Friday, June 24, 2016

The UK's Probable Future Prime Minister Was Hounded by America's IRS For So Long That, in Disgust, He Renounced His Dual American Citizenship Last Year

Thanks to the IRS, one of Britain's most famous politicians — indeed, following Brexit, London's former mayor is on the frontline to becoming the UK's next prime minister — was hounded into renouncing his American citizenship last year, reported The Economist in February 2015 (bumped).
BORIS JOHNSON, [then] the mayor of London, is British-American by birth—and by temperament. He mixes the can-do frontier spirit with self-deprecating wit. After being sacked as a shadow cabinet minister, he said: “There are no disasters, only opportunities. And, indeed, opportunities for fresh disasters.” He is relentlessly optimistic. “Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3,” he once promised.

Yet Mr Johnson (pictured) is so fed up with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that he is renouncing his US citizenship. He says he wants to affirm his commitment to Britain—a wise move for a man who hopes to be prime minister some day. But he has also talked of “getting a divorce from America” because of its “incredible doctrine of global taxation”. He became American by “an accident of birth”: his father was studying in New York. Half a century later this made Johnson junior liable for American capital-gains tax on the sale of his primary home, in north London; Britain levies no such tax. He harrumphed last year that this was “absolutely outrageous” and said he wouldn’t pay. (He later settled for an undisclosed sum.)

The number of Americans giving up their passports has shot up, from less than 1,000 a year in the late 2000s to a record 3,415 in 2014. A new spur is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) of 2010, which makes it a lot harder for Americans overseas to get (or keep) bank accounts, pensions and mortgages, because foreign financial firms don’t want the administrative hassles that FATCA throws up. The law also increases filing requirements for citizens—and thus stokes fears that honest mistakes will be punished.

A neighbour of this correspondent, who was born in America but moved to Britain as a child, recently received a huge bill from the IRS, out of the blue, for many years of unfiled taxes. He had not realised that he owed anything; he had always paid taxes promptly in Britain. The IRS was so aggressive that he feared he might lose his technology business; he even discussed divorce with his wife as a way to shield their assets. In the end, he settled for a six-figure sum. He, too, has since renounced his citizenship.
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A massive breach of the Fourth Amendment: The vast majority of those renouncing citizenship are middle-class Americans, living overseas, fully compliant with their U.S. tax obligations

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Following David Cameron's Resignation in the Wake of the Brexit Debacle, Who Will Be the UK's Next Prime Minister?

The Daily Telegraph explains how the conservatives will choose their next leader and the country's next prime minister.

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Update: the last time a partly-American PM lorded over No. 10, it was a fellow by the name of Winston…

Thursday, June 23, 2016

America's Savior and the World's Last Hope, According to German Magazine: "Hillary Clinton must protect the world from Donald Trump"

Here is what THE MISSION is, according to Der Spiegel:
Hillary Clinton must protect the world from Donald Trump
This is of course what the MSM, both in America and abroad, has been hoping as well as working for — giving Trump $2 billion in free advertising, ending the GOP debates after The Donald emerged ahead — finding a Republican candidate so awful that whomever the Democrats nominated would look good (like a savior) in comparison.

Bill Clinton's wife is AMERICA'S LAST HOPE, explains Holger Stark:
The bloody Orlando attack has enabled Donald Trump's candidacy of fear and escalation.  Hillary Clinton is the only one, who can stop him — however, her election campaign is not igniting, as the people distrust her.
More Spiegel coverage over the years…

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The MSM does not want to admit that the Orlando attack was homo-on-homo violence—as well as Muslim-on-homo violence and Democrat-on-homo violence

It doesn't matter who goes on a killing rampage
notes Benny Huang acidly,
liberals will scapegoat Christian conservatives.

Zack Ford of the ThinkProgress blog really ought to invest in a dictionary. As the editor of the left-wing blog’s LGBT section, he took the lead in blaming Christians, conservatives, and traditionalists for the deaths of 49 people in Orlando last week while simultaneously braying about conservatives “scapegoating” radical Islam.

Note to Zack Ford: it’s not scapegoating to blame radical Islam when a radical Islamist shoots up a nightclub. It is scapegoating to blame Christians when a radical Islamist shoots up a night club. Scapegoating, by definition, is blaming the innocent.

His revolting article represents everything that’s wrong with the American Left condensed into ten paragraphs. Ford’s diatribe with what may be a “white privilege” claim, a charge of hypocrisy, or both. “On Sunday, police arrested a man by the name of James Wesley Howell as he was on his way to the Los Angeles Pride festival in West Hollywood,” Ford wrote. “In his car were three assault rifles, high-capacity magazines, a stockpile of ammunition, and the ingredients necessary to make an explosive device…Howell is white, and he’s from Indiana.”

Yes, that’s all true. On the same day that Omar Mateen carried out the biggest mass shooting in American history, another completely unrelated massacre was planned for another homosexual event on the other side of the country. But Ford’s conclusion isn’t immediately evident. Is he suggesting that conservatives don’t care about terrorism when the perp is a white guy from a red state? I would counter that no one really cares about foiled terrorist attacks, especially when there’s a successful one in the news. If Howell had succeeded and Mateen had failed, we’d be talking about Howell instead. Or is he suggesting that Howell’s plot proves that the Orlando attack could just as easily have been carried out by a right-wing white guy? I suspect that his point is the latter.

