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The peace loving Left

Or the religion of peace pieces ...

A bomb went off in front of the meeting hall where French Presidential candidate Philippe de Villiers was presiding over a campaign event. Just after speaking on the case of Robert Redeker, de Villiers stated, "I do not fear the Islamists". At that moment, a loud explosion took place at the entry of the meeting hall. The meeting hall was not evacuated and local authorities are investigating.

Her master's voice

Europe struts, Europe talks the talk, and then Europe caves.

He said, "you're either with us, or you're against us"

GM is against Carlos Ghosn

The Iraqi Polls That Are Worth Reporting and the Iraqi Polls That Are Not Worth Reporting

This AP poll is typical of the MSM's handling of the news, whether in Iraq or anywhere else.

It has been over three years since democracy (or a semblance thereof or the next best thing, call it what you want) was restored to Iraq, and only now does anybody (Iraqi or foreign) think of taking a poll among the Iraqi population?!

No. There has actually been an abundance of polls since April 2003, official and semi-official, Iraqi and foreign, but we rarely hear about them. The West's MSM either ignore them or mention them as briefly as possible, forgetting them instantly as they return to their hand-wringing, chicken-little prophesizing and to their ubiquitous search for bad news (such as this AP poll).

Now why would that be? Could it be that those polls give a (very) different illustration than that the MSM is used to giving us?

A book I am writing on the subject of anti-Americanism in the world (a version in French appeared a few months ago) quotes half a dozen of these polls.

A March 2004 poll by the BBC found that of 2,500 persons asked, only 17% thought that life was slightly worse or far worse than a year earlier, while 56% thought life had improved. When they were asked how they saw their lives a year from then, less than 7% thought that life would be worse than at the time of the poll, while 71% thought life would be better, with a majority opining that life would be far better. Opinion was shared as to whether coalition forces had humiliated the country or freed it (41,2% to 41,8%) but in any case, only a small minority (15%) wanted the troops to leave. As for the security situation, less than 27% thought it had gotten worse, while 54% (more than double) thought it had improved.

In a January 2005 poll, 88% of Iraqis polled by the newspaper Sabah supported military action against the "insurgents" who are terrorizing the country, while a rival newspaper, Al Midhar, found that less than 13% of Iraqis wanted the immediate departure of the troops.

In polls carried out by Iraqi universities during the Fall of 2005, Iraqis showed nothing but optimism. Two thirds said their lives were better than in the Saddam era, and no less than 82% felt sure that their lives would be even better one year hence.

(These results, incidentally, echo those from Afghanistan, especially the BBC's October 2005 findings, in which almost 77% thought that their country was on the right path, 87% held that the Americans' toppling of the Taliban régime was a good thing for the country, and 83% held a favorable opinion of the United States.)

As I mention on my blog, any anger, frustration, or resentment the Iraqis may hold towards the American military (and most do not) is dwarfed by that they felt — and that they feel — towards governments of the so-called Peace Camp, the peace activists, and the members of the MSM who opposed Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Things to ponder while reading polls from Iraq (or, really, news about any subject from the MSM)…

Europe is one giant bubble waiting to be popped

Icare joueur, tombant de tout son haut. Much like the late, great EU Constitution, an other multilateral Euro project, Airbus, has hit the skids due to intra-European political skirmishes.

Friday, October 06, 2006

It's All About Bush…

Clinton, now that was someone we respected…

French fashion in the gutter

Down and out in Paris ...

Serguei essai à transformer

When poking the US in the eye, nukes are okay.
(By the way, that’s not what a goalpost is supposed looks like.)
the fuse is lit!

Caring Innocents Threatened

I guess you can solve the world’s problems with trans-nationalism. Jihadist transnationalism, that is. Especially in the European states where they thought taking a soft stance would shield them from self-detonating Mitbürgern und einige Ausländern.

Swiss authorities have informed the United Nations of a "possible terrorist attack" against its European headquarters in Geneva, its biggest premises outside of New York, the world body said in a letter to staff on Thursday.
On the other hand, the crazies see the 'deal' the peace camp thinks it has differently, and is conferring pretend-power on a disinterested Europe so as to later appear to have defeated it. Which is quite funny when you concider that they're being symbolically bested by a society consumed with amusing itself.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

French cops state the obvious

French Muslims wage civil war. Intifada franchouille. Tant qu'ils s'étripent entre fwançais, je n'en ai strictement rien à foutre.

As the interior ministry said that nearly 2,500 officers had been wounded this year, a police union declared that its members were "in a state of civil war" with Muslims in the most depressed "banlieue" estates which are heavily populated by unemployed youths of north African origin.

