Saturday, April 23, 2005

Parris, Lonndon, and Grimmsby

George Miller on religious gay nutters.

He makes a wonderful point on the unsustanciated assumption made by effete chatterboxes about the faithful, Americans (or their fabricated notion of them), and their distaste for having to act on their pretrense of tolerance:

«At the very least, Parris can't deal with the fact that the President he refers to is, in his own view, a religious nutter himself. So who is bullying whom in America? This is silly writing and goofy political analysis, though very popular among Europeans at the moment.»

«Parris is lazy and glib in his political analysis, but also amazingly clumsy when using the English language to express his horror of religious faith.»

With that typical lack of awareness of the absence of meaningful thought in the European realm these days, he digs in the ditch of history which is no longer applicable to modern Europeans. He points back to Cromwell, and the events of the reconstruction as proof of some present-day superiority of sophistication in philosophical thought.

What jumps out with Parris like so many false intellectual drips like him, is that he's parrotting thoughtless flippancy about something that even a half-wit realises can only really be understood sincerely and intimately in the first person singular, not the third person plural.

Don't read them fairy tales

Make little Johnny play with dolls, make little Jane dress up like a cowboy. The only thing that's genetically determined is gayness...

With their hate-lust not satisfied by inceasing criticism of adult melanin-impaired males
taking it out on children in order to construct a new straw man.

Bring it on!Just do it!

What to Avoid Doing If You Don't Want the French Authorities to Come After You

Le Monde's Monique Raux has a story on a Lorraine doctor who was sanctioned (with a month's suspension) because he has had the temerity of… working too long hours! It is true that Jean Bravetti's work schedule seems hectic, to say the least, but no medical errors have been attributed to him, and he works in a region where there are nine family practitioners for 15,000 inhabitants. From April 15 to May 15, their number will be down to eight.

In the international arena, Jean-Pierre Stroobants brings us an article on the bogus journalists who killed Afghan rebel chief Massoud on the day before 9/11, while the IHT's Alan Riding delves into the memories of France's Algerian population.

Meanwhile, a new blog on the block, with a French section, is the Federalist Patriot.

„Verrückte Paris”

where they all came from!

Now, Ain't That a Cyclin' Shame?

In reality, Armstrong did not move [in the sense of "arouse emotion"]. He [simply] vanquished.
Le Monde is conducting pre-emptive warfare on Lance Armstrong, with Eric Fottorino explaining why Tour de France watchers (allegedly) were not moved by the "glacial champion … so far from everybody, so high up [like Neil Armstrong]", notably calling the cyclin' Texan a machine who gives the sensation of being incapable of pain.

Bush eliminates Canadian PM's conflict of interest

Canada Free Press reports:

«Saddam invested one million dollars in Paul Martin-owned Cordex»

«Cordex Petroleum Inc., launched with Saddam’s million by Prime Minister Paul Martin’s mentor Maurice Strong’s son Fred Strong, is listed among Martin’s assets to the Federal Ethics committee on November 4, 2003.»

«Among Martin’s Public Declaration of Declarable Assets are: "The Canada Steamship Lines Group Inc. (Montreal, Canada) 100 percent owned"; "Canada Steamship Lines Inc. (Montreal, Canada) 100 percent owned"–Cordex Petroleums Inc. (Alberta, Canada) 4.6 percent owned by the CSL Group Inc." »

«Yesterday, Strong admitted that Tongsun Park, the Korean man accused by U.S. federal authorities of illegally acting as an Iraqi agent, invested in Cordex, the company he owned with his son, in 1997.»

«In that admission, Strong describes Cordex as a Denver-based company. Cordex Petroleum Inc. is listed among Martin’s assets as an Alberta-based company.»

«Cordex had a U.S. subsidiary.»
It's all about OILLLLL! to those who oppose the U.S. at every turn, but is there anything more than abusiveness and intolerance to their criticisms? Leftists seem to love their sweetheart deals, all the while trying to hector others with their strange, hypocritical "morality".

All it does is
provoke a response that reduces the entire dialogue to their level.

'Metro' : the 'No' at over 60%'Metro' : le 'Non' dépasse les 60%

ShipwreckNavire kaput
But we knew it all along. The odds were against it, even when the French were trending for the 'Yes' vote.
Mais ça, on savait déjà. La probabilité d'une ratification était mince, même au moment où, selon les sondages, les franchouilles disaient 'Oui'.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Number 43 on Number 16

In a small way, I can relate to the rail-splitter from out West because he had a way of speaking that was not always appreciated by the newspapers back East
President George W. Bush said to laughter and applause during his remarks at the dedication of the Lincoln Library in Springfield. (Thanks to Ashbrook's Peter W. Schramm.)
A New York Times story on his first inaugural address reported that Mr. Lincoln was lucky "it was not the constitution of the English language and the laws of English grammar that he was called upon to support." I think that fellow is still writing for the Times.

