Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The dependably thin-skinned left

From The Telegraph (UK) illustrates what separates the dhimmi who don’t understand the situation, and those forces to tip-toe around their tender egos:

President Jacques Chirac faced scathing criticism yesterday after his government declared a state of emergency in an attempt to crack down on rioters who have caused havoc throughout France.

Political opponents questioned whether the measures were enforceable or said they would only deepen the crisis.

[ . . . ]

The Communist Party, which runs councils in some of the affected areas, raised doubts about how the curfews and other restrictions could be enforced while the police already seem over-stretched.

Marie-George Buffet, the party leader, said the government was "incapable of stopping these youths".

Police unions, however, welcomed the decree, saying it equipped officers with the additional tools needed to ensure the law was respected.

The leader of the main teaching union, Gérard Aschieri, condemned what he called a "message of war" in which the government was trying to reactivate remedies from a colonial age.

His views were echoed by Algerians on estates outside Paris. Older immigrants bitterly recall the events of Oct 17 1961 when up to 300 Algerians were allegedly massacred by Parisian police while protesting about a curfew ordered in their home country.»
If the Communists are so worried about defending individual liberties (as if they ever have before) the seem perfectly willing to give away other people’s lives to do it.

Biased-BBC asks John Simpson: Simpson also blames the French system for its neglect of the immigrant 'burbs, yet- correct me if I'm wrong, but- for most of the period he cites (30 years) it had leftist politicians like Mitterand in charge, and Chirac is hardly of the robust right. Now suddenly Sarkozy's at fault (not a mention of France's generous social welfare system, the French model etc), when he hasn't even had a serious bite at the governing cherry. Just who is playing politics, Mr. Simpson?How is it that the well fed leftist keep bellowing about the UK being either ridden with malaise caused by the right, or a powderkeg, and not see it in the history of tensions in France or the grim state that people leave their neighborhoods in?

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