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Vingt-cinq départements concernés par l'état d'urgence


The state of emergency decree "as of November 9, 2005 to zero hour (midnight)" was published on Wednesday morning by the Official Journal. The Somme prefecture and several towns didn’t wait for the declaration to institute curfews.

The state of emergency law was set to go into effect as of 0h on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 for cities and towns. This gives powers to prefects to restrict or prohibit movement of people and/or vehicles in certain areas.

A second decree limits the decree’s application to whole or part of 25 departments, among which the whole of Ile-de-France including Paris. In these areas, the Ministry of the Interior can make house arrests or seize weapons. The prefects can also provisionallt close theaters, meeting halls, and bars, and order the prohibition of meetings. Lastly, it also empowers localities to do night searches.

Already applied

The Somme prefecture did not wait for the law to order a 22h to 04h curfew in Amiens and about thirty towns for everyone under 16 years of age not accompanied by an adult. Enforcement went into place at midnight. The result is that two minors were picked up and given over to their parents in the night, according to a police source. The prefecture also decided to prohibit the sale of fuel to minors.

In addition to the Somme prefecture, on Tuesday two UMP mayors, Serge Grouard in Orleans, and Jean Marsaudon in Savigny-sur-Orge (Essonne) put in place local by-laws imposing a curfew on minors, like Eric Raoult on Monday in Raincy. The locally implemented measure are not covered under the state-of-emergency law.
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