…Those who knew [Abraham Lincoln] remembered his candor, his kindness and his searching intellect — his combination of frontier humor with the cadences of Shakespeare and the Holy Bible. As a state legislator in Springfield, a congressman, and a debater on the stump, Lincoln embodied the democratic ideal — that leadership and even genius are found among the people themselves, and sometimes in the most unlikely places.

Young Lincoln didn't worry much about how he looked or what he wore. He took great care of the things he said, and Americans took notice beyond the borders of Illinois.

…The convictions that have guided our history are also at issue in our world. We also face some questions in our time: Do the promises of the Declaration apply beyond the culture that produced it? Are some, because of birth or background, destined to live in tyranny — or do all, regardless of birth or background, deserve to live in freedom? Americans have no right or calling to impose our own form of government on others. Yet, American interests and values are both served by standing for liberty in every part of the world.

Our interests are served when former enemies become democratic partners — because free governments do not support terror or seek to conquer their neighbors. Our interests are served by the spread of democratic societies — because free societies reward the hopes of their citizens, instead of feeding the hatreds that lead to violence. Our deepest values are also served when we take our part in freedom's advance — when the chains of millions are broken and the captives are set free, because we are honored to serve the cause that gave us birth.

Sometimes the progress of liberty comes gradually, like water that cuts through stone. Sometimes progress comes like a wildfire, kindled by example and courage. We see that example and courage today in Afghanistan and Kyrgystan, Ukraine, Georgia and Iraq. We believe that people in Zimbabwe and Iran and Lebanon and beyond have the same hopes, the same rights, and the same future of self-government. The principles of the Declaration still inspire, and the words of the Declaration are forever true. So we will stick to it; we will stand firmly by it.

Every generation strives to define the lessons of Abraham Lincoln, and that is part of our tribute to the man himself. None of us can claim his legacy as our own, but all of us can learn from the faith that guided him. He trusted in freedom and in the wisdom of the Founders, even in the darkest hours. That trust has helped Americans carry on, even after the second day of Gettysburg; even on December 8, 1941; even on September the 12th, 2001. Whenever freedom is challenged, the proper response is to go forward with confidence in freedom's power.

Contrasting "the American dream" with "the European daydream"

The received wisdom about economic life in the Nordic countries is easily summed up: people here are incomparably affluent, with all their needs met by an efficient welfare state. They believe it themselves. Yet the reality — as [Oslo-dwelling American Bruce Bawer can attest (in the New York Times)], and as some recent studies confirm — is not quite what it appears.

Even as the Scandinavian establishment peddles this dubious line, it serves up a picture of the United States as a nation divided, inequitably, among robber barons and wage slaves, not to mention armies of the homeless and unemployed. It does this to keep people believing that their social welfare system, financed by lofty income taxes, provides far more in the way of economic protections and amenities than the American system.

…After I moved here six years ago, I quickly noticed that Norwegians live more frugally than Americans do. They hang on to old appliances and furniture that we would throw out. And they drive around in wrecks.

Be sure to a study by a Swedish research organization, Timbro, which compared the gross domestic products of the 15 European Union members (before the 2004 expansion) with those of the 50 American states and the District of Columbia. (Norway, not being a member of the union, was not included.)

After adjusting the figures for the different purchasing powers of the dollar and euro, the only European country whose economic output per person was greater than the United States average was the tiny tax haven of Luxembourg, which ranked third, just behind Delaware and slightly ahead of Connecticut.

The next European country on the list was Ireland, down at 41st place out of 66; Sweden was 14th from the bottom (after Alabama), followed by Oklahoma, and then Britain, France, Finland, Germany and Italy. The bottom three spots on the list went to Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Alternatively, the study found, if the E.U. was treated as a single American state, it would rank fifth from the bottom, topping only Arkansas, Montana, West Virginia and Mississippi. In short, while Scandinavians are constantly told how much better they have it than Americans, Timbro's statistics suggest otherwise. So did a paper by a Swedish economics writer, Johan Norberg [who contrasted "the American dream" with "the European daydream"].

…Meanwhile, the references to Norway as "the world's richest country" keep on coming. An April 2 article in Dagsavisen, a major Oslo daily, asked: How is it that "in the world's richest country we're tearing down social services that were built up when Norway was much poorer?"

Obviously, this is one misconception that won't be put to rest by a measly think-tank study or two.

Tack till Ashbrook's Peter W. Schramm

Long Live the Dictatorship of the Civil Serviciat!

When a massive demonstration gathered tens of thousands of civil servants into the streets of Paris, demanding more dough, more government intervention, and more bureaucracy, a small group of protesters in their own right decided to infiltrate the dissatisfied multitudes.

