Saturday, December 09, 2006

Why Theyre Better than you are

It must be the superior Humanism and the nagging lectures.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Up your nose with a rubber hose

Zeropean War Crimes Tribunal orders Gitmo-like torture.

This is the Socialist credo

In her article about "Ségolène Royal’s rise to power on a swish and a smile" along with la Belle Dragon's recent "100% purely political jaunt in the body-building capital of foreign policy", Nidra Poller treats us to the credo of the left.
This is the Socialist credo. Other politicians pursue narrow personal ambitions; a Socialist administers to The People. Heartless capitalists pursue outrageous profits; Socialists administer to the Poor and Needy. Nationalistic nations pursue aggressive policies; Socialists build Nations without Borders that administer to the Downtrodden.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Wait! What’s my Motivation?!?

France 24: more obsessed with little more than national status and showing one nation punching above their non-existent weight than reporting news. It’s creation has more to do with give events a French spin.

So far the product itself is less substantive than a small-town paper. It’s first take at the Israeli-Palestinian issue had the even-handedness, balance, and honest reporting of Pravda-like tractor production figures.

On top of that, they’re two decades late.

Unhappy Feet

Pope Penguin: ”...Embryos, like the handicapped, have the right to some respect.”

“Logical” Penguin: ”...I’m afraid embryos might agree with you.”

”...Because of them, these people are ill.”
Never mind the overestimating the potential of stem cell therapy, or the ill defined nature of “respect”, the guy actually thinks that you have to find snuffing out human life flippantly is the only way to cure illnesses - as if this guy wouldn't pull the life-support plug on the "expensive" patients anyway.

Leftist Math: How Many Class Struggles Will it Take to Eradicate Common Sense?

Just the kind of science scare one can expect from a Lit or Womens’ Studies Major: Digital packet data (somehow) that travels over radio waves and microwaves is somehow worse than a non-digital emanation. This is, of course horseshit – and horseshit that we’ve been over and over before. It’s hard to imagine this, but there was a time beginning more than a century ago where a significant number of people worked as radio and telephone operators, and wore headphones with large magnets in them.

They didn’t seem to exhibit this sort of behavior typical of a great many Guardianista:

As I understand it the only research taken seriously by government when looking into the safety issues of mobile phone emissions, looked at the heating effect on tissues only (nematode worms). This is something of a red herring, the human body is a dynamic system; utilising chemical and electrical systems of amazing complexity. There is no way anyone can confidently say WiFi is 'safe', or that using a mobile phone several times a day is 'safe', or that living within several hundred yards of a base station is 'safe'. Again, as I understand it, it is the pulsed nature of such radiations that make them potentially harmful, and the way in which the human brain is subject to 'entrainment', in which the natural cycle of electrical rythms within the brain can be disrupted, and slowed or speeded up, possibly resulting in at the very least, mood and sleep disorders.
Make a note that the author was largely drubbed despite the people looking for a corporate blame angle. I guess there’s no getting away with something that threatens the toys of even the most heavily invested “progressives.” I think the Electrosmog is a content based thing, not RF.

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7 December 1941

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bukowski steals the show

How to become rich and famous being a T-Shirt salesman

Looks like Pinochet didn't make the cut. Tous mes meilleurs voeux pour votre rétablissement, mon Général.

Fighting their way back down the food chain

Here’s what Chavez’ Socialist revolution has to show for itself. Barely a dent taken out of poverty, GREATER dependency on foreign banks and governments, MASSIVE economic contraction. Adjusting for their rate of inflation, the economy is half the size it was 8 years ago, effectively making even those he’s “helping” poorer than they were a decade ago.

- In 1998 GDP was $185 billion (£93 billion); in 2006 it is $162 billion
- Inflation: 38 per cent (1998); 16 per cent (2006)
- Proportion in poverty: 44 per cent (1998); 34 per cent (2006)
- External debt: $27 billion (1998); $34 billion (2006)

Man of the people, the poor, etc. He loves the poor so much he wants to everyone else to join their fate. Unlike his young proponents, and even his old ones, most everyone else actually get the joke.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's countires like France that are a drag on EU expansion

Look for one more Bolkenstein-like showdown when French politicos decide to make an issue of this. Shouldn't be long now, what with the upcoming elections and all.

