Friday, February 08, 2008

Not Exactly Being All That You Can Be

Clarsonimus points out that the Bundesregierung has managed to used the Bundeswehr to be really

When asked by a reporter what the other 250,000 troops in the German military are doing back home at the moment and if it might not maybe be possible to dig up one or two hundred of them with guns and ammunition and everything who might not sort of perhaps consider kind of like coming down south to fight for a week or two tops pretty please, the angered spokesman said “We’re doing everything we can, I say. Not everything we should or even could, but can. Three letters here; c, a, and n. Got that? I can’t stress the word can enough.”
Which is to say: this is the time in the Bundeswehr when we dance. More to the point: you may not pet my monkey, or molest his skull for that matter.

Get a freaking Bundes-heart, will ya?

Complete with pics of French chicks with hairy armpits, and if you're lucky, BO in digitalized Odorama

Ça va s'appeler FesseBook je crois.

Way to go

Gotta love the way that Romney took a huge steaming dump on France (and Zeropa) yesterday in his withdrawal speech.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

No Matter, They Don’t Really Have a Constitution Anyway

How is that Lefty do-gooders manage to be so willing to dispose of pluralism? Chief chin-scratcher of the former Church of England believes that some features of Sharia law are inevitable in the UK.

Dr Rowan Williams, symbolic head of the world's 70 million Anglicans, argued that other religions enjoyed tolerance of their own laws and called for "constructive accommodation" with Islamic practice in areas such as marital disputes.
First of all, when did 3% of the British population get the leverage to impose laws on others, when no other Muslims in reasonable, democratic societies outside of majority Islamic nations seem to need it?
He stressed that such practice should not take precedence over an individual’s rights as a citizen.
Take any man who says that, and just put him in a dress. Since when in the sphere of lefty-do-gooder culture did anything considered a ‘right’ (a list of which includes all of life’s needs, except for civilization, as we find in this case) not take the place of anyone else’s faith? Where does that ”so just don’t have an abortion” argument fit into tacitly or openly promoting a canon legal system in the civil code?

Thirdly, when did the Church of England lose so much of its leverage as a social entity that it feels compelled to resign itself to tribal factions getting their own laws?
Asked if the adoption of Sharia law was necessary for community cohesion, Dr Williams told the BBC: "It seems unavoidable and, as a matter of fact, certain conditions of Sharia are already recognised in our society and under our law, so it is not as if we are bringing in an alien and rival system."
Of COURSE it’s alien and rival – it’s an imposition on civil society to enforce imposed religious laws! Hello! McFly! Remember the enlightenment? I’ll bet not.
Whereas Almighty God hath created the mind free; that all attempts to influence it by temporal punishment or burthens, or by civil incapacitations, tend only to beget habits of hypocrisy and meanness, and are a departure from the plan of the Holy author of our religion, who being Lord both of body and mind, yet chose not to propagate it by coercions on either, as was his Almighty power to do . . .

- Thos. Jefferson, 1786

222 years ago, in that “great before” when promoters of Islam want you to believe that any society they now feel humiliated by was somehow “inferior” to them then.

Media Martyrdom Operation

The TF3 idiot on « Ce Soir Ou Jamais ! » interviewing Tariq Ramadan demonstrated the usual European bigotry, in thinking that politics is somehow genetic or hereditary. As if the world would really be able to sit still that long for these simpletons to understand it. It’s absurd. All he has to do is actually read what Ramadan actually says when he isn’t stroking your chicken.

From World Politics Review:

It has often been pointed out that Tariq Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan Al-Banna: the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, the pivotal organization in the history of Islamic fundamentalism. And it has at least just as often been pointed out that this should not matter, since, after all, no one chooses their parents and grandparents. In a debate with Tariq Ramadan on the French public television channel France 3 last Wednesday, the Franco-Tunisian author Abdelwahab Meddeb posed what is the real question in this connection: Is Tariq Ramadan faithful to the legacy of his grandfather's ideas?
The show runs on the tagline « L’actualité vur par la culture » (“the news seen through the prism of culture, and not as implied “the way the culture sees news”), which is basically how the French preSS sees everything anyway, because you can pretty much bend it any way you like.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rip off Artist

It looks like the Mr. Der Stürmer Zeichner has either been inspired by ¡No Pasarán!, or managed a original thought for once. Westminster with Mickey (- the Ché) Ears tied to a story about surveillance. Of course the allegations aren’t about law but good taste, since the UK has no legal limitations on wiretapping.

For more on Steve Bell, our favorite hate-mongering anachronism, click here, for his illuminating and charming little scribbles which are obviously intended to promote understanding between the peoples of the USSR and her Marxist-Leninist comrades and have nothing to do with the sort of repetitive derision associated with coercive socialism such as that found in Orwell’s Oceania described in 1984, or even Aldous Huxley’s blissed out dictatorship in Brave New World.

"Il est clair qu’on ne peut rien approuver de ce qui vient d’Israël"

So says the darling of French media, Tariq Ramadan, who just last week was given a platform for justifying terrorism on French State TV. Now he is calling for the boycott of Israeli writers at the upcoming Torino Book Fair.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Slow news day

The minimum wage hacks over at have decided to do an in-depth article about the criminal records of American football players with a special emphasis on the criminal records of those involved in today's Super Bowl.

"C'est Le Gauche Sans Le Peuples"

Self-absorbed lefty eliteist Jack Lang's spawn proves much to the dictum: "like father, like son"

She thinks that illegal aliens have rights because some of them pay taxes. How feeble can you get? She's a "populist" who can't figure out an excess in "undocumented" labor might depress wages. But then again, she call herself a champion of the poor and those "without rights."

It's the adolescent pursuit of trying to have the image of a champion.

Selbstvernichtung, Progressive Style

Terminally deterministic educators in Britain might find that dooming kids to meaningless transnationalism (if anything at all.) As we'll found so often before, this has nothing to do with the kids education, but the educators who perceive themselves to be a sort of elite penchance for re-education. That is, if they'll amit that the past even exists in history class...
Three quarters of teachers felt obliged to tell students about the danger of patriotism. The survey suggested neither pupils nor teachers wanted patriotism endorsed by schools.

Historians said last night, however, that it was impossible to teach the subject without patriotism or a recognition that British values were rooted in the past.
Progressive call this progress. Who knew?

Inasmuch that many Britons live cheek by jowl with some in a culture selectively believing that history ended in the 7th century, all I can say that it was nice knowing ya!