The following were some of the tongue-in-cheek signs carried (mostly unnoticed) by members of the Brigade for the Money of French Taxpayers (BAF) as they marched among the poor, the tired, the huddled ma — oops sorry, wrong quote — :

For my retiremeent and my privileges…

…thank you, taxpayer, for buckling under

and (keeping in mind that in French, "proletariat" and one of the words for "civil service" rhyme)
The dictatorship of the civil service shall overcome

Read about the BAF's previous commando action

Germany: a deep commitment to peace? Pfftt!!

Germany Info emits the following bit of self-affirming propaganda:

„The German Federal Cabinet agreed April 13 to sending up to 75 German soldiers to Sudan. The troops would primarily be military observers and staff personnel for the United Nations peace mission in Sudan (UNMIS).”

At the same time, the German Government has announced that it will maintain its emergency humanitarian aid for Sudan in 2005 at the same high level as in 2004 – 32.5 million euros. Additional funds could be made available if:

· The acts of violence in Darfur are halted and the Darfur crisis is resolved
· The North-South peace agreement is implemented
· The previously not included actors be included immediately
· Significant steps are taken toward democratization and protection of human rights.”

In other words - NEVER, since a commitment of less than 75 massacre watchers will do nothing to stabilize the Sudan.

Sudan Watch looks at it this way:

„The African Union (AU) has asked for European Union aid in deploying some 3,000 peacekeepers in Sudan's troubled Darfur region.

[German government official Peter] Struck said he expected German Luftwaffe C160 Transall transport jets to be flying missions in Darfur later this year.
- - -

Note: Later this year? Hello. What about this month? Like, today? If you've followed Darfur closely these past six months, you may have noticed nothing much new has been put on the table since April and May when the death toll for Darfur was reportedly 10,000. Thousands of UN peacekeepers were planned for Sudan anyway - to enter by the end of Sept/Dec 2004 to monitor the ceasefires agreements after the long hoped for signing of the north-south peace accords.”

¡No Pasaràn! will not be holding its' breath.

"Evil Jooz" hiding Imam, moved their cheese.

Memri reports: "Fight the Jews and Vanquish Them so as to Hasten the Coming of the Hidden Imam"

They have also blames "Jews" somewhere for controlling Al-Jazzera (on the gulf)

Predictability notwithstanding, Moonbat Central is following the story:

«Al-Jazeera had reported and discussed reports of unrest in Iran's south-west Khuzestan province near the Iraq border, which has a large ethnic-Arab population, and during which 200 arrests were made over the past few days. Iran's Arabs, who are the majority in Khuzestan's capital Ahwaz but make up only 3% of the country's population, often get their news from al-Jazeera. The Popular Democratic Front of Ahwazi Arabs in Iran, which is based in London, told al-Jazeera that it had called for peaceful demonstrations in Khuzestan to "to mark 80 years of Iranian occupation" but the government had opted to deploy military force. This is a group of Arab militiamen that the moonbat Left does not automatically support, because they are not blowing up Jewish civilians. Al-Jazeera has been banned from Iraq and threatened with banning by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and Kuwait.»

France's Fight Against Wrongful Discrimination

France is still pressing the European Union to lift its embargo on arms sales to China this year and does not question China's antisecession law, which authorizes use of military force against Taiwan, Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin of France said Thursday, on the first day of a three-day visit to China intended to shore up cooperation between the two countries
reports the IHT's Chris Buckley.
"The measure is anachronistic, wrongfully discriminatory and in complete contradiction of the current state of the strategic partnership between Europe and China," Raffarin told Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, according to the official Xinhua press agency. "France continues to require the lifting of the embargo and does not see what could lead the European Council to change its position on the subject," he said.

France expects the EU to stand by a policy made last year to decide whether to lift the ban during the first half of this year, Raffarin said.
Oh, and when was the last time that Paris declared that Uncle Sam's policies — especially its military ones — were "completely compatible" with those of France? Well, with China (and any other country), France uses a different voice, be it in the domain of international sales or human rights.
Raffarin also said China's new antisecession law, which sets out steps, including ultimately armed force, to discourage Taiwan from making moves toward formal independence from the mainland, is "completely compatible with the position of France," according to Xinhua.

Get down on your knees and recycle

Today is both Earth Day and Lenin's Birthday. The communists were massive polluters, and hardly cared how many people they poisoned, but the two political world views are virtually identical: they don't care who has to suffer to support the myth.

Strange, don’t you think, for a day which should simply be declared a religious holiday?

* Religions typically claim that human nature is selfish and sinful. So does environmentalism. John Muir, co-founder of the Sierra Club, denounced men as "selfish, conceited creatures." George Perkins Marsh, another founding father of environmentalism, described men as "brute destroyers" who "destroy the balance which nature has established." To some environmentalists, people are--at best--a trivial part of a vast "ecosystem," no more important than lizards, trees, or rocks.

