Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun for the whole family

An article from the BBC on-line which may just leave you in stitches. First, the set-up:

In its 2007 report, the Nobel Prize-winning Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said: "Glaciers in the Himalayas are receding faster than in any other part of the world and, if the present rate continues, the likelihood of them disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high if the Earth keeps warming at the current rate.

"Its total area will likely shrink from the present 500,000 to 100,000 square kilometres by the year 2035," the report said.

It suggested three quarters of a billion people who depend on glacier melt for water supplies in Asia could be affected.
Some kill-joy had the unmitigated gall to actually look into the matter:

The UN panel on climate change warning that Himalayan glaciers could melt to a fifth of current levels by 2035 is wildly inaccurate, an academic says.

J Graham Cogley, a professor at Ontario Trent University, says he believes the UN authors got the date from an earlier report wrong by more than 300 years.
Naturally there is this:

He is astonished they "misread 2350 as 2035". The authors deny the claims.
And then this bit:

When asked how this "error" could have happened, RK Pachauri, the Indian scientist who heads the IPCC, said: "I don't have anything to add on glaciers."
Odd how this all happened anyway, the "2035" sources look like they are rock solid:

The IPCC relied on three documents to arrive at 2035 as the "outer year" for shrinkage of glaciers.

They are: a 2005 World Wide Fund for Nature report on glaciers; a 1996 Unesco document on hydrology; and a 1999 news report in New Scientist.
And just in case you were wondering:

Incidentally, none of these documents have been reviewed by peer professionals, which is what the IPCC is mandated to be doing.
Laughter is indeed a wonderful way to keep warm on these cold winter nights....

French Health Care: "l'opération était un massacre"

French health care is the best in the world and a model to follow (Ah que coucou à Jan), as American doctors intervene to rectify a French doctor's "massacre" on Johnny Hallyday's back by placing the French singer in a coma…
Jean-Claude Camus [le producteur de Johnny Halliday] a mis en cause le médecin français l'ayant opéré en novembre d'une hernie discale, responsable selon lui des complications observées par les médecins américains.

Après son opération dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi, le chanteur a été placé dans un coma artificiel de façon à soulager ses douleurs.

It's the same old leftist playbook: Approach every desired major policy change as a crisis, and demand immediate action

It's the same old leftist playbook: Approach every desired major policy change as a crisis, and demand immediate action. If the public begins to wise up to the distortions and exaggerations, elevate the threat warning from dire to urgent.
David Limbaugh has more:
The alarmists tell us that the incriminating e-mails do nothing to discredit global warming science. Well, if that is true, why did these top-gun environmentalists believe it necessary to cheat and lie? If the science is so clear, why did they have to cherry-pick their data and rig the evidence? Why did they have to "hide the decline" of the "real temps"? Why did someone destroy the underlying temperature records that could either support or undermine their catastrophic conclusions? …

Perhaps the culpability of many rank-and-file leftists should be understood in light of their mind-numbed credulity over the alarmists' claims and the Draconian solutions they offer to avert their mythical Armageddon. These leftist sheep seem engaged in a chimerical search for significance apart from God, whose existence their worldview rejects but for whom their hearts cry out in a self-muted cacophony.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Teleologist-in-Chief: Teleology explains everything Obama has done, with regards to foreign policy, economic policy, dealings with Congress, etc…

Why does teleology (in this mutated form) matter?
asks Steven den Beste (tak til Instapundit).
Because right now we have a teleologist as our President. what’s really going on is that Obama has this kind of world view. And that explains everything he’s done.

It explains his foreign policy. To a teleologists, it just makes sense that everyone should want to get along. If you unclench your fist and hold out your hand, everyone else will unclench their fists, and become your friends. So Obama is doing that, and as we know the result has been a shambles.

It explains his economic policy. Teleologists inherently don’t believe in unintended side effects when it comes to implementing their idealistic policies. Obviously it should be possible to provide free health care to everyone without wrecking the economy; it’s just how things really should be, so that’s how it will be. Where will the money come from? That’s the kind of question that materialists ask; teleologists don’t concern themselves with such trivial. It’ll happen somehow, because it’s obviously how it should turn out. To say we shouldn’t do it is to be heartless, uncaring — and those things are more important than mundane claims that it won’t work. If you just believe, it will work.

