapless refugees.
'Lynch mob' prompts refugees to flee town in northern Sweden

Nearly half of the predominantly Iraqi-refugees residing in Vännäs in northern Sweden have decided to permanently move out of the area after being terrorized by what police called “a lynch mob” in early May.

“I thought that Vännäs was the perfect place for us. And there are many, many friendly people here. But we still don’t dare to stay; I’m seriously concerned about my children’s safety,” said father of five Ismail Ramadan to the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

Ramadan’s family and several others have decided to abandon plans of starting a life in the small community outside of Umeå less than two weeks after a group of 30 to 50 young people assembled outside the apartment building in which the refugees lived and began shouting threats and throwing stones.
The refugees appear to be making no attempts at being photogenic.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Outward Signs of a Failed Society

They are one that quite clearly concludes to itself that a group of people may be hated and detested (using a code or pretext to defeat within the heart of the hater the last vestiges of humanism) – that they would be hated for their origin, religion, and belief. The other necessary leap is for the same lot to find a way to hate individual Jews or any other group at which this primitive tribal hatred is directed, not for what they do, but merely who they are.

Seen on the streets of Paris, playing on a recent series of public service announcements to reinforce the French population’s pride in their own nation and society, and recent MEP election compaign material:

In front of the Mairie in the 13th arrondissement.

« For a Europe liberated from censorship, affirmative action, financial speculators, and NATO . »
« The Anti-Zionist election list »

Much as I’ve heard the protest that by “Sioniste,” they do not mean all Jews, it’s entirely countervailed by everything the same sort of “anti-sioniste” does or says a minute later. I can’t even find a context in which those people themselves believe the rationalization.

Just like the 1330’s and the 1930’s myth-making and demonizing, Jews are the “money people” who employ others’ strife to cause wars, and they are the only reason an economy could possibly be in recession or go to war. It is nearly up to the level of the kind of theory-forming and hatefullness that you’d find in a 3rd world barrio.

The fact remains that Zionism’s real motives grew out of the actions of virtually the entire European population – it’s superstitions, its’ hatreds, its’ need to find a “genetic” enemy... In the centuries before the 2nd world war, and the years that followed, the obsession with cycles “ethnic cleansing” and repatriation found large population being “sent home” even if they were not born there. As much as they saw a home for the masses of people in DP camps, they wanted to send the Jews, another of many reminders of their inhumanity and hatefulness away – to “home”.

Seeing one opportunity in the history of their religion to do just that, Jews largely agreed – they wanted a place to go, to finally be free of the irrational accusations of “controlling money” as a group, or from the mass murders, forced relocations and pogroms. They wanted a fighting chance to live out their own lives. All of the circumstances that put them in that position were caused by Europeans.

Now in their uneducated, immoral, inhumane social torpor, entirely ignorant of the world, you find at best a strange fantasy of a bureaucratic nullity of a “magical combined land”, and at worst, open agreement that Israel and the Jews need to be effaced from the earth, even though the very thing they detest is the direct product of their own society’s making.

And it’s a society that appears to have not grown enough to genuinely understand what rights are with crowds “demand human rights” or any other cause place-holding for something in their empty lives. If there’s any disease that deserves the kind of “final solution” treatment they skirt around and incrementally try to bring into acceptable speech, it’s the mainstay of European society itself – the one whose past “elected” and unelected dictators, philosophies, movements and ideas, have killed hundreds of millions of people worldwide – from forcable colonization, fascism, socialism, communism, and so on. If humanity is to employ the logic behind what they tacitly hold for the Jews, it should apply to them with the same thoughtless discrimination.

Instead of the world feeding and securing them, and giving them the flattering, “whatever you say, pal,” false importance of being “global leaders” would they prefer that?

They Might Someday Stop Living the Myth

“Long Suffering Martyr” of the Loony Left Murdered by
Long Suffering Martyrs of the Loony Left

... „ Benno Ohnesorg, murdered political victim ” ...
You got that right, for once.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Pensively Remain on the Very Edge of my Seat

Yesterday one could not help but to meditate over the significance and consequences of Swedish Foreign Ministry’s condemnation Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons test (and further short-range missile display,) or the collective press releases of the rest of Europe’s standard reaction: to be sure, these wise words will be sure to change the course of events and bring the rogue opaque regime whose internecine struggles to come to book.

The truth of which is that it just raises the profile of another nuclear-capable weird Harold, and that the Europeans trotting out their WMD, the remote possibility of trade sanctions with a backwater they do little trade with to begin with, are really just raising the North Koreans’ profile, dignifying it while affirming their own impotence to do anything about it. In fact, to make declarations on the tides and turns in a dangerous environment knowing full well that nothing will come of it is largely about trying to raise THEIR profile to be taken seriously, even if they’re just proffering an opinion about a matter that a united ‘human rights and justice’ Europe will other do nothing about other than wring its’ hands over.

Indeed, just like the BBC, I waited with bated breathe in anticipation of the content of the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Would they use the word “condemn” or simply express “concern”? Would they go the extra mile and show “deep concern,” knowing of the severe mortal risk that as bold a statement as that would entail? To be sure, they will “speak up, even if their voice shakes!”

It’s altogether too frightening to open the European newspapers in a week or two to find out. Meanwhile, back in the “I’ve been asleep for a decade department”, BBC rings in affirming the efficacy of the “global community”

Laura Trevelyan, UN correspondent

The question is what kind of sanctions against North Korea can be agreed and whether they will be effective in getting this unpredictable nation to rejoin talks on dismantling its nuclear programme.

