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When Hulu's "Docu-Series" on the "1619 Project" Streams, Remember That It Is Not Designed to Teach Us—and Our Kids—to Hate Slavery or Racism; It Is Designed to Teach Us to Loathe America

Reminder: as Hulu's "documentary" on the 1619 Project is set to hit the airwaves, it is worth remembering that the New York Times "reports" are not designed to teach Americans — and their children — to hate slavery or racism (or simply to teach about American history); they are designed to make us hate America.

Remember that the 1619 Project is akin to arguing that because a hypothetical Englishman in Roanoke, say one Mr. Henderson, beat Mrs. Henderson (regularly or otherwise) during the year 1585, this means that the USA was founded, centuries later, on wife-beating and that the villainous American people (actually, its wicked male inhabitants, those black-hearted rascals) instigated the American Revolution only, or mainly, to institute a nation of millions and millions of wife-beaters. (Thanks for the Instalink…)

As Hulu is set to start streaming their 1619 Project documentary (sic) series within a week's time, it is but one more piece of evidence of the disgusting vilification and the brainless demonization of America and its history by the usual drama queens continuing without any slowdown whatsoever. 

UPDATE: The first report on Hulu's first episode is in: Contrary (180º contrary) to what Harvard's Nikole Hannah-Jones and the University of South Carolina's Woody Holton claim, the 1775 proclamation of slave owner Lord Dunmore was a reaction to—not a cause of—a revolution already in full swing.
As Julia Hopping puts it, the 1619 Project is teaching (sic) our children (of all races) not to hate slavery but to hate America.

The Democrats think you are the scum of the earth (unless of course you rally behind their party) and hate your very guts. (Didn't the 1860s prove this?)

In the Golden State, California Governor Newsom's wife Siebel licenses films to public schools that seek, says Open The Books founder Adam Andrzejewski, "to activate students politically and in accordance with some radical ideologies about gender, identity, race and privilege" (thanks to Ed Driscoll), with one of the films' leftists declaring that Americans need to "express shame and sorrow about who we are and what we've done" as a society. 

In the Great Lakes State, a Michigan school board member responsible for the education of thousands of children says whiteness is evil, causing trauma, while calling white people stupid, dangerous, and difficult to be near (thanks to Glenn Reynolds). In the North Star State, meanwhile, writes Behind the Black's (obrigado to Sarah Hoyt),

Minnesota’s unelected education bureaucracy is about to impose new licensing requirements for teachers that will essentially blacklist all Christians, Jews, or Muslims by requiring teachers to teach the queer agenda as well as the critical race theory to young children.

 … the new licensing rules [displays] the language requiring teachers to agree to the queer agenda. It also hints at full approval of the Marxism program of critical race theory, whereby all western civilization and America in particular is seeped in bigotry and hate, and must be condemned at all times.

 … the only thing teachers will be allowed to teach about past American history is that Americans put blacks in chains while oppressing all other minorities as well as the homosexual community. Jefferson didn’t write the Declaration of Independence, he was a slave-owner who raped his slaves. The Constitution wasn’t written to limit the government and protect individual rights, but to establish slavery as an approved and legal activity.

Under these rules, which will be imposed by the bureaucracy and an unelected judge, it will not only be impossible for any religious person to obtain a teaching license in Minnesota, these rules will also blacklist all conservatives, whether they are religious or not.

As even voices in France start railing against « le Projet 1619 », IREF's reports that Hulu will be streaming a 1619 Project docu-series starting on January 26.

… que Jefferson ait eu des esclaves … ne justifie pas que l’on travestisse rétrospectivement les fondements de la révolution américaine comme l’ont fait les journalistes du projet 1619.

Hulu features two trailers that preview its "upcoming six-part limited docu-series 'The 1619 Project'" which "is an expansion of 'The 1619 Project' created by Pulitzer Prize-winning Nikole Hannah-Jones and the New York Times Magazine."

At the bottom of this email (just below the next video). see the compilation of the ever-growing list of voices reacting to the 1619 Project — some written by myself, many others linked from all corners of the internet — gathered by No Pasarán since 2019.

You can bet your sweet (black or white) bass that none of these voices will be quoted (certainly not other than summarily, in order to be readily dismissed) in Hulu's documentary.

