Wednesday, June 27, 2018

BREAKING: Justice Kennedy to Retire from the Supreme Court

Are we getting tired of winning or what?!

Justice Anthony Kennedy announces
that he is retiring, giving President Trump a critical opportunity to move the Supreme Court more solidly to the right in what promises to be an epic confirmation fight.
National Review's Jack Crowe:
Kennedy’s retirement, effective July 31, will set up a high stakes political battle over his replacement’s nomination.

Kennedy, 81, established himself as as a sought after swing vote for the court’s liberal justices, casting the deciding vote on issues ranging from abortion and affirmative action to capital punishment and gay rights. He announced his retirement in a letter to President Trump.
God bless America, land that I love…

Fox News' Bill Mears and Shannon Bream:
Trump, reacting to the news, called Kennedy a "great justice" and said he'd begin the search for a replacement immediately.

Arguably the most powerful member of the Supreme Court, Kennedy's moderate-conservative views often left him the "swing" -- or deciding -- vote in hot-button cases ranging from abortion to gay rights to political campaign spending.

A Supreme Court vacancy will likely become a key issue in a midterm congressional election year, when control of the Senate is at stake.