Saturday, October 22, 2011

Colleges adopt the feminist theory that in all sexual controversies or accusations, the man is guilty unless he proves himself innocent

In another striking proof that the Obama administration is totally manipulated by feminists, the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights sent out a 19-page "DCL" (Dear Colleague Letter) to colleges and universities that should make men fear attending college at all
writes Phyllis Schlafly, as she discusses the fact that college has become "a dangerous place for men. They are not only a minority, but they are victimized by discriminatory and unconstitutional anti-male rules."
The letter adopts the feminist theory that in all sexual controversies or accusations, the man is guilty unless he proves himself innocent.

… The most unconstitutional part of [feminist bureaucrat Russlynn Ali]'s impertinent DCL is that it orders colleges to reject use of the criminal justice standard of proof. The DCL rules that an accused man doesn't have to be judged guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt," or even the intermediate standard of "clear and convincing" proof.

… The feminist apparatus is constantly grinding out phony statistics about sexual assault and harassment, accusations that men are naturally batterers, and that women never lie or make errors in sexual allegations. The feminists are unrepentant about the way they and the prosecutors (toadying to the feminists) accepted and publicized lies that destroyed the reputations of the Duke lacrosse men and of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Why is the US Still Recessionary, you Ask?

Because of Leftism:

This stagnation now finds 51 percent of Americans too poor to pay federal income tax (a modern record) while 47 percent of Americans receive at least one form of federal transfer payment (an historical high), as dependency on the ever-expanding state expands.
This cannot continue. It is unsustainable for any length of time.

Friday, October 21, 2011

EUvians Playing with their Members in the Face of Socio-Economic Implosion

#EUtopia is a massive fail.
We are not talking about a few minor political accidents, or uneventful miscalculations. Generations of Europeans have been force-fed on the failed philosophy and now we see its collapse before our very eyes in slow motion. The illusion of climate warming and the delusion of the single currency are all symptoms of the same pseudo religion, anti-realistic notions spawned from the brains of progressive social engineers who sought to prevent the horrors of World War II. But they wittingly made the wrong analysis: the collectivist left was spared, while collectivist right bore the full brunt of the blame. But to find the true culprit they would have had to dig yet one layer deeper: collectivism itself. The Founding Fathers of Europe were mental midgets compared to the giants that founded the US. The result of the cosmopolitan globalist obsession was covert European integration, under false flag and against the will of the people.
So no, people aren’t joking when they ask “is it 1937 yet?”

Picture Friedman in a Cheerleader’s Outfit

Because that’s what he’s doing for the economically illiterate teen-Marxists from his perch at the NYT:

When you see spontaneous social protests erupting from Tunisia to Tel Aviv to Wall Street, it’s clear that something is happening globally that needs defining. There are two unified theories out there that intrigue me. One says this is the start of “The Great Disruption.” The other says that this is all part of “The Big Shift.”
Whatever you say, Tom, but there is nothing new about some people threatening society to try to get something for nothing. They aren’t demanding ‘justice’. In fact they’ve been programmed to believe that justice has nothing to do with equal treatment under the law, but rather means transferring resources to those who neither earned it nor need it.

You also miss the fact that the United States is not Tunisia. The Kamp Marx-Engels Kidz have had more aid in the form of food stamps, freebies, and support than any people on earth outside of the Palestinian Authority. The ones that were marginally employable or employed have had the privelege of having access to 99 weeks of unemployment compensation at the expense of the 53% of the population that pay taxes, not their caricatures of “the 1% or the 99%”.

Pandering to an absurd form of equivalency that includes the poor and unemployed put on par with people who carry certain political opinions (such as environmentalists), Friedman carries on with his surrealism-based-community led nonsense:
This particular round of protests may build or may not, but what will not go away is the broad coalition of those to whom the system lied and who have now woken up. It’s not just the environmentalists, or the poor, or the unemployed.
The United States has the most progressive tax system of any real economy on earth, and yet to a boffin at the NYT, this puts us on par with politically repressed north Africans afflicted with hyperinflation.