* Religions traditionally criticize human reason, and extol faith. So does environmentalism. In his book, Earth in the Balance, former Vice President Al Gore excoriates our "rational, detached, scientific intellect" as "too often arrogant, unfeeling, uncaring." His book’s closing paragraph is a pious call to faith.

* Religions require people to sacrifice their happiness to something larger. So does environmentalism. Do you have personal plans for your future? Scrap them now: "We must make the rescue of the environment the central organizing principle of civilization," Al Gore writes. He would demand "wrenching" changes "that will affect almost every aspect of our lives together on this planet."

Meanwhile, celebrity morons in love praise of what they imagine is the underdeveloped world's lifestyle, entirely unaware of the effect of turning back the clock on human advancement: malaria, basic deseases from human pathogens, farm animals and wildlife that become pandemics, freezing to death and repiratory deseases that come from depending on "biofuels" like burning dung or cordwood for heating and cooking, and most of all the time it takes (and the consequent lack of productivity which kills off the weak) associated with collecting these materials to live a subsistence level existence - one where a simple dental problem can end your like at the age of, say, 37.

Now get down on your knees and recycle.

Paging Dr. Fein, Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine...

Naturally, ”Thoughtful progressives” are drooling… Like snickering children, a couple of sore losers losers name slime beetles after Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. The Beeb tried to cover for their fellow sneering adolescents and slick it over, with tongue in cheek, of course.

I propose naming a toxic waste dump after the miscellaneous collection of European green parties. It is, after all, the result of their policy of dismantling nuclear power plants which was successful in Germany.

Have fun freezing to death in your hut, or hurling a mossy brick at the shell that used to be a McDonalds…

Call it rubber chicken politics, if you wish, but I thought vaudeville died a long time ago.

That wacky French integrationLa chance pour la Fwance
Give 'im the juice.
Qu'il brûle.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The most distressing sight of my life

If you were asked to think of some of the most distressing things that you have ever witnessed, what would you say?

Should that question be asked to some of the human rights activists whose loud voices we hear regularly, or to some mainstream media members spending the day in their offices and home towns, many would be tempted to mention not something personal they had witnessed in person, but an international event such as the Iraq war, Guantánamo, and Abu Ghraib.

Not so the BBC's retiring Stephen Sackur.

As he hangs up the microphone of BBC foreign correspondent, Sackur brings with him a host of powerful memories, one of the very strongest coming from Iraq.

A country especially dear to me, as my wife's homeland. It was there I saw the most distressing sight of my life. Men and women clawing at the earth, uncovering the first of the mass graves discovered after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Thousands of stinking corpses came out of the ground that day. I saw infants with bullet holes blown through their skulls. I was the only reporter there. I sensed in that Iraqi field that I was a necessary witness, in the right place at the right time.

(Thanks to Gregory)

Update: JazzBow reminds us that NP treated a similar story before

Neo-coms by any other name

Galloway’s great anti-everything coalition can’t seem to find children to exploit politically.

Here’s a more accurate take of the man who was on the take.

Chirak intended to ground the 'No' ...Chiraq voulait clouer le 'Non' au sol ...
... but instead he sent it into the stratosphere (58% for the 'No').
... mais au lieu de ça, il lui a donné des ailes (58% pour le 'Non').

Blogs bring freedom to Canada ...Les blogs apportent la liberté au Canada ...
... which is in need of it.
... qui en a bien besoin.

Unclear of the concept of capitalism

You can't demand something from da man if he can't actually make a profit that can be highjacked by clock-watching losers who aren't assuming any risks.

Even wire-heads
strike. Maybe the poor things don't want to feel left out of the society interrupting merry-go-round.

L'Europe des crétins

Les gens qui vont voter Non à la constitution européenne sont des crétins, des abrutis, des imbéciles, des incultes. Petit pouvoir d'achat, petit cerveau, petite pensée, petits sentiments. Pas de diplômes, pas de livres chez eux, pas de culture, pas d'intelligence. Ils habitent en campagne, en province. Des paysans, des pécores, des péquenots, des ploucs. Ils n'ont pas le sens de l'Histoire, ne savent pas à quoi ressemble un grand projet politique. Ils ignorent le grand souffle du Progrès. Ils crèvent de peur. Jadis, ces mêmes débiles ont voté non à Maastricht ignorant que le oui allait apporter le pouvoir d'achat, la fin du chômage, le plein emploi, la croissance, le progrès, la tolérance entre les peuples, la fraternité, la disparition du racisme et de la xénophobie, l'abolition de toutes les contradictions et de toute la négativité de nos civilisations post-modernes, donc capitalistes, version libérale.

L'électeur du Non est populiste, démagogue, extrémiste, mécontent, réactif. C'est le prototype de l'homme du ressentiment. Sa voix se mêle d'ailleurs à tous les fascistes, gauchistes, alter mondialistes et autres partisans vaguement vichystes de la France moisie, cette vieille lune dépassée à l'heure de la mondialisation heureuse. Disons le tout net : un souverainiste est un chien.

