Sunday, February 02, 2020

Dear US Senate, please end this shoddy junk impeachment

Damian Bennett has this to say:
I have followed a variety of sources on the impeachment, watched or listened to hours and hours of the Senate impeachment trial. With all that it is hard to wrap my mind around some things:
  • The shoddiness of what the Democratic House Managers ("DHM") brought to the Senate to adjudicate
  • The DHM argument that Mr. Trump misdemeaned in pursuing an investigation of Ukranian corruption without linkage, an investigation on which the previous administration had actually exercised carrot-and-stick linkage
  • The whole Pelosi urgency thing:
    • No time for court adjudication of contested House subpoenas but plenty of time for  court adjudication of contested Senate subpoenas (the evidentiary obligation being on the House; the Senate is only obliged to hear the House evidence presented)
    • A rushed vote to impeach (the shortest investigative run-up to a presidential impeachment in American history), followed by withholding the Articles so 'urgently' drafted
  • The whole Pelosi "sad, solemn, and somber" thing:
  • The DHM argument that John Bolton** is a relevant and indispensable witness (he might have been, had the House subpoenaed him and won in the courts to allow his testimony) but the Bidens somehow are not (as targets of the Ukrainian corruption probe how could they not be?)  
** Once considered not credible by lead DHM Schiff, Mr. Bolton is now an impeccable witness
Much much more, but so wearying when the opposition is so smug yet this stupid -- unabashed by its powerlust, intoxicated by its own preening sense of importance. I would be more convinced of the sincerity of the Democrat's impeachment death wish had these same Democrats impeached Mr. Obama first for the very things they have impeached Mr. Trump.

Dear US Senate, please end this junk impeachment. Amen. Ask and you shall receive.