Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ça va comme un lundi, quoi

Early evening activity (more to follow later) saw around 14 cars torched in the Yvelines and around 10 in Seine-Saint-Denis with no direct confrontations between rioters and police.

Other regions of France were hit by an increase in violence.

As mentioned in a previous post a bus was torched in Toulouse. Later activity saw 21 cars burned and 2 buses pelted with rocks. All bus traffic was stopped in the Bellefontaine, Mirail and Bagatelle areas of the city which were cut off by riot police. Approximately 200 youths moved from neighborhood to neighborhood. The area was placed under helicopter surveillance. Subway service was interrupted at 8PM between les Arènes and Basso Cambo.

In the north of France, 27 cars were burned by 9PM. 2 schools were torched: one in Lille-Sud and one in Bruay-sur-Escaut, near Valenciennes.

In eastern France, cars were torched in Alsace, Lorraine and Franche-Comté.

18 cars were burned in Strasbourg which was placed under helicopter surveillance.

Even in Haut-Rhin started Monday afternoon with waste disposal equipment and bus shelters being set alight.

In Moselle, 8 cars were torched early in the evening.

In Doubs, firemen saw their rate of intervention go from once every 30 minutes in the early evening to once a minute as the night progressed.

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