Of course, it won’t work. The materialists are right about that. But when it fails (if it gets tried) the teleologists will blame the negative vibes of all the materialist doubters for the failure. If only they’d come on board and supported it, then it would have come out OK.

It explains his dealings with Congress in general. He has been telling Congress in very general terms what he wants from them, and seems to think that this is all he really has to do. He wants the bills enough so that Congress will spontaneously create exactly the bills he wants and send them to him as soon as he says. Nothing else need be done by him except to want them.

Hey, Lefty Chumps!

Are you done embracing their worldy ‘worldiness’ in your Fair Trade underoos?

Proposed legislation would impose the death penalty for some gay Ugandans, and their family and friends could face up to seven years in jail if they fail to report them to authorities. Even landlords could be imprisoned for renting to homosexuals.
Those seeking ‘climate justice’ and other class warfare arguments need look no further than their own ability to be vile, which is about the same as any other human, no matter what their ‘class’ or virtuousness by way of perceived victimhood status, only to have to grade one victim class over another.

How about THIS idea: decide to defend INDIVIDUAL rights, become aware that all are universally capable of moral thought, and accept that class, “group rights” and the rest of the dust political parasites kick up is the social construct they should be after.

A Russian Worth Listening To…

Svetlanin Kunin is a Russian worth listening to

They Doth Fling Pooh from their Gilded Cage

First, let me quote Whittaker Chambers:

The revolutionary heart of Communism is not the theatrical appeal: "Workers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains. You have a world to gain." It is a simple statement of Karl Marx, further simplified for handy use: "Philosophers have explained the world; it is necessary to change the world." Communists are bound together by no secret oath. The tie that binds them across the frontiers of nations, across barriers of language and differences of class and education, in defiance of religion, morality, truth, law, honor, the weaknesses of the body and the irresolutions of the mind, even unto death, is a simple conviction: It is necessary to change the world.
But that’s neither here nor there, because the saintly attendies to the COP15 poverty and medievalism confab are themselves no Sistertian monks, charmers, or even humanistic stewards of the precious kidlets in whose name they want the rest of us to commit eco-cide. Andrew Bolt notes that at the miracle of the loaves and fishes in Copenhagen, the suffering weight of abundance weighs down many a soul attending.
”We haven’t got enough limos in the country to fulfil the demand,” she says. “We’re having to drive them in hundreds of miles from Germany and Sweden.”
And the total number of electric cars or hybrids among that number? “Five,” says Ms Jorgensen…
Which means that their number of electro-pods and Toyota Piouses is wildly outnumbered by the people living on my block – ONE SIDE OF IT, in fact.

Buoyed by the usual puproseless agit-prop cum Klimantenschmutz of course:

“Can you smell that, son? Can you smell the mendacity?”

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Moscow has announced that the Arctic will become its “main resource base” by 2020, and plans for troops “capable of ensuring … security in region"

During a week when big ideas have their shot at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, it’s clear the Arctic isn’t getting its share
writes John Vinocur concerning "the worst-case Great Game perspective of guns, gas leaks and oil spills, tanker collisions and nationalist jostling". As John Vinocur explains, the (ignored) problem is that
the Russians … seem more in a rush than the Atlantic Alliance players to create their own kind of Arctic facts.

They have experience in the region, but hardly a resounding record as great stewards of the environment. Their claim to half of the Arctic as their own was described in Halifax as “extravagant” by a former U.S. ambassador to NATO, Kurt Volker.

In 2007, they planted a Russian flag under the North Pole. This year, Moscow’s National Security Council announced that the Arctic would become its “main resource base” by 2020, and plans for troops “capable of ensuring military security in the region.” In October, a Russian admiral said that helicopter carriers the Russian Navy hopes to buy from France were earmarked, in part, for its Arctic fleet.

But this could be just woofin’. … All the same, said Mr. Volker, who is managing director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Transatlantic Relations, “The Russians know what they want. They’ve got an Arctic fleet, and incentives to bring people to settle in the region. They want to develop gas fields. It’s not military aggression, but an attempt to build a comprehensive presence.” Washington, he said, “has been a little slow to put the pieces together. And we’re the only country to have the resources and political weight that can get a handle on the development of the region.”

