Saturday, October 21, 2006

La racaille: you're either with them or against them

Urban guerilla tactics being used in France's suburban turf wars pitting French kids against cops.

Is it soup yet?

Ahmadinejad warns of 'boiling wrath'.


Meet theNews Sniffer. Not a blog, not a news site, but a change tracker for censored comments and stealth edits.

Smashing stuff.

- Via my hero(ine), Natalie of Biased-BBC.

French Intifada

French youths are keeping all the goodies on a slow burner just waiting until the situation is just right. Don't worry about the 500 pound Islamic elephant waiting in the corner and please parrot the State Party Line©: the kids are depraved because they're deprived.

The Al-Dura Affair: Fabrication Nation

TelChaiNation on France2’s getting a child killed to provide drama for the camera:

At another point, a boy faked a leg injury, but instead of drawing big kids who could pick him up and rush him past the cameramen to an ambulance, he only attracted little kids. He shooed them away, looked around, and, seeing that no one was coming to evacuate him, straightened up and walked away without a limp. An Israeli cameraman working for France2 who was watching the film with me and Enderlin at the time, laughed at this point. When I asked him why, he said, “because it looks so fake.” “That’s my impression as well,” I responded. Enderlin responded, “Oh, they do that all the time. It’s their cultural style. They exaggerate.”
To the sensationalist, ideologically driven press, human life is cheap.

Eyes wide shut: meet the face of evil.

An even shoddier news outfit playing on France2’s problems by saying their news is more “real.” Using a fad-in, fade-out montage of images, the video includes the implication that US soldiers in Iraq commonly kill innocent civilians.

Bientôt au Quai Branly

The face of today's Fwance. More suburban monkey business as police are continually ambushed with impunity.

Pressing their advantage (International edition)

Iran to Europe: forget the Jews and you won't get hurt. "America is far away, but you are neighbors." Can Europe be a poodle to Russia and to Iran at the same time? Who will hold the leash?

Pressing their advantage (French suburban edition)

The French Intifada continues apace as suburban racaille step up the pressure on law enforcement to see how far they can go [Ed. - the response is "very far"]. In Orléans, an unmarked police vehicle was hit by 2 Molotov cocktails and police had to fire rubber bullets to fight off the thugs. Hit-and-run attacks against French police are now becoming an almost daily occurrence. As usual, the French preSS and pédé-bloggeurs put this down to Sarkozy's provocations and other socio-economic mumbo-jumbo, and not -- shudder the thought -- anything to do with France's second most popular religion. After all, serious French polls conducted by authorized French pollsters who have never set foot in a French suburb all indicate that these chères têtes blondes all claim to be good French citizens just chomping at the bit to play their part in the Universalist and Secular Utopia that is the Repoublika Franska.

In Europe, you can say anything you want ... really!

As long as it's insipid, bland, unthreatening, and in accordance with the State Party Line©.

Her master's voice

Zeropeans adopt their role as Putin's poodles in order to keep their hovels and favelas warm and comfy. ... et moi qui croyais qu'ils se tenaient bien au chaud rien qu'avec leurs lumières zéropéennes.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The French rediscover their balls ...

... when it comes to threatening Jews. French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie has her Fofana moment.

Next week's Friday edition will contain editorial commentary by Magilla Gorilla

Libération PropagandaStaffel, while it continues its death spiral towards bankruptcy, is desperately latching on to any gimmick in an effort to boost sales. Today, to mark the anniversary of last year's Muslim Suburban Riots, the newspaper decided to hand over the editorial direction for one day to the stewardess bashing, chimp beating, French rap mogul Didier Morville (Joey Starr). Today's edition was littered with editorial commentary from this distinguished representative of La Repoublika Franska des Zarzélettres (set apart from the rest of the content with titles typeset in graffiti tag fonts -- see link above).

How the West was won

This performance, which is really just one long wardrobe malfunction, goes out to the guys at 5 Years Later.

“Contre la barbarie, le soutien à Robert Redeker doit être sans reserve”

A petition: Against barbarism and in complete support of Robert Redeker.