En revanche, l'électeur du Oui est génial, lucide, intelligent. Gros carnet de chèque, immense encéphale, gigantesque vision du monde, hypertrophie du sentiment généreux. Diplômé du supérieur, heureux possesseur d'une bibliothèque de Pléiades flambant neufs, doté d'un savoir sans bornes et d'une sagacité inouïe, il est propriétaire en ville, urbain convaincu, parisien si possible. Il a le sens de l'Histoire, d'ailleurs il a installé son fauteuil dans son sens et ne manque aucune des manies de son siècle. Le Progrès, il connaît. La Peur ? Il ignore. Le debordien Sollers, le sartrien BHL et le kantien Luc Ferry vous le diront.

Bien sûr le Ouiste a voté oui à Maastricht et constaté que, comme prévu, les salaires s'en sont trouvé augmentés, le chômage diminué et fortifiée l'amitié entre les communautés. Le votant du Oui est démocrate, modéré, heureux, bien dans sa peau, équilibré, analysé de longue date. Sa voix se mêle d'ailleurs à des gens qui, comme lui, exècrent les excès : le démocrate chrétien libéral, le chiraquien de conviction, le socialiste mitterrandien, le patron humaniste, l'écologiste mondain. Dur de ne pas être Ouiste...

Citoyens, réfléchissez avant de commettre l'irréparable !

philosophe, écrivain

Two-fisted 'No'Le 'Non' soutenu à bout de bras

It's everywhereElle est partout

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Soul sucking, "Außweis, bitte!" quasi-socialism bad for art

The Guardian Reports:

«One of France's richest men is on the brink of ditching plans to build a spectacular contemporary art museum outside Paris because he is fed up with the red tape and inertia of the local authorities.»

«The billionaire businessman, Francois Pinault, owner of one of the finest private contemporary art collections in Europe, is now likely to put it on display in a magnificent 18th-century palace in Venice.»

«But having spent some 20 million euros (US$26 million) on feasibility studies and architect's fees, Pinault has reportedly lost patience with the local councilors of Boulogne-Billancourt, who have have made little or no progress towards deciding what should be done with the 50 hectares of the island not occupied by the planned museum.»

I hope he drew blood

A Neo-Nazi who rides the short bus to school gets brained by a man of the cloth.
Do not mess with Rabbi.

C'mon baby, take me to the CasbahT'as de beaux yeux, tu sais?
Check out the night stick, sweetheart.
Et t'as pas encore vu mon braquemart, chérie.

The "Irresponsible" President of the "Country Where Everything Is Built on the Dollar" Is the "Chief Culprit of the War"

We have nothing against the American people, I am often told, it’s only their leaders and their policies we disapprove of. Oh, I understand. Thanks for clearing that up. Thus, recently, one of Europe’s foreign ministers denounced America’s president as the “chief culprit of this war” and went on to bemoan the “American people” for having been betrayed by such an irresponsible leader.

Evoking America’s “historically unique and shameless ill treatment of truth and of right” as well as "a country where everything is built on the dollar", a European head of state added that the “so-called” president was “guilty of a series of the worst crimes against international law”and that "first, he incites war, then falsifies the causes, then odiously wraps himself in a cloak of Christian hypocrisy, and slowly but surely leads mankind to war, not without calling God to witness the honesty of his attack."

But a question arises. Who were the courageous politicians making those stirring statements?…


"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it"

Regarding the widespread belief among the masses throughout the world who believe that "it" [fill in your scandal, disaster, or other problème du jour here] is all the fault of Bush/of the arrogant superpower, and regarding the inordinate amount of attention we are told we should pay to the negative emotions against Uncle Sam (both by the msm and by foreign leaders), let us remember that today is the birthday of the man who said
Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

The great masses of the people... will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one.

How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think.

I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.

Relativism is the new Communism, in case you didn't know it already.

In reflection it's not wrong to assume that the papacy of John Paul II was driven in part by a need to place attentions on the evils of communism and socialism, the very reliance that these philosophies had on the absense of self-exaination and fullness of the person. They required that the self be suspended in the interest of an earthly deity. The side effect of this shows itself everywhere. Never before have people taught themselves to be so confused and unhappy. Make no mistake - it isn't thought-exploration or rhumination we're talking about - it is confusion and unhappiness.

I suspect that the papacy of Benedict XVI is about the kernel of those very problems - the moral relativism, the weakness of the self in people as they worry only about their own pet fears and pleasures, and redefine the lives of the weak as being less meaningful out of nothing more than personal convenience. The epicenter of this world view is not in Moscow as it was with the focus of John Paul II, it is in western Europe.

Just as the spirit of eastern Europeans needed to be reawakened after decades and decades of fascism, communism, and socialism, so does the spirit of the western "progressive" need to be revived.