Remember Kids, Daddy Drinks Because you Cry

Pravda makes beeg trouble for Correct-thinking Cadre

And we quote:

Now that the Czech Republic has announced it will ratify the Lisbon Treaty, the EU will be even closer yet to becoming a unified monster state, with more than half a billion inhabitants. Inhabitants is the correct term, since “citizens” would indicate a set of political rights. The people living in the EU should rather be called “subjects,” since they have no influence whatsoever on the constitution of the centralized European government, the “European Commission.” The Europeans are allowed to vote for members of the European Parliament, but this body has about as much political power as the ineffectual German parliament meeting at Frankfurt in 1848. Political power in the EU is firmly in the hands of the European Commission, which is set to obtain even more power under the Lisbon Treaty. This infamous treaty does not hold the peoples of Europe in high regard. As a matter of fact, it is only halfway through the treaty (originally presented as a “Constitution”) that one finds the first references to the people.
Under your newly imposed constitutional privileges, you are permitted to register your surprise so long as I still feel like it.

Have a nice day.

Anarchists Like Siné Are Immature And Want Civilization To Be at the Degree Zero

Alain Abellard has a portrait of Siné, an anarchist who doubles as one of France's top (Dieudonné-type?) humorists… Says one reader:
Siné peut bien s'en aller au Paradis ou en Enfer. Qu'importe ! Les anars sont des immatures : il n'aiment pas l'homme tel qu'il est, mais tel qu'ils le rêvent. S'ensuit un galimatia infantile d'imprécations diverses, d'où ne peut sortir que la loi du plus fort, c'est-à-dire le degré zéro de la civilisation. Bon vent, les anars, mais restez discrets, s'il vous plaît.
Says another reader:
Sine, c’est un témoignage du passé, un voyage dans le temps. Cette hargne, cette outrance dans les propos, cette manière de voir la vie politique et sociale comme une guerre civile, de prendre des positions outrancières sur tous les sujets était la norme «dans le temps». Comment pouvait-on lire «Je suis partout», ai-je demandé un jour à un ancien. Comme on lit Sine aujourd’hui, répondit-il en sous-entendant que j’avais tort d’imaginer ma génération nécessairement meilleure que la sienne

Monday, December 07, 2009

At some point you just have to say....

...f**k you and the horse you rode in on:

Note: NP has no party affiliation

Compare and Contrast

Some inkling of an awareness of cause and effect have been located in EUropistan.

The first involves the usual Eur-obsession with a business that could only exist if you have large numbers of men with no discernable personality, and the other involves out of place, travelling rodentia. Same thing, really who thrive best when fed by others.

But first a word from their corporate sponsor, who will never ever go away.

Not nearly as Schlau as they Look

Germans, despite the official declaration, remain entranced with that Obama magic that never existed to begin with. So much so, that they’re searching feverishly to find new and politically acceptable ways to abandon the Afghans to the control of a minority of violent Jihadists. You know the type: the brown-red European politi-bots refer to them as being the whole of the Afghan population.

Observing Hermann, being an all-around Klug kind of dude, notes:

No pressure here, time or otherwise. Before not committing any new troops to Afghanistan, Germany wants to take all the time it needs to say no more thoroughly and convincingly and much, much later (around February or so). And why not take your time? They’re in the best of company here.
Interesting new way of making friends, that is.
In other words, “no”, like I said. Westerwelle did indicate that Germany is prepared to increase police trainers in Afghanistan, however. That German police training in Afghanistan has been a catastrophe up until now is another question altogether, but still.

Are Frenchmen the Europeans Most "Sensitized" to Global Warming Or Are They the Europeans Most "Brain-Washed" By the Media?

In response to a Le Monde headline hollering Les Français sont parmi les plus sensibilisés à la question du réchauffement, a few Le Monde readers send out a few pointers:
De fait les Français sont parmi les plus influencés par le matraquage des médias, particulièrement TV et Internet. …

Etant donné le matraquage éhonté auxquels ils sont soumis, il n'est pas surprenant que les français soient "parmi les plus sensibilisés".

