Friday, November 11, 2005

Canal+ edits "Sarkozy, dirty jew!" to "Sarkozy, fascist!"

A¡No Pasaràn! reader wrote in to draw attention to this interesting item on Rantburg, complete with video shown on the satellite/cable channelCanal+:

«a subtitle strategically placed says "Sarkozy, fasciste!", but according to many French forums listeners (including me), the "youths" actually shout "Sarkozy, sale juif", this is clearly audible, Sarko effectively being part-jewish.

Did the bobo channel Canal+, and especially the TV show involved which is obsessively left-leaning, voluntarily misled the viewers?

Add this to the "allah hu akbar", or the references to Jerusalem or the "mosque" (ex.: the teargas canister supposedly shot into it), and you can see theses riots are purely motivated by poverty and discrimination.

Speaking of the Clichy mosque incident, this was apparently a provocation. The so-called "teargas canister" was a spent shell kicked into the mosque from the outside. and the worrying fact is all the mosque’s pious Muslims, including the one who conveniently filmed the scene with his cell-phone, the ones who were later interviewed on TV, or even the Mejliss/Oumma (main French Muslim forum) moderators who suppressed direct testimonies of the incident, were complicit in this fraud.»
Oddly enough, Canal+ has no trouble promoting gang-banger culture, giving it a kind of glamour that would appeal to adolescents who were mal elevée. Were the two production groups to meet in the charred remains of one of the sites of the riots, would they develop any regrets?

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