Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pimp my school bus

Yannick Vallée, President of the University of Grenoble I, is being investigated for pimping out a now ex-girlfriend. He was a central figure and spokesman during the youth employment demonstrations earlier this year.

“This is a purely non-combat spying mission”

As if there ever was a reconnaissance satellite that did combat. The key here is that they had to make excuses to the public for doing it at all, even though they could have done it 25 years ago.

The existence of a relay satellite or any other secure method of retrieving imagery in a timely and useful manner remain unmentioned.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Crétinisée par l'Europe

The arts: a deranged and detached subculture speaking for a deranged and distant continent. Who is that surrendering there in the middle anyway?
The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Friday, December 22, 2006

No Grubby Coats on their Crime Beat

If a rising average age is attributed with the falling crime rates in the US, why the same crime rates be rising faster in much of Europe where the average age is higher and rising more quickly? Fjordman has pointed out that reported rapes are six times higher the more tightly socially managed city of Oslo than in New York.

Brussels Journal commenter Ernest Baert has more:

The International Crime Victim Survey, sponsored by Leiden University, is a survey based on interviews with a random sample of the population. There have been three such surveys in the last 20 years, the latest one in 1995. Respondents are asked which crimes, from a standardised list ranging from bicycle theft to assault and theft, they have personally experienced during the previous year. The most obvious crime missing from the ICVS list is murder, since victims are unable to take later interviews.
Violent crime, and in particular murders, is reported to police more often. For instance, it can be assumed that apart from underworld murders and missing persons, almost all murders in the developed world are reported to the police. Still, even for reported violent crime, a better source than statistics from individual countries, which are distorted by differing national crime definitions, are international comparative statistics by Interpol, which are said to be based on more standardised definitions of crime categories. However, intriguingly, Interpol's international crime statistics have recently been removed from its website. Clearly, such information needs to be hidden from ordinary citizen (who are paying Interpol with their taxes) to prevent them from reaching any wrong judgments about their governments ability to perform the most important task : protect citizens from violence. Luckily I have a copy of some of the 2002 Interpol data, but I am unable to link to what has apparently become a state secret.
As if not knowing was itself a cure, or even a palliative. It isn’t. It never is.

Smoke and mirrors ... and some pork

Remember that Great Zeropean Search Engine that Chiraq single handedly initiated with his hissy fit about Google monopolizing World Culture? Remember how Chiraq said that Google was imposing a US-of-A slanted world view down the gullets of those diversity loving, multicultural, multilateral, multilinguistical Europeans? Remember how Chiraq said European sophistication and refinement could never be properly fine tuned by a Nasdaq-listed stock-option-fueled American start-up? Remember how Chiraq said all of the European intelligentsia would be united in a monumental effort to showcase Continental technilogical prowess?

It was all a crock.

The European super-project was immediately scaled down to a Franco-German thing called Quaero which, as we find out now, is really just a Franco-French project that the Germans made believe they were in on so everyone could obtain barrels of pork without any squawking from the European Commission. If you want to see what kind of state-of-the-art search engine technology is developed using French public money then take a look at the joke called Gallica over at the French National Library.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is the way it works

When the US economy “only” grows at 2.2 percent it's called a tragic, buzz-killing, end of the universe indictment of any standing (conservative) government. Yet if any Europutz central bank estimates about 17 minuted of a possible 2 percent rate of growth (even if everyone knows that they're talking it up from 1,6) the press act like their precious Euro-poop contrôlée de terroir don’t stink.

How easy is it?

As easy as getting into a French girl's snatch.

Comme on a fait pour Delanoë, on va essayer de voir ce qu'il a dans le ventre

Alain Soral prétend être menacé de mort. Lui qui se vante de pouvoir mettre les gens KO rien qu'avec les yeux.

France isolated

European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet tells the French to stop crying about the strong Euro and do what some other European countries are doing. Like maybe, bust ass for a change.

Feel the love

Dieudo's first live appearance on French State TV since the now infamous Isra'Heil sketch.


The French preSS still does not see the coming wave, fueled by a very French anti-Semitism, of suburban French youth votes for Le Pen.

The cunt

Ségolène Royal talked trash about the United States while in the Middle East but at home her flabby ass has to be protected from the real threat of Muslim terrorists.

La racaille dit "Le Pen vite!"

Front National top brass comfortably seated in the VIP area, conspiracy theorist Thierry Meyssan, and Marxist Alain Soral were present to see Dieudonné spew Jew-baiting jokes to his suburban French youth fans at Paris' Zenith. The Front National score in April 2007, which will be getting a nice pop thanks to the suburban racaille, will be the result of a broad coalition (gathering elemnts from the French extreme Left and Right) of France's deeply rooted anti-Semitic political currents.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The unbearable lightness of a French soufflé

Hell's Kitchen from the guy that said 'Hell is other people'.