La propagande écolo marche à plein régime ...

La France pratique l'omerta et la désinformation systématique sur le RCA. Les critiques sont traités de négationnistes. Les travaux récents de scientifiques non liés au GIEC ne sont jamais cités, car ils remetten en caus le pardigme du RCA. Et nous nous disons héritiers du siècle des Lumières ? Ne serions-nous pas plutôt ceux de l'Inquisition et de la Pensée Unique ?....
Meanwhile, Don Surber sums up the whole affair pretty neatly (merci à Larwyn):
They called us Global Warming Holocaust Deniers — sneered at us, snarked at us, and snubbed us.

None of them bothered to read “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

I have no time for paybacks or saying I told you so.

But pay attention to why they fell for this billion-dollar hoax which almost became a trillion-dollar tragedy.

1. The pseudo-intellectuals fell for it because none of them ever cracked a science book.
2. The policy wonks fell for it because it gave the government more control.
3. The bleeding hearts fell for it because they always want to save the Earth.
4. The communists fell for it because it portrayed capitalists as destroying the Earth to make money.
5. The capitalists fell for it because they saw a new way to make money.
6. The Hollywood crowd fell for it because it made their pampered lives seem to have a meaning and purpose.
7. The newspapers fell for it because it was new.
8. The teachers fell for it because it was a new thing to teach the children to teach their parents.
9. The children fell for it because they wanted to show how well they are doing in school.
10. The parents fell for it because they wanted their children were doing so well in school and they wanted to be supportive.
11. The utility companies fell or it because they can raise rates.
12. The Nobel Peace Prize committee fell for it because Al Gore should have won in 2000.
13. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences fell for it because Al Gore should have won in 2000.
14. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammys) fell for it because Al Gore should have won in 2000.
15. The 30,000 scientists fell for it because while it was not in their field of study, they wanted to be supportive of science.

The only people who didn’t fall for it were we mouth-breathing, Bible-thumping, beer-guzzling, cousin-humping, baby-bumping, overfed, inbred, illiterate, gun-clinging, buck-toothed, trailer-park-living, truck-driving, ATV riding, Wal-mart shopping, knuckle-dragging, military-supporting, ain’t-recycling, patriotic, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, racist hillbillies with cooties.

Jimmy Gavroche Vs. Prince Zéfy le Bienheureux: World Wide Wrestling French Style

Aïe… Aïe… Aïe… Jimmy Gavroche, Monsieur Jacky Richard, Prince Zéfy le bienheureux, Divine Isabella la battante: those are some of the names of wrestling stars involved in Wrestling, French Style (click on the eyes in the narrow vertical frame below Le Monde's screen to see other wrestlers)…
Quand je finis un mec, j'aime bien plonger et l'écraser de tout mon poids. Je sais qu'il est écrabouillé comme une grosse limace immonde, et je sais qu'il va plus se relever. Et ça, j'adore ! (rires)

Petards all around

When this little journalistic stunt was cooked up weeks ago, it probably seemed like such a great idea .... at the time:

Today 56 newspapers in 45 countries take the unprecedented step of speaking with one voice through a common editorial. We do so because humanity faces a profound emergency.

Unless we combine to take decisive action, climate change will ravage our planet, and with it our prosperity and security. The dangers have been becoming apparent for a generation. Now the facts have started to speak: 11 of the past 14 years have been the warmest on record, the Arctic ice-cap is melting and last year's inflamed oil and food prices provide a foretaste of future havoc. In scientific journals the question is no longer whether humans are to blame, but how little time we have got left to limit the damage. Yet so far the world's response has been feeble and half-hearted.
At some point even those bansheeing this this type of thing will notice the screaming satire they are purveying. Then again, we are aware of how blind people can become when their religious faith is under attack.


The children at iCarly making far more climatological sense than anything currently coming out of either the 'experts' or Copenhagen:

Sunday, December 06, 2009

“Thuggish Petro-State” Makes Beeg Trouble for Correct-thinking Cadre

By which Monboit means Canada. Monboit, sure of his central position in all of human perception says:

Canada's image lies in tatters.
Regardless that that is only Canada’s image to HIM. Puzzlingly, his editors still refer to him as a journalist.