Dead Man Walking

Finland has ratified the European Constitution.


The 2006 Weblog Awards

These were the ones the press paraded as somehow being innocents (Part 1)

Video: a Hiszballah fighter provides an insight into the practices which exposes the civilians that they’re supposedly “resisting” for to tremendous risk.

- With special thanks to Viktor

These were the ones the press paraded as somehow being innocents (Part 2)

Video: a man who has been in Hizballah since he was 18 talks about posing as a civilian and openly carrying his rifle and anti-aircraft weaponry – something completely illegal in Lebanon, except where Hizballah runs rampant.

- With special thanks to Viktor

These were the ones the press paraded as somehow being innocents (Part 3)

Video: Missile talk. A native of Baalbek living in one of the Hizballah strongholds south of central Beirut talks about using civilians as a human shield. Lovely how they’re always willing to fight to the last civilian, isn’t it?

- With special thanks to Viktor

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Entertaining the Culture Vultures

The latest and greatest object of public “pretend you know something” interest in Paris is work of Architecture (The Tour Phare) – not by the drama-queen with a fake name like Jean Nouvel, but by American Architect and Pritzker Prize winner Thom Maynes.

An insider's note on Maynes' Morphosis design firm speaks to a directness and unselfconciousness they've always had. They've succeeded with their clients and in the public realm by playing it straight, never putting on airs. and bringing an excitment back into the process. The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Man, That’s Like, So “World”

Institutional ‘lack of humor’ alert: see how PC nuttiness deals with a show of empathy, and a dance for the gods of diversity.The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Jusqu'où va-t-on descendre ?

Here is some more background on the rallying of suburban French youth to Jean Marie Le Pen and the Front National. America-bashing, OBL-praising French writer Alain Soral has played an important role, along with Dieudonné, in making this a reality.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Not only does the devil wear Prada, but she sounds like Pravda. To the fantasist crypto-Marxists at Marianne, not only is Ségolène Royal not leftist enough, her politics otherwise doesn’t matter as much as Marianne’s own resent riddled class struggle bullshit.

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The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

It Must Be That Awful, Unjust World Again.

Despite the best effort at creatively instituting an all-encompassing nanny-state in cryptic form, the number of “vulnerables” has doubled in 30 years. To the helpless, this means having one desperate last resort after another, anything but a judgement about the nature of people: a misplaced faith in government.

Jeez – lefties just don’t get it. Like their fellow zombies ant the New York Times who are shocked that the number of prisoners goes up even as crime drops, they don’t seem to get that the more generous and all-encompassing the nanny-state gets, the more likely it is to attract parasites.

To try to set the system to work, Minister of Justice Pascal Clement, and the minister whose portfolios include welfare, senior citizens, the handicapped, and families, Philippe Low presented a reform proposal on Tuesday November 28, to the Council of Ministers. “The current law do not make it possible any longer to protect our most fragile fellow-citizens well. The inflation in the number of cases makes it impossible for the law to a provide quality and effective execution of legal measures.”
Like the degradation of Health Services when the government must ration it (because it runs it), this is no different: the excessive involvement of any government in the provision of services which can otherwise be managed outside of the state eventually becomes incapable of providing as intended.

Then again there’s Serguei’s drawing displaying the expectations of the generous lawgivers – frankly more than one can ever expect. Commissioned for an article bleating about the quality of justice which in this case are nearly justified in it’s bleat: 700 000 people under judicial protection in some way or another, and not on a temporary basis, mind you, but wards of an institution not built for the permanent trusteeship of people in need. The sort of “justice” people who love the phrase “social justice” are looking for has little to do with Justice at all, but with the use of legal measures as a tool and a bludgeon.

The irony is that they aren’t compelling courts to decide impartially over the guilt an innocence of people, or finding on matters of dispute between people, they are being directed to oversee social problems. This used to be a act of last resort in society, and perhaps the numbers show what state of decay (or perhaps just emotionally desperate) modern, self-conscious, “social-democratic” society has allowed itself to fall into.