Sophisticated French show low-brow Americans what refined entertainment is all about

Corporate Spies

En cinq ans, le nombre de sociétés de sécurité spécialisées dans le secteur de l'espionnage économique a été multiplié par six. Elles sont aujourd'hui environ 300. Cambriolages, corruption, intrusion informatique, écoutes téléphoniques, sont des activités évidemment illégales mais qui seraient à l'occasion pratiquées, y compris en France.
Jacques Follorou brings us articles about corporate spying and the DGSE's role in economic intelligence. (Read George Melloan's somewhat related article.)
Le service opérationnel de la DGSE a la réputation de "visiter" les chambres des grands hôtels parisiens où transitent des hommes d'affaires du monde entier. Les Etats-Unis, l'Angleterre et la Suède ont, depuis longtemps, avant la Chine, le Japon ou la Russie, engagé leurs services spéciaux aux côtés de leurs entreprises nationales. Dans cette version secrète du patriotisme économique, la France est plutôt à la traîne.

Euroman the ethically superior

just can’t seem to help his creepy self:

The UN children's fund Unicef, which looked at resorts along Kenya's coast, found that 15,000 girls aged 12 to 18 were engaged in casual sex for money.

Another 2,000-3,000 girls and boys were involved in full-time prostitution, said the study - carried out jointly with the Kenyan government.

European men represented half of all their clients, the report said.
Though the Kenyans themselves are acting to limit those who enable the illegal trade it needs to be put into the context of the position that they’re in. Their economy depends on tourism, and to a degree it’s being held hostage by rich foreigners acting out the symptoms of a diseased post-modern society. Imagine just how far this is to go and how much they spend to show that they’ve already thrown their humanity away.
Unicef Kenya representative, Heimo Laakkonen said Kenyans top the list of abusers making up to 38 per cent of the children's clients.

He said: “As for the tourists themselves, the report shows that visitors from some European countries like Germany, Switzerland and Italy top the list of tourists who abuse Kenyan children.”
But let’s keep this in perspective. Local clients are outnumbered by Europeans who come from thousands of kilometers for the abuse the most vulnerable of those they both have a desire for and look down on – indulging an imagined personal invincibility as having the power to treat people like chattel.

Staring at you and scratching their heads

Chew on this, lefty. That class-struggle bunk the globalized-tranzi-left keep repeating to themselves isn’t exactly universal.

France isolated

Other EU countries tell France that their YES votes are just as important as France's NON vote hissy fit.

Soon to be Stateside

Erik Svane, author of La Bannière Étalée, is invited to speak before the Young Republicans of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst on 12 February 2007.

Bush Making Preparations for the Devastatation of the Pacific Coast's Indian Population

Having made efforts to harm part of America's African-American population in August 2005, the Bush administration is getting ready for it's latest act of infamy: the destruction of part of the nation's Native American population.

"The arrogance of this administration knows no bounds!" bemoaned one Indian spokesman who asked not to be named. He added that an eruption would but cap what seems to be part of a well-rehearsed plot (undoubtedly linked to global warming) designed for the sole purpose of harassing residents while offering them little to no help.

Will they howl about “big ganga” too?

Probably not, but for many of the people who smoke it, they’re more worried about agra-biz, GMOs, and support bio-fuels to compete with food crops. Happier with their pernicious obsessions, their motto should be “make prosperity history.”The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

A smell of Sulfur in the Room

This is the meaning of that term “solidarity” that they keep throwing around.

Look who’s drooling for affirmation.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Iraq Surrender Groupies

France isolated

EU trade commissioner to shitcan France's green tax proposal.

الوقوف معا - Stand United

- Via Fausta

Cheb Mami has promised to record a cover of "Needles and Pins" as soon as he gets out of the Algiers joint

Hardcore. Rai singing star, much loved by the Paris glitterati, turns out to be a cut-rate off-shore abortionist. Paging Doctor Benway.


Lyrics here.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

The swanky NYC pad of a kiddie porn king and war profiteer.

Diary of a Stalker

Behind every grand projet are a bunch of little petit projets, most of which are failures hiding behind the big tree of the bigger distraction. Odd that toffish, decadent notions would then grow into the norm.

Alas, behold: Art! Why is it art? Because the artist says so, and don’t argue with the artist. Ancillary to the pedestrian building of a tram is taxpayer funded act of expressed insult toward the acdcepting and straightforward in the form of disappointment. A non-functioning telephone booth done up like a middle aged Hello Kitty fan called “art”.

This brilliant idea of a phone booth which does not make it possible to actually make phone calls cost to the taxpayer the tidy sum of €269.880.36. For the realization of this fine opus, Sophie Calle called upon her old pal the architect Franck Gehry [sic] who officiated as a subcontractor.

Sophie Calle promised to telephone “several times a week over three years”, but “in a random way”. That will make the phone call expensive… All that to hear “a a little pointed, recognizable voice between all, that of Sophie Calle”
I don't know. Maybe the shameless namedropping makes it “art”. I’m sure Mr. Gehry otherwise can’t to hear from her weekly at random times for the next three years.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Simple pleasures are always the best

Like snubbing the French.

Justifiable Ségonoia

Imagine a nation which is already a bête noire of international relations electing another socialist that even another lefty wouldn’t want to be seen standing next to.