Under communism people were (and are) little more than cattle, expendable soldiers for the larger dream, "useful idiots", as has been said. Under the smothering blanket of moral relativism our individuality and our spirits are cattle in the very same way. The only outcome is the nihilistic one. The participant can say or do nothing for fear of reaction. He is shifting the sand around under his shoe and waiting for refuge to find him.
The only socially acceptable form of faith for many now is to have "your own personal Jesus", to have a personal relationship with a creator and thus our own ethics and judgement because the communion of common feeling is under unceasing attack. To "progressives" that which does not agree with it may not retain its' dignity. It's existense is "suffered" as a pretense permitting one to be pleased in the display of ones' tolerance, but the reasons for holding tolerance dear are forgotten.

Thus there they are, left outside, shifting the sand around under their feet.

Be not afraid, the last Pope said. I think that he also means to say in this that we should be fully our selves and carry it with dignity. While some pervert words like martydom and conviction, others must honestly look at what these actions amount to - a perversion of good intentions and faith into an instrument of hatred, lust for control over others and over even their thoughts - which is what really counts.

Man, however, is a person-a spiritual being, a whole unto himself, a being that exists for itself and of itself, that wills in its' own perfection. Therefore, and for that very reason, something is due to man in the fullest sense, for that very reason he does inalienable have a suum, a "right" which he can plead against everyone else,a right which imposes upon every one of his partners the obligation at least not to violate it.

- Josef Peiper, "The Four Cardinal Virtues", discussing the virtue of justice.

The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne writes of Pope Benedict XVI, nee Joseph Ratzinger:

[He] developed a mistrust of the left because of the student revolt of the 1960s. He once said that "the 1968 revolution" turned into "a radical attack on human freedom and dignity, a deep threat to all that is human."

Addressing fellow cardinals, Dionne reports Cardinal Ratzinger saying:

"We are moving," he declared, toward "a dictatorship of relativism …
that recognizes nothing definite and leaves only one's own ego and one's own desires as the final measure."

The modern world, Ratzinger insisted, has jumped "from one extreme to the other: from Marxism to liberalism, up to libertinism; from collectivism to radical individualism; from atheism to a vague religious mysticism; from agnosticism to syncretism* and on and on."
*Syncretism is the attempt to reconcile disparate, even opposing, beliefs. Universal inclusion attempts this without thought and for no reason other itself. It has no identifiable virtue of it’s own.

Trans-Europe Express TrainwreckTrans-Europe Express désastre ferroviaire
Fewer undecided voters, a majority of French voters who now actually believe that the 'No' will win, and a 'No' holding strong at 55%.
Moins d'indécis, une majorité de français qui croient maintenant à la victoire du 'Non', et un 'Non' qui s'incruste à 55%.

Get a thicker skin, dudeTrouve-toi une carapace plus épaisse, mec
I have never laughed so hard reading Atrios. Moonbat hilarious.
Je n'ai jamais autant ri en lisant Atrios. Loufoquement hilarant.

The MSM vote 'Yes'Les gros media votent 'Oui'
And so do the copy-and-paste Old Guard French bloggers. Just read Libération PropagandaStaffel and copy the State Party Line©®™ into your blog.
Ainsi que la Vieille Garde de la blogosphère franchouille. Il suffit de lire Libé PropagandaStaffel et copier la pensée unique Non-Pensée Inique de l'Etat©®™ dans votre blog carnet (néologisme mort-né affectionné par les pédaloïdes).

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bal tragique à Solferino
Deux pieds gôches.

Which one is the pillow biter?
Lequel des deux mord l'oreiller?

The Vatican goes for the jugularLe Vatican arrache la jugulaire
You lookin' at me?
C'est à moi que tu parles?

An entirely different story that Europe's media has ignored time and time again

Many Germans have picked-up the erroneous impression from the German press that the American media is dominated by conservatives in Fox News, talk radio, the blogosphere and the Bush administration
writes Ray D, while noting that the words French and European(s) can be substituted for German(s) in all cases.
This impression has been largely created by journalists at publications like SPIEGEL ONLINE who feel deeply threatened by conservative, free market ideals and whose intent it is to convince the German public that the American media is dominated (i.e. gleichgeschaltet) by a sinister cabal of scheming neo-conservatives pulling the US media's strings in the background and secretly plotting to control the minds of America.

But the evidence collected over several decades tells an entirely different story that the German media has ignored time and time again: Surveys and studies of American journalists conducted over a period of more than thirty years have repeatedly and consistently revealed a long-standing, widespread and overwhelming bias in favor of Democrats and liberal ideals and against Republicans and conservative ideals.