It said the situation was so grave that it had asked the government to provide police with armoured cars to protect officers in the estates, which are becoming no-go zones.

Hit the bricks

Hate-peddler Thierry Ardisson got the axe last week. Daniel Schneidermann is not displeased:

The provocative art of Ardisson to sell his own personality, machoism, and nihilism for all to see had quite an allure. His own sneer came out of nowhere, and characterized everyone he would come in contact with.

[ ... ]

By systematically inviting jews, muslims, and black people on his show, if possible face to face, and if possible by leading them to throwing things at each other, Ardisson has managed to create a French group which would not have done the same thing on its’ own, to reproduce a conflict for him. Take for example Dieudonné. Re-reading all of his interviews with Ardisson gives you the same impression: while contributing, broadcast after broadcast, to hardening the comic’s position. Didn’t Ardisson push him there?
the fuse is lit!

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Open to all expats some expats

Notable absences found: exhibitors at the Expatica “Welcome to France” fair are sure to not be led astray by the seductive wiles of two of the non-profits for whom links [1] [2] were not provided.

We urge readers to drop them a line and let them know.

Left-wing minstrel show

Le Monde Al-Jazeera sur Seine:
blackface is okay, condescension is otay.

P.S. – Hey, lefty - Martin Luther King was a Republican, and the schmucks wearing bedsheets were Democrats.

Have a nice day.

Newsflash: Criminals, it seems, don’t obey laws.

Another leftist bugaboo that leads people astray: gun control.

A 1997 Justice Department report on murders in the U.S. shows that our country has a murder rate of seven victims per 100,000 population per year. There are a number of well-known examples of countries with more liberal gun laws and lower murder rates than the U.S. One is Finland, with a murder rate of 2.9. Israel is another example; although its population is heavily armed, Israel's murder rate is only 1.4. In Switzerland, gun ownership is a way of life. Its murder rate is 2.7.

By contrast, consider Brazil. All firearms in Brazil must be registered with the government. This registration process can take anywhere from 30 days to three months. All civilian handguns are limited in caliber to no more than 9mm. All rifles must fire handgun ammunition only. Brazilians may only buy one gun per year. At any one time, they may only have in their possession a maximum of six guns: two handguns, two rifles and two shotguns. To transport their guns, citizens must obtain a special police permit. CCW permits are available but are rarely issued.

Therefore, it should not be a revelation to anyone that Brazil has a thriving black market in guns. Virtually any type of gun is available, for a price. Incidentally, Brazil's murder rate is 19 victims per 100,000 population per year.
It's a strange obsession for "the world" to have. The irony is that most murder in the US is in the cities that have stringent gun control (on those seeking to legally register weapons) - a few to be specific: Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, and Atlanta. They have gun control laws because murders were numerous and frightened people who needed to see something done about it. They rose because this convinced cagey malcontents that crime was much easier when decent people couldn’t have them. Strangely enough, if police numbers and powers could solve such a problem, why are there still murders in a police states like Cuba which has a higher murder rate than the US does?
The former Soviet state of Lithuania is now an independent democratic country. But it still retains some vestiges of Stalinism. Lithuania's citizens must obtain a police permit to buy a gun. All guns are registered with the government. Somehow these restrictions are not deterring the criminal element; Lithuania has an unenviable murder rate of 11.7.
That notwithstanding, study after study is commissioned. Surprised to find that 51 studies did not prove the conclusions that they want, they continue to grope for a reason to believe that the gun, not the absent morality of the murderer is at fault.

Oddly enough, there are much higher violent crime rates in many parts of the world, but to my memory, the BBC hasn’t run a ‘global call in’ show about them, but will do so regularly for a well publicized murder in the United States. The only thing missing is doing it with relish, but they reserve that for the callers.

Consider how dwelling on handguns can be more of a distraction to controlling crime that a benefit:
An estimated 24.3% of the 1,430,693 violent crimes (murder, aggravated assault, rape, and robbery) committed in the United States in 1999 were committed with a firearm.
Leaving 75.7% of all other violent crimes that don't involve a firearm. Anti-gun types who convince themselves of all manner of things then have to then find causes other than "the gun did it."
The distraction presented by the gun to Pavlov’s dog convinces him that guns are somehow not a means, but the inspiration to the crime instead.
The malice and nihilism, the amoral nature of the unparented, all the genuine causes of crime are forgotten. After all, these are the same folks who see incarceration or any other sort of punishment itself as a violation of people. They are the sort of people who wonder why crime rates deom "in spite of filling prisons."

