Thursday, March 06, 2014

What Was the Name of the Senator Who Voted Against a Sterling Supreme Court Nominee in 2005?

In a move sure to rattle the legal community, a majority of senators voted Wednesday to block the confirmation of a respected civil rights lawyer to a top Justice Department spot because he helped get a convicted murderer off death row
writes the Huffington Post's Ryan J. Reilly in a highly-partisan piece.

A lot of leftists seem to forget that when John Roberts was selected for the Supreme Court, one senator said (in so many words) that he did indeed have a sterling record, but that he would vote against him because of Roberts's convictions (nothing to do with the John Errol Ferguson case, which the senator would probably approve of).

The senator's name? Barack Obama.

(I now expect a myriad of comments from leftists saying "Oh, but that is not the same thing — not at all!")

 Republicans vote against Debo Adegbile because he is one more activist who not only wants to defend the but also wants to use the law apparatus against everyday honest American citizens — citizens of whatever race.

Update: The Justice Nominee and The Cop Killer:
Debo Adegbile's disturbing support for Mumia Abu-Jamal should disqualify him

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

How to Recognize a Fascist — According to a Russian

Xavier Gorce:

• Let's take another look on the main way to recognize a Fascist:
It's someone who doesn't speak Russian

Monday, March 03, 2014

Le Monde: Neither the Europeans nor Barack Obama understand that the heart of "Comrade" Vladimir's rhetoric holds that the West is Russia's enemy

Neither the Westerners in genereal nor Barack Obama in particular understand that the heart of Vladimir Putin's rhetoric holds that Westerners are Russia's enemies, writes Le Monde in an editorial.

M. Poutine pose ouvertement les Occidentaux en ennemis de la Russie : pour qui veut bien se donner la peine de la lire, c'est le cœur de la rhétorique poutinienne. Le « camarade » Vladimir n'en a pas fini avec la guerre froide. Les Occidentaux ne l'ont pas compris, qui ont laissé la Russie en 2008 dépecer une partie de la Géorgie. Le président Barack Obama ne l'a pas compris, qui a multiplié les gestes d'ouverture sans jamais rien obtenir de Moscou.
Plantu on
Letting the Diplomats Handle the Situation
• It's Mister Stalin's turn to speak

Quel bonheur que George Bush soit parti! Maintenant, l'Europe a obtenu son vœu le plus cher, un président US à l'européenne, et l'Amérique a un Barack Obama qui fustige les Américains de souche (ces horribles créatures) tout en enlevant aux USA son rôle de policier du globe. Et voilà le résultat — comme l'a très bien observé Vladimir Poutine : la Syrie pas inquiétée pour un sou (ou pour une attaque chimique), l'Iran permis de construire une bombe nucléaire (en signant des accords bidon), etc…

34 Years Ago: "Such an aggressive military policy [by the Kremlin] is unsettling to other peoples throughout the world"

Thirty-four years ago, Jimmy Carter went on television to discuss the (hostage) crisis in Iran along with, after waking up to the true nature of the Russians, the Kremlin's invasion of a neighboring country: "Such an aggressive military policy is unsettling to other peoples throughout the world" (2:34).

Back during the 2008 election, I wrote a letter to the editor of the International Herald Tribune comparing Barack Obama with Sarah Palin and bringing up Jimmy Carter:
Whatever the alleged lack of experience that the Republicans' choice for vice-president may have, it can hardly be greater than that of the Democrats' choice for chief executive — a man with only two years in the national legislature.

During the latest debate, Barack Obama skewered John McCain and/or the Bush administration for not acting friendlier toward Iran or North Korea, all the while, in so many words, issuing threats to Iraq and Pakistan. In the third and last debate, Obama went on to lambaste Columbia (totally misrepresenting — i.e., caricaturing — the situation in the process).

We have seen the this fairy tale-type of foreign policy before (speak to all and all will be well or, at least, all problems will lessen and start getting resolved). If Iran is in the threatening, inimical position it is now, it is largely thanks to Jimmy Carter's similar "be kind and understanding to our enemies, be tough on our friends" approach to foreign affairs.

If the Camp David accords were a success, the 39th president's State Department managed to alienate one faithful (if distasteful) ally after another. And two of them — Nicaragua's Somoza and Iran's Shah — were overthrown during his tenure, both of whom were replaced by régimes arguably far more more repressive and more hostile to Washington if not the Western world itself. While Carter — a man at the time almost as young as Obama — preached Americans to get rid of their alleged outdated anti-communism and to focus on America's own alleged sins and those of its allies, Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Grenada, Mozambique, Ethiopia, South Yemen, and Nicaragua fell into the Kremlin's sphere while Moscow proceeded to invade Afghanistan — leading the idealistic (and naïve) Carter to state how shocked he was to have been lied to.

We are seeing similar echoes in today's Democratic candidate and it is without the least hesitation that I say that I will take Palin over Obama any day.