(Incidentally, if you want a parody of the Left's obsession with reparations, turn to the Babylon Bee: Egypt Ordered to Pay Israel Reparations for Slavery…)

The compilation below contains no less than 62 — sixty-two! —of these rebuttals, written or gathered over a three-year period. (Just reading their titles should give you an idea of their content.) But a summary of them all can be found in the following blockquote. As I write in The 1619 Project Summarized in One Single Sentence

It is nothing short of preposterous to claim that an obscure (if admittedly heinous) one-day commercial transaction — involving two or three white males in a tiny Virginia hamlet a century and a half before (!) the founding of a nation — is more reflective of said nation and of an entire people than the 15-to-20-year era of strife and quarrels including a continent-wide war (the American Revolution along with its attendant historical documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution), which concerned every single one of its (then) two and a half million inhabitants, as well as the power structure of the entire Western world.
It is time to defeat these suicidal maniacs once and for all and to bring the era of the drama queens to an end.

: The 1619 Project Summarized in One Single Sentence

1619, Mao, & 9-11: History According to the NYT — Plus, a Remarkable Issue of National Geographic Reveals the Leftists' "Blame America First" Approach to History

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• Dan Gainor on 1619 and rewriting history: "To the Left elite like the NY Times, there’s no narrative they want to destroy more than American exceptionalism"

• Utterly preposterous claims: The 1619 project is a cynical political ploy, aimed at piercing the heart of the American understanding of justice

From Washington to Grant, not a single American deserves an iota of gratitude, or even understanding, from Nikole Hannah-Jones; however, modern autocrats, if leftist and foreign, aren't "all bad"

• One of the Main Sources for the NYT's 1619 Project Is a Career Communist Propagandist who Defends Stalinism

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• Influenced by Farrakhan's Nation of Islam?! 1619 Project's History "Expert" Believes the Aztecs' Pyramids Were Built with Help from Africans Who Crossed the Atlantic Prior to the "Barbaric Devils" of Columbus (Whom She Likens to Hitler)

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• "Full of left-wing sophomoric drivel": The New York Times — already drowning in a fantasy-land of alternately running pro-Soviet Union apologia and their anti-American founding “1619 Project” series — promises to narrow what they view as acceptable opinion even more

• "Deeply Ashamed" of the… New York Times (!),  An Oblivious Founder of the Error-Ridden 1619 Project Uses Words that Have to Be Seen to Be Believed ("We as a News Organization Should Not Be Running Something That Is Offering Misinformation to the Public, Unchecked")

• Allen C Guelzo: The New York Times offers bitterness, fragility, and intellectual corruption—The 1619 Project is not history; it is conspiracy theory

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Fake But Accurate: The People Behind the NYT's 1619 Project Make a "Small" Clarification, But Only Begrudgingly and Half-Heartedly, Because Said Mistake Actually Undermines The 1619 Project's Entire Premise


• The Collapse of the Fourth Estate by Peter Wood: No one has been able to identify a single leader, soldier, or supporter of the Revolution who wanted to protect his right to hold slaves (A declaration that slavery is the founding institution of America and the center of everything important in our history is a ground-breaking claim, of the same type as claims that America condones rape culture, that 9/11 was an inside job, that vaccinations cause autism, that the Moon landing was a hoax, or that ancient astronauts built the pyramids)

• The 1775 proclamation of slave owner Lord Dunmore was a reaction to—not a cause of—a revolution already in full swing

• Mary Beth Norton:  In 1774, a year before Dunmore's proclamation, Americans had already in fact become independent

• Most of the founders, including Thomas Jefferson, opposed slavery’s continued existence, writes Rick Atkinson, despite the fact that many of them owned slaves

• Leslie Harris: Far from being fought to preserve slavery, the Revolutionary War became a primary disrupter of slavery in the North American Colonies (even the NYT's fact-checker on the 1619 Project disagrees with its "conclusions": "It took 60 more years for the British government to finally end slavery in its Caribbean colonies")

• Sean Wilentz on 1619: the movement in London to abolish the slave trade formed only in 1787, largely inspired by… American (!) antislavery opinion that had arisen in the 1760s and 1770s

• 1619 & Slavery's Fatal Lie: it is more accurate to say that what makes America unique isn't slavery but the effort to abolish it

• 1619 & 1772: Most of the founders, including Jefferson, opposed slavery’s continued existence, despite many of them owning slaves; And Britain would remain the world's foremost slave-trading nation into the nineteenth century

• Wilfred Reilly on 1619: Slavery was legal in Britain in 1776, and it remained so in all overseas British colonies until 1833

• Not 1619 but 1641: In Fact, the American Revolution of 1776 Sought to Avoid the Excesses of the English Revolution Over a Century Earlier

• Can the Élites' Contempt for the Voters' Desires in the 2020s Be Traced All the Way Back to the Jamestown and Plymouth Colonies? In a sense, Lincoln chose the events of Thanksgiving 1620 as our true founding in order to repudiate the events of 1619

• 2,000% better off — Economic history is unequivocal: Jefferson’s slavery wasn’t the basis of America’s prosperity; Jefferson’s liberalism was