Russia's Twin Towers Project for Paris Suffers Another Setback

Opposition has been growing to the Russians' twin towers project for la Défense, writes Isabelle Rey-Lefebvre in Le Monde, a project for which Vladimir Putin in person had promised Nicolas Sarkozy he himself (the Russian leader) would travel to Paris to set the cornerstone. But now a judge has issued a sentence forbidding the demolition of the buildings existent in the spot where the Hermitage towers are slated to be built.
Vladimir Poutine, le premier ministre russe, l'a promis, à Saint-Pétersbourg, en juin 2010, en présence du président Nicolas Sarkozy : il viendra en personne poser la première pierre du chantier des tours jumelles que se propose d'édifier, dans le quartier de la Défense (Hauts-de-Seine), le promoteur russe Hermitage. Mais le calendrier initial, qui prévoyait le démarrage des travaux à l'été 2011, a déjà pris du retard et il risque d'être à nouveau modifié : le tribunal de grande instance de Nanterre, saisi par deux copropriétés riveraines, vient, dans un jugement du 13 octobre, d'interdire la démolition des immeubles dont les tours doivent prendre la place.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Note to our Lecturesome Friends

Your favorite dirty old man can’t seem to stay off of the radar. This isn’t just a garden variety bimbo explosion. In fact it isn’t, as we were told months ago pointless dwelling on a private life for “just” a rape:
A prostitute, being questioned by French investigators over the emergence of an underage prostitute racket in France, has said that Dominique Strauss-Kahn and a senior police official organized an orgy in one of Paris' fanciest hotels.

The Daily Mail reports that police chief, Jean-Christophe Lagarde, who hoped to run a security operation for Strauss-Kahn if he became president of France, was accused by the prostitute of organizing the orgy in 2010. He is also said to have flown prostitutes to New York for Strauss-Kahn when the latter was working at the IMF, and was reportedly in Washington D.C. just before DSK was arrested in New York.

The prostitute was being questioned as part of an investigation into an underage prostitution ring that emerged in the French city of Lille.
Lille, being a sort of red-flag, fantasy Marxist dreamer’s paradise sounds like the right place to be for him to find the best protection from the locals, a sort of political capucha, if you will.

To quote on of the comments on the article:
This man ran the IMF. When did he concern himself with the finances of the world?

Ever Lovin’ Hugo

02 October:

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said yesterday he was praying for Libya’s deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi and also sent a message of solidarity to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against “Yankee” aggression.
20 October:

Muammar Qaddafi reportedly dead

Pic: AFP /Philippe Desmazes

Keep up the good work, ‘Ugo.

In other news, Johnny Depp has been located.

Head of France's Counter-Espionnage Department Under Indictment for Bugging Journalists' Phones

" Je ne surveille pas les coups de fil des journalistes, je m'intéresse à ceux qui, au sein des cabinets ministériels, mettent en péril l'Etat en cherchant à le déstabiliser. " C'est ainsi que Bernard Squarcini répond à ceux qui se demandent comment il a pu donner l'ordre d'éplucher les factures téléphoniques d'un reporter. Quel péril ? Quel Etat ?

Pictured on the front page of Le Monde, Bernard Squarcini is the object of Ariane Chemin's two-page spread investigation in which the head of France's counter-espionnage is under indictment for having put Le Monde's telephones under surveillance.
Longtemps le patron du contre-espionnage français a entretenu sa réputation de " grand flic " en restant dans l'ombre. Mais ses liens avec Jean-Noël Guérini, à Marseille, sa proximité avec l'homme d'affaires Alexandre Djouhri et sa mise en examen, lundi 17 octobre, dans l'affaire de l'atteinte au secret des sources du " Monde ", jettent une autre lumière sur cet as du renseignement

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jurassic Marx

True to form, some Europeans are mortified that the real economic crisis will take oxygen away from their fake crisis.

The big problem is, of course, that Europe is not facing ONE emergency crisis but TWO interrelated and re-enforcing crises which both have their root cause in the fact that we have been living above our means. Our inherently growth-dependent casino economy has been based on financial debt (cheap money) and ecological debt (free ecosystem services and cheap oil). Now that we are witnessing the geopolitical shift to the emerging economies which want our way of life and our “wealth”, we have reached the limits of debt and the limits of growth. We have entered a fundamentally different world. From the rich and ivory towers of Brussels it seems hard to recognise that this transition to a post-growth, post-carbon economy needs a new Europe.
Affordable energy to fuel employment growth! How vile! Who are the louts who thought thatup?