An unnamed advisor to Mrs Clinton told the newspaper Le Parisien that appearing next to a French Socialist who recently met an official of the Hizbollah movement in Lebanon could be construed as condoning the beliefs of the militant Shia group. The Democrats also have little in common with French Socialism, which supports massive state intervention, a huge civil service, and regularly lambasts "US world hegemony".
Garsh Pa, why would THAT be a PR problem?

It gets even better in headline-land. The confused agit-propers at the SMH whom one would imagine otherwise being generally opposed to monarchies and dynasties calls Hillary Rodham Clinton the “Queen” of the Democrats.

It's the cheering that I wonder about

Arrêt Sur Images reports on a stunt pulled by Belgian Television:

How was it that on RTBF’s evening broadcast that [for about an hour] they lead Belgian viewers to believe that that Flanders had declared its independence, thus starting a separation of Belgium? How does one explain that Belgians believed the report that their country had split in half?

[ ... ]

How does one even explain the force of public reaction?
Click here for video of yesterday’s ASI programme.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sank ‘eaven for leetle gölls

A storefront Imam in France marries a 15 year old girl.

The story goes back to last November 18th. Mohamed Hanou, a 22 year old male born in Graulhet, and currently the Imam of Gaillac, married a 15 year old schoolgirl from the college Ducos-du-Hauron in the Agen mosque. The ceremony was celebrated in front of some 300 people. Last summer, the couple unsuccessfully tried to list their marriage civilly at the Agen town hall.
They were refused under the terms of article 144 of the civil code, recently modified by the law of April 4, 2006. This article stipulates that “the man and the woman cannot contract marriage before the age of eighteen.”
All this in spite of the idiotic and undemocratic headscarf law which was supposed to make M. et Mme. Dupont not notice the social change in their midst. Instead of encouraging society to grow less prone to violence because there is a durable and understandable social contract/consensus of agreement because there are individual freedoms and limits based on universal social values, they see the emergence of a nation which is willing to be intolerant to religion and its’ practices, but refuses to enforce the rules relative to universal values.
At the Ducos-du-Hauron school, the girl follows her courses by respecting the provisions of the law on the visible religious symbols by not wearing a veil. However outside of school she wears a burqa, a garment which covers the entirely body from head to toe, only through a lacework over the eyes is it not possible for the wearer to see without being seen.
According to our sources the girl has applied for a passport. Authorities have put the request on hold fore the moment to give them time to gage the risk that there would be to grant the girl, a minor, a passport which would make it possible for her husband to taker her away to Syria, with or without her consent.
Realistically though, who is any European to lecture them anyway?

Standing by

I’m still waiting for the Abu-Greibization of the politics of this.

Should I keep waiting?

How About We Go Out and Raise us up Some More of that “Awareness,” there Skeeter?

As if we haven’t all been brave enough in our symbolic actions, Exit signs are to be “gender normed” in Austria. The exit sign featuring a little nondescript green dude (often confused for a human of some unidentifiable sex) running down the stairs will become an indiscript woman running down the stairs.

Someone will fight over it, and as always someone will finally resolve the situation with a compromise and do the wrong thing.

Thereafter the standard sign will be replaced by a “series” of signs featuring women and men of various ages, and some livestock (NL, SE, DE only). Owing to the fact that someone will realized after some unfortunate people are turned into crispy critters, that the whole thing defeated the purpose of standardized signage that everyone can deal with, things will change. You won’t have to think to yourself: “is this the means of egress for men, women, or ‘others’?” immediately prior to asphyxiation.

No – it a centrally planned society like this, the outcome will be for the betterment of man beingdom. The sign will feature a woman AND a man.

The colorblind, if they see our little green polyandrous friend at all, will mistake it the toilet room for the fire escape.

Let’s not be too picky, now. Those lives lost are sure to matter less than the great leap forward in becoming a newly inventive form of normative human.

"Because it clashes with fixed visual habits, the campaign compels (people) to think, look and act differently," Sonja Wehsely, city councillor in charge of women's affairs, said in the statement.

Thus, signs using male characters will have their female equivalent, while the opposite will also be true.

Female exit signs and pictograms in bathrooms featuring a man, rather than a woman, changing a baby, will be introduced at City Hall to start with, the statement said.

Seats reserved for the elderly and pregnant women on Vienna's buses and trams will soon also picture a man carrying a child on his lap.

A roadworks sign picturing a woman in a skirt digging into a pile of dirt and used on a campaign poster will not see the light of day however because of traffic regulations.
Just remember that the continent is named for the mythical Europa who cannot be separated from the mythology of the sacred bull. The story goes that she was eventually raped to death.
Now imagine for a moment you weren’t such a brave and bold “normativizer,” and don’t quite buy the solidarity, sameness, and uniformity of the sexes routine. Wouldn’t you be less empathetic to the great and grand ideals of Marxists, and prefer to see this crossing sign from the Marxist normative paradise which NEVER featured women, and cursed all me with early 60’s style narrow brimmed fedoras? The little guy's grooming?: unclear.

I think you would, but would never admit it. That’s some kind of hang up you’ve got there man.