• James Oakes on 1619: "Slavery made the slaveholders rich; But it made the South poor; And it didn’t make the North rich — So the legacy of slavery is poverty, not wealth"

• One of the steps of defeating truth is to destroy evidence of the truth, says Bob Woodson; Because the North's Civil War statues — as well as American history itself — are evidence of America's redemption from slavery, it's important for the Left to remove evidence of the truth


• 1619: No wonder this place is crawling with young socialists and America-haters — the utter failure of the U.S. educational system to teach the history of America’s founding

• 1619: Invariably Taking the Progressive Side — The Ratio of Democratic to Republican Voter Registration in History Departments is More than 33 to 1

• Secular humanistic indoctrination dumbs down children, drives wedges between them and their parents, and has grown increasingly hostile to patriotism and parental authority

• 1619 is a "reframing" of the American story in mockery of our political origins, in defiance of actual history, with the expressed purpose of sabotaging our sense of national identity

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Inciting Hate Already in Kindergarten: 1619 "Education" Is Part of Far-Left Indoctrination by People Who Hate America to Kids in College, in School, and Even in Elementary Classes

• In 1640, more than 5,000 English citizens were being held as slaves in North Africa: Slavery’s long, cosmopolitan history is ignored by the architects of the 1619 Project

• "Distortions, half-truths, and outright falsehoods": Where does the 1619 project state that Africans themselves were central players in the slave trade? That's right: Nowhere

• John Podhoretz on 1619: the idea of reducing US history to the fact that some people owned slaves is a reductio ad absurdum and the definition of bad faith

• The 1619 Africans in Virginia were not ‘enslaved’, a black historian points out; they were indentured servants — just like the majority of European whites were

"Two thirds of the people, white as well as black, who crossed the Atlantic in the first 200 years are indentured servants" notes Dolores Janiewski; "The poor people, black and white, share common interests"


Wondering Why Slavery Persisted for Almost 75 Years After the Founding of the USA? According to Lincoln, the Democrat Party's "Principled" Opposition to "Hate Speech"

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• Anti-Americanism in the Age of the Coronavirus, the NBA, and 1619

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Kabuki Theater: the "top 12 strange, stand-out moments" of the January 6th Committee's interview with Ray Epps

On his Substack, lists "the top 12 strange, stand-out moments" of the "bizarro-world" that is the January 6th Committee's "pernicious" interview with Ray Epps.

The entire thing reads like an exculpatory public relations effort, replete with assistance from committee members more concerned with helping Epps clear his name than getting to the bottom of his actions that day. But Epps’s interview is even stranger than these “CYA” attempts. 

 … In fact, you’ll never see Kinzinger be so nice to a supposed Trump supporter as he is throughout this interview.

's list echoes my posts titled The Central Absurd Inconsistency of the Ray Epps Conundrum Described in Two Sentences and The January 6 Protest Summarized in One Single Sentence. One of his main points is strange, stand-out moment # 9.

Epps is asked: “So it looks like, around 9am, your nephew texts you… and then, at 2:12pm… you text back: ‘I was in the front with a few others. I also orchestrated it.’”

Boom. Surely? Case closed! Ray Epps admits, in writing, in his own words, in his own texts, to his own family, to “orchestrating” actions on January 6th, after dinner with a stranger, hours missing the night before, and of course the plethora of video evidence showing him personally inciting riots and criminal actions. Charge him? Surely?

But, no. For reasons we are never told, Ray Epps is both a free man and getting fellated by Adam Kinzinger.

Q: “What did you mean by “orchestrate”? What did you orchestrate?”

Epps: “I just meant that I got - you have to understand our relationship, uncle-nephew. We hunt together. We fun with each other. We do that kind of stuff. What I meant by “orchestrate,” I helped get people there.”

 … What about the hundreds of detainees held without charge or release and who have been treated like dogs for doing far less than Ray Epps did that day? Is it fair enough for them? Is it fair enough to the people whose lives have been irretrievably ruined by that day? Is it fair enough to history and the public record that this kabuki theatre is allowed to sail by, unridiculed, unfisked, and unabated?

 … Perhaps I’ve lost my mind. But none of Epps’s testimony rings normal to me. None of it carries the same tone as other interviews given to the January 6th committee. There’s no probing. Epps is hurried along between timelines and subjects. He offers bizarro explanations and is never pulled up on them. And more than anything: more questions are raised as a result of this interview, than those that were answered. Were any answered?

Related: • The January 6 Protest Summarized in One Single Sentence
The Central Absurd Inconsistency of the Ray Epps Conundrum Described in Two Sentences