Here is just some of that evidence:

Be sure you take a look at the surveys and statistics so you see the
cold, hard facts [which] simply do not bear out wild conspiracy theories that George Bush has any significant advantage or control of the mainstream media, let alone the ability to call the shots. The facts have clearly and repeatedly demonstrated that the very opposite is true.
In Europe, however,
criticizing the leftwards bias in the US media would be an unimaginable breach of political principle for a hard left-wing publication like SPIEGEL ONLINE that actually views itself as mainstream. Such criticism would put the publication in an awfully awkward position: It would be comparable to a hardcore heroin addict condemning a recreational pot-smoker as a junkie.

Iraq's Main Problem Is the "Occupation" Forces?

Although vastly different in background — Mr. Talabani was a Kurdish peshmerga militia fighter who lived in the mountains, while Mr. al-Jaafari is a medical doctor who spent time in Iran and England — both leaders agreed that U.S. and coalition forces would have to stay in Iraq for a while
writes Sharon Behn after the Washington Times did exclusive interviews of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister-designate Ibrahim al-Jaafari over the weekend. This seemingly gave the lie to the European fantasy that the is the American "occupation" is the gravest problem facing Iraq today.
    "During my term, I do not expect that we will not need the foreign troops, the coalition forces," said Mr. al-Jaafari, whose tone on U.S. forces was more circumspect than Mr. Talabani's. "Even if they might be phased down, we still need their presence in the country."

Bal tragique à Bègles
En attendant le résultat du conclave, les pédés l'ont toujours dans le culte.

Which one is the pillow biter?
Lequel des deux mord l'oreiller?

Death Wish in ParisUn Justicier dans la Ville de Paris pour faire face aux ratonnades anti-blanc des talibanlieusards ? Nan, les franchouilles sont trop trouillards avec leurs têtes de victimes !


No foreign policy, no army, no kiddingSans politique étrangère, sans armée, sans blague
The biggest vaporware project in history isn't a Microsoft product, but a Zeropean rag (and the laughable Michel Rocard, who has much to learn about software, should take note). And that rag has spawned, 'Da Vinci Code' like, a sub-industry of hack guides for leftist humanist panty-waists.
La plus grande arlésienne dans l'histoire du soft n'était pas un produit Microsoft, mais plutôt une feuille de chou zéropéen (le risible Michel Rocard, qui connaît que dalle au sujet des logiciels, devrait prendre note). Cette feuille de chou, ce torchon, a quand même engendré, à l'instar de 'Da Vinci Code', une sous-industrie de brulôts pour zhumanistes pédaloïdes de gôche.

Hot airBeaucoup de salive pour rien
French humanism and its staggering impotence.
Le zhumanisme de gôche franchouille et son impuissance étourdissante.

This is gonna be coolÇa va être trop marrant
On one side there was a French President completely disconnected from reality, disconnected to an unimaginable degree. On the other side were (what we were told are) young French, afraid, stultified, expressing themselves in a rudimentary French, asking questions about how the Constitution was going to raise their salaries or prevent outsourcing. As if a Constitution micro-manages such details. Young morons chewed up and spit out by cradle-to-grave French socialism. It was a beauty to behold, even spectacular, to see these young (they told us at the beginning of the show that they were 'young') dolts foundering in front of their even more doltish President. It will be even more spectacular to watch the collective trainwreck when it takes place real-soon-now. D'un côté un président franchouille manifestement déconnecté de la réalité, mais à un point inimaginable, et de l'autre (ce qu'on nous dit être) des jeunes fwançais, peureux, étriqués, sachant s'exprimer dans un français à peine cohérent, qui posaient des questions idiotes pour savoir comment la Constitution allait régler leurs salaires ou empêcher des délocalisations, comme si une Constitution était destinée à une telle micro-gestion. Bref, de jeunes abrutis broyés par ce mécanisme d'assistanat du berceau jusqu'à la tombe qu'est le socialisme français. C'était beau à voir, jouissif même, de voir ces jeunes (on nous a dit au début de l'émission qu'ils étaient des 'jeunes') cons désemparés faisant l'étalage de leur nullité devant leur président, lui aussi archi-nul. Ce sera encore mieux au moment où, 'tous ensemble!', 'tous ensemble!', ils prennent tous le mur avec perte et fracas.

Monday, April 18, 2005

French suburban cookingBanlieusardises : recettes de Sarcelles
'To serve Mankind'. It's a cookbook!!!
Miam, miam! Tout ce racisme anti-Blanc me donne faim!

I like to watch them twitchJ'aime les regarder gigoter
Yes or No, I really don't care. With the 'Yes', we'll wind up with a free market Europe with a Constitution to manage the lot. With the 'No', we'll wind up with an ultra-free market Europe with no Constitution to manage anything, just like now except as an extra added bonus France will be isolated and ridiculed, the French Socialist Party will violently implode, and Chiraq will be humiliated. Ah, what the hell, let's go with a slight preference for the 'NO' just to see the a French corpse do the funky chicken in its own shithole.
Oui ou non, à vrai dire je m'en balance pas mal. Avec le 'oui' on aura une Europe libérale avec une Constitution pour encadrer l'ensemble. Avec le 'non' on aura une Europe ultra-libérale sans Constitution pour encadrer quoi que ce soit, comme maintenant sauf qu'on aura, en prime, une Fwance isolée et bafouée, un Parti Socialiste franchouille qui s'étripe, et un Chirak humilié. Allez, légère préference pour le 'non' juste pour voir un cadavre franchouille gigoter dans sa propre merde.