And here I thought the “real” problem was still affluenza... Where did that feigned horror go? Nowhere! The anger and phoney resentment will never really notice that this contagion is the result of the soothing strokes of the velvet-gloved fist of the state collectively trying to #OccupyYourAnus in order to pretend that they can seem generous at the expense of the hardworking and productive.

The standard, ineffectual, individual reflexes of the EU remain: political correctness, anti-Muslim populist screeching, and EU it-will-go-awayism

Europe’s other big existential problem — coming to terms with the Muslim immigrants and Islamic communities in its midst — looks several steps further from resolution than the euro zone financial crisis
opines John Vinocur in the International Herald Tribune.
…no valid European response is at hand for the dilemma of how Europe manages to cope with millions of Muslim migrants and with it a two-sided subtext of terrorism, political killings, bigotry and fear.

The standard, ineffectual, individual reflexes remain: political correctness, anti-Muslim populist screeching and European it-will-go-awayism.

But the issue is moving. It has evolved beyond questions of integration to focus on how Muslim immigrants ought to accommodate European law and custom. New French and German reports focus with considerable pessimism on incompatibilities taking root in what resemble parallel Muslim societies.

… Almost three months after Anders Behring Breivik’s day of hate-driven mass murder in Norway, there is nothing close to a European consensus about the meaning of his act, or any kind of public momentum to come up with joint European solutions to the broader issue of Muslim immigration.

Within the E.U. Constitution, immigration policy, with some exceptions, is largely a matter for individual states. The result is incoherence on the subject on the European scale. And without European cover, or the umbrella of an explanation that they’re doing the right thing for Europe, national politicians are hesitant to act decisively on touchy issues like job creation programs for migrants — perhaps the ultimate spur to integration — or setting parameters for their assimilation.

Europe’s inaction and seemingly wishful thinking about the possibilities for integration collide hard with the French and German reports on the most divisive aspects of separate cultural communities.

The French report involves months of investigation in Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil, two Paris suburbs where rioting in 2005, largely involving Muslim youth, resulted in the declaration of a national state of emergency. The 325-page report was produced by l’Institut Montaigne, a research organization, and led by Gilles Kepel, a political scientist and Arabist, who first wrote in 1987 on the emergence of Muslim communities in France [see No Pasarán's previous post on the subject].

Asserting that Clichy-Montfermeil was “emblematic,” the report found the riots and their aftermath there had shaken the French “tale” of Muslims accepting the values of the republic.

At the same time, it said that Muslim identity in the area had intensified, that Halal, the Islamic standard for what is acceptable or illicit in daily life, had become “ubiquitous,” and that marriage among Muslims was increasing to the point of obliterating the French notion that intermarriage outside the community would be the ultimate path to its integration.

It also spoke of fears developing that “civility” — in this case, a shared sense of general propriety — was endangered even among the suburbs’ young children.

This was in spite of millions of euros being invested since the riots by the government into refurbishing or rebuilding the communities’ dilapidated housing project and public areas.

Mr. Kepel insisted that engagement in Islam was a response to, not the cause of, the community’s seeming alienation.

…The depth of Muslim immigration’s problems now involve so much despair (and political risk) that they can appear as disincentives for moderate discussion in national election periods.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

French Jails Creating Repeat Offenders

While Frenchmen are busy condemning Americans for their prisons and their jail conditions and all kinds of other horrific society failings, French prisons are creating repeat offenders, reveal Franck Johannès and Arthur Frayer on the front page of Le Monde.
The statistics, first of all, are huge: 59% of all prisoners receive a second sentence within five years of their release, and 46% of those receive time behind bars.

Le chiffre, d'abord, est énorme : 59 % des détenus sont de nouveau condamnés dans les cinq ans qui suivent leur libération, et 46 % d'entre eux à de la prison ferme.

Meanwhile, the French are asking whether their ghettos are becoming islamicised (see No Pasarán's previous post on the subject)…

Everything they do is Just so Monumental!

At the end of march, the EU commissioned a competition to name their technological innovation initiative. The competition was ingeniously named “You Name It!”

The innovative transnational zone, which has claimed to be a grand innovation in making the new man, settled upon the shocking and innovative “Horizon 2020

Because they’re the wave of the future, they feel no need to actually spend anything on R&D. That will just come naturally because of who they are. This guy blames competition for their lack of competitiveness.

Depending on state funding, not competing with each other, and picking winners and losers... That’ll work like a charm.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Facts too Politically Incorrect to Repeat

They always seemed Syphilitic to me, but apparently the Swiss are looking at an outbreak of the age-old gift that keeps on giving. Buried in the mix is something that goes shunned from speech when it isn’t politically useful: gay men who make up roughly 1 to 1-1/2% of the population have half of all of those cases.

This is bad on two levels. First off is that the efforts to make myths of facts, combat stereotypes, and the like, doesn’t leave those at risk very well informed for something as stupid as identity politics. The other is that it preserves delusions among the rest of the population who in the face of muted information, either over-estimates the risk of straight sex, and not realizing how broadly VD spreads among gays, doesn’t feel compelled to do much for them.

Either way, identity politics is more about the people slinging narratives than the people being “protected” by the political gamers’ efforts.

France's Taboo Past: Police Violence in Paris 50 Years Ago Resulted in 80 to 200 Dead Protesters

One of the main reasons that the French can tear into Americans' sins, real or alleged, past or present, is that their own sins are forgotten or minimized or taboo. Another of these occurred 50 years ago, writes Jacques Mandelbaum, when Paris police charged into an Algerian demonstration protesting the Algerian war, leaving 80 to 200 dead, some of them found floating in the Seine river…
Entre les massacres de Sétif (8 mai 1945) et les morts du métro Charonne (8 février 1962), la journée sanglante du 17 octobre 1961 occupe une place d'honneur dans la liste des atrocités commises par l'Etat français durant la guerre d'Algérie. Ce jour-là, à l'initiative du Front de libération nationale (FLN), 30 000 Algériens descendent manifester dans les rues de Paris pour protester pacifiquement contre le couvre-feu décrété à leur intention par le préfet de police, Maurice Papon. La police, chauffée à blanc par les nombreuses pertes que lui font subir les attentats du FLN sur le territoire français, et couverte par ses autorités de tutelle, se livre à une répression sanglante, dont le nombre de victimes est estimé entre 80 et 200 morts. Les cadavres seront, pour certains, retrouvés flottant dans la Seine. Aucune reconnaissance ni réparation officielles depuis lors.
Clarisse Fabre interviews René Vautier, a film director who started a hunger strike in 1973 to protest film censorship.

They're Phonies and Moochers

While getting a record 99 weeks of unemployment compensation, a fraction of 9.1% who are unemployed try to call themselves “the 99%”.

Which is odd, given that it’s the 53% who pay taxes in the US, which has the most progressive tax structure in the world, that are paying for their food stamps, and compensating for the fact that most of the protesters are useless parasites who willfully made themselves unemployable. Are you going to let someone who wants to “stick it to society” to operate your machinery or touch the RAID on your network?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Breaking News from 1944

Fresh statistics show massive US air superiority over EU, says EU Observer, with the odd tone of unfamiliar detachment, as though the European states’ negligence in not maintaining its military capacity is somehow a surprise and the problem is likely that other nations not doing the same. What’s even sadder is that it’s drawing pointed comparison with their sole defender in the world, not to anyone potentially hostile to them.

The numbers, published by the Brussels-based Eurocontrol on Wednesday (12 October), note that the US has a total of 13,195 military and paramilitary air vehicles compared to 8,111 in the 27 EU countries combined. The EU's top air powers - France (1,339), the UK (1,296), Germany (1,096) and Italy (901) - come nowhere near.

Arianna Huffington and Le Monde to Launch a French HuffPost Site

The news we have all been waiting for: Arianna Huffington (video) is getting together with Le Monde to launch a French version of the HuffPost site.

[le nouveau site d'information] verra le jour avant la fin de l'année et reprendra les formules qui ont fait le succès du Huffington Post. Il s'appuiera notamment sur l'audience développée depuis plusieurs années par Le, lancé en 2007 par Le Monde interactif.

La ligne éditoriale du nouveau site français "sera française", affirme Arianna Huffington, fondatrice du Huffington Post aux Etats-Unis et directrice de la rédaction de AOL-Huffington Post Media Group. "Il est important pour nous de capter l'esprit et la culture des Français. En même temps, il y a des sujets qui transcendent les frontières, comme dans la rubrique mode et styles de vie. Des articles pourront être traduits du site américain, lorsqu'ils ont une dimension internationale", poursuit-elle.