Ford neglects to tell his readers that James Wesley Howell is in fact bisexual and apparently an accused child molester. Howell’s bisexuality is not the subject of rumor. He has openly dated men and once pointed a gun at one of his boyfriends. Howell is also no conservative but in fact a supporter of the insurgent Bernie Sanders. (No surprise there—Bernie fans are notoriously violent.) By failing to mention these pertinent facts, Ford leaves the impression that Howell is some kind of heartland “homophobe.” Readers are left to draw their own conclusions as to his religious affiliation, but what religion do most white Midwesterners ascribe to? If that’s not scapegoating, nothing is.
But back to the terrorist attack that wasn’t prevented. The story of what happened at the Pulse nightclub appeared at first to be ready-made for the Left to demagogue. The targeted demographic—homosexuals—was clearly and immediately recognized as a certified victim group. But as the facts rolled in it became more and more difficult for the Left to paint the picture it wanted. The shooter was a religious bigot, which the narrative demanded, but of the wrong religion. Liberals were hoping for a Southern Baptist or a Mormon perhaps—two denominations which have never, to my knowledge, carried out any terrorist attacks. A Muslim wouldn’t fit the bill because Muslims are also on the Left’s list of designated victim groups. It just doesn’t work to have members of multiple grievance constituencies on opposite sides of a shooting.

Then we learned that Mateen was a registered Democrat. Well that’s, uh, problematic. Even worse, he was also the son of Afghan immigrants and almost certainly homosexual or bisexual. All indicators suggest that Omar Mateen lived a furtive double life—married to a woman while cruising for men on the side. Besides having a “gay” dating app on his phone, he was apparently a regular at Pulse where witnesses say he tried picking up guys. One man who knew Mateen during his time at Indian River State College says that Mateen asked him out romantically. They apparently went to “gay” bars after class. According to Mateen’s ex-wife he also had “homosexual tendencies.”

It’s difficult to make all of these pieces fit together just the way the Left wants them to but that isn’t stopping them from giving it the old college try. Anderson Cooper, himself a homosexual, grilled Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi about the shooting, casting blame on her because she defended Florida’s traditional marriage amendment in court—which she was legally obligated to do—and because her Twitter account hadn’t been sufficiently celebratory during Gay Pride Month. It’s all her fault—and your fault, my fault, Pat McCrory’s fault, and so on. If you are a traditionalist of any kind (except the Muslim kind, I guess) you’re to blame.

If Anderson Cooper were a reporter rather than an agenda-pushing homosexual activist, he might inform his viewers of what really happened. But he’s a hack, completely devoid of professionalism. No wonder he’s gotten so far in the journalism field.

Here’s what a real reporter would have said: on June 12, 2016, two “gay” Democrats, acting independently of each other, attempted to create carnage at two homosexual gatherings on opposite coasts. One attack was thwarted, the other wasn’t. One of these “gay” Democrats was a Muslim, which is relevant because he apparently phoned the police in the midst of his killing spree to pledge his allegiance to ISIS. The other “gay” Democrat terrorist was not a Muslim.

Why is that so difficult to say? Because Anderson Cooper doesn’t want to admit that the Orlando attack was homo-on-homo violence—as well as Muslim-on-homo violence and Democrat-on-homo violence. People might get the impression that homosexuals have more to fear from their own community than from the windmills they have traditionally tilted at—the pro-family movement, Maggie Gallagher, the Catholic Church, etc.

But the conclusion is inescapable. Besides the danger homosexuals face of contracting AIDS and other diseases from people who supposedly “love” them, there’s also the fact that the homosexual underworld is seedy and dangerous, replete with shady characters who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues. Jeffrey Dahmer, anyone? He killed seventeen “gay” men all by himself—which is seventeen more than Jerry Falwell ever killed. John Wayne Gacy killed 33 young men, most of whom were lured to his home with free drinks.

Perhaps the most famous victim of faux “homophobia” is Matthew Shepard, the meth-saturated party boy from Wyoming who was murdered in 1998. Though the media originally reported his slaying as a crime of bigotry, he was actually killed by another meth-head who had probably once been Shepard’s sexual partner.
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The true story of Matthew Shepard was uncovered by the “gay” journalist Stephen Jimenez in his 2013 book “The Book of Matt.” … Neither [of his killers] was a “homophobe” and [the one who dealt the deadly blows, Aaron McKinney] was actually a homosexual. He was known to engage in acts of prostitution with men in order to raise money for his habit and apparently felt guilty that he took some enjoyment in it.
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On the one hand liberals embrace lies as truth,
while on the other they reject truth as lies
 … Matthew Shepard wasn’t murdered for being “gay.” He was murdered because he traveled in the local drug scene as well as the local “gay” scene—which often overlapped. He spent his time with lowlifes and was eventually killed by one of them. It’s still a sad story but without the “homophobia” angle it’s just another unremarkable murder among 16,974 that same year.
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usually cultivated at the expense of actual people, their lives, and their reputations
The Orlando spree killing happened only a week ago and already it’s being used for maximum effect to demonize opponents of the homosexual agenda. Remind me again—how is it my fault when a “gay” Muslim Democrat goes on a rampage? There’s no conceivable rationalization that could make Omar Mateen’s guilt stick to me.

If the homosexual community wants to lash out at someone in their time of mourning, they should look to the Islamists, or better yet they could look inward at the rot that pervades their own community. Fat chance, I know.