Time Magazine screws the pooch

Time Magazine, incapable of irony.

Look here for the real source.
(No, they aren't The Communards...)

Chapeau to alert reader and gourmande of media

The disinvolved debating the papacy

National Reviews Dennis Boyle turns the lamp on the Guardians thoughtless approach to discussions of the Papacy and Catholicism. First They ask the wrong people, then they dont know what to ask them.

«At any given time in human history, there are always among us great men and women whose lives pass before us like magnificent spectacles, fabulous morality tales, heroic epics. None of them, however, appear to write for the Guardian

«Oh well, if you need more, the Guardian obliges: It takes two women Sandra Laville and Suzanne Goldenberg to point out what a terrible disappointment the pope has been to gay-rights activists, stem-cell researchers, feminists, abortionists, and disgruntled, liberal Catholics who dont go to church. The papers editorial points out the "incomprehension and loathing" John Paul II inspired and adds a little incomprehension of its own: "More divisive was his concept of a culture of death as he lambasted both the death penalty and abortion, which alienated many potential allies for social justice.»

Imagine that. People who would have nothing to do with the Catholic Church wanting a say in it. How dare those Catholics have a platform to think their own thoughts! Dont they realize that we live in democracies?

Somehow, leftists manage to convince themselves that they should somehow because they keep repeating the word tolerance, that they have the right of refusal of others thoughts and actions. Amazing.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dutch trainwreck: Capitalism? Tolerance? Whuzzat?

RNW, the Dutch national broadcaster is having what it thinks is a "healthy debate" on McDonald's. What about it? May it exist?

Never mind the narcissism of trying to obliterate a business just because you dont like it, and know full well that other people do. Imagine the tastelessness of picking on little details which is true of all businesses, but LESS true of big ones who can do more for their employees than anyone else.

This, coming from the Dutch who wont make inter-species sex illegal, in spite of the abuse to the animals. If people are smart enough to make their own choices in every other matter, why not when it comes to where they spend their money? Simple: because its American.

«The big golden arches that you see along the highway, they are bigger than anything else you see there. It's a way of saying: 'Look we are the best, we are the greatest and we're the number one'. This gets to people.»

No they aren't, child. They pale in comparison to Ahold and KLM, who have virtual monopolies and are never accused of cultural hegemony, whereas Mickey D's offers a quick meal which is popular worldwide at a price anyone can afford. People from every walk of life give them their business. How is that wrong?
Now, if you believe only the wealthy who need to dash off to their busy affairs are the only people who should have the luxury of not cooking for themselves in a pinch, well, then the argument makes sense.

But this is the worst part: taking it out on peoples common sense. The power the consumer has is his ability to let companies know what theyre doing wrong with the coins in their pocket. Dont like McDonalds? Dont go there. Dont think that people can be trusted to make choices about a balanced diet? Then get rid of those herring stands who could live on a diet of nothing but herrink, unlessed forced to anyway.

Meanwhile euro-wankers actually think that the existence of a business of any sort or another, one that is successful, is a subject of debate.

Frank van Schaik again: «Shame you made it to 50 years, but, no, really I would say take a good long look at the effects of the things you do and don't let profits always be your first goal.»

Why not? Do you know anyone who works for a poor person?

Is it any surprise that so many of them want to BOLT?

NOW it's allowed to be news

Oil-for-food scandal: Now that they can use the words TEXAN, OIL, and AMERICAN, the media will start covering the story with relish. I doubt though that they will be using the Pewgate news construction mechanism to do it though.

But do you REALLY want to know why it STINKS so badly?

Look North.

Is it time to run away yet?

Defending oneself has become a huge no-no in the Unhinged Kingdom. Remember, take no action and wait for the constabulary. They would like to admire your corpse. Don’t forget, this is a nation where a male transvestite demanded a pap spear test.

Environmentalist love airliners.

Andrea Dworkin is still dead, and only had a truc with hereosexual penetrative sex.

Leading me to believe that those with an image of victimhood still forms the notion of a new aristocracy.

"Satanism on the rise in France – official report”
Oddly enough at the same time Christian churchgoers are at an estimated 5% (aye!! My eyes! Don’t take any data!) of the population, and the Muslim population (observant and non-observant) is at a well-documented level of 5,5%.

Hat-tips to John Ray, Don Miguel, Tim Blair, and Moonbat Central