Existing measures could be expanded - like the financial sanctions against North Korean companies involved in the nuclear programme.

Western diplomats will be watching closely to see whether China will back tough sanctions. China has been reluctant to back measures which it believes could destabilise its erratic neighbour.
Indeed, they will be just watching, as they have many times before.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Do Not Go Vote in the EU Elections

Parce que voter ça craint !
Et que nous avons tous mieux à faire ce jour là !
Ne Votez pas !

La Baf claims it's useless to go vote in the June 7 elections for the European Union…

Update: La Baf's sketch has not only appeared on French TV, but also on the home page of L'Express

Really, There’s no Pattern There at All

Tales from the crypt Coo-Coo clock: a group of adult men come out of their mosque to attack a group of 15 year olds.

"Dirty Whites! Have you no shame?" Insulted, derided, and even pushed, photographed using mobile phones, fifteen students of the Ecole de Commerce André-Chavanne had been attacked by a group of men who came out of the Mosque of the Grand Saconnex. Their crime? They kept running at the athletic track of their school "during the hours of prayer."
Of course the action was condemned – as bad for their image, while in another corner of the land of glee, the sport of that religion of peace continues. Jihad is after all, about the “inner struggle” – to suggest anything else would be bad for their image:
Yesterday's sectarian clashes were brought about by an argument between the relative of a Coptic girl who was sexually harassed by a Muslim youth, and was on a small scale. Unfortunately, Muslim fanatics in the area propagated a rumour that during the melee, the Copts hurled stones towards the Mosque. As a result thousands of Muslims gathered and attacked the Copts living in the area, and destroyed 6 shops including a pharmacy, a supermarket and some vehicles.

Dr.Gibraeel demanded from the Interior Minister Habib Al Adly to intervene to put an end to this practice of torture.
and here we all thought that they didn’t torture, giving them that magical ‘moral legitimacy’ to call Gitmo a sort of Auschwitz and Stalingrad all rolled into one. As an aside, have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to find a better example on any other continent?
The incident, which took place on Wednesday, May 13, 2009,in the area of Saft El-Labn, Giza, resulted in the injury of 14 people from both sides. The police arrested 20 Copts, including 6 women, and 7 Muslims, and security imposed a curfew on the region.

Among the Copts randomly rounded up by the police is 29-year-old Sabry Shaker, a physically handicapped man suffering from infantile paralysis.
Seriously! Look out for THAT GUY!

Alas, we clueless stump-toothed Americans have so much to learn, don’t we? Especially when it comes to the kind of thing found in your hometown paper’s “variety” section, right under the church bazaars, the pie eating contest story, and the high school basketball scores:
Since the beginning of the year, the economic crisis and the various social movements have prompted a wave of protests in the capital. The prefecture of police of Paris had been a marked increase in the number of demonstrators (+ 80.6%) of the first four months of this year compared to last year, at these gatherings.

At the same time, the number of police injured during these events has increased significantly (+ 411%). "All the protesters are obviously not the thugs or do not come to do battle with the police, said a source close to the prefecture. There are employees, the unemployed, students or researchers who are mobilizing to advance their status or defend their gains. This is not questioned.
of course they obviously aren’t thugs, they just came to brain cops, is all.
Some protests are increasingly violent. "We found the presence almost instantly at some events, an organized evil of radical elements who come only to confront the police, argues Alain Gibelin, Assistant Director of DOPC. These are mainly people from the ranks of the ultra-left. In recent weeks, even in groups of Tamils in the capital, we noted the presence of elements belonging to this trend. They are highly mobile and well-organized. They also infiltrate the student demonstrations. "
NOT thugs, I repeat. NOT thugs. None of them. I mean, aren’t “we all Tamil Tigers now”?

What’s almost as predictable as a toy with a pull ring in its’ back is the retorts used when this kind of thing is reported:
Radical extreme left elements or cops in disguised to inflame the situation and cause the early incidents .. to enable their colleagues to unwind after long hours spent in the police car to play cards. As shown in duck fade, there is little time, with photographic evidence to prove their accusations!
As if there was some genuine reason that the riot cops, the steadiest work in the country, would want to basically act as the imaginary intellectual foil of every self-important Parisian wanker punk. I swear: decade after decade, it never changes.

Funny thing about exactly where it was that that “seething Arab street” the left kept telling impressionable, polite, westerners not to enflame – where it turned out to really be.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Steyn asks: Whither EUtopia?

Realistically speaking (because you know how Europeans value social pragmatism over morality): who cares. Your culture can’t compete with barbarians who idolize loitering and beheading people in a Wadi in the 8th century desert.

The joke about Mandatory Palestine was that it was the twice-promised land. But isn’t that Europe, too? And perhaps Russia and maybe Canada, a little ways down the line? Two cultures jostling within the same piece of real estate. Not long ago, I found myself watching the video of another “pro-Palestinian” protest in central London with the Metropolitan Police retreating up St. James’s Street to Piccadilly in the face of a mob hurling traffic cones and jeering, “Run, run, you cowards!” and “Allahu akbar!” You would think the deluded multi-culti progressives would understand: In the end, this isn’t about Gaza, this isn’t about the Middle East; it’s about them. It may be some consolation to an ever-lonelier Israel that, in one of history’s bleaker jests, in the coming Europe the Europeans will be the new Jews.
And history will teach them that ones’ opinions don’t count for very much of a shield, just as one of my slower Arab relatives who upon hearing any German sounding name instinctively mutters “jew” under their breathe.

Good luck with all that.