Stop it. You’re killing me.

All of these countries have gun control laws.

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Iran's poodle.

What do Europeans have to teach Americans?


"... In contrast, almost daily in Europe, “brave” artists caricature Christians and Americans with impunity. Why?

For a long list of reasons, among them most surely the assurance that they can do this without being killed. Such cowards puff out their chests when trashing an ill Oriana Fallaci or Ariel Sharon or beleaguered George W. Bush in the most demonic of tones, but prove sunken and sullen when threatened by a Dr Zawahri or a grand mufti of some obscure mosque."

Who we aren’t

Eh, Gégé, zere's something on your 'ead?

Correction: it doesn’t do anything for anyone

Although socialism has long claimed to be for the poor, it has probably done more damage, on net balance, to the poor than to the rich. After all, the rich have enough money to leave the country if they think the socialists are going to do them any serious harm.
--Thomas Sowell

Monday, October 02, 2006

Funniest comment of the month award

Goes to Interventor, banisher of Monkey Gods, a highly aware humanoid:

"What can one say of a country whose national symbols are a topless girl and a chicken."
I don't know, on the surface, it sounds like a great moment in comedy to me.

Taking leave of reason

Fly them to Bethesda tout de suite, I say. Most of all, save them from the NHS.

Muslim accosts injured Para in hospital

"You have been killing my Muslim brothers in Afghanistan," the man said during a tirade.

Because the soldier was badly injured and could not defend himself, he was very worried for his safety, sources told The Daily Telegraph.

A relative of the Para said the man had twice walked on to the ward where two other soldiers and four civilians were being treated without once being challenged by staff.

"It's not the best way to treat our returning men," he said. "They are nervous that these guys might attack them and, despite being paratroopers, they cannot defend themselves because of their injuries."
The question is “why should an injured soldier even have to defend himself, or even face the stupidity of someone’s misdirected anger? Much of Europe is still in an emotional adolescence – like the sandbox logic days of the anti-Vietnam War movement in the US in the 70’s: emotional fragile people so dependant on loony home truths and their emotional rage, that they unable to make a distinction between the illusions that they’ve constructed of war, and the soldiers unwilling to break the law to act out these idiots’ desires, be they self-cloistering poncy leftists with ever-changing political hobby horses, or the primitive anger of self-cloistering unintegrated immigrants.

Worse yet, liberals actually have the nerve to turn around and endlessly accuse conservatives of divisiveness.

So, how familiar does all of this sound? Here’s a clue: it’s universal to the left, and is no different than Marx’s political methodology requiring some cultural violence before ‘paradise’ breaks out all over:

Everything liberal politicians do is based on this simple principle. Tell the people that are given to hating the most, that they are the ones who are hated. Tell the people who expect the most, that they deserve more. Tell blacks to hate whites. Tell women to hate men. Tell the lazy to hate the motivated. Tell the poor that only conservatives are rich, and then be sure to tell them to hate them for it.

Class warfare, race baiting, name calling and man-hating—all with a singular goal: to get themselves in power by promoting and exploiting divisiveness. Of course, once this divisiveness turns into frenzy, these same people suddenly act as if they actually want to solve a problem that didn’t even exist before they did everything they possibly could to create it.

To liberals, every issue, every situation is an opportunity to divide. History, religion, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the death of a soldier, a political debate, the hurricane which devastated New Orleans. Every tragedy exploited to divide. Every victory belittled to divide. Every incident, every word, every distorted statistic, every holiday—you name it, they will find some way to divide it.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the politicians who promote and exploit divisiveness; it is the people as well. Malcontents, jealous of anyone with any sort of success, come up with any way they can to attack those who are more successful then they are. Someone is rich only because they stole something from them. Certain groups are more successful only because they took advantage of them. Work has nothing to do with it. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. Planning ahead has nothing to do with it. Even luck has nothing to do with it.
The ideas are ancient, decayed, hateful of the person’s dignity, and they feed on the parts of the person that are weak, nihilistic, and unambitious. It is leftism.

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Commies totally « 404 » on y'know free speech, and civilization and stuff

the fuse is lit!

Indigènes Indigèstes

Fakes and phonies

Real free-market conservatives in France? They're nothing but phonies. Most are protectionist France-first Gaulle-ists more than anything else, many are immersed in a clubby capitalism that has more to do with crony driven self-promotion than competitive business (just try to register a legitimate business at one of their free-market get togethers), and the rest are simply America-hating Front National types with big salaries.