Bush Has Brought Chaos to Iraq

Listen to reason, listen to the reason of the peace protesters, American and foreign nationals alike: As Cécile Hennion confirms, America has brought chaos to Iraq.

Chasing Jeff Spicoli

Attempting to impose their notions of citizenship on foreigners, the editors couldn't be in love with a lamer American.

Otherwise they prefer image over reality, and don’t use the word much when it comes to what a good citizen should do to be called one.
the fuse is lit!

French State TV

French State TV is all about yearly State TV taxes financing blood libel and fabricating the truth. Sort of a "All the news that's fit to rig" operation.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Aujourd’hui hier

Is it just me, or do you smell something burning?

Don't get my hopes up

The Shape of Things to Come in Europe.

Crossing the Atlantic with a Koran in hand: "Islam and terrorism have become intertwined in the collective subconscious"

A hijab left only the oval of my face exposed - my blond hair was covered, pulled back in a tight bun - and I was wearing an ankle-length skirt. For good measure, a copy of the Koran stuck out of my handbag.
In a typical mainstream media article, Katrin Bennhold dresses up as a Muslim and crosses the Atlantic Ocean in a flight from Washington to Paris. Although hardly anything happens — most officials and fellow travelers, both in the airports and on the plane, show her no disrespect (they even know Muslim customs) — the International Herald Tribune's Paris correspondent discovers that, needless to say, any (rare) example to the contrary (such as a remark) speaks
loudly about how Islam and terrorism have become intertwined in the collective subconscious.
In order to make this hardly-a-story an article, the German journalist must go to other sources, documenting how unfairly Muslims have been, and are, treated in the West and getting feel-good quotes such as the one ending the piece. Never mentioned, of course, whether by herself or the complaining Arabs she interviews, is how non-Muslims are treated in Muslim societies and whether there might not be a modicum of common sense (at least, in this day and age, i.e., that of Mohammed Atta) in racially profiling people whose brothers regularly call for the death of the West.

But... but I thought they cared?

Check it out – the über-moonbats at Courrier International cover WaPo’s statement of what’s been rather obvious with a light touch. Having been hyperventilating over the Gitmo prisoners, they bury this little gem:

Regularly, the United States is challenged over the Guatanamo Bay prisoners who are supposed terrorist and are called “enemy combatants”, and do not enjoy Geneva convention rights. It’s good to close Guantanamo, certainly, but what to make of the prisoners? According to The Washington Post, in spite of their calls to the closing of Guantanamo, several European countries refused the transfer of prisoners on their territory.
As for that great, self-stated love of “human rights” for anyone who appears remotely opposed to U.S. interests, WaPo wrote this unsurprising stance of the Europeans:
Other European governments, which have been equally vocal in assailing Guantanamo as a human rights liability, have also balked at accepting prisoner transfers. A Turkish citizen who was born and raised in Germany was finally permitted to return from Guantanamo in August, four years after the German government turned down a U.S. proposal to release him.

In addition, virtually every country in Europe refused to grant asylum to several Guantanamo prisoners from China who were not being sent home because of fears they could face political harassment there.
Can you smell that, son? Can you smell the mendacity?

All it is, is more of the usual European bleating about what they WISH could happen, while making no effort whatsoever to achieve it.
"We think countries whose nationals are in Guantanamo ought to take responsibility for them," Bellinger [the State Department's chief legal adviser] said. "We have also, in certain cases, encouraged European governments to see if they would be eager to take detainees of other nationalities."

So far, there have been few takers.
This, behind all the dramatic foot-stomping and fist-shaking we find:
"It was a shame what happened," said one of his [the German national’s] attorneys, Bernhard Docke. "It was a kind of excuse for being passive and just watching what was going on. If Germany had done something then, it would have kept him from having to spend another four years in Guantanamo."
Surprised?the fuse is lit!

Les distractions sont si rares

fuse is lit!

Play the game, bleed a beast

And they’re so often gored in the bathtubs in crappy apartment buildings. Otherwise this pleasant description from the heart of the caliphate’s province of Belgium still piques ones’ interest.

The lucky winner gets: a new kitchen (cabinets and appliances), two-way plane tickets, a sheep, 'Ramadan cooking for sharing' cookbooks.the fuse is lit!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Plan B: Iran, I ran so far away.

Hiding in among the usual EUtopia-ese

The WEU Assembly and the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) are jointly holding a conference on space, defence and European security in Kourou, French Guiana from 19-22 September 2006, at the invitation of the European Space Agency (ESA), the French space agency (CNES) and Arianespace. Numerous members of the national parliaments of European countries, as well as representatives of the European Parliament and the EU Military Staff and Satellite Centre, will be attending, alongside leading figures from Europe’s space industry. The conference will address the various aspects of a European Space Policy having regard to security and defence, with a particular focus on the technological and industrial capacities needed to achieve such a policy.
It sounds like they’re seeing if they have the capacity to mount a missile defense program, or at the very least a serious remote-sensing capability.

If they can get a grip on the usual adolescent bickering over “how many jobs are doled out where”, they might manage something.

French humor

Canal+'s Guignols show American financial traders scheming with Islamic terrorists in order to rig world markets.

It's a turf war, and French cops are losing

French cops trapped and sandbagged.

It's a French trend

This seems rather tame from a country where a best selling book contained a storyline having World Trade Center employees engaging in orgies in the burning Towers just before they came down. And since plagiarizing is a French National Pasttime, Groland (a French satirical program on Canal+), had a sketch for the 5th anniversary of 9-11 with FDNY firefighters ducking into WTC stairwells with buxom secretaries to catch quickies before the Towers came down.

Y'a Bon en Ripoublika Banania

On the Left, Ségolène Royal declares that "the Capitalists must be scared" (suffit de zieuter un peu sa tronche glaciale pour avoir froid dans le dos) and she will soon submit proposals to do just that. This in a country, where the President on the Right, has already equated the damage done by communism with the damage caused by Free Markets. The goose-stepping State Party Line©, the same for all Parties like its made in the same French State-run factory, is moving ahead. Radio Fwance: one frequency, all the time.

Here come da' judge

French kids charged with "contempt of court" after making fun of Chiraq. French law defines the President as head judge of the country Repoublika Banania or something, thereby neatly rendering all mockery of the President and his office the same thing as contempt of the highest court in the land. Not a bad racket.

Légiferant sur l'utilisation des claquemerdes

More coddling of diverse sensitivities, more directives as to what is double-plus-ungood, and ever more shutting down of free speech in Ripoublika Banania.

... La nature des débats pâtit évidemment de ce confort matériel, bien mal réparti sans doute : cinquième semaine de congé et RTT, âge de la retraite et augmentation de la taxe foncière n’incitent pas aux grandes envolées lyriques ou aux prophéties apocalyptiques. On commence seulement à prendre conscience de la profondeur des enjeux sociaux économiques actuels.

Et puis, surtout, les haines sont interdites, les excès sanctionnés et les gros mots réprimés. Un mot en trop ou en moins sur les homos, les immigrés, les casseurs, les brûleurs de voitures, les colonialistes, les marchands d’esclaves des siècles passés, les massacres atroces estampillés « génocides », et vous voilà montré du doigt quand ce n’est pas traîné devant les tribunaux.

Une magnifique existence s’ouvre à nous, aseptisée sans doute, mais surtout insipide, craintive, ligotée. ...

-- Pierre Rigoulot, préface de France Intox chez Editions Underbahn.

"Police say it might have been stolen for the metal"

Sure, and monkeys will come flying out of my ass:
A bronze monument near Paris commemorating the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turks has been destroyed just two days after France's parliament passed a bill that would make it a crime to deny the genocide.

A local member of the Armenian church in Chaville, a town near Paris, said the heavy bronze sculpture was wrenched off its pedestal late Friday night or early Saturday morning.