Friday, November 11, 2005

How World War I Illustrates the European Mindset

Not long ago, I read a comment that says a world about the Old World mindset. The comment was about World War I, and it was filled with irony and bitterness. Here is the sentence:
The Americans didn't enter the war until 1917.
There was much irony and bitterness in the entire piece, but there is so much packed into this single sentence alone that one needn't even consider the rest of the piece. It's made to sound like there was a barn-raising and those dastardly Yanks didn't arrive until the work was done, or almost done, basically in time for the party. There is no latitude for people who were against America entering the war on that date (or on any date) or for people who had wanted America to enter the war (months, years) earlier. This decision to act in what can only be termed a devious and treacherous way not only reflects on Americans of the time (all of them), it reflects on Americans living today! All Americans living today!…

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"Come on in. I'll treat you right. I used to know your daddy"
purrs a sexily-clad "war" madame to "any European youth" in Clarence D Batchelor's Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoon on the "Follies of 1936 (starring Hitler